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From: Master Moltar | #400
Crew Accuracy Challenge - Lopen gets the point for MGS3 and Lopen gets the point for SotC.

Comeback central.
No problem!
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oh man it's getting intense in the accuracy challenge

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Northwest Division: Round 3 - Match 112 – (3) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker vs. (2) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Moltar’s Analysis

Wind Waker
Round 1 - 63.95% on God of War II
Round 2 - 60.85% on Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin’s Creed once again showing that it’s got decent strength

Round 1 - 62.45% on Soul Calibur II
Round 2 - 55.17% on Paper Mario: TTYD

Oblivion with an okay performance in Round 2.

This isn’t tough. Oblivion is decent, but you don’t barely win over Paper Mario and then go on to beat a solid Zelda game in Wind Waker.

It’ll be interesting to see how Oblivion does in comparison to AC2. I think Oblivion is a bit stronger than it, so I’ll say WW wins in the high-50s.

Moltar’s Bracket: Zelda WW wins

Moltar’s Prediction: Zelda WW - 58%

Transience’s Analysis

After Majora's Mask made Pokemon GSC look really bad and turned the stats topic into a warzone, everyone has to be expecting the world from Wind Waker, right?

Actually, I'm not. We've already seen AC2 get 39% on it and Oblivion clearly beats AC2. I think Oblivion holds up oddly well here - well enough that people will think MM is a lock next round. People will see that Oblivion got about the same percentage as GSC did and say that there's no way they take Oblivion over GSC. I don't think that's a fair comparison, but we'll get there next round. For now, Wind Waker wins with ease.

transience's prediction: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker with 56.49%

Leon’s Analysis

This one had some people thinking upset pre-contest, but with Wind Waker proving itself to have some legit strength here and Oblivion not looking overly impressive, I think that talk has died for the most part. I think most people are still expecting Oblivion to put up a respectable number here, but I’m not sure I agree with them. I mean, I know the Paper Mario games aren’t weak and all, but there’s no way they’re in the same league with Wind Waker. It’s just not gonna happen. WW should get 60% on TTYD at bare minimum. Anything less than that would surprise me. I think it’s going to put up an impressive number here and make people worry about it winning next round. I still think it’s legit, and it’ll finally prove it and leave no doubt in people’s minds.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: Toon Link is the best version of Link, believe that! This is going in terms of Smash Bros. only though!

Leonhart’s Vote: Wind Waker.

Leonhart’s Prediction: The Wind Waker with 58.95%

Kleenex’s Analysis

One of my many Round 3 blunders is taking Oblivion over Wind Waker. Whoops. As awesome as it would be, it's not gonna happen. Oblivion should look respectable, though.

Kleenex's Prediction: Wind Waker with 54.67%

Crew Consensus: Zelda wins once again
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so you post this thing 3 hours early for once, but you still manage to do it like 1 minute after I send in my analysis

Joker is sick and twisted and must be stoped at all costed what plans do you have in store for Batman anyway
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Lopen's Analysis:

ZELDAFAQs reigns again!

Some people may see this one in doubt seeing as WW only got 60% on Assassin's Creed 2, but after today's robbery by Majora's Mask, I just don't buy the Zelda war machine being taken down by the lowly Oblivion.

Lopen's prediction:
ZELDA with 55.66%
No problem!
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I didn't even see the analyses were posted. Much like AKJ I must just have terrible timing.
No problem!
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akj says zelda > not zelda with 60%

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Damn, Moltar posted the write-ups earlier than I had expected. Normally, I see him posting the write-ups within the last hour prior to the start of the match.

Guest’s Analysis - Luster Soldier

Wind Waker should have no trouble handling Oblivion, especially with the day match. After 2 rounds of night matches, Wind Waker finally gets to have a shot at a day match. Wind Waker performances so far might appear to be disappointing, but you have to remember that it faced 2 opponents so far that would have no problem with Chrono Cross in a match. The Wind Waker > Majora's Mask upset is still possible, but the Majora's Mask beatdown of Pokemon GSC has me favoring Majora's Mask so far unless Wind Waker goes out and does something crazy like 60% or so.

Though there was some talk pre-contest about Oblivion upsetting Wind Waker, I feel it will not happen as Oblivion has disappointed so far this contest. 62.45% on a opponent that was almost equal to Gears 2 in a vote-in isn't too inspiring here. Round 2 was disappointing as well. Wind Waker has a shot at high 50's here thanks to the day match, and maybe from Oblivion being weaker than we thought. I see Oblivion as a game that isn't too much stronger than AC2 and Wind Waker got almost 61% on that match. Wind Waker would be projected to score 56.50% on Oblivion if it was worth only 55% on AC2. I think Wind Waker has a shot at outdoing that projection.

