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Game of the Decade Contest Analysis Crew - Part 7

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Hey everyone, it’s Contest time again! You know what that means!

The Contest Analysis Crew is back once again! Our goal is to go through this entire contest to determine the GameFAQs Game of the Decade. We will analyze and predict each match, and of course, you will read the write-ups and laugh at us when we’re wrong. So without further ado, here’s the Introduction!

We walk alone
In the unknown
We live to win another victory
Our sacred scars
Show who we are
It's time to face it

The Leader: Master Moltar

The One-Man Rock Band: Lopen

The A-List: Transience

The South African Sensation: Leonhart

The Son of Perfection: Kleenex

The Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine: Applekidjosh

The Injured: Guest

We are Crew
We are Crew
We are Crew
Analyze together
Number one
Number one
The smartest ones
We are Crew
We are Crew
Analyze forever
We are Crew and we won't be wrong!

And that’s the Game of the Decade Contest Analysis Crew Introd-

Kleenex: Hey! What the hell is this!?

Moltar: Don’t tell me you don’t like this Introduction too...

Lopen: I...don’t mind it actually.

Leon: I like it too!

Tran: It’s kind of polarizing though...I mean not everyone likes wrestling. You should have probably made it related to video games or the contest though.

Moltar: I couldn't think of any gaming ideas, and...well, when I’m out of ideas, I usually either turn to anime or wrestling.

Tran: I don’t think that’s something you want to openly admit like that.

AKJ: An anime Introduction would be-

Motlar: It’s too late! I’m not changing it again!

Leon: Yeah, this one is fine! At least it’s better than the last one, which showed off our bad calls.

Lopen: Yeah, we also happened to call a lot of matches wrong last topic too. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen here.

Kleenex: Actually, my complaint was that I don’t want to be Mich-

Moltar: Too bad, deal with it.

E-mail -

Current Guests:
FFX/FF9 - Ultimaphazon

RE4/Portal - GrapefruitKing

MGS3/SotC - Axem Pink

Zelda MM/Zelda WW - sir chris

Fallout 3/Metroid Prime - EvilNcr

Brawl/Twilight Princess - Kotetsu534
Moltar Status: 188 Points - Vote: FFX
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
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Best intro of the season, just in time.
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TheKoolAidShotomessage detail | filter | quote | #003
Dibs on FFX/RE4

Yeah, I said it.
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Best intro of the season, just in time.
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literally had no idea what was going on until transience clarified it was wrestling

where da anime OP

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From: TheKoolAidShoto | #003
Dibs on FFX/RE4

Yeah, I said it.

Free point for the rest of the Crew, aw yeah

Crew Curse avoided
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From: LeonhartFour | #006
Free point for the rest of the Crew, aw yeah

Crew Curse avoided

More like Guest embarrasses the Crew once again!
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KoolAid = John Cena
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Ah! You know the guests are gonna make you look bad with all those accuracy points.
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I'm Heath Slater CURSES
No problem!
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Southwest Division: Round 4 - Match 119 – (1) Metal Gear Solid 3 vs. (2) Shadow of the Colossus

Moltar’s Analysis

Metal Gear Solid 3
Round 1 - 76.85% on Timesplitters 2
Round 2 - 63.85% on Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Round 3 - 57.49% on Paper Mario

MGS3 with a solid performance

Shadow of the Colossus
Round 1 - 69.35% on The Sims
Round 2 - 50.04% on Metal Gear Solid 2
Round 3 - 50.43% on Metal Gear Solid 4

SotC is the real Snake Eater of this Contest.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. SotC beating MGS4 by a larger margin than it did with MGS2 shows that it’s probably benefitting from some kind of bandwagon now. I still don’t believe that MGS2 is stronger than MGS4.

I would also put MGS3 below 4, but that’s probably close. MGS3’s one single saving grace here is that this is a night match, and like we saw with MGS4, that’s going to help it out against SotC. I guess the fact that it’s also the 1-seed of the division helps it a little too.

Still, SotC should be stronger this round with its bandwagon picking up steam, and that should be enough to counter the night advantage that MGS3 will have.

Moltar’s Bracket: MGS4 wins (whoops)

Moltar’s Prediction: SotC - 50%

Lopen’s Analysis

Two ways to interpret SotC beating MGS4 worse than MGS2. The first is SotC is gaining momentum. The second is that MGS4 is just legit weaker than MGS2. Or it could be a little of both. I feel the second is more true than the first, though.

