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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #301
Northwest Division: Round 1 - Match 58 – (8) Chrono Cross vs. (9) Dragon Quest VIII

Moltar’s Analysis

Chrono Cross
some dragon ball thing

Dragon Quest VIII
some dragon ball thing

Not too familiar with either game here. Chrono Cross is the safe pick in my opinion because it’s got the better seed and it has Chrono in the title, which means more than Dragon Quest on GameFAQs. I do know that DQ8 is loved by pretty much anyone who played it, while CC is kind of hit or miss.

Oh right, Chrono Cross was also GotY 2000 and did okay in the Game of the 00s poll. That makes me feel a bit better about having it win here. go go ps1 rpgs!

Moltar’s Bracket: Chrono Cross > Dragon Quest VIII

Moltar’s Prediction: Chrono Cross - 54%

Lopen’s Analysis

Chrono is a better household name, but Dragon Quest 8 has less haters-- does anyone dislike this game? I really have no idea how this one is going to go... it all depends on if the haters show up or not. I like Chrono Cross to have the higher upper bound on its strength-- not just because of its name value but because of when it was released it seemed to be a more significant release. DQ8 sorta just came and went. But I like Dragon Quest 8 to be stronger amongst its fanbase.

There's also the fact that Chrono Cross got pretty good critic reception, so maybe hating the game is more constrained to b8 than anything. I really don't know. Total crapshoot.

Oh hey it has the higher seed that always helps. So yeah... seed + higher strength potential.

Someone pick Dragon Quest so Smurf can't be all like “owned” again.

Lopen's prediction:
Chrono Cross with 50.86%

Transience’s Analysis

I think higher of Chrono Cross than anybody else. Put it this way: if a bad PS1 RPG like Legend of Dragoon can be respectable, Chrono Cross is going to be absolutely legit. It held its own in that Game of the Decade poll despite FF10 being in it. CC got killed last year thanks to being in the same pack as FF9 and Serge had little chance in a RPG-heavy fourpack with Tidus and Isaac, but we've seen that Golden Sun is for real and that's an unfair comparison. Chrono Cross has the Chrono name on it and it's from a time when people loved them some RPGs. I think this game could scare Majora's Mask a little bit.

Its opponent is Dragon Quest 8, a game that's actually pretty popular here. A lot of people bought it for the FF12 demo and found out it was one of the most impressive RPGs around. It did relatively decently in the 2005 PS2 GOTY (beating SOTC), though a lot of that is the utter lack of competition and being the only RPG option. Chrono Cross has picked up some hate as of late and if that hate is widespread, DQ8 could capitalize. I can't see it happening though. Chrono Cross should win this pretty easily.

transience's prediction: Chrono Cross with 62.41%

Leon’s Analysis

Heh, I like this matchup. At first glance, Chrono Cross seems like the obvious choice because it’s a Chrono game against a Dragon Quest game. However, Chrono Cross isn’t quite the beloved game that Trigger was (understatement of the year, I know). We only have a couple of polls on it that aren’t from 2000, and in both of them, it’s dealing with an FF game. It was coupled with FFIX in its Games Contest match last year, and then it was coupled with FFX in the Game of the Decade poll at the end of last year, so neither of those is a very fair read. All things considered though, it didn’t do TOO bad. Heck, even Serge got put in a match full of RPG characters, including Tidus, in his only Character Battle appearance. It’s hard to say how strong this game really is (though we can probably rest assured it’s not too strong).
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #302
Out of all the Dragon Quest games, DQVIII is the only one with the potential not to be bad fodder. It only has one poll to its name, but it got second place with 21%, beating out Shadow of the Colossus, while God of War only got 30% in winning that one. That seems pretty impressive, but I think SotC is one of those games that’s gained strength over time, and I don’t think GoW1 is that strong anyway. Even so, the potential is there for this game to be pretty decent.

But I’m still stickin’ with Chrono Cross. This site seems to love its PS1 RPGs, for whatever the reason. I just have a hard time seeing DQVIII winning this one, though I won’t be shocked if it does.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I like Serge better than Crono. A lot better, in fact.