Luster Soldier's Bracket: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Luster Soldier's Prediction: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - 57.41%
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well I lost points up to the semis
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Wind Waker vs Oblivion

Hmmm, now people are saying that Oblivion's 55% win over Paper Mario "wasn't that impressive." I've got to disagree- I still think TTYD is pretty close to the original, so 55 in a Day Match has me more impressed than the 57% MGS3 managed during the Night, and since I still believe we undervalued fighting games, Oblivion comes out of those first two rounds looking pretty good IMO.

But it's not going to matter. Zelda's currently laying a 58% North American beatdown on the 2nd strongest Pokemon and is sporting a very stylish/artistic/eye-catching look against.... what the heck is that alligator thing? Ugh TES people, spend 10 minutes making "armored hero holding a sword high, about to do battle against evil forces" artwork for the next game, please!

So yeah, WW in a no-doubter, but Oblivion is too respectable to ever let it approach blowout territory (thus signaling its doom next round).

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - 56.68%

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*starts to shovel 6 feet of dirt on WW*

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NGamer finds one of the triforce shards while digging

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From: Ngamer64 | #411
*starts to shovel 6 feet of dirt on WW*

Oblivion = GSC

Believe dat
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Oblivion > GSC

I believe
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yeah I had to leave early so I posted what I had

everyone found their way to the topic though, and that's what matters most
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*Walks through with muddy feet*
god speed little doodle
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From: Ultimate Ted | #416
*Walks through with muddy feet*

well this is awkward

<@transience> kleenex or theo probably know
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Ultimate Ted | Posted 12/14/2010 3:48:46 PM | message detail
*Walks through with muddy feet*

Not cool, bro.

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Since I can only send one in again I'll just post this here

Lopen's analysis

If this was a day match, I might go on some longwinded tangent about certain out of print soda varieties and beliefs... or maybe even if Halo got the 60% I called for against Uncharted 2 last round. But it has neither of those in its corner, and I honestly have my doubts that Halo could beat UC2 in a night match after barely beating it with 54% or so last round. It'd probably be close, anyway.

Fallout 3? Gonna be all Uncharted 2 was and a lot more. Halo needed 60% I think to have a chance here, so let's adjust the percentage by -6% from a 50-50 to make a prediction.

Halo should win this one dammit it truly is one of the games of the decade! ;_;

Lopen's prediction:
Fallout 3 with 56.07%

No problem!
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Northwest Division: Round 4 - Match 113 – (1) Fallout 3 vs. (2) Halo

Moltar’s Analysis

Fallout 3
Round 1 - 81.00% on inFamous
Round 2 - 74.27% on Deus Ex
Round 3 - 58.80% on Batman: Arkham Asylum

Fallout easily taking care of the Dark Knight.

Round 1 - 64.45% on Ninja Gaiden
Round 2 - 56.92% on Halo 3
Round 3 - 53.68% on Uncharted 2

dat ASV

Fallout 3 has spanked Halo 3 several times in the past, and as we saw in Round 2, the original can beat the sequel too. Still, this match isn’t in any question. GameFAQs likes Fallout more than Halo; any poll with the two series in it will tell you that. Halo gets respect, but Fallout gets that and more.

Halo isn’t going to roll over here, but I don’t expect Fallout to have a problem winning. Plus lol Halo at night.

Moltar’s Bracket: Fallout 3 wins

Moltar’s Prediction: Fallout 3 - 57%

Transience’s Analysis

This match is simple for me. I've always assumed that Batman and Uncharted 2 were about equal. If that's right, Fallout wins with like 55%. Since it's a night match, Halo is probably about equal to Uncharted 2. Fallout beats Uncharted 2 about 60/40. I get the sense Halo does better than it should just because it's got more respect points, but Fallout is pretty darn big. It shouldn't break a sweat in tossing Halo aside here.

transience's prediction: Fallout 3 with 57.12%

Leon’s Analysis

Well, after two contests of totally embarrassing itself, Halo 1 has managed to win three matches and get to a divisional final. However, this is where the road ends. Fallout 3’s performances have been too good to give Halo a chance here. Fallout 3 got 60% on Batman: Arkham Asylum, while Halo was trailing UC2 for the first hour and needed the ASV to really pull away for the win there. It’d struggle to win a night match against UC2. Unfortunately for Halo, this is a night match, which pretty much seals its fate here.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I’ve only ever played multiplayer Halo. I’ve never even touched the campaign in any of the games.

