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Character Battle IX Contest Analysis Crew - Part 4

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#1 | Master Moltar | Posted 8/1/2013 8:40:31 PM | message detail
Hey everyone, itís Contest time again! That means the Contest Analysis Crew is back once again!

Our goal is to analyze and predict each match in this Contest, and of course, you will read the write-ups and laugh at us when weíre wrong. So without further ado, hereís the line-up for this Contest.

Master Moltar
Newcomer: KamikazePotato

E-mail - mastermoltar@gmail.com

Current Guest List - In the case that no one signs up for a match, or the person that signed up for the match does not do their write-up before the match starts, the first non-Crew member analysis posted in the topic will become the official Guest for the match.

Sora/Scorpion/Aya - War
Booker/Gilgamesh/Kaim - Kotetsu
Groose/Lu Bu/Yoshimitsu - Black Turtle
Lee/Meat Boy/Mr. Game - Tsunami
Drake/Steve/Pac-Man - Football
Fox/Blue/Wolf - tennisboy213

Samus/Isaac C/Sandbag - LMS
Neku/Vaas/Catherine - nameplz
Knuckles/Seifer/Celes - pjbasis
Ezio/Tails/Bomberman - Zen
Auron/Ocelot/Roxas - Bane
L-Block/Teemo/Palutena - Luster Soldier
Dragonborn/Tom Nook/Pyramid - Nintendoboy375
Chief/Yuna/Claire - Luis
Tifa/Cirno/Chun-Li - AKJ

KP: ...and that's how my powers work.

Moltar: Okay...

KP: Any questions?

Moltar: Yeah, I got one. Why did you just start saying, "and that's how my powers work" out of nowhere and with no context?

KP: Oh! We'll you see, my power allows me to open up tears to other locations.

Moltar: No way...where to?

KP: Not just where, but when.

Moltar: What?

KP: I'll show you. Stand back....hiiiiyaaaa!

*...congratulations to Chester, the winner of the Summ-*

Moltar: Ah! What the hell is this! Close it, close it!

KP: That was just one of many possibilities that exist.

Moltar: I don't quite get it, but it seems like you really will be a valuable asset if you can see into the future. (This gu-...girl really will make predicting the contest no problem.)

???: Who said anything about the future?

???: What is the future really?

???: Past, present, future.

???: Is there really a difference?

Moltar: It's you two again!

KP: These two...

Moltar: Do you know them?

KP: I've read about them. They're famous twins, Lopen and Leon.

Lopen: Famous? How flattering.

Leon: Well it is true.

Moltar: Lopen and Leon huh. So why are you two helping me?

Leon: Is this really considered to be help?

Lopen: Like helping the sun travel from east to west.

KP: Hey, what's that your holding? Is that a necklace?

Moltar: C'mon, we don't have time for this.

KP: Oooh, there's two of them. Please Moltar, help me choose one!

Lopen: Yes, choose.

Leon: Choose, yes.

Moltar: Fine...what's on each necklace?

KP: Well, this one has a bird on it. It's really pretty. And this other one...it has words on it...it reads Hot Freaky Slu-

Moltar: Get the bird.

Leon: It looks like you were right.

Lopen: I told you, it's always that one.

KP: It's great, I love it!

Moltar: Alright, let's get going. Are you two coming along?

Lopen: I'm afraid not.

Leon: But we shall meet again soon.

KP: Moltar! Look over here!

Moltar: What?

KP: They're gone!

Moltar: Huh?...Hey, wait where did those twins go? (Did they disappear? Am I just seeing things?)

KP: Whoa! Now look over here!

Moltar: Now what? What the...where did this paper come from?

KP: What does it say?

Moltar: Go forward...to the Sanctuary of Sages.

*To Be Continued*
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#2 | most_games_r_ok | Posted 8/1/2013 8:42:20 PM | message detail
#3 | Master Moltar (Topic Creator) | Posted 8/1/2013 9:00:00 PM | message detail

Crew Predictions - 43/46

What Happened: Gordon has a good showing against Simon, and even though Missile surprised a lot of people to beat Kerrigan, Crono also turned some heads by looking good despite Missile's rally stealing percentage.