So yeah, I'm going with MGS3 here with the belief that MGS3 > MGS2 > MGS4 as far as strength goes. The “momentum” factor might screw me but we'll see I guess.

It being a night match also helps my faith in it a bit, if nothing else.

Lopen's prediction:
MGS3 with 51.61%

Leon’s Analysis

Naked Snake enters a flower field and spots a person with a slim feminine figure and long hair riding a horse. Assuming it to be The Boss, Snake calls out to this person. However, as the figure turns around, he comes to realize that this person is, in fact, a man. A man named Wanda. Visibly perplexed, Snake decides to consult his trusty radio crew for advice.

*Snake calls Zero*

Snake: Major, what’s going on here? Where’s The Boss?

Zero: She’s been disposed of by this mysterious character named Wander.

Snake: Disposed of? By this pansy? That’s impossible!

Zero: Snake, you would be wise not to underestimate this opponent. Despite his seemingly small frame, he is a man who excels at beating the odds and defeating superior foes. In fact, he’s already taken out two of our other operatives, Raiden and Old Snake.

Snake: So what should I do?

Zero: First of all, I’d recommend that you approach Wander at night. Raiden and Old Snake tried to take him down during the day and failed, but his strength didn’t seem to be as great during the night. That may be your best chance. As always, use your surrounding environment to your advantage and hit him when he least expects it. You’re our last hope, Snake!

*Snake calls Eva*

Eva: Hey Snake, can I have some of your instant noodles? I’ll have sex with you if you say yes.

Snake: Are you crazy, woman? If you want some instant noodles, you gots to get your own!

*Snake calls Sigint*

Sigint: While Wander’s sword may seem like a normal sword, it actually has some very special properties. It’s specially designed to slay gigantic beasts known as Colossi.

Snake: Colossi?

Sigint: Okay, you remember how big the Shagohod was?

Snake: Yeah…

Sigint: Now imagine something three times as big.

Snake: And this kid was able to beat something like that?
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | quote | #013
Sigint: 16 somethings like that, in fact. Like I was saying, that sword has special properties that enable the wielder to find a special weak point on the Colossus and slay it. That weak point was usually hidden under a bunch of hair, so whatever you do, Snake, don’t let Wander grab your hair.

Snake: Don’t let him what now?

Sigint: I’m serious, Snake! If Wander grabs your hair, it’s all over! Use your CQC to disarm him and take him down if he gets too close.

*Snake calls Para-Medic*

Para-Medic: Snake, have you ever played Shadow of the Colossus?

Snake: Can’t say I have.

Para-Medic: Well, it’s the story of a man named Wander who travels into a forbidden land in a desperate attempt to save the love of his life, who has fallen into a deep sleep and can’t wake up. When he arrives, he’s commissioned by a mysterious voice to slay 16 Colossi scattered throughout the land, and then his wish will be granted. It’s a really tragic, beautiful story. You should check it out sometime.

Snake: Yeah, whatever. Time to go CQC a horse. I wonder how it tastes…

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: Whenever I entered a new area in MGS3, the first thing I did was call every single member of my radio crew to hear what they had to say. I’d do the same thing every time I got a new piece of equipment, food, or camouflage, too. So awesome.

Leonhart’s Vote: Metal Gear Solid 3.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Metal Gear Solid 3 with 51.50%

Kleenex’s Analysis

Shadow of the Colossus has been on one wild ride this contest. Taking down two Metal Gear games and THE SIMS, which no doubt is a beast. Now we see if Wander can complete his campaign to genocide Snake and crew. The fact that this is a night match probably hinders things a lot. SotC doesn't have the terrible Metal Gear day vote to take advantage of. But I think SotC has some momentum behind it. And damn those pics are awesome. I feel like MGS3 is a favorite here (just like MGS2 and MGS4!), but I don't want to be on the wrong side of this again if SotC continues it's run. Aw yeah.

Kleenex's Prediction: Shadow of the Colossus with 50.53%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

This is the funniest match of the contest. If we back MGS3 and it wins, it's like "Well of COURSE MGS3 is the strongest in its series and SotC beat the other two really closely so this was obvious"
if we back MGS3 and it loses, "Of course SotC wasn't going to just beat 2 Metal Gears and then lose when it had momentum"

but, if we back SotC and it loses "Getting a little upset-happy there aren't you?"

the only way to come out of this safely is to back SotC and have it win... so that's what I'll do.

or it's what I would do, if this weren't a night match. MGS2 and 4 would've beaten SotC in a night match imo, so here we go. I don't get the point in my bracket either way though...