Leonhart’s Vote: Halo.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Fallout 3 with 57.25%

Kleenex’s Analysis

Well, here we are with less than two weeks left in this contest. Round 4 is chock full of SFF, but we won't be seeing any of that today. The match to lead us off is probably going to be relatively boring. Halo has managed to impress (?!) for the first time since 2007 by getting through the bottom half of this division without much trouble. Unfortunately for it, Fallout 3 has just looked better every step of the way. I wonder how strong Fallout 3 really is (we probably won't see this until the semis), but as far as tonight's match goes, "strong enough" is all it needs.

Kleenex's Prediction: Fallout 3 with 58.33%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Round 4 time hell yeah. After some of the stuff we've already seen with fun and popular games getting beaten by critically acclaimed games, I still wonder if Halo has an actual chance here. And then I remember as much as Halo was a "great innovator" for this decade, it's Halo, going up against one of the most popular games of the last couple years. Can't pull the trigger here.

AKJ says Fallout 3 > Halo with 54%

Guest’s Analysis - Chaotic Mind

Fallout 3 got 59% on the goddamn Batman, Halo didn't even reach 54% on Uncharted 2 (which let a game like Legend of Dragoon get 43% on it). Fallout 3 wins.

Fallout 3 - 58%

Crew Consensus: Fallout falls in to the Elite 8
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holy 57s
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Fallout 3 vs Halo 1

No one has gotten no enjoyment out of watching the Halo series make a fool of itself over the years than me, but even *I* am disappointed with how unlucky it got in this one. There's no doubt in my mind that Uncharted would have taken it right to the brink in one of the cooler 24 hour matches ever, and I also believe that it could have taken a serious run at Fallout under the same circumstances. Which sounds ridic given how far FO3 should be ahead of UC2, but as I've said before, this end-of-Contest area is a different beast; I'm expecting SmartVoterFAQs to crank it up another notch as these Elite Eight and then Final Four positions are determined.

The trouble is, all the "respect" and "importance" vote in the world doesn't help you in a night match when it only exists in North America! I'm thinking Halo makes a very good showing of this within the friendly confines of the USA, but gets blasted pretty much everywhere else to result in any easy win of, let's say,

Fallout 3 - 56.93%

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No predictions for OnLive granted 'fundamental' cloud-gaming patent?

Crew Curse strikes again!

AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #424
so did our crew consensus make the poll not show up?
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Crew Predictions - 100/112

What Happened: Majora's Mask rids off of PokeFAQs! Long live ZeldaFAQs!

Why it Happened: MM had no problem with GSC after all! Guess that 2009 match was nothing more than a red herring, and MM is definitely a legitimate game. WW also didn't have an issue with Oblivion because...well, it's Zelda vs a midcarder.

What will Happen: Pokemon GSC vs. Oblivion? Nah, this is about which game the Zelda fanbase prefers, and I have a feeling I know which it is

Crew Prediction Challenge - good job guest

Tran - 99
Moltar - 98
AKJ - 95
Leon - 94
Kleenex - 94
Lopen - 94
Guest - 90

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Chris gets the point for MM and Tran gets the point for WW.

Guest - 18.5 (GfK: 1, BT: 2, CM: 2, Kotetsu: 2, dragon: 1, NGamer: 1, Ultima: 2, TRT: 1, Greyfeld: 1, Mr3790: 1, Big Bob: 0.5, pjbasis: 1, Chris: 2, Luster: 1)
Tran - 17.5
Moltar - 17
Kleenex - 15.5
Leon - 14
AKJ - 13.5
Lopen - 12
Moltar Status: 164 Points - Vote: Halo
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
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ya go my guest
EvilNcrmessage detail | filter | #428
Nice Guests!
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transiencemessage detail | filter | #429
nice show by Fallout here.

Halo or Assassin's Creed 2, what wins?
-LusterSoldier-message detail | filter | #430
The lack of a first hour probably hurt Halo a bit. Halo probably would have done better if this poll didn't glitch up, since it gives North America an extra hour to vote and Halo is doing about 3.5% better in the US.
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in before moltar

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Northeast Division: Round 4 - Match 114 – (1) Metroid Prime vs. (2) Halo

Moltar’s Analysis

Metroid Prime
Round 1 - 73.34% on Star Ocean 3
Round 2 - 64.61% against Devil May Cry 3
Round 3 - 58.16% on Okami

Not a strong showing from Prime

Half-Life 2
Round 1 - 74.48% on Left 4 Dead 2
Round 2 - 56.17% on Grand Theft Auto III
Round 3 - 54.37% on God of War

HL2 silencing the doubters.