What will Happen: Leon still beats Gordon, Crono might still beat Pikachu

Crew Prediction Challenge - oh lopen

Kleenex - 43
Moltar - 43
KP - 43
Tran - 40
Leon - 40
Guest - 39
Lopen - 36

Crew Expert Challenge - darn you dog

Tran - 36
Kleenex - 36
KP - 35
Moltar - 34
Leon - 33
Guest - 30
Lopen - 27

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Tran gets Gordon and Simon, Moltar and Tran get Hades, Chris gets Crono, Lopen gets Kerrigan, Leon gets Missile

Moltar - 32
Tran - 24
Leon - 23
Lopen - 23
Kleenex - 21
KP - 15
Guest - 14 (Kuza, Kotetsu (2), Tsunami, Suor, Turtle, LMS (2), Nintendoboy, PaulG (3), Bane, Chris)
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#4 | KamikazePotato | Posted 8/1/2013 9:05:53 PM | message detail
I'll beat you yet, Guest!
Black Turtle did a pretty good job.
#5 | OlDirtyNumbers | Posted 8/1/2013 9:06:27 PM | message detail
I keep coming back here where everything... slipped
#6 | TheKoolAidShoto | Posted 8/1/2013 9:06:38 PM | message detail
tranny literally 2nd most accurate

what is happening
F*** BT
#7 | Lopen | Posted 8/1/2013 9:16:14 PM | message detail
That ENEMY is... he's no twin of mine!
No problem!
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#8 | transience | Posted 8/1/2013 9:31:33 PM | message detail
wait til you see my prediction tonight
#9 | Master Moltar (Topic Creator) | Posted 8/1/2013 10:02:40 PM | message detail
Division 6: Round 1 - Match 49 Ė (2) Sora vs. (17) Scorpion vs. (26) Aya Brea

Moltarís Analysis


Get over here? Get outta here

Went even with Donkey Kong? I don't even remember this

Sora looked bad in 2010, but now that KH3 has been announced he'll probably turn himself around (because everyone knows hype does more for a character than the actual game release). Still, even the Sora of 2010 that got slapped around by Bowser wouldn't have lost to Scorp. He's decent, but definitely a step below Sora.

Aya is nowhere near as relevant now as she was in 2002 so she'll get killed here.

Moltarís Prediction: Sora: 50% - Scorpion: 35% - Aya: 15%

Lopenís Analysis

Sora to me just isn't the type of character that is likely to age well. In 2010 I'd argue he'd already been showing signs of dropping off, and I expect that trend to continue being 3 years longer without any releases of note. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been announced but I wouldn't really say it's in hype mode yet. I don't expect that to have much bearing here.

On the other hand, icons and nostalgia have been doing better that expected in this contest. To me that means a guy like Scorpion will outdo expectations. Unfortunately, Gordon Freeman stopped the time merger of 2002... damn him and his evil science... otherwise I could say Scorpion's destiny is to reach the final 9 due to the time rift, but he should do alright even without time on his side.

Genre LFF isn't really a big thing to consider but if Aya Brea hurts anyone in this match it's the kid with the big feet. If there's any effect it probably won't be more than a few percent, but that might be all Scorpion needs. Night match also helps Scorpion, seeing as the infamous KH day vote will not be in effect.

Lopen's prediction:
Scorpion - 40.83%
Sora - 38.33%
Aya Brea - 20.84%

Leonhartís Analysis

Scorpion is kinda wasted here. Heís a decent midcarder, but heís thrown into a match he canít win. Heíll probably make Sora look bad because itís a night match, but heís not strong enough to win. Too bad Sub-Zero and Scorpion couldnít have switched places, because it wouldíve made their respective matches a lot more interesting. And lost in all this is THE GLORIOUS RETURN OF AYA BREA. Watch out for that Third Birthday boost because everyone loved that game, right? Right?! Okay, they didnít, but itíll be a good source of match pics for Aya and thatís whatís important here. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts. If someone submits a bad pic for her, Iím cominí after them! Oh right, and donít expect any sort of LFF between Sora and Aya because even though theyíre both Square, most Kingdom Hearts fans probably have no idea what Parasite Eve is!