Leonhart’s Vote: Chrono Cross.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Chrono Cross with 55.55%

Kleenex’s Analysis

So some people think this match has a chance of being close, and I don't really get that. Yes, Chrono Cross has a split fanbase, but it's not universally reviled like some seem to think. It has done well enough in most polls it has been in, it was HUGE back when it released, and it's a lot closer to the older Square games that people actually liked. Dragon Quest 8 has been in one poll. It did alright in an RPG-starved year, while the rest of the series has never shown any semblance of strength. Chrono Cross hate gets overblown a lot, which is probably why there's some nervousness surrounding this match, but there really shouldn't be. Chrono Cross will win, and it'll win easily.

Kleenex's Prediction: Chrono Cross with 63.78%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Chrono Cross sucks and nobody in America cares about Dragon Quest (and this is a day match) ughhhhh

It's a good thing this site's userbase still has a nostalgia hardon for PSX-era JRPGs or this might actually be hard to call. While I'm not worried at all about the upset, I also don't think this could go any higher than 60% for CC. It gets almost as much hate as Dragon Quest gets apathy!

AKJ says Chrono Cross with 55.55%

Guest’s Analysis - GrapefruitKing

I think this is a more interesting match than people give it credit for. CC is the ‘obvious’ pick due to Chrono Trigger being a beast and Dragon Quest stinking up every poll its in, but I just don’t think the comparison works here. I never got the feeling that Cross would get many ‘Chrono’ votes, simply because Cross was a disappointment to so many of the CT fans. Cross is the reason why the Chrono name isn’t bigger than it already is. Meanwhile, while the Dragon Quest series as a whole has never been popular here, Dragon Quest VIII is definitely the exception. The game was highly publicized (remember the FF12 demo?), sold well, and is beloved by the Square fanbase. I think that a lot of Square fans looking to anti-vote Chrono Cross are going to find an easy out in DQ8.

Plus, it helps that CC’s most recent contest outings are pitiful. It and Serge got crushed in their matches. Yeah there was SFF, but they still got wrecked. We have only one poll on Dragon Quest VIII, and it did pretty good:

Looking at how God of War and SotC just did in this contest, that looks even more impressive now! Yeah, I gotta take DQ8 here. Even if it doesn’t pan out, I’ll take consolation in the fact that it was still a better upset special than the last two Guest picks.
Chrono Cross: 49%
Dragon Quest VIII: 51%

Crew Consensus: The Guest is going with DQ, but everyone else is backing CC.
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #303
oh god why am I worried all of a sudden


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GrapefruitKingmessage detail | filter | #304
guest isn't me BTW
that's a mistake
Oracle contest - 29th
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-LusterSoldier-message detail | filter | #305
Chrono Cross/DQ8 - KP


Moltar made a mistake lol.
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th3l3ftymessage detail | filter | #306
thelefty for analysis crew 2008 imo -tranny
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The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #307
I think higher of Chrono Cross than anybody else.

You wish!
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transiencemessage detail | filter | #308
transiencemessage detail | filter | #309
this'll be in the 50s in no time though. CC sux confirmed
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #310
I'm just going to keep a mental snapshot of when Chrono Cross was at 70% and pretend that's how the match went the entire day.
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
Ngamer64message detail | filter | #311
Chrono Cross vs Dragon Quest Something

Everyone's going with CC here and they appear to be doing so with confidence, but I've always had a bad feeling about this pick. People seemed to have really turned on CC since its glory days back in 2000, and aside from that quick CT port, Square hasn't done this series any favors in the past decade.

Not much else to say here- had to raise my CC pick just because everyone else was going 57-58ish, but that's no indication of my faith in the pick, as I still kept this as a Bank in my Battle!

Chrono Cross with 54.77%

--- | |
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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #312

From: The Mana Sword | #310
I'm just going to keep a mental snapshot of when Chrono Cross was at 70% and pretend that's how the match went the entire day.

you want to lose faith in the voters that much? Just go back and look at Legend of Dragoon's match

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transiencemessage detail | filter | #313
I'm really not sure why people were doubting this. Chrono Cross is just a bigger game than Dragon Quest 8 here. always has been.
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #314
Upset for the sake of upset, I guess.
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
transiencemessage detail | filter | #315
can't wait to see Chrono Cross's night vote vs. Majora's Mask next round.
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #316
What night vote, Europe hates Chrono !
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #317
Unless that's what you meant.
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
transiencemessage detail | filter | #318
hmmm maybe

dat early vote then!
NoDicePwnmessage detail | filter | #319
the 12-4 AM night vote for Chrono is about as good as it comes
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KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #320
Yeah nice job GrapeFruitKing, how could you get this match wrong I mean seriously

best sig bet EVER
DpObliVionmessage detail | filter | #321
Whoo tranny and Kleenex with the blowouts. This was an easy match that for some reason got debate.