Good match right here. Like with MM/GSC, HL2 was the heavy favorite to win this pre-contest. However, Prime has been showing all throughout the contest that it can compete here. MM also beating GSC in the end is also a good sign for it.

Plus, MGS3/PM made Paper Mario look legit, and that helps Prime because that was the game that held it back in 2009.

Half-Life 2 isn’t going to roll over here. Even though it looked weak in Round 2, it had a good showing against GoW in Round 3, putting up numbers that I would expect it to get pre-contest when predicting it would beat Metroid Prime.

Still, I’m going with Prime in this match now. I would say it’s looked slightly better overall, plus it has the advantage of a day match with HL2. HL2 definitely gets a lot of respect, but Prime has that too. Don’t let me down, Nintendo.

Moltar’s Bracket: Half-Life 2 wins

Moltar’s Prediction: Metroid Prime - 51%

Lopen’s Analysis

Toughie. Half-Life 2 has probably looked more impressive this contest, give me 55% on God of War as better than 58% on Okami, but I dunno. Gut just says that you don't bet against Metroid when the opponent is Gourdon Pumpkin Head Freeman.

Another way to think about it is Prime vs God of War. I guess the best idea we've got about Prime vs GoW is thinking about the games through GTA games. Metroid Prime was edged out by Vice City last year, while God of War edged out San Andreas. Paper Mario was in the Prime poll, but to me this says that God of War is around the level of Metroid Prime, somewhere.

Stats pick here is Half Life in my eyes, “common sense” pick is Prime. To me “common sense” says that God of War would beat HL2 too so whatever. Hesitantly taking HL2 here.

Lopen's prediction:
Half-Life 2 with 51.70%

Transience’s Analysis

This is a fun tossup. Half-Life 2 was the stronger game in 2009, or so we assume. Now that we see that FF12 is a weak game that would lose cleanly to Mass Effect, it's not as tough. There is no way I pick Mass Effect over Metroid Prime.

If that wasn't enough, Half-Life has to deal with the day vote. Prime isn't like other Nintendo games but it's still better than HL2 by default. Statistically, I'd say Prime has had the better matches this year too. Given how Paper Mario has held up, Prime has a pretty good excuse for not doing so great last year. I'm actually feeling really confident in a convincing Prime win here.

transience's prediction: Metroid Prime with 53.78%

Leon’s Analysis

Well, this has shaped up to be quite the showdown. Prime has been very impressive so far and has gotten people believing in it again after an embarrassing first round exit from the last Games Contest. After how well the Paper Mario games have done, it’s pretty safe to chalk that loss up to some nasty LFF at this point. Still, I’m remaining somewhat skeptical. It certainly has a chance to win, but DMC3 turned out to be a dud, and Star Ocean is hardly a good barometer. Prime had a good, but not great, performance against Okami. Its performances have proven it can win this match, but not to the point where I think it’s a clear favorite or anything.
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #433
Half-Life 2, on the other hand, has had to deal with stiffer competition, which has caused some people to start doubting it. Expectations for these games have gone in opposite directions since this contest started. HL2 was a pretty big favorite pre-contest, and I’m not sure it’s even the favorite anymore at this point. We’ll see. I think 55% on GoW and 56% on GTA3 are good enough. Not spectacular, but honestly, neither of these games are elite level. That’s what makes it so difficult to choose a winner. These games just aren’t going to wow you against good competition. I’m just going to stick with my original instinct and say Half-Life 2 wins, but I really don’t know at this point. Prime has the advantage of being Nintendo, which could be the difference maker, but it isn’t an auto-win either, as we’ve seen. It should be a good one.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: You know, I’ve still never beaten Super Metroid either. I should get on that…

Leonhart’s Vote: Metroid Prime.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Half-Life 2 with 50.60%

Kleenex’s Analysis

Metroid Prime is still weak. Maybe not quite lose to Okami weak (my poor bracket), but it ain't that strong. Half-Life 2 probably isn't either. I've got HL2 going to the semis, and at this point I feel pretty awful about that. Day match probably doesn't help the case either. The upset is certainly a possibility you can't rule out, but I think today Metroid wins. Then gets owned by Fallout 3 next round.