AKJ says MGS3 > SotC with 50.77%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | quote | #014
Guest’s Analysis - AxemPink

2009 Diablo II: 24.65% on FFX/KH
2009 MGS2: 27.48% on FFX/KH

2009 Diablo II vs 2009 MGS2
2009 MGS2 wins with 52.71% of the vote!

MGS4 got 54.88% on Diablo II, which based on the above would make MGS2/MGS4 pretty much a tossup, at least indirectly. MGS4 losing to Shadow of the Colossus didn't exactly come out of nowhere. Most of us just didn't see it, or perhaps refused to see it, and our battle contests are poorer for it.

So why did MGS4 collapse so hard? I think it has to do with the nature of 4-ways. MGS4 had a lot of hype and was THE game of the PS3 for awhile, so PS3 owners probably favored it by insane amounts, therefore it did well when other voters were split between 3 other options. However, the PS3 hasn't really done well enough in the U.S. to make it an especially strong game 1-on-1. Furthermore, the hype has definitely passed, and the PS3 has other big games now so MGS4 has become less relevant.

MGS3 should not have this problem. It looked at least a step ahead of MGS2 last year even after tossing out the near-upset of RE4, and the two are on the same console, so there should not be any funky stuff that would screw up the MGS stats quite that badly again. In addition, MGS3 got SotC in a night match, and based on the last few hours of MGS4/SotC, that's bad news for SotC. However, this is a Friday night match, which could dilute the normal night trends a little.

But what about THE POWER OF THE BANDWAGON? I'm not buying it. The votals for the MGS4 match were actually lower than the MGS2 match, and the Diablo II match gives us good reason to think MGS4 was weak enough for SotC to beat it normally, so I don't think there even was a bandwagon last round. Will it get one this round? Probably not, it's difficult to imagine anyone outside of board 8 caring. SotC is not a joke, there aren't many places you could rally for it, and since it has a 2 seed, most casuals probably don't even think it's super strange that it got here. I'll be voting SotC and it may get a good board vote because of how funny it would be if it pulled this off, but any "bandwagon" here likely doesn't extend much beyond board 8.

I've been burned by SotC twice, but I feel pretty good about MGS3.

Metal Gear Solid 3 with 55.06% of the vote.

Crew Consensus: MGS3 is the favorite here
WarThaNemesis2message detail | filter | quote | #015
Shadow of the Colossus more like Slayer of the Crew.
Ngamer64message detail | filter | quote | #016
DANG, sure do need that tranny pick!

--- | |
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | quote | #017
Metal Gear Solid 3 vs Shadow of the Colossus

Alright soooooo, I'm legit afraid of SotC at this point, I think it dominates these match pics, and I do think that this season's "SmartVoters" are going to be largely aware that its already brought them a good amount of joy by tearing through other versions of Snake earlier in the bracket, which should put the "bandwagon factor" back on the table. I also don't think the Night Vote will be quite as disastrous to SotC's chances as you might expect... it actually beat MGS4 with 52% in Europe last match and limited MGS2 to only 51% despite it being a flagship title for the PS2, a console that dominated that continent like no other.

So why am I still giving this Colossus a chance to burn me for a third straight match? 57% on Paper Mario, that's why! If there's one thing we've learned this year it's that jRPGs on Nintendo systems are no joke, and that eye pleasing Mario sprite has got to be the icing on the cake. I realize I rate PM more highly than anyone else (I had to- I picked Prime over Half-Life 2 for crying out loud!) and I further realize that Paper Mario is hugely Day oriented, but that performance was still miles ahead of what any other MGS has showed me 1v1, so I think it will be far enough out in front to manage a victory here. BARELY.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - 50.06%

--- | |
If I were you I'd search B8 for The Show, the cool Ng/yoblazer Contest podcast!
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Crew Predictions - 104/118

What Happened: FFX and RE4 win their matches

Why it Happened: FFX > FF9 won in that Final Fantasy matchup, which was obvious because we've got a good grasp on the FF hierarchy. Then, Portal does very well on RE4, which says a lot about how strong it has become.

