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transiencemessage detail | filter | #201
I'm the high pick? whoa. people going low on MGS4.

hope you're all picking 3 over 4!
KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #202
70% is probably way too high for this. If MGS4 gets 70% here than it's going to roll right on past MGS3.

KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #203
No, Assassin's Creed is just decent. I don't think MGS4 gets 70% against KOTOR.

transiencemessage detail | filter | #204
AC is decent, yeah. MGS4 is several steps above decent though. we'll see.
The Real Truthmessage detail | filter | #205
Assassin's Creed is going to get murdered. MGS4 will get somewhere close to 70%. I'd wager 68-70% here.
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NoDicePwnmessage detail | filter | #206
With a new Assassins Creed game coming out Tuesday, and with it being a pretty popular game in general, if MGS4 gets 70%, I will be utterly shocked. Most likely low 60s, high 50s
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ZFSmessage detail | filter | #207
I think Assassin's Creed can avoid a doubling here. It's multiplatform, its a very popular game / series, there's hype for Brotherhood, MGS4 has received its fair share of backlash in the past couple of years -- it should do well enough here. Of course, the biggest problem is that GameFAQs doesn't like these sorts of games for whatever reason, so we'll see. I think it could push toward 40%, though.

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charmander6000message detail | filter | #208
Under 60%?

I hope you guys think MGS3 is going to walk all over MGS4.

In a day/24 hour match KotOR would've broke 60% on DMC, AC only got 55% on the game.

Under 60% would mean Diablo II has a shot on MGS4.
BOP Results:
GotD Bracket: 42/50 Today's Matches: PM & WoW
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #209

From: transience | #201
I'm the high pick?

only by .57!

I like how I sent my analysis from my phone because I didn't think I'd get back in time and here I am home 2 minutes before the match!

shuffle fun shuffle shuffle fun shuffle fun fun shuffle fun shuffle just plane fun
Ngamer64message detail | filter | #210
Metal Gear Solid 4 vs Assassin's Creed

Well sir, that whole "MGS games are tough to beat but don't have the playrate needed to post enormous Nintendo-like blowouts" stance kind of got left by the wayside with MGS3 putting up such a huge number on my old pal TS2 (a game I still maintain has some decentish strength). But now I'm seeing people going too far in the opposite direction, picking 4 to nearly match 3's performance with picks in the low to mid 70s. Even though I've gone on the record with my MGS3 ~= MGS4 opinion, %s that high are still just crazy! Here's why:

* TS2 might have been decent, but AC is highly respectable. it's right there with Batman and Dragon Age and didn't give any hint of weakness in murdering that play-in poll
* Altair's a respectable midcarder; largely because of his great character design, true, but that design is on display again in this match pic, which should help
* even though AC2 > AC1 in terms of the actual games, this GotD setting probably favors the original slightly
* the PS2 era MGS probably has an easier time posting blowouts than the more recent PS3 exclusive, especially considering how PS3 only titles have fared so far

The Night Vote factor should do MGS4 a huge service, however, so in the end I'll boost my guess up to

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - 64.96%

--- | |
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transiencemessage detail | filter | #211
guess you guys were right. i expected a bigger start for MGS4, that's for sure.
Lopenmessage detail | filter | #212
I could see MGS4 ending this closer to 70% than 65%. Though I guess the morning might favor AC... also AC's bad early vote might just counter any night move so who knows.

But yeah I do in fact have MGS3 beating MGS... 2.... so yeah, that's why my percentage was so low at least. Not sure how good or bad I feel about that right now, though.
No problem!
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NoDicePwnmessage detail | filter | #213
I admit I was a bit too high on Assassins Creed... I thought that the hype for Brotherhood might make it do better than this
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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #214
Paper Mario 72.14% 26956
Katamari Damacy 27.86% 10412

World of Warcraft 58.55% 29994
Animal Crossing 41.45% 21231

Crew Predictions - 44/52

What Happened: Paper Mario crushes Katamari and WoW survives against AC.

Why it Happened: KD is....really weak these days, as Mario walked all over it. Definitely think this is more of Katamari being weak than Mario being strong. Then, WoW still can't shake those anti-votes, as it fails to put up big numbers on a weak game like Animal Crossing.

What will Happen: Paper Mario looking good

Crew Prediction Challenge - lol akj

Moltar - 45
Tran - 45
AKJ - 43
Kleenex - 43
Lopen - 42
Leon - 42
Guest - 40

Crew Accuracy Challenge - BT gets the point for Paper Mario and Moltar gets the point for WoW.