Leonhartís Vote: Aya Brea

Leonhartís Prediction:

Sora Ė 48.00%
Scorpion Ė 34.00%
Aya Brea Ė 18.00%
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#10 | Master Moltar (Topic Creator) | Posted 8/1/2013 10:02:48 PM | message detail
Kleenexís Analysis

Kind of in a rush, but luckily this should be quick. Should be. Aya is clearly in over her head here. Long gone are the days when she could give Donkey Kong a scare, and Sora and Scorpion are both pretty tough. Sora should win this as he's always appeared a half a tier higher than Scorpion in my eyes, but I'm not going to be totally shocked if Scorpion pulls off something crazy here. Could be some "Square character that hasn't had a game in a million years" SFF going on.

Kleenex's Prediction
Sora with 45.00%
Scorpion with 40.00%
Aya with 15.00%

Transienceís Analysis

I have this crazy feeling that Scorpion somehow wins this. Every past result points to Sora but doesn't it seem like he should fall off the map now that Kingdom Hearts is a total joke? I know, it's always been a joke, but that series kind of imploded while they were doing 179 days and coded and re:coded and re:re: birth by sleep coded REMIX and who knows what else. Meanwhile, dudes like Scorpion have been all the rage in this contest. Oh, and it's a night match! And maybe Aya Brea overlaps with Sora and Scorpion stands out like a sore thumb and good taste FAQs shows up and kajgtriuhruehgjkjfkdhfdjshfe

Alright, this probably doesn't happen. Sora probably slams Scorpion since this is a Square/Nintendo site above everything else. But I'm going with it. Also, going with 113% because it's all the rage lately.

transience's prediction: Scorpion with 51%, Sora with 47%, Aya with 16%

KP's Analysis

This is the one normal matchup in this division. There's no way Aya Brea beats Scorpion, and there's no way Scorpion beats Sora. Right? RIGHT? DONT KEEP DOING THIS TO ME GAMEFAQS.

Sora - 45%
Scorpion - 35%
Aya Brea - 20%

Crew Consensus: Scorpion has some support, but most think Sora has the key to victory
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#11 | th3l3fty | Posted 8/1/2013 10:04:05 PM | message detail
oh come on guests
thelefty for analysis crew 2008 imo -tranny
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#12 | Lopen | Posted 8/1/2013 10:05:25 PM | message detail
^5 tranny we're gonna show these fools who the winning... uh... ninja... really is
No problem!
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#13 | LeonhartFone | Posted 8/1/2013 10:12:30 PM | message detail
We are certainly not fraternal twins.
Leonhart posting from his phone
#14 | ZeldaTPLink | Posted 8/1/2013 10:15:49 PM | message detail
51% + 49% + 16% = 114%, not 113%

Yeah, I just want to be annoying.
#15 | transcience | Posted 8/1/2013 10:18:33 PM | message detail
you missed the joke!
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#16 | Xuxon | Posted 8/1/2013 10:24:50 PM | message detail
From: Master Moltar | Posted: 8/1/2013 11:02:48 PM | #010
This is the one normal matchup in this division. There's no way Aya Brea beats Scorpion, and there's no way Scorpion beats Sora. Right? RIGHT? DONT KEEP DOING THIS TO ME GAMEFAQS.

Scorpion winning confirmed
#17 | Lopen | Posted 8/1/2013 10:43:54 PM | message detail
Seriously though I'm actually feeling kinda good about this one. Transience and I used more or less the same logic to reach the conclusion... usually if I pick an upset and someone else can actually see where the hell my logic came from good things follow. C'mon Scorpion you got this brother.
No problem!
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#18 | AppIekidjosh | Posted 8/1/2013 10:45:18 PM | message detail
key to victory huh

i really expected better from you moltar
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#19 | th3l3fty | Posted 8/1/2013 10:58:52 PM | message detail

sora winz scorpion doesn't aya is irrelevant

Sora - 46.64%
Scorpion - 38.21%
Aya Brea - 15.15%
thelefty for analysis crew 2008 imo -tranny
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#20 | TsunamiXXVIII | Posted 8/1/2013 10:59:15 PM | message detail
Emergency Guest Analysis

Sora wins by even more than usual because wtf Scorpion pic is this really what he looks like now?