What will Happen: FFX shouldn't have too much of a problem with RE4.

Crew Prediction Challenge - hmmm

Tran - 104
Moltar - 103
AKJ - 99
Kleenex - 99
Leon - 98
Lopen - 98
Guest - 95

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Leon gets the point for FFX and AKJ gets the point for RE4.

Guest - 18.5 (GfK: 1, BT: 2, CM: 2, Kotetsu: 2, dragon: 1, NGamer: 1, Ultima: 2, TRT: 1, Greyfeld: 1, Mr3790: 1, Big Bob: 0.5, pjbasis: 1, Chris: 2, Luster: 1)
Moltar - 18
Tran - 17.5
Kleenex - 16.5
Leon - 16
AKJ - 15.5
Lopen - 12
Moltar Status: 188 Points - Vote: FFX
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | quote | #019
are you kidding me Leon

how am I supposed to pass you if you keep matching me in points

"not my nips nooo" ~ Shadow Ryoko
pjbasismessage detail | filter | quote | #020
Good stuff, Leon.

I do that too!
Eeeevil Overlordmessage detail | filter | quote | #021
Whenever I entered a new area in MGS3, the first thing I did was call every single member of my radio crew to hear what they had to say. I’d do the same thing every time I got a new piece of equipment, food, or camouflage, too. So awesome.

Not embarrassing!
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transiencemessage detail | filter | quote | #022
did my pick not come through?

...huh, it didn't send. here it is:

transience's analysis:

I'm not really sure how you analyze this one. I mean, it's a night match which is advantage MGS, and MGS4 straight up beat SOTC during those night vote hours. Then again, SOTC is gaining steam with every MGS game it takes out. MGS3 is much more loved among its fanbase than 2 or 4, meaning people are less likely to leave it for a trendy upset pick. Then again, SOTC already beat a game that rocked Resident Evil 4. What's to stop it now?

The safe pick is MGS, the daring pick is SOTC. I really have no idea what to do here. How about... uh....

transience's prediction: Metal Gear Solid 3 with 50.14%
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Southwest Division: Round 4 - Match 119 – (1) Metal Gear Solid 3 vs. (2) Shadow of the Colossus

Moltar’s Analysis

Majora’s Mask
Round 1 - 83.40% on Wii Sports
Round 2 - 67.10% on Chrono Cross
Round 3 - 55.95% on Pokemon GSC

Zelda hath slain the beast

Wind Waker
Round 1 - 63.95% on God of War II
Round 2 - 60.85% on Assassin’s Creed II
Round 3 - 56.20% on Oblivion

Decent showing from Wind Waker.

Ha, the one inter-series SFF match that I thought we wouldn’t have to deal with. It’s the overshadowed Zelda game vs. the polarizing Zelda game.

I like Majora’s Mask here for several reasons. It’s looked better in this Contest and I believe it’s the stronger game and overall more liked that Wind Waker. MM has usually been roughed up by OoT in the past, but now that it’s not present, it really is shining. I’m taking it to win here without much of a problem.

Moltar’s Bracket: Pokemon GSC wins (whoops)

Moltar’s Prediction: Zelda MM - 56%

Lopen’s Analysis

Man I don't wanna sound overly bitter but who really cares. At this rate we're gonna have ZELDA vs ZELDA finals, here. How gross.


Uhhh for this one I'll go with the Zelda that doesn't have as much haterz and less sailing.

Lopen's prediction:
ZELDA (N64 Version) with 53.31%

Transience’s Analysis

How do you eliminate a Zelda game?

- put it against another Zelda game
- put it against another Nintendo game

It's not possible any other way. Here we have the surprisingly dominant Majora's Mask and the more traditional Wind Waker. I've always been a supporter of Wind Waker - it's made contests when Majora couldn't (though that's not really its fault - one game per generation and Ocarina of Time, after all), it's performed better in 'best Zelda?' polls, it matches Majora on top xx lists... there was some hate for it but that's largely died down. All you hear about is love now.