Booyah, Grandma. Booyah. {XI} dood
transciencemessage detail | filter | #322
CC going berserk now. about time it got a fair match!
add the c and back away
Big Bobmessage detail | filter | #323
Oh great, this is the first match I've gotten wrong all contest where the spread is greater than 60-40. There goes my confidence for the rest of the contest.

It's like, I can at least semi-justify getting Demon's Souls or GTAIV wrong or something, but this one just makes me look stupid.
Big Bobmessage detail | filter | #324
On second thought, I'm just going to blame my loss on somebody who totally deserves it.

Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #325

From: GrapefruitKing | #304
guest isn't me BTW
that's a mistake

yeah my bad, forgot to change it from last match

sorry KP

also went close in my write-up because i'm unfamiliar with both games

good thing I read the other write-ups and looked at the oracle numbers and raised my prediction!
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Lopenmessage detail | filter | #326
Heh heh heh heh heh

Wonder when Smurf will slither out of his hiding place of shame, or as I like to call it, the SHAMING place.
No problem!
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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #327
oh I guess I should put up more Guest sign-ups in a few minutes
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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #328

From: Master Moltar | #302
I also don't think this could go any higher than 60% for CC.


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GrapefruitKingmessage detail | filter | #329
Yeah nice job GrapeFruitKing, how could you get this match wrong I mean seriously

it wasn't me!
Oracle contest - 28th
Today's pick: Chrono Cross - 54.08% Status: bad
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #330
Northwest Division: Round 1 - Match 59 – (5) Phoenix Wright vs. (12) Mario Kart Wii

Moltar’s Analysis

Phoenix Wright
I don’t object to this match

Mario Kart Wii
Plans to race into first for a victory

Well this is one match that I felt better about pre-Contest. Wii games not with Smash or Zelda in the title have been bombing hard. Mario Kart Wii is a step ahead of the others, but I still feel uneasy.

Its opponent is the overseeded yet very loved Phoenix Wright. T&T got crushed, but that was to be expected. The first game should be the strongest of the bunch. Still, that probably won’t be enough to take out MKWii. PW just isn’t big enough. This probably will stay somewhat close, but I don’t think PW is strong enough to make this a match. I’d put MKWii over NSMBWii and MvC2 over PW (though the latter is very debatable).

Moltar’s Bracket: MKWii > PW

Moltar’s Prediction: MKWii - 55%

Lopen’s Analysis

Well, time and time again we've had evidence that mere name draw power isn't enough to be a powerhouse, but then again Phoenix Wright isn't really something you need to be a powerhouse to deal with.

But is it even good enough for that? MKWii had kinda mixed reception, and it barely beat No More Heroes in the GotY for that year. And PW has looked stronger every time we've seen it.. really is the kinda game that gets popular by word of mouth. I kinda think Phoenix has an outside chance here. Night match should help. Don't really think the chances are high enough to start shouting for an upset like some crazy guest clan, but I wouldn't mock someone if they went for this one.

Lopen's prediction:
Mario Kart Wii with 52.84%

Transience’s Analysis

Sales can be pretty misleading on GameFAQs, a place where niche games overperform like hell, but this one is just too hard to ignore. Phoenix Wright has sold like 250,000 copies. Mario Kart Wii has sold 25 million. There are 100 copies of Mario Kart Wii for every copy of PW.

Mario Kart Wii is not a particularly loved title. The sheer randomness of the game really ruined it for a lot of core gamers. Meanwhile, PW's biggest fanbase is right on this website. This is a night match which is a huge advantage to PW. Low vote totals should help PW stay competitive, too.