Sora 48.11%
Scorpion 33.7%
Aya Brea 18.19%

RIP GrapefruitKing and Emporer_Kazbar. You will be missed.
#21 | TsunamiXXVIII | Posted 8/1/2013 11:01:08 PM | message detail
Absolutely love these skits, by the way.
RIP GrapefruitKing and Emporer_Kazbar. You will be missed.
#22 | transcience | Posted 8/1/2013 11:08:18 PM | message detail
I had hope for a split second there

oh well! Sora exposed regardless
add the c and back away
#23 | whatisurnameplz | Posted 8/1/2013 11:38:40 PM | message detail
I have to admit, you guys really overestimate character's collapses.
#24 | KamikazePotato | Posted 8/1/2013 11:41:45 PM | message detail
Sora deserves to collapse
Black Turtle did a pretty good job.
#25 | Master Moltar (Topic Creator) | Posted 8/2/2013 12:54:21 AM | message detail

Crew Predictions - 45/48

What Happened: Pikachu and Magus win their matches easily, but a LOL goes out to Big Daddy for sucking it up against Lloyd.

What will Happen: Crono/Pika/Magus is going to be a fun one confirmed

Crew Prediction Challenge - whoops otacon

Kleenex - 45
Moltar - 45
KP - 44
Leon - 42
Tran - 41
Guest - 40
Lopen - 38

Crew Expert Challenge - darn you lloyd

Kleenex - 37
Tran - 36
KP - 35
Moltar - 35
Leon - 34
Guest - 30
Lopen - 28

Crew Accuracy Challenge - lefty gets Pika and Daddy, Lopen gets Lloyd, Moltar gets Magus, Leon gets Otacon, PaulG gets Jade

Moltar - 33
Tran - 24
Leon - 24
Lopen - 24
Kleenex - 21
Guest - 17 (Kuza, Kotetsu (2), Tsunami, Suor, Turtle, LMS (2), Nintendoboy, PaulG (4), Bane, Chris, lefty (2))
KP - 15
Moltar Status: Crew
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#26 | LeonhartFour | Posted 8/2/2013 4:51:27 AM | message detail | (edited)
I don't think people realize how far apart Sub-Zero and Scorpion actually are (especially since people argued for years that they must be virtually equal for whatever the reason). Scorpion got 35% on Auron in 2004 (which was what Ness and Tails got on him) and Subby managed 40%+ in 2006 after Auron had KH2 (the same year Auron put up 65% on Alucard and 45% on Crono).

If it had been Subby here, I'd have considered the upset, but even bad at night Sora was worth 45% on Bowser. That's more credit than I'd ever give Scorps.

The real shame here is not enough people recognizing the greatness of Aya Brea though.
#27 | LinkMarioSamus | Posted 8/2/2013 5:23:01 AM | message detail
The good news is that I recognize the greatness of Aya Brea. The bad news, is that it was via LP.
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#28 | LeonhartFour | Posted 8/2/2013 5:32:16 AM | message detail
The sad news is that still nobody cares.
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#29 | Lopen | Posted 8/2/2013 5:56:50 AM | message detail
Well it's been 3 years since our last contest. Reasonable to assume Sora dropped even more than he'd apparently done between 2008 and 2010. I mean, he didn't, but it wasn't completely bogus thinking, especially with how drastically our vote totals have shifted.

It's not as if I was expecting Scorpion to be worth 45% on Bowser, I was expecting Sora to be significantly lower than that this year. He just really didn't seem like the type of character that would stand the test of time to me. Looks like I was wrong, for whatever reason. *shrug
No problem!
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#30 | LeonhartFour | Posted 8/2/2013 5:57:32 AM | message detail
Reasonable to assume Sora's dropped when he's had like 3-4 games since the last contest!