Majora's Mask just seems to be growing by the minute though. Something about that game has set people off lately. I hear more about this game than any other Zelda game at this point. I look at those match pictures and say 'who's going to vote Wind Waker here?'. Majora might be a weird game but it's the FF8 of its series to Wind Waker's FF9. Wind Waker might be more liked amongst the people who played it, but Majora's Mask followed Ocarina of Time. That's big.

transience's prediction: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask with 54.68%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | quote | #024
Leon’s Analysis

I don’t know that there’s really a whole lot that can be said at this point. I’ve backed WW > MM for a long time, and I’m not changing my mind now. Nothing I’ve seen this contest has really swayed me away from it either. While MM’s 55% win over G/S/C was impressive, I think it was more indicative that G/S/C just wasn’t as strong as we thought as opposed to it meaning MM could beat FFX or something like that. So yeah, I’m not even going to balk at the potential G/S/C = Oblivion implications we get if Wind Waker wins this because of that since Oblivion’s legitimately strong. I expect nearly everyone else to side with Majora’s Mask here, but hey, me going against the flow is the round 4 theme! Time for Wind Waker to go sailing for 80% of the vote!

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I was actually going to say something to the effect of not thinking Majora’s Mask would win because it’s too different from the Zelda formula. It may look like OoT, but it doesn’t really follow that formula. And yeah, Wind Waker was bashed pretty heavily because of the graphical style at first, but people seem to be over that by now. It’s like how FFIX and FFXII are much weaker than FFVIII and FFX. Which games are more like FFVII? But I don’t really know more than the basics of either game to say anything like that with authority, so I didn’t! oh wait

Leonhart’s Vote: The Wind Waker.

Leonhart’s Prediction: The Wind Waker with 51.10%

Kleenex’s Analysis

ZELDA. I think Wind Waker was the accepted winner of this before the contest happened. Don't think that's the case anymore. Majora's Mask has just plain looked better through the first three rounds. Also. OoT proxy! LOL!

Kleenex's Prediction: Majora's Mask with 53.44%

Guest’s Analysis - Sir Chris

I predict Zelda is going to win this match.

Wait? That's not specific enough? Well crap, I have no idea why I signed up for this match then, as I clearly have nothing else to go on. See, that was a joke, because I do in fact have something. It is called gut. I have a feeling a lot of the crew is going to look at the manhandling of g/s/c and it is going to be like "we must all hail our Majora's Mask masters" and a lot of mentions of kiddie link will be involved, and people will be arguing for days. Y'know what? I just don't buy majora's mask over wind waker. I look at it, I tilt my head, and I go "I just think wind waker is more beloved by the zelda fanbase.' I think the hatred for wind waker's cel shaded graphics was very reactionary and has done nothing but fade over time, especially with pretty good handhelds having the same type of graphics. This is a lot like SSBB/SSBM. We just have to figure out which the fans like more. KH/KH2 as well. FFX/FFIX as well. What do all of those three very strong series have in common? The sequel won every time. Not very good logic, but divining the hearts of Link fanboys isn't precise work, and thus I will not bother to link any past results!

Wind Waker with 52.47%

Crew Consensus: Everyone except Leon and the Guest are going with Majora.
Safer Sephiroth 777message detail | filter | quote | #025
There are some on the crew that believe that WW has a change?Right...
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PartOfYourWorldmessage detail | filter | quote | #026
Leon sticks to his guns no matter how long they've been out of bullets imo.
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OrangeKidJoshmessage detail | filter | quote | #027
I guess mine didn't send so akj says majora with 55.55%

This is an alt for Applekidjosh
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | quote | #028

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - 55.11%

--- | |
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | quote | #029
Dang, I love everything about my pred post.

--- | |
If I were you I'd search B8 for The Show, the cool Ng/yoblazer Contest podcast!
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | quote | #030
Poor Shadow of the Colossus.
This is the kind of **** that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
pjbasismessage detail | filter | quote | #031
Crew members having trouble with sending in their write-ups seems pretty common these days.
transciencemessage detail | filter | quote | #032
we've done 120 of em in 60 days. it's tough! mine was just me misclicking the send button before bed, whoops.
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OrangeKidJoshmessage detail | filter | quote | #033
All the matches just blend together. After a Friday night of watching movies with friends I can't remember if I did or didn't send in that analysis.

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red sox 777message detail | filter | quote | #034
Back in 2006, I used to use contest matches as a semi-calendar for my real life events. Like, I would think, I went here on the day of Castlevania/Halo instead of thinking Saturday or whenever. Now, I can't remember what match was 5 matches ago.
Nominate Crono so he can get a higher seed and avoid being fed to Clinkeroth early in the contest.
EvilNcrmessage detail | filter | quote | #035
Well, I already sent my guest prediction 2 days ago. It's probably better to do them in advance and re-send them if you want to change the score or something.
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GTMmessage detail | filter | quote | #036
I have the same bracket oopses as Moltar.