Despite PW having every possible advantage in its favour, it's really not enough. PW games have looked pretty bad lately, with PW3 recently having gotten murdered by FF9 and PW1 getting ripped apart by FF12, Half-Life 2 and Twilight Princess. No one expected PW to do well, but it didn't even put up a fight. Mario Kart Wii is the kind of casual Wii game that could just flop hard so PW still has a chance, but it's really hard to actually pick it. Mario Kart Wii just has too much exposure and PW isn't widespread enough.

transience's prediction: Mario Kart Wii with 59.15%

Leon’s Analysis

I’ve seen a few people picking Phoenix Wright to win this one, but I don’t really get it. I know it’s a night match, which greatly benefits it, but the games have already proven to be weak. Phoenix Wright the character is not really indicative of how popular the games are or aren’t. The character feels more like he gets popularity as an internet meme that the games don’t get. Ace Attorney got rocked in a match with TP, HL2, and FFXII last year, only getting 11.40% of the vote. I feel like Mario Kart Wii could’ve managed at least that much, even with Zelda SFFing it. I dunno, I just feel like people are down on the Mario Kart series (and for good reason, the series isn’t what it used to be, at least not to me), so they’re underestimating it. I’d be pretty surprised if it lost this one.
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #331
Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: There were a couple of times when I had to look up the solution to a cross-examination in the AA games.

Leonhart’s Vote: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Mario Kart Wii with 61.78%

Kleenex’s Analysis

This match has me really nervous for some reason. Probably due to pretty much everything on the Wii except Twilight Princess and Brawl bombing so far. I know people have a lot of problems with Mario Kart Wii and it's not super well liked among the Mario Kart fanbase. Unfortunately, it's facing Phoenix Wright. If there was any other game with some kind of mild strength here, I'd probably take it, but I have so little faith in anything Phoenix Wright being able to win a 1 on 1 match. Ace Attorney looked like ass in the last games contest, and the series is only becoming less relevant without any real sequels on the horizon. I'm going to stick with IT'S FREAKING MARIO (kart) for the sake of my bracket, but I'm really anxious about the result tonight. Maybe more than I should be.

Kleenex's Prediction: Mario Kart Wii with 52.45%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

I know this is beating a dead horse, but holy crap the Mario Kart series sucks now. It's one thing to make the Mario Party series where you give the illusion of games of skill and fuck all over the whole thing with a large blanket of luck and trying to "even things out." But why in the world would they do the same to their Mario Kart franchise? It's just... not fun like that! They literally, literally, penalize you for being in first place going into the last lap.


Phoenix Wright is awesome, Phoenix is B8's mascot and we've slowly seemed to spread the word. Remember when this was a limited print game that nobody could find? I like to think the reprints were all us, baby. So even though Pnoenix and his game(s) are by no means powerhouses, they have that respect on the site that allows them to get in. Like Disgaea, I guess.

My theory: those 36000 people that don't plan to buy Mario Kart Wii are all going to vote for Phoenix here and give him the win!

...I wish I could be confident in that, but after the Final Fantasy IX debacle showed us even crappy games can whomp Phoenix games, this one seems fairly clear. Going to give Phoenix credit for keeping it close though!

AKJ says Mario Kart Wii > Phoenix Wright with 51.00%

Guest’s Analysis - Eeeevil Overlord

Second guest appearance, second opportunity to be biased towards a Phoenix Wright game! This time my allegiance is clear, although I do love Mario Kart Wii as well. Sadly though, this is going to be another crushing defeat for the plucky DS series. It's just not strong enough, no matter how much we want it to be, and while Mario Kart Wii shouldn't bulldoze it in quite the way FF9 with, this won't be remotely close. I'm being deluded and hoping PW just about ducks the doubling, though if this out by a couple of percent I won't be too stunned. I would hope PW could at least keep it better than we've seen the last couple of matches (i.e. 69%), though.

James's Vote: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
James's Prediction: Mario Kart Wii with 65.20%

Crew Consensus: Mario Kart sweep
Ngamer64message detail | filter | #332
Mario Kart Wii vs Phoenix Wright

Three things we've learned so far this season: sales numbers matter about 1/10th as much as critical acclaim/a good reception with gamers, "Wii" is now the biggest anti-vote magnet on the site, and being the innovative original game in a successful series is pretty helpful. Oh, and also Phoenix clearly lucked out by drawing a Night Match against one of the biggest casual/party multiplayer games ever. Based on all that, heck, you've sure got to like PW for the upset here!

...oh wait, FF9 > PW3 w/ 75%. What a buzzkill! Even so, I still like PW's chances at avoiding the doubling in this one, for all the reasons mentioned above PLUS Chrono's impressive performance today making it clear that you don't want to cross swords with a PSX-era RPG, especially not if it was developed by Square. I'd have been much more likely to back this upset a little while back, as Phoenix Wright seems to have lost a few mph off his fastball in the last couple years, but I still think he's got a good shot at keeping this respectable. Let's go with the... low 60s.