Kleenex's Prediction: Metroid Prime with 54.67%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

NGamer kidnapped my sister the other day and has threatened to do unseemly things to her if I don't support Metroid here. He's been filling my head with reasons to support Metroid for the last couple months. I'll take a look with my pseudo-stats knowledge

Metroid Prime failed to blow out an Okami that can't have been too strong as it failed to blow out Mega Man 9.

Half Life 2 did about the same against a God of War that ran equal with Tales. What do we know about Tales? Well GameFAQs loves its bad JRPGs in this contest, so I'd say the "previous showings" victor goes to Half-Life 2.

Other factors? Half-Life surely can't be a better day vote draw than Nintendo, so Metroid will get a bit of day vote draw?

Half-Life 2 should definitely be winning the SVF here, but somehow that hasn't seemed to mean much to it in previous rounds. I think Portal stole all of Half-Life 2's SVF. It's still worth mentioning, and in this later round I'd say it's even more important.

So all of this stuff has me leaning Half-Life. And yet, I really care about my little sister...

but enough to lose a point in The Crew?

sorry Imouto AKJ says Half-Life 2 with 51.50%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #434
Guest’s Analysis - Kotetsu534

It's a little strange that a big debated 8-pointer is being fought between two games that would have struggled to win two matches if put in most other divisions, but here we are. It's more or less not possible to make any reads based off Metroid Prime's victories over Star Ocean 3 and Devil May Cry 3, but we do at least have some data on Okami. The strongest argument that can be made in favour of Half-Life 2 is this: Okami got 34.8% on '09 MGS3, while one round later Tales of Symphonia got 39.5% on '09 MGS3, giving Okami a projected 44% on Tales of Symphonia, and extrapolating Half-Life 2 through God of War projects it to let Tales of Symphonia get 44.3% on it, and therefore Okami 39%. Clearly, 39% is lower than the 41.84% Prime let Okami get, but there's a couple of other factors to consider. If Metroid Prime had had Okami in the day, it would have done better (let's say 1.5%). If Metroid Prime wasn't on the wrong end of a picture disadvantage it would probably have done better (let's say 0.5%). If God of War, which Half-Life 2 beat in the day, got Tales of Symphonia in the day, it would have done better (let's say 1%), Even yet, that would leave Half-Life 2 with a little over 51%.

Normally a margin that small over a respected Nintendo game in an unfavourable time frame would not be enough to make me back a game to actually win the poll, but this is Valve, probably the one company I'd absolutely trust in a nailbiter. So, I see Half-Life 2 pulling out a big win for the PC crowd.

Half-Life 2 with 51.36%

Crew Consensus: Half-Life 2 is the Crew favorite in a 4-3 split.
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #435
oh damn

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*comes in*

*sees unsure split*

*wonders if he can yell at crew*

*sees dirt on the carpet*

*yells at crew*
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Metroid Prime vs Half-Life 2

Here we gooooo, it's the matchup I've been hyping all season long! Now that it's just minutes away, I feel... still very good about it, actually! While I'll admit that HL2 stood up to God of War a little bit better than I had expected, I think people are pretty silly for doubting Prime based on its final R3 number. That was a night match against a strong SmartVoterFAQs option from the PS2 generation (which Europe and Asia just loves) featuring one of the biggest pic disadvantages of the entire season. I know I've been over this before, but DANG guys, dang.

You'd do much better to compare Prime against how it crushed the DMC series by 7% more than KotOR managed- and that game is certainly no pushover, as it proved last round! (Granted DMC1 > DMC3, but how much stronger than KotOR do you need to be to beat HL2, really?) Now the tables have turned and Prime gets to feel the North American love for 12 straight hours in this Day Match, while also holding a distinct picture advantage.

Normally at this point I'd fall back on my favorite Factor of 2010, SmartVoterFAQs, but I've got to admit that HL2 is so respected that SVF for this one is pretty much a wash. So instead I'll replace it with: in a close match, you don't bet against Nintendo.

Go get 'em, Samus!

Metroid Prime - 51.11%

--- | |
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add the c and back away
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #439
this is ridiculous

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LeonhartFourmessage detail | filter | #440
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #441
Surprised more people didn't go with Prime.
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I sacrificed my sister for this?

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man I would have won another accuracy challenge, curse me for not seeing the sign up
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Melee vs Brawl

omgomg, we've arrived at the most-talked about GameFAQs Contest matchup of the season! And here I am, the guy who has talked the most about the Contest all season... and yet I've barely touched on this poll except to say "it's a 50/50 tossup, winner will take the Championship easily, don't have enough info to feel confident one way or the other, go with your gut and just have fun with it". And now with the match less than two hours away, I STILL don't have much in the way of words of wisdom, but guess I need to give this the old college try.