What an honour!
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LeonhartFourmessage detail | filter | quote | #037

From: PartOfYourWorld | #026
Leon sticks to his guns no matter how long they've been out of bullets imo.

Darn right, it's the principle of the thing!

FFX forever

From: pjbasis | #031
Crew members having trouble with sending in their write-ups seems pretty common these days.

Well, it becomes more difficult toward the end of the contest because you don't even know who's going to be in the match until a day or two before!
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Elite Eight: Round 5 - Match 121 – (1) Fallout 3 vs. (1) Metroid Prime

Moltar’s Analysis

Fallout 3
Round 1 - 81.00% on inFamous
Round 2 - 74.27% on Deus Ex
Round 3 - 58.80% on Batman: Arkham Asylum
Round 4 - 60.60% on Halo

Fallout rocks Halo

Metroid Prime
Round 1 - 73.34% on Star Ocean 3
Round 2 - 64.61% against Devil May Cry 3
Round 3 - 58.16% on Okami
Round 4 - 50.73% on Half-Life 2

Prime is lucky it had a day match.

Playing Umineko. Fallout should win this. It’s looked stronger and Prime barely got past HL2, a game I wouldn’t take over Fallout. Plus, night match helps it. Prime should look alright though.

Moltar’s Bracket: Fallout 3 wins

Moltar’s Prediction: Fallout 3 - 53%

Lopen’s Analysis

Easy enough match. Metroid Prime squeaked by Half Life 2... do you know where your children are?

That's right, they're playing Fallout 3, cause it's more popular than Half-Life 2.

Lopen's prediction:
Fallout 3 with 55.55%

Transience’s Analysis

Prime is a Nintendo game and we've seen how people seemingly blindly vote for those. That's my main concern with this match - scary Western gun game vs. beloved Nintendo title, one of the stars of the Gamecube, a system made by our beloved overlords.

That shouldn't be much of a concern though. Fallout is an RPG and a very liked one. It might be the strongest Western game we have. (no, Metroid Prime does not count as a Western game. that game is weak as hell without the Nintendo name on it.) Fallout 3 would have no trouble with HL2. Prime needed a day match to beat it.

This is a night match.

transience's prediction: Fallout 3 with 55.76%

Leon’s Analysis

At a glance, Fallout 3 has had the more impressive contest, but it hasn’t really been challenged by anything noteworthy other than Halo, and that was in a night match where we missed the entire first hour. I’m not entirely discounting Prime’s chances here because I’m not sure Halo or Batman could beat Okami by very much at all. I expect Fallout 3 to win here in a somewhat-close-but-never-in-doubt fashion.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: My internet went out earlier today, and my first thought was, “Oh crap, how am I supposed to get in my Analysis Crew writeups on time now?” You’d know how embarrassing this really is if I were telling you the whole story, but yeah. Priorities, man.

Leonhart’s Vote: Metroid Prime.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Fallout 3 with 54.75%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | quote | #039
Kleenex’s Analysis

Well, Prime managed to scrape through its division thanks to a day match (probably), but this is the end of the line. I feel kinda weird putting Fallout 3 in the semifinals of a GameFAQs contest, but it's gonna happen. Did it just get a lucky draw, or is the game legit? Both, really. It's no secret that the top two divisions of this bracket were inherently weak. I think the game is going to be in for a rude awakening once it hits Brawl/Twilight Princess.

Kleenex's Prediction: Fallout 3 with 55.12%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Umineko episode 7

AKJ says Fallout 3 with 56.78%

Guest’s Analysis - EvilNcr

And the quarterfinals finally begin!

Those two games managed to get there through two very different paths. Fallout 3 came to the quarters easily crushing everything on its path with little difficulty. By all means, it looked very impressive from the start and looked stronger as each round went by. Scoring 58% on Batman Arkham Asylum, one of the rare successful franchise games other than KotOR and 60% on Halo:Combat Evolved defeated the expectations of most predictors. It came to the quarters through the front door in a convincing fashion by humiliating some good midcarders.