Guest - 10 (GfK: 1, BT: 2, CM: 2, Kotetsu: 1, dragon: 1, NGamer: 1, Ultima: 1, TRT: 1)
Moltar - 8.5
AKJ - 7.5
Kleenex - 7
Tran - 6
Lopen - 6
Leon - 4
Moltar Status: Bracket: MGS4 (44/52)
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
Ngamer64message detail | filter | #215
Diablo II vs Eternal Darkness

PC games haven't exactly been tearing this site a third corn shoot and Blizzard has already underwhelmed us twice. EVEN SO, I'm having a hard time inventing a way for Eternal Darkness to avoid the doubling in this one. People seem to be genuinely excited for DIII, it doesn't suffer from the WoW backlash that sunk WC3, and Diablo's RPG elements make the series a much easier sell on this site. In fact I could even see this being such an easy victory that a few wackos start hyping an MGS upset!

...but they will be dead wrong, thanks to a little factor I like to call darkness SFF. ED was one of the coolest experiences of the generation, but there's just no topping DII when it comes to battling demon hellspawn, and the GameCube gem's dedicated cult fanbase can only do so much in the face of such an onslaught. But oh well, kudos to them for earning it a well-deserved spot in this bracket regardless of the (brutal beatdown of an) outcome!

Diablo II - 68.89%

--- | |
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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #216
West Division: Round 1 - Match 54 – (6) Diablo II vs. (11) Eternal Darkness

Moltar’s Analysis

Diablo II
some blizzard game

Eternal Darkness
will eternally lose

Diablo had a good run in the 2009 contest, but unfortunately it’s stuck with a pretty predictable path here. D2 is a game stronger than Halo, San Andreas and KOTOR while Eternal Darkness is...old, niche, and mostly forgotten. Game hasn’t even been in a poll since 2003.

D2 also isn’t strongly disliked like WoW, so it shouldn’t have a problem winning big here.

Moltar’s Bracket: Diablo II > ED

Moltar’s Prediction: Diablo II - 72%

Lopen’s Analysis

Eternal Darkness draws a day match. Now it is in ETERNAL DAYLI... man this is bad when I can't even crack a bad joke without restraining myself. New levels of badness here.

Anyway this match should be pretty easy. Diablo II looked good in the four way thingy, and Eternal Darkness is Eternal Darkness.

Lopen's prediction:
Diablo II with 74.03%

Transience’s Analysis

One of my biggest letdowns of this bracket was seeing Diablo 2's placement. I have a lot of respect for that game, but it's being fed to one of our strongest games entirely too early. Give it MGS2 and I might even bite on the upset. Oh well. Diablo 2 is probably the second or third most FAQ'd game in this site's history behind FF7 and maybe FF10.

Eternal Darkness has a lot of cult appeal to the people of board 8, but it probably doesn't reach a wide audience. It's like a lesser version of Silent Hill 2 or something. SH2 got doubled by Vice City and Diablo 2 is stronger than that, so...

transience's prediction: Diablo II with 71.04%

Leon’s Analysis

This one’s an easy call. Diablo II is a pretty strong game. While it got doubled by Melee last year (and there’s really no shame in that because Melee’s one of the favorites to win this contest for a reason), Eternal Darkness would probably be lucky to avoid getting quadrupled there. The game’s about as cult as it gets, and GameFAQs isn’t huge on survival horror in the first place if your name doesn’t contain the words “Resident Evil.”

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: Since Silicon Knights developed Eternal Darkness, I might as well go ahead and say it: I really liked Twin Snakes. I didn’t mind Neo-Solid Snake or anything. Plus, Mei Ling’s voice is so much cuter without the “accent,” if it can even be called that!

Leonhart’s Vote: Diablo II with the bracket vote.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Diablo II with 69.28%

Kleenex’s Analysis

Eternal Darkness is going to get rocked. Diablo may not seem like the kind of game that would blow something out, but we're gonna see it happen here. Diablo 2's fairly popular, people generally like Blizzard games, and Eternal Darkness is pretty much guaranteed to be weak as hell. Like, ridiculously weak. Back in 2002 the thing lost in GotY polls to Phantasy Star. Yeesh. I know Eternal Darkness has some fans around here, so it'll probably get one or two votes at least!

Kleenex's Prediction: Diablo II with 71.45%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

I don't have much to say about this match. Eternal Darkness is such an incredibly niche game, and it's going up against this special breed of crack that somehow still manages to pull people back in for "just one more install" to this day. It's amazing how Diablo 2 has such a complex and still-running economy.