I don't want to hear "But they're handhelds!" if any of you guys are picking Pit to win his match!
#31 | LeonhartFour | Posted 8/2/2013 5:58:51 AM | message detail
And I'm not even sure what "stand the test of time" even means here! Sora's not going away! He's not like Big Daddy.
#32 | Lopen | Posted 8/2/2013 6:00:52 AM | message detail
I don't think Sora's actually in any of those? Well, he's not in 358/2 or Birth By Sleep anyway... or if he is his role is incredibly marginalized (I started both games but couldn't get into them)

But yeah also "but they're handhelds!" applies to some extent
No problem!
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#33 | Lopen | Posted 8/2/2013 6:02:03 AM | message detail
Big Daddy's actually a very good example of what I mean by 3 years dated stats.

Sora drops by as much as Big Daddy did and Scorpion wins this.
No problem!
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#34 | LeonhartFour | Posted 8/2/2013 6:04:22 AM | message detail
He's the main character of the one that just came out for 3DS! He was also in Re: Coded but I don't think anyone actually played that one.

But Sora's not like Crono in that he has one game that has to sustain him for 15-20 years. If that were the case, then yeah, he'd be dead and gone now. He doesn't have to stand the test of time when he still gets games!

And KH3 hype does matter a little bit since KH fans have been agonizing over getting ANYTHING about the game for 7 years now.
#35 | LeonhartFour | Posted 8/2/2013 6:05:10 AM | message detail
Big Daddy is a good example, yes, but if you think Sora is in any way comparable to Big Daddy, I don't know what to tell you!
#36 | Safer_777 | Posted 8/2/2013 6:07:31 AM | message detail
Some of the crew had Scorpion?Okay people I know you are good but come on now.Scorpion?Maybe if Sub Zero was there but still it is SORA we are talking about!And with KH3 around the corner!
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#37 | LeonhartFour | Posted 8/2/2013 6:11:01 AM | message detail
And it looks like I may finally sweep a match as long as Scorpion doesn't gain much the rest of the way

Aw yeah

Oh wait I guess the silly substitute Guest analysis thing will count

Oh well I'll settle for 2 out of 3
#38 | Lopen | Posted 8/2/2013 6:13:33 AM | message detail
Yeah he doesn't have one he has two.

I don't know I just feel like KH as time goes by people will be remembering the Disney and FF crap more than Sora. Like I think Kingdom Hearts games are great but Sora is like, one of the last things I think about if I'm fondly reminiscing about them. The games are fanservice and then there's a plot mashed in there that just exists to be a vessel for the fanservice. Not meaning to imply the plot is bad or anything but it's just not really the draw to the games.

Now as I said I was clearly wrong here but I think if GameFAQs actually had taste I'd be right! I'm certainly over Sora. I mean, I was never that into him in the first place, admittedly, but yeah, I do like the guy. Dude dropping a lot doesn't make any less sense than Big Daddy dropping imho. Sora's not really an "iconic character" or anything, way I see it.
No problem!
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#39 | LeonhartFour | Posted 8/2/2013 6:16:17 AM | message detail
Oh, I agree with you. I don't even like Sora that much or any of the KH original characters for that matter, except for Roxas.

But other people do, as evidenced by the fact that Sora gets 1 and 2 seeds every time we have a contest and virtually none of his noms come from Board 8.

And more people care about the KH plot than any of us would like to acknowledge!
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#40 | Lopen | Posted 8/2/2013 6:25:12 AM | message detail
I'm gonna be honest I don't really trust seeding as far as I can throw it. I wouldn't be incredibly surprised to hear that some of our two seeds didn't actually even get enough nominations to make the field at one point.

But either way like, I actually like Sora but I've half forgotten he exists at this point. He could've just not made the bracket and I wouldn't have noticed it. Just to be clear I don't think he should age poorly because he's bad as much as I feel he's overshadowed within his own games is what I'm saying. Just too much fanservice for the guy to compete with.

Maybe it's just me, or maybe GameFAQs is just weird. I'm inclined to think it's the latter but maybe people who just think Sora's "okay" can't understand.
No problem!
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#41 | Llanmal | Posted 8/2/2013 7:23:42 AM | message detail
LeonhartFour posted...
I don't think people realize how far apart Sub-Zero and Scorpion actually are (especially since people argued for years that they must be virtually equal for whatever the reason).