On the other hand, Metroid Prime can count its blessings that it had a day match against Half-Life 2. It likely wouldn't be here otherwise. Seeing how close Metroid Prime and Half-Life 2 were, it's hard not to judge its strength through Half-Life 2's opponents. Both these games shown their vulnerability against good midcarders like God War and Grand Theft Auto III or weak midcarders like Okami. They had too much trouble to be able to seriously pretend to the semifinals.

Unfortunately for Metroid Prime, it definitely lucked out this time with a night match. Since the start, Metroid Prime has been underperforming a lot with European voters In fact, it is so bad Okami brought it down to 50.8% during their match. Fallout 3 also has been a bit better with North American voters except against Halo for obvious reasons. However, against neutral games, it does perform similarly in both regions. Against a very strong day-oriented game like Metroid Prime, it will be a significant advantage to have the match start at midnight.

Since Fallout 3 has been so impressive, I see little chance for any upset for Metroid Prime. It might start close since Metroid Prime has a good power hour but Fallout 3 should pull away as the match progresses and dominate until the morning.

EvilNcr's prediction : Fallout 3 with 54.85%

Crew Consensus: Fallout to the Final Four!
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This is the kind of **** that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
paulg235message detail | filter | quote | #041
Crew Curse Activated!
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BlAcK TuRtLemessage detail | filter | quote | #042
Any chance I can get FFX/Brawl? Since the last few rounds you've been putting the signups when I wasn't around
Ngamer64message detail | filter | quote | #043
Fallout 3 vs Metroid Prime

Alright, so I famously predicted that Metroid Prime would upset both Half-Life and Fallout on the first episode of The Show after bracket lockdown. Since then we've seen 52% over HL2, 62% over Okami, 69% over DMC, and 76% over Star Ocean versus only 58% on Halo in a Night Match- I like my chances here! ...that's what I'd be saying if this were a Day Match where only North America was allowed to vote. Unfortunately for my bracket, the poll timing has flipped in FO3's favor and non-NAers (aka the people who "just didn't get" Metroid's conversion to 3D) get to have a say as well.

Actually though, if you'd shown me every result in this bracket ahead of time aside from the Fallout matches, I'd probably still be backing Samus here. She's going to have a crazy pic advantage (Fallout has yet to produce a photogenic image outside of Vault Boy), a nice head start on SmartVoterFAQs (FO3's a legit GotY, but Prime's got nostalgia and a better GotD feel IMO), should receive a solid push in the opening hour, and you clearly don't want to bet against Nintendo in a close match this season. The problem is that the game will once again drop like a stone once North America falls asleep, AND ALSO, Fallout's looked about 3x as impressive as I expected to this point. The Halo result was a total joke and so I do feel that Prime is being made out as a slightly larger underdog that it should be, but naaaaah, can't find a way to justify it taking this one outright.

Fallout 3 - 53.47%

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Fallout 3 what a fraud
This is the kind of **** that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
LeonhartFourmessage detail | filter | quote | #045
Good thing I put in that "I'm not entirely discounting Prime's chances here" tagline!
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From: BlAcK TuRtLe | #042
Any chance I can get FFX/Brawl? Since the last few rounds you've been putting the signups when I wasn't around


also need someone to do MGS3/Zelda MM
Moltar Status: 204 Points - Vote: Zelda MM
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | quote | #047
Elite Eight: Round 5 - Match 122 – (2) Super Smash Bros Brawl vs. (4) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Moltar’s Analysis

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Round 1 - 83.26% on Mario Kart DS
Round 2 - 76.44% on Valkyria Chronicles
Round 3 - 72.90% on Pokemon DPP
Round 4 - 51.08% on Super Smash Bros. Melee

The debate finally settled

Twilight Princess
Round 1 - 79.38% on Shenmue
Round 2 - 68.87% on Dragon Age: Origins
Round 3 - 62.27% on Super Mario Galaxy
Round 4 - 57.10% on Kingdom Hearts 2

wow, KH sucks

If there’s one series that can challenge Zelda, it’s Smash. Smash is Zelda and more. I don’t think there’s going to be some mass anti-voting of Brawl here. It’s flat out stronger than TP, and the Nintendo fanbase just loves Smash that much.

Moltar’s Bracket: Brawl wins

Moltar’s Prediction: Brawl - 54%

Lopen’s Analysis

Well as strong of an argument as ZELDA has been this contest, there is the whole matter of this: Your mileage may vary with that, but my mileage says that that's good for a win here. Brawl beating TP just seems “right” anyway, Brawl being the flagship game of the Wii.