This won't be close

AKJ says Diablo 2 > Eternal Darkness with 64.00%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #217
Guest’s Analysis - Luis_Sera89

It's awesome how Eternal Darkness managed to make the bracket. I thought it's popularity might be limited to Board 8, but apparently it has enough fans that it managed to avoid the vote-ins entirely! It's a quality cult game, and one that is often cited as evidence that Nintendo does occasionally produce mature games, and good ones at that, but in true ED style, you'd probably have to be insane to think it stands too great a chance of progressing here!

Unfortunately for ED, Diablo II is no joke. As well as being one of the most popular online PC games for around 10 years now, it's shown that it has decent strength on GameFAQs. It won one of the most competitive matches in the 1st round of the last games contest, beating Halo and KotOR, and progressed along with Melee to the third round. Despite coming last in that poll, it didn't even really show itself up there either. It certainly has the track record to prove that it can aim high in this match before putting up something respectable on MGS4.

Action games haven't looked too hot so far this contest (at least ones that aren't named Resident Evil 4), which is another strike against ED, and GameFAQs has never really taken to the survival horror genre. We've already seen Silent Hill 2 lose fairly easily to Vice City, and ED is likely weaker than SH2. Diablo II will be stronger than Vice City, and ED doesn't even have the comfort of a night match. This could end up looking fairly ugly! In short, Diablo wins the battle of unspeakable evil abominations here.

Oh, and MAY THE RATS EAT YOUR EYES and all that.

Diablo II - 69.38%

Crew Consensus: Diablo destruction.
KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #218
Woah. Some seriously low picks here. ED was never going to have anything resembling strength.

The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #219
I don't think I'd classify any of these as seriously low!
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #220
Well, except Josh's but LOL Josh.
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
NoDicePwnmessage detail | filter | #221
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
NoDicePwnmessage detail | filter | #222
My bad, for some reason I read "Mana Sword" as "Applekidjosh". I need my morning coffee.
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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #223
clearly that was a typo and I meant 74 not 64

feel free to change it

<@transience> kleenex or theo probably know
<@transience> when stupidity happens they're usually not far behind
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #224
West Division: Round 1 - Match 54 – (7) Metal Gear Solid 2 vs. (10) Banjo-Tooie

Moltar’s Analysis

back when raiden wasn’t cool

so about that Banjo-Threeie

MGS3 underperformed, MGS4 underperformed, will MGS2 follow suit? Out of all the MGS games last contest, it looked the worse by a good margin, meaning it’s probably the weakest one.

However, Banjo and his games are weak as hell, far below MGS2. MGS2 probably won’t impress based on what we’ve seen so far, but it’s not going to drop this match.

Moltar’s Bracket: MGS2 > Banjo-Tooie

Moltar’s Prediction: MGS2 - 69%

Lopen’s Analysis

Thank goodness GameFAQs hates Banjo Kazooie or its weaker brother Tooie almost as much as I do. If this match was on B8, it might actually be somewhat close. As it is, though, Banjo games and characters are always fodderific, this should be no exception. It's gonna be tough to pull more than 75% here because Banjo at least has some weak name value if nothing else, but since it's a night match I think MGS2 can pull it off.

Also well “wishful thinking” maybe.

Lopen's prediction:
MGS2 with 75.65%

Transience’s Analysis

MGS4 kinda sucked last time around, though Assassin's Creed being more legit than people (myself included) want to give it credit for could be a good excuse. Either way, MGS2 sold more and is on a much more popular platform. It's almost definitely got a higher playrate than 4. Could it compete in round 3?

That's about all that's interesting here since Banjo Tooie has no shot. Banjo's got a name for itself and people know what it is, but a low-tier N64 series isn't going to be worth a lot. MGS2 isn't beloved enough to score a big blowout, but it should be able to put up a higher number than 4 did.

transience's prediction: Metal Gear Solid 2 with 67.35%

Leon’s Analysis

Metal Gear Solid 2 may be the weak link in the series (rightfully so, I might add), but there’s still no way it loses that match. Banjo-Kazooie was a weak game last contest, and Tooie is probably weaker than that. I really wish MGS3 were facing MGS2 instead of MGS4 because that would be a sweet day. MGS2 the thinking man’s game indeed

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: In spite of how I might harass MGS2 and Raiden fans, I actually like the game and the character. The fans can still be silly sometimes because of some of the reasons they come up with to defend them (Raiden is the player so if you hate Raiden you hate yourself lawl), but still, I like them.