If the only results you showed me were from the 6 Smash matches, I would be backing Brawl for a slim victory tonight. Even factoring for potential SFF, 73 on Pokemon and 83 on Mario Kart are more impressive to me than 87 GH/71 Morrowind/69 Call of Duty. However, I will instead be sticking with my bracket and backing a narrow Melee victory, for these reasons:

* The Night Match. Brawl has killed North America during the daylight hours, but I think Europe/Asia/Australia have fallen out of love with New Nintendo to the point where something from early in the decade is going to have a significant advantage 1v1. (I actually think this is such a big deal that I might very well have gone with Brawl straight up had this been flip flopped.)

* SmartVoterFAQs. Unlike what many on this board will tell you, I don't think the average "casual" Smash fan cares a bit about Brawl's slower play, floaty physics, lack of wavedash, tripping, unbalanced roster etc etc etc. To them it's just another fun multiplayer diversion except with Snake and online play. HOWEVER if there's one thing this bracket has proven its that when presented with a tough choice, these voters are going to sit back and actually put a little thought into making the "smart" or "elitist" or "correct in terms of true GotDness" pick, and to me it seems clear that Melee is the more "SotCy" of these two options. (And even if it's actually NOT the better option, nostalgia is going to help nudge them in that direction.)

Much as I'd love to see a close back and forth battle, I do get the impression that one of these games will run out to a fairly easy win in the 53-55 range. (So why am I staying at 51? Because I'm a wimp, of course! Currently #4 in the Oracle, true, but a wimp all the same.)

Super Smash Bros. Melee - 51.03%

--- | |
If I were you I'd search B8 for The Show, the cool Ng/yoblazer Contest podcast!
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East Division: Round 4 - Match 115 – (1) Super Smash Bros. Melee vs. (2) Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Moltar’s Analysis

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Round 1 - 87.16% on Guitar Hero 2
Round 2 - 71.39% on Morrowind
Round 3 - 69.36% on Call of Duty 4

lol cod4

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Round 1 - 83.26% on Mario Kart DS
Round 2 - 76.44% on Valkyria Chronicles
Round 3 - 72.90% on Pokemon DPP

lol pokemon

This is it. This is the most important match of the contest. This match is basically what FF7/OoT was in 2004 and Mario/Samus was back in 2005, a hotly debated match between the two strongest competitors that will most likely decide who wins this contest. This match has been debated to death, so I’m going to keep it short. Past results don’t mean anything here; this is simply about which game the Smash fanbase prefers more.

Preferred by the hardcore
Older and on a more favorable system
Pretty much made the series as big as it was today.

Preferred by the casuals
Newer and more in people’s minds
Outsold and expanded the original

Night match also favors Melee in my opinion. Halo/Halo 3 also points to a Melee win if you look at it as older, revolutionary game vs. newer, upgraded game.

KH/KH2 points to Brawl in terms of recency, but KH2 had a different reason to win that one. KH2 was the game that made the KH series big on GameFAQs, whereas KH1 was largely ignored. In this case here, Melee was the game that did that, not Brawl.

So I’m going against my bracket and predicting Melee here. I doubt this is going to be close either, and yet I won’t be surprised at all if Brawl wins with this exact same percent.

Moltar’s Bracket: Brawl wins

Moltar’s Prediction: Melee - 57% (That’s Ulti-style, baby)

Lopen’s Analysis

First of all, this is SFF match, meaning you can throw who has looked better this contest (arguable anyway) out the window. Anyway, I'm thinking that the main factor here is that the Brawl fanbase is a subset of the Melee fanbase. Unlike KH vs KH2, they were released on different systems. Further, the Wii is backwards compatible with the Gamecube. Basically if you've played Brawl there's probably a 95% chance you've played Melee. Doesn't go the other way-- some people on this site are stuck in the past, I believe that.

I'm also kinda skeptical Brawl really is that strong. It hasn't really been tested yet beyond Pokemon DPP which might've been tainted by SFF and is also of dubious strength to begin with.

I also can't shake this: You know, Brawl only did marginally better than Shadow of the Colossus here! Yeah, I know it's not the same, MGS4 had a lot more hype back then... then again so did Brawl. In any case the vote totals were closer to a contest match than a GotY match so I'm not sure you can just up and discard it either.

Could see either winning, but these factors all have me thinking Melee is the better choice-- especially in a night match where the “old school” vote is probably going to have more power.