Can you tell I'm getting tired of doing these yet? Must be all that ZELDA in the air. Well, we're almost done!

Lopen's prediction:
Brawl with 52.18%

Transience’s Analysis

These are likely the two strongest games left in the bracket, but that doesn't mean it's going to be too interesting. For as good as Zelda is, it can't stand up to Brawl. We saw this last year. I actually think TP has been every bit as impressing as Smash, but Brawl overshadows TP.

Kinda funny how the two strongest games are Wii games, huh? lol wii melee is going to blah blah

Zelda can come close here but it probably can't win. I think it'd be funny to see it win though - if it does, people will probably favour Zelda over FFX and we get an awesome Zelda/Zelda final. How fitting!

transience's prediction: Super Smash Bros. Brawl with 53.13%

Leon’s Analysis

LOL Wii, only a quarter of our quarterfinalists? How pathetic. While Zelda has been the star of the contest (…Why are we somewhat surprised by this, by the way), I think it’s met its match here. This is a battle between console heavies, and Brawl is the preferred Wii game (Yes, TP is a Wii game, deal with it). Plus, Brawl beat it somewhat easily last time around. I know “LOL 4-ways” and all, but I’m just speaking in terms of potentially establishing a hierarchy, not percentages, although I know multi-way results don’t always translate into 1-on-1. At the same time, the last contest proved that Twilight Princess can hold its own here, so I don’t expect a crushing, but I’d be pretty surprised if it contended in any way here beyond the “Brawl beat Melee so IT MUST DIEEEEEEEEEEE” board vote, which should hopefully be pretty amusing to see.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I still feel like I’m one of the only people who prefers Character Battles around here. This contest has been fun and all, but I think the last Character Battle was better. Well, if FFX wins this contest, I suppose I’ll change my mind on the matter, but until then…!

Leonhart’s Vote: Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Super Smash Bros. Brawl with 55.15%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | quote | #048
Kleenex’s Analysis

Brawl should win this one easily, right? It should, but I don't know if it's going to. ZELDA and all that. Brawl definitely has the stats to back it up for a win, but I fear I'm getting a bit of the old ZELDAFEAR as the contest winds down. Smash gets the nod here, but I'm definitely leaving the door open for an upset.

Kleenex's Prediction: Super Smash Bros. Brawl with 52.11%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Umineko episode 7

AKJ says Brawl with 53.21%

Guest’s Analysis - Kotetsu534

Brawl has come through a huge test, beating Melee from nearly 400 votes down, and statistically it has the advantage over every game left in the bracket, so surely it's going to march to victory. Not necessarily, says I! The main argument for Brawl today is this, and it's a strong one: It put up 53.5% directly on Twilight Princess, and it should now have picked up some momentum from a huge win.

But we've already seen a Zelda look like it didn't have much chance in a 1v1 Nintendo match-up this contest due to a fourway, and not only did it win, it won convincingly. I get the sense that when it's a straight heads-up A or B choice between two games, a premier Zelda game (and there is surely little debate; Twilight Princess is the Zelda of the decade, in terms of hype and importance) has a greater pull over the Nintendo faithful than anything else, including Pokemon, Mario and Smash Bros. This doesn't mean that Zelda will inevitably win just because it's up against other Nintendo, but that it's very tough to defeat it.

And that momentum that could see Brawl roll over the rest of the competition on the back of its big win? It surely cuts both ways: beating Melee will have earned it some disgrutlement among the big-time Smash crowd that it wouldn't have had to deal with beforehand, and if anything is going to benefit, Zelda will.

It's also worth remembering that while Brawl's the statistical favourite based off that fourway, Twilight Princess has shown absolutely no weakness at all thus far. It got only 52% on Kingdom Hearts II in '09, and while I expected it to do noticeably better this time around, partly due to Kingdom Hearts' horrible show in the last character battle, going 5% higher gave it unquestionably the most impressive performance of a sweet sixteen winner. Even if it loses today, I feel confident it will give Brawl a big scare.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess with 51.1%

Crew Consensus: Everyone except the Guest is going with Brawl today
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Please be right, Kotetsu.
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transciencemessage detail | filter | quote | #050
sheesh, Nintendo cannot look bad

Majora vs. FFX scares me more than it should
add the c and back away
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