Leonhart’s Vote: Metal Gear Solid 2.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Metal Gear Solid 2 with 70.01%

Kleenex’s Analysis

Mo' Metal Gear, Mo' Problems. I guess Metal Gear has disappointed so far this contest? I dunno, both other games performed to about my expectations thus far. MGS2 is probably (and criminally) the weakest of the three. Not totally sure where exactly Banjo falls, but based on his Character Battle appearances, it's not very high. Still, MGS2 is likely to embarrass itself tonight. Doubtful it'll be bad enough to give SotC a chance next round, and MGS2 was always going to lose to MGS4 (unless it goes berserk tonight!), so zzzz,

Kleenex's Prediction: Metal Gear Solid 2 with 63.09%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #225
Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Man I've lost track of which Metal Gear Solid games are beating which games in which matches. Oh it's 2 today? That's one of the ones I tried to play! But it's going up against a STOP - N - SWAP game so I know know...

So MGS2 is damn respectable, putting up a good showing against Melee in 2004 and looking pretty good in last year's 4 ways as well (It was obviously PS2 LFF that made it lose in that round 2 match!). Meanwhile, Banjo Tooie... well it's never been in a match, but Kazooie was in the worst possible match for it last year which tells us absolutely nothing. But you know what does? It's an animal mascot N64 platformer collectathon. Going up against a game like MGS2.


I think a lot of people are shooting for ~70 with MGS2 here but I think it can do better!

AKJ says MGS2 > Banjo with 75%

Guest’s Analysis - Korayashi

Here lies a battle of sequels. A battle of fantastic follow-ups to initial greatness. The first thing that must come to mind is how insanely close this match will be, and how anyone in their right mind could see it going either way.

No? Well, was worth a try.

The match between Metal Gear Solid 2 and Banjo-Tooie represents what is probably the biggest oversight and deranged prediction that I came up with for the entire contest. Because looking back, I'm not really positive how I justified putting BANJO-TOOIE INTO THE THIRD ROUND! But hey, even the best of us make wild mistakes, right? So rather then reject my first initial possibly-inebriated assumption that Banjo is a name that = votes, I'm going to try to justify it.

There is no denying that Banjo-Tooie is a great game. It was the follow-up to one of my most cherished N64 titles in Banjo-Kazooie, and provided a number of interesting and well placed improvements that I despised as a kid because I really liked how the game was originally. But after playing it recently, I realize the game was as fantastic as people told me it was. GREAT. GAME. That alone should be enough to justify it beating Metal Gear Solid 2, right? Well..maybe if the 'Metal Gear Solid' there was actually 'Shenmue'. Anyway, it's up against what some call the worst game of the Metal Gear franchise! Raiden sucks if he isn't a thunder god, and everyone knows it! People will automatically agree with me and make my insane prediction a reality!

Believable argument, right? Banjo-Tooie will clearly reign supreme!!...Yeah, there's a reason I've never been on a contest leaderboard.

Korayashi's Bracket: Banjo-Tooie > Metal Gear Solid 2

Korayashi's Vote: Banjo-Tooie, it really is the game I prefer of the two.

Korayashi's Prediction: I have never been one to back down on my obvious insanity/bad decision making of the past. I stick with it until the end, when I can truly regret it! BANJO-TOOIE WITH 50.01%. YEAH!

Crew Consensus: MGS2 is the Crew favorite here.
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #226

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KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #227
70% seems about right. Maybe more. I have no faith in Banjo to have any strength.

GrapefruitKingmessage detail | filter | #228
can we only have guests that don't suck from now on?
Oracle contest - 30th
Today's pick: Diablo II - 70.16% Status: meh
Lopenmessage detail | filter | #229
Got nothin on this AKJ

My BK hatred knows nO LIMITSSSS.
No problem!
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | #230
Metal Gear Solid 2 vs Banjo-Tooie

Twice now I've played the "MGS doesn't have the playrate to score blowouts" card, and both times I've looked foolish for five minutes but been justified by the final percentage. These huge MGS percentage bleeds shouldn't be THAT unsettling, considering B8 likes the series and the games have been big time bracket favorites, except that both polls were Night Matches. Snake/MGS is supposed to own the night; what gives here? I don't know, but developing percentage hemophilia past the first hour sure isn't increasing my hopes for KOing Pokemon or Zelda down the road!