Lopen's prediction:
Melee with 51.22%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #446
Transience’s Analysis

***** FINALLY *****

Okay, so, it's kind of hard to put reason into this match because it's totally a question of where the fanbase will fall and not one of strength. And that fanbase seems very, very split on these games.

I think that Brawl has the easier, more logical argument behind it. Brawl is basically Melee+ -- more characters, more stages, more music, more features. It sold better and is more recent, something that's really important in multiplayer games like this. People almost certainly play more Brawl than Melee these days.

That stuff doesn't always matter, but this does: even on this board, one where Persona beats FF7 and Okami regularly outranks Zelda, Brawl and Melee are basically split 50/50. The anti-Brawl crowd is loud and passionate while the Brawl fanbase is quiet and peaceful and even then they tie. What happens when casuals, people who don't care about balance and edgeguarding and all that stuff vote? A Brawl win seems like a fairly easy pick.

The Melee argument is a lot muddier. It basically relies on the fact that Melee is older and thus more influential/respected. Melee doesn't have anything that Brawl doesn't. It's got a tighter multiplayer mode but I think a lot of people prefer Smash's chaos and items to its character balance and fairness. The pro-Melee, anti-Brawl crowd is a loud one, but also a vocal minority. Brawl is loved in most corners of the internet. Brawl even killed Melee in an IGN poll taken a couple weeks ago.

But here's the thing -- Melee fans will kill people before they let Brawl win. This is a night match where it'll be a low vote intake. If Melee is losing, Melee fans will get up and do something about it. They will find friends and make them vote. They will not accept the idea of a stupid casual fighter with tripping and all that trash losing to a true fighting game like our the Super Smash Bros. Melee. It will not happen. If Brawl comes out and steamrolls it then yeah, good game Melee. But if this is anything even close? Good night, Brawl.

transience's prediction: Super Smash Bros. Melee with 50.50%

Leon’s Analysis

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for our main event. This is the match you’ve all been waiting for. In the blue corner, from the Fountain of Dreams, weighing in at a slim 26 characters, Super Smash Bros. MELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

*Melee receives loud cheers, virtually no booing can be heard*

In the red corner, from Shadow Moses Island, weighing in at a hefty 35 characters, Super Smash Bros. BRAWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL!

*Brawl receives a mixture of loud boos and enthusiastic cheers, although the booers are clearly more passionate about this than the cheerers*

Master: Master Hand here, glad to be back on the job, even if only for one match! Work has been hard to find since that jerk Moltar pulled the plug on the Brawl Fighting League. How am I supposed to make ends meet with all these little hands to feed and no job?

Crazy: Hey now, Master, don’t BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU, if you catch my drift. Or you could just bite the hands you’re feeding! Either one works!

Master: Thanks for that…disturbing sidebar, Crazy Hand. Anyway, this is one of the most anticipated matches we’ve ever seen, featuring two heavyweights in the GameFAQs Contest realm. They’ve only faced powder puffs up to this point as they’ve trained for this match, and I must say, it’s hard to say there’s a clear favorite. What about you, Crazy?
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #447
Crazy: I agree. Both competitors have hardly shown any weakness at this point, and neither has sustained any major injuries that could affect their performances here tonight. What advantages do you see for Melee here, Master?

Master: Well, Melee is clearly the sentimental favorite. The fans love it. And while it may be smaller, it has a speed and tactical advantage over Brawl. Melee certainly relies more on technical skill rather than just brute strength and hoping you can use that strength and try to land a lucky knockout blow. And while it may be older, it may be able to use that experience to its advantage. What possible disadvantages could Melee be dealing with here, Crazy?

Crazy: It’s possible that Melee has a bit of ring rust. Since Brawl’s come around, it certainly hasn’t seen as much action with another big competitor in town. Some people felt like Melee was washed up and jumped ship on it. Still, it does have its faithful followers who won’t ever give up on it. As for Brawl, what strengths is it working with here tonight, Master?

Master: Brawl certainly has the advantage of size and youth. It relies more on flair and has a wider repertoire than its opponent, which has endeared it to the more casual followers. It may not have the depth and technical skill of Melee, but a lot of people simply just don’t care. Its fans aren’t quite as vocal as Melee’s, but they may still have the silent majority here. What weaknesses do you see in Brawl’s game, Crazy?

Crazy: While both competitors are part of the same company, many people feel that Brawl’s personal manager, Mr. W, hasn’t been up to snuff lately and that could work against it. It could not be in as good of shape for this fight as Melee is. Brawl also has many more detractors than Melee, and its fans are simply not as rabid. The crowd support and momentum could sway into Melee’s favor because of this.