The obvious Scorpion over Sub-zero argument is that "Sub-Zero" is actually different characters in the different games.

Between him and Link, do people think that's actually a benefit around here?
#42 | Master Moltar (Topic Creator) | Posted 8/2/2013 7:30:36 AM | message detail
Division 6: Round 1 - Match 50 Ė (5) Booker DeWitt vs. (14) Gilgamesh vs. (26) Kaim Argonar

Moltarís Analysis

Going to go all Battle of Wounded Knee on these guys

Old Square character? We got a match

First Kain, now Kaim. When's Kane?

Well, Elizabeth won her match with characters that we didn't really know anything about, so Booker, the main character, should be able to do the same, right?

Doubtful. Gilgamesh is old Square, which has looked good this contest. However, he's also FF5, which is no FF4 or FF6. I'm not expecting much from him because of that, but if Poison of all characters could perform decently on Elizabeth, then Gilgamesh might end up having no problem winning.

Kaim is out of the running for 1st or 2nd, and has to contend with another RPG character from a far more popular franchise, not good for him!

Anyway, I'll stick with Booker here, despite it being very risky to go with new characters over old ones in this contest. I'm also kind of in the middle of some kind of story where I'm Booker so it would be just rude to abandon him here.

Moltarís Prediction: Booker: 43% - Gilgamesh: 42% - Kaim: 15%

Lopenís Analysis

This is another one of those matches that fits into the "getting debate but I have no idea why" category. Luckily, if you've got Gilgamesh here, I've been doing fairly well on these 50/50s, just not the totally right field stuff (whyyy Scorpion whyyy)

Basically you've got the lead of a new FPS of dubious strength vs a Final Fantasy icon. He mainly draws from FFV, which could be problematic, but I want to say most (because let's face it no one's voting him off of FFVIII and hardly anyone from FFXII) FF fans have played FFV at this point. Old school FF has looked pretty strong here so I don't feel bad about Gilgamesh's chances.

Anyway I could go into the pre-contest logic but the results should really seal the deal for you. All you really need to know about Bioshock Infinite is that the main supporting character (who could possibly be stronger than Booker) didn't even 60-40 Poison, and the icon of the series lost to Lloyd. There's just not a huge amount of potential strength there, so Gilgamesh should be able to win this in a walk, even if he is fairly weak. There's not a final fantasy character this side of Vaan I'd take to lose this.

Lopen's prediction:
Gilgamesh - 50.19%
Booker - 39.81%
HM would you please stop nominating this trash - 10.00%

Leonhartís Analysis

I donít know what to make of this match. Elizabeth did okay in her match, but from what I understand, she should be more popular than Booker. Gilgameshís primary claim to fame is Final Fantasy V, which should be the weakest mainline FF other than II or III (Yes, even weaker than XII. Oh right, Gilgamesh was in that one, too). Heís also a random summon who takes Odinís place in Final Fantasy VIII. Iím wondering how many FF fans will even know who the guy is. After all, Bartz/Gilgamesh couldnít even double Guybrush/Lechuck in RR and got tripled by MMX/Zero. Neither one of these guys is going to be very good. Itís going to be a matter of who sucks less. I guess Iíll roll with Gilgamesh since enough people should know him, and heís got a cool design. I donít really have any conviction about the pick though. And while this match is going on, Kaim will be trying to lay claim on the title of least bad C/Kaim.

Leonhartís Vote: Gilgamesh

Leonhartís Prediction:

Gilgamesh Ė 45.00%
Booker DeWitt Ė 43.00%
Kaim Argonar Ė 12.00%
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#43 | Master Moltar (Topic Creator) | Posted 8/2/2013 7:31:19 AM | message detail
Kleenexís Analysis

Well it certainly took long enough. I had been trying to get Gilgamesh into a contest for years and years and of course the time I decide to give up and not rally for him, he gets in. He's also got a winnable match, although Booker could still win. Thing is, Elizabeth didn't really look all that strong, Big Daddy laid a Big Egg and Booker is almost certainly weaker than both of those. You never really see his face by virtue of being in a first-person shooter, and I think the general consensus around Infinite is that Booker is kind of a dick and not super well liked. Gilgamesh is a fan favorite to everyone who doesn't suck and if he doesn't win this match I'm going to be very sad. Kaim is one of the weakest characters we've ever seen from a crappy game and if he doesn't get embarrassed here I'm going to be very sad.