So here we go with the third straight MGS-versus-weak-opponent Night Match, but with a twist. Maybe even two twists! For one, this is easily the most controversial member of the series and should therefore be the most susceptible to a 1v1 underperformance. For two... maybe Banjo isn't completely terrible after all? I mean check out this list of opponents: Pikachu, Pokemon/Zelda/PD, Olimar/Mega Man, Fox/Wario/Captain Falcon. As pathetic as this character/series has looked over the years, it's never been given even half of a chance to succeed until tonight.

Don't get me wrong, Banjo still gets trashed, I just think it's got a better chance to reach the 30s than most are giving it credit for.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - 68.03%

--- | |
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Korayashimessage detail | filter | #231
I'd rather stick with my obviously accidental/horrible picks then admit they're obviously accidental/horrible. Thus TOOIE MUST WIN! >.>
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th3l3ftymessage detail | filter | #232
you can do that if you want, but don't do it for the Analysis Crew!
thelefty for analysis crew 2008 imo -tranny
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transiencemessage detail | filter | #233
haha, guest rage
KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #234
...or not. What is this.

Lopenmessage detail | filter | #235
This is clearly the mongrel board vote.

MGS2 to 70% still a possibility.
No problem!
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transiencemessage detail | filter | #236
MGS2 hasn't had a good performance in forever - Raiden, last year's contest, anything. this game is pretty average now.

I just thought Banjo was weaker than this. MGS2 will recover after this early vote, but yeah.
Korayashimessage detail | filter | #237
About 3 seconds in, and my prediction is holding steady :D

Now, let's take a look at how--HOWISTHISPOSSSSIBLEEEEEE?!

>.>...<.< Oh well.
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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #238
Yeah I really expected Banjo to be a lot worse than this, regardless of MGS2's strenght

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KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #239
transiencemessage detail | filter | #240
it isn't strength, man.
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #241
Clearly people don't actually like Banjo, just Kazooie, and enjoy the sequel much more than the original.

This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #242
Then it picked a weird time to start being not terrible! I would've expected any midcarder to hand it its head pretty easily.

AxemPinkmessage detail | filter | #243
Is it really that odd that Banjo would look not completely horrible the first time him or his games have ever been in a match with something that wasn't Nintendo?
Ngamer64message detail | filter | #244
What the heck KP? Read my writeup.

Maybe Banjo isn't completely terrible after all? I mean check out this list of opponents: Pikachu, Pokemon/Zelda/PD, Olimar/Mega Man, Fox/Wario/Captain Falcon. As pathetic as this character/series has looked over the years, it's never been given even half of a chance to succeed until tonight.

--- | |
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Lopenmessage detail | filter | #245
I still think I like MGS2 to clear 70% here. That second update was only 67% but Power Hour should be BK's best time, and night vote should slaughter it.
No problem!
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KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #246
It's always been stuck with Nintendo, but even when you factor that it it still looked horrible each time. I could've given it the benefit of the doubt of it maybe doing better if it went up against stuff that wasn't Nintendo and still would've taken it to be crushed.

I mean, man, that early vote.

Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #247
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 63.49% 23507
Assassin's Creed 36.51% 13520

Diablo II 74.31% 34981
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem 25.69% 12094

Crew Predictions - 46/54

What Happened: MGS4 beats AC and Diablo crushes ED

Why it Happened: Assassin's Creed dominated it's vote-in poll for a reason. It's got legit strength and made MGS4 look pretty bad here. Then, Diablo easily beat down a game with no strength at all.

What will Happen: Diablo should do well against MGS4

Crew Prediction Challenge - weeee

Moltar - 47
Tran - 47
AKJ - 45
Kleenex - 45
Lopen - 44
Leon - 44
Guest - 42

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Leon gets the point for MGS4 and Lopen gets the point for Diablo.

Guest - 10 (GfK: 1, BT: 2, CM: 2, Kotetsu: 1, dragon: 1, NGamer: 1, Ultima: 1, TRT: 1)
Moltar - 8.5
AKJ - 7.5
Lopen - 7
Kleenex - 7
Tran - 6
Leon - 5
Moltar Status: Bracket: MGS2 (46/54)
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
transiencemessage detail | filter | #248
I haven't gotten a point in like 56 matches
Chaotic Mindmessage detail | filter | #249

From: GrapefruitKing | #228
can we only have guests that don't suck from now on?

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Lopenmessage detail | filter | #250
Psh you don't see me begging to not have Lopens that don't suck from now on.

Grin and bear it, guest clan.
No problem!
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