Master: Either way, it should be a good one! You’re not going to want to miss it!

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I miss the Brawl Fighting League! It was almost more compelling than actually playing Brawl!

Leonhart’s Vote: Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Super Smash Bros. Brawl with 51.15%

Kleenex’s Analysis

No Analysis.
No Consensus.
Prediction Only.
Destination: Finals

Kleenex's Prediction: Super Smash Bros. Melee with 52.45%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

This match needs no introduction. It would be the contest finals if the bracket had been organized differently, but instead we just get this incredibly important round 4 match. This thing has been discussed to death.

I have Brawl in my bracket, but all the trends scream "Melee" to me so I'm going to go with it. I hope this is a good match though. Don't let me down Gamefaqs! I don't want a stupid 60/40 blowout!

AKJ says Melee > Brawl with 53.33%

Guest’s Analysis - Eeeevil Overlord

Now, this is one of those interesting matches. It might not be one everyone immediately leaps to and says "wow, this match" in their build-up predictions, but don't let the lack of hype fool you here - this one could surprise. The guru's are backing Brawl with a fairly unanimous split, but Melee could fair better than some expect. Book this one to catch people out of nowhere, and be talked about for a while afterwards (or at least until Twilight Princess upsets KH2).
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #448
James's Prediction: Super Smash Bros. Brawl wi hey wait that was a terrible write-up.

Uh, should say, firstly I think Melee's indirectly the stronger game here. I don't see who would vote for Brawl but not Melee (whereas there is obviously a portion of people who would vote for Melee but not Brawl). And (at least pre-contest) I felt FFX fitted snugly in the gap between them, that is it coudl beat Brawl but not Melee. However, despite that I think Brawl takes it here.

Obviously, this is going to be a pretty close run thing. I might end up with egg on my face, who knows, but I think the talk of a 60-40 either way is a bit absurd. The people who prefer Melee to Brawl like to claim everyone thinks that way because Brawl is unplayable, or something stupid like that. Fact is, the majority of people, if asked which game was better, would say Brawl. The number of people who care about intricate mechanics is comparitively tiny to the people who acknowledge that Brawl is the same thing, only more. Of course though, that's not enough. We've seen through this contest that the originals (or in this case, closer to the original) tend to do better in games of the same series. Nostalgia, having had more fun at the time, whatever you want (and there aren't exactly a shortage of reasons to pick, and anyone picking Melee over Brawl could easily find about 10 good reasons to justify that pick) - there's obviously going to be enough people who think Brawl's a better game but still vote Melee out of fondness for it that Brawl isn't going to be remotely comfortable in this match.

In the end, what tips it to Brawl for me is the people that seemingly haven't been considered one bit amongst all this "RARGH TRIPPING" nonsense - the people (and there are some, believe it or not) that don't care about either game. Where are they voting? You could claim anti-Wii hate, but I don't think Brawl's as tainted by that as others are. This isn't Wii sports, or Wii Music, or even something like NSMBW or Mario Galaxy. This is a fanservice fighting game. In a battle between two fanservice fighting games, the game with the most fanservice should in theory win. And to the people who don't care about Nintendo or the games, Brawl has Sonic, Brawl has Snake, Melee has...Pichu?

Should say at this point that I haven't seen the match pic (writing this on the 12th), but I'd love to have it be the characters unique to each game, squaring off against each other. It'd be a massacre. And wow I ended up going on for a while here.

James's Vote: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
James's Prediction: Super Smash Bros. Brawl with 53.70%

Crew Consensus: Melee is the favorite, but Leon and the Guest are going with Brawl.
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Surprising Black Guest - TheKoolAidShoto

Audi famam illius.
Solus in hostes ruit
et patriam servavit.

Audi famam illius.
Cucurrit quaeque
tetigit destruens.

Audi famam illius.
Audi famam illius.

Spes omnibus, mihi quoque.
Terror omnibus, mihi quoque.

iuxta me.

Ille iuxta me.
Socii sunt mihi.
qui olim viri fortes
rivalesque erant.

Saeve certando pugnandoque
splendor crescit.

KAS says: Brawl wins with 54.32%

"if only there were some way I could have sex" - Smartmuffin
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transience's revised prediction:

I'll be the Marth
eg noob
this is Yoshi's B
the monkey wants to hug him

transience's prediction: Super Smash Bros. Brawl with 154.67%