Kleenex's Prediction
Booker with 35.00%
Gilgamesh with 55.00%
Kaim with 10.00%

Transienceís Analysis

Booker should be a good bit below Elizabeth, who almost looked like she was going to lose to a Street Fighter Alpha character for a minute there. And that's to say nothing of Big Daddy who is now sub-Lloyd, apparently. Gilgamesh is like a poor man's Ultros except that he's somehow made it into like 11 Final Fantasy games now. And Kaim's only maybe a half step up from the Yuri Hyugas of the world.

I guess Gilgamesh feels like he should win this, just because this is a Final Fantasy website and because new-school bros like Booker don't really win matches. I think Moltar's fanfiction is about the most interesting thing about Booker DeWitt. Booker *should* win the match though because he's an actual legit character and not just a bunch of random boss fights. Just not sure if I trust GameFAQs to make that call anymore.

transience's prediction: Gilgamesh with 44%, Booker with 42%, Kaim with 14%

KP's Analysis

I took Booker is my bracket, but boy howdy does that look like a bad choice these days. Generic McDudes have been bombing, Elizabeth did 'okay', Big Daddy bombed. Meanwhile, all the Dissidia-fueled Square characters have been tearing it up. I think Gilgamesh is going to be a much more likable pick for GameFAQs-going people than Booker will. I have a feeling it's not even close; all the Infinite hype I've heard about has been for Elizabeth, Booker just seems there.

Gilgamesh - 51%
Booker - 37%
Kaim - 12%

Crew Consensus: Gilgamesh is the easy favorite here
Moltar Status: Crew
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#44 | The Mana Sword | Posted 8/2/2013 7:36:47 AM | message detail
i'll do rydia -Dante
#45 | The Mana Sword | Posted 8/2/2013 7:37:15 AM | message detail
oh wait, moltar took booker, whew
i'll do rydia -Dante
#46 | LinkMarioSamus | Posted 8/2/2013 7:43:54 AM | message detail | (edited)
Emergency Guest Write-Up:

At first, I picked Gilgamesh to win. Then the board convinced me to pick Booker, then we all flipped to Gilgamesh because of how characters like Booker have been bombing all contest while SNES-era Square characters have been looking golden.

Then you see the match picture. Booker is in all his cover art glory, while Gilgamesh...seriously, what the heck is that thing? I guess it could get some votes for that, but I'm more tempted to think people won't vote for it. For all we know, BioShock Infinite could be the sole new game to get both its guys to Round 2 - it's already gotten one of them there, now time to simply complete the circle. It also doesn't help that there's another JRPG character in the match.

Booker - 42.5%
Gilgamesh - 41.5%
Kaim - 16%
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#47 | pjbasis | Posted 8/2/2013 7:59:23 AM | message detail
Oh dude I forgot Gilgamesh was in Dissidia.

Changing my expert
SuperNiceDog - 1, pjbasis - 0
#48 | KanzarisKelshen | Posted 8/2/2013 8:05:33 AM | message detail
because let's face it no one's voting him off of FFVIII

I am! Gilgamesh's FF8 appearance was my first introduction to him and I was really impressed by how he punked Seifer after he killed a summon. Then I played FF5 and I've loved the guy since then. He's got so much style!


Booker should be a good bit below Elizabeth, who almost looked like she was going to lose to a Street Fighter Alpha character for a minute there.

I don't think Poison was in Alpha. She went from the Final Fight series straight to SFxT.
#49 | pjbasis | Posted 8/2/2013 8:23:38 AM | message detail
Poison was sort of in Street Fighter III
SuperNiceDog - 1, pjbasis - 0
#50 | TheKoolAidShoto | Posted 8/2/2013 8:57:12 AM | message detail
tranny LITERALLY doesn't know his street fighters from each other
F*** BT
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