(Here's hoping for an entertaining first 5 minutes, at least. Don't disappoint, B8!)

Mario Kart Wii with 61.83%

--- | |
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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #333
I'm glad to have Phoenix in my bracket here btw

<@transience> kleenex or theo probably know
<@transience> when stupidity happens they're usually not far behind
VaultBoyAlbionmessage detail | filter | #334
we have the perfect recipe for a crew curse here
Epona > Any Western Character
dragon22391message detail | filter | #335
Yay the guest didn't go with the ill-advised upset for once!
I'm too tired to drive anywhere anyway right now, do you care if I stay?
Call me numbers.
pjbasismessage detail | filter | #336
You guys are putting way too much stock in this Wii hate.

Go mah mario kart.

prove them wrong.
transiencemessage detail | filter | #337
Crew curse? unlikely, but that first minute or three will scare the hell out of everyone!
transiencemessage detail | filter | #338
Phoenix is already losing?

ssjRainamessage detail | filter | #339
Ace Attorney looked like ass in the last games contest, and the series is only becoming less relevant without any real sequels on the horizon

Woah woah whoa!!!

Gyakuten Saiban 5:

Ace Attorney Investigations 2:

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright:
transiencemessage detail | filter | #340
those are spinoffs, not sequels!
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #341
"real sequels"

AAI2 and PLvPW don't count, and GS5 is not "on the horizon" by any means.
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
Lopenmessage detail | filter | #342
What a disappointing early vote from PW
No problem!
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Eeeevil Overlordmessage detail | filter | #343
Damnit, I thought "I'm likely to overrated the Ace Attorney game significantly like I did last time round, so I'll up my prediction percentage by 10%", then promptly go and get wildly out. Stupid Mario Kart Wiifear!

On the plus side, gogogogo Phoenix Wright!
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The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #344
Our analyses must be so bad for this match that Moltar is refusing to post them.
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #345
Northwest Division: Round 1 - Match 60 – (4) Pokemon G/S/C vs. (13) Advance Wars

Moltar’s Analysis

Pokemon GSC
best generation

Advance Wars
Advance it won’t

If the 2009 contest is any indication, GSC is looking to win this division. It gets an easy first match too, another handheld game that was far less popular than it. GSC, not being that much weaker than RBY, shouldn’t have a problem winning this match and winning big.

Moltar’s Bracket: Pokemon GSC > AW

Moltar’s Prediction: Pokemon GSC - 78%

Lopen’s Analysis

Sucks to be Advance Wars... this may be the worst possible match for it. Handheld SFF !! Well, maybe not... either way, Pokemanz gets an easy win that really shouldn't be used to gauge its chances against Majora's Mask.

Lopen's prediction:
Pokemanz with 77.25%

Transience’s Analysis

The 2000 Division continues. It's too bad we couldn't get FF9 in here.

GSC should be really strong, strong enough to be in the discussion for the semifinals and maybe even the finals. This is also a Nintendo SFF match and those never go well for the weak game. Advance Wars never caught on like Fire Emblem did and it's kind of faded in recent years. This is a great situation for GSC to really run up the score.

And yet I don't think it will. Pokemon isn't universally accepted like other Nintendo games. It's kinda like Halo in that regard, only a lot stronger. This should be an easy 80% win but I bet it gets antivoted a bit.

transience's prediction: Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal with 70.86%

Leon’s Analysis

So we’ve got the strongest Pokemon game in the contest against a niche handheld series? This probably won’t end well. G/S/C could really crush Advance Wars here since they’re both handhelds on Nintendo systems. There’s not really a whole lot to say about this one, although even if G/S/C goes really high here, I won’t be surprised. Don’t think it’s gonna win the contest just because it puts up a big number! (Down with PokeFAQs)

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I actually bought Advance Wars: Dual Strike several years ago, but I’ve still never played it.

Leonhart’s Vote: Pokemon G/S/C.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Pokemon G/S/C with 75.76%

Kleenex’s Analysis

So some people think this might not be that big of a blowout. I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with them. "Picture factor" is dumb in this match, and Pokemon anti-votes don't really exist anymore unless you're HM or Yoblazer. Advance Wars is scraping the bottom of the barrel on the Nintendo hierarchy. Previous polls would indicate that the game might have some fans, but I certainly haven't seen them, and they surely won't be offering their support in the face of something like Pokemon. Sadly, much like the Majora's Mask match, this won't tell us anything about the Round 3 match that will decide whether a good portion of brackets will be prize-worthy because there's sure to be SFF. But Pokemon will still do well and people will be claiming that Zelda has no chance and it will be business as usual.

Kleenex's Prediction: Pokemon G/S/C with 79.24%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #346
Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Alright, very much looking forward to this match. Obviously Pokemon Suicune Version is going to dominate here, but the question is how good will it make itself look going into its round 3 match? I've been trying to think of what games in the bracket could actually lose to Advance Wars and I'm having trouble. This thing is weak and I imagine the only people that nominated it went straight-ticket Nintendo or something like an old person on Election Day.

I think people are shooting around the tripling for this match, and that sounds safe to me too. I know it's impossible to tell, but I'd bet at least half of Advance Wars votes are actually Pokemon antivotes! I'm not trying to knock AW too hard here, but it's a strategy "play with friends" Game Boy game going up against the strategy "play with friends" Game Boy game

yeah yeah different kinds of strategy

AKJ says Pokemon > Advance Wars with 76.66%

Guest’s Analysis - TsunamiXXVIII

Well, that actually didn't go so poorly. I actually bumped my prediction up by a couple percent at the end, and I ended up just a little bit over, so...yeah, I actually somehow did okay. So now we have Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal vs. Advance Wars. Advance Wars is a great game, well respected, probably could get to Round 3 with a lucky bracket draw...doesn't stand a chance here. Pokémon's obviously going to win this. That's not the point.

The point is, how strong is Advance Wars? We've got absolutely nothing to go on. None of the games in the series have made previous contests, the series itself didn't make the cut in Spring 2006, and none of the characters have made a contest before, not even in those early contests where some pretty strange choices made the field. Actually, that might be for the best, as this is the type of ensemble piece where the game as a whole is probably much stronger than any of its characters, and any character results would probably point to GSC quadrupling or even quintupling Advance Wars. And Advance Wars should be the type of thing that would get beaten that badly...usually. But this isn't the usual, this is Pokémon. Back when Charizard was going on his run to the Elite Eight this past winter and beating Bowser in the process, I offered up the theory that any Game Boy games/characters from between the mid-nineties (when the Game Gear fizzled out) and 2005 (when the PSP was released) wouldn't really face much Nintendo SFF because regardless of which side you took in the Console Wars, if you wanted a handheld gaming system, you got a Game Boy Pocket/Color/Advance, end of story. And what was the most successful franchise of that era, and one of the few franchises that never gets a mainline game on a console, only spinoffs (the exact reverse of the Final Fantasy method)? Yep, you've got it: Pokémon. It's quite possibly the handheld equivalent of Legend of Zelda and its unbeatable main character. Which means that even though one is a GBC game and one is a GBA game, we're probably looking at an SFF beatdown. I originally thought that Advance Wars could make this at least marginally respectable, but taking this into account, I've got to go beyond what was the extreme end of my original range...

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal with 78.34%

Crew Consensus: PokeFAQs reigns supreme
GrapefruitKingmessage detail | filter | #347
I'm with tranny on this one
Oracle contest - 28th
Today's pick: Mario Kart Wii - 58.89% Status:
Ngamer64message detail | filter | #348
Pokemon G/S/C vs Advance Wars

Advance Wars is a pretty fun game, and I feel terrible for it right now because I don't see how it could POSSIBLY have drawn a worse opponent. G/S/C needs to put up a big number here after seeing Majora smash its first round opponent, and I definitely think it does so. As if being (potentially) the third strongest Day Vote game in the bracket wasn't enough, now it gets to pile on genre advantage and Nintendo SFF and handheld SFF and who know what else!

So yes, expect Gold to come out of this one looking like a worldbeater, but don't let Advance War finishing near the bottom of the x-stats fool you; it will deserve better!

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal with 76.43%

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If I were you I'd search B8 for The Show, the cool Ng/yoblazer Contest podcast!
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #349
flop flop zelda wins flop
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
transiencemessage detail | filter | #350
good thing the day vote will make Pokemon look pretty good

not that it needs to look good, Majora's Mask is screwed