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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #151
wow, so much closer than I thought it would be

<@transience> kleenex or theo probably know
<@transience> when stupidity happens they're usually not far behind
Lopenmessage detail | filter | #152
Liking MvC2's chances here, actually. Hope it can pull it off.

I actually meant to drop my percentage a bit (I have NSBWii with 52% in the Oracle). Oh well.
No problem!
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | #153
Oh jeez, we got Smurf'd.

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KamikazePotatomessage detail | filter | #154
KP Last Night: "Eh, I had probably better change my Battle pick back to Mario. I mean, it's Mario vs. a fighting game."

yay me

pjbasismessage detail | filter | #155
damn crew and their curse
SSJSephirothGokuX123message detail | filter | #156
LOL!!!! I hope that's a joke....names don't get more n00bish than that
The Real Truthmessage detail | filter | #157
I just have to say

Applekidjosh%u2019s Analysis

This is an interesting 8v9 match that I never gave a second thought to when making my bracket. I'm seeing more and more people hyping Marvel vs Capcom, but I have to wonder if they're just itching for an upset. NSBMWii was the talk of the internet last Christmastime, and I've been playing it ever since. Does MvC appeal to anybody outside of the hardcore fighting game crowd? Cause... they're not very substantial on here.

More so than any other fighting game next to the Smash series I'd wager. I don't care about fighting games in general, with a few exceptions (Smash, Soul Calibur 2, Killer Instinct, and sometimes Tekken), and Marvel is my favorite after Smash.
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YoboDmessage detail | filter | #158
Damn it crew. The game I like more is losing and it's all your fault.
Time to wander around
Safer Sephiroth 777message detail | filter | #159
Crew got owned again.And that last time they got owned in this contest was long ago.I feared they might actually getting good!But no!Nah just kidding,I am sure the prediction percentage will be less than 33%.Or the casuals will beat us easily?
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | #160
The 2009 Wii game has 48% of the North American vote and 57% in Europe? The 17 million selling Nintendo title is getting crushed in the afternoon by a 2D fighter from 2002? What is this world coming to!

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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #161

From: Ngamer64 | #153
Oh jeez, we got Smurf'd.

worst part of this result

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Lopenmessage detail | filter | #162
Really did happen.

Man I'm now 50/50 on pre-match crew changes being right. Maybe I should just stick to my bracket from now on.
No problem!
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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #163
West Division: Round 1 - Match 51 – (5) Paper Mario vs. (12) Katamari Damacy

Moltar’s Analysis

Paper Mario
another great N64 game

Katamari Damacy
Oh that rolling game

This may have been semi-debatable years ago back when Katamari was relevant, but since King and Prince bombed in Character Battles and never returned, and the latter games didn’t leave a blip on the radar, there hasn’t been much buzz about the series on GameFAQs.

Meanwhile, Paper Mario is a well-liked series that hasn’t really had a chance to show off yet. I think it’s going to win big here, especially if it really was strong enough to keep Prime from advancing back in 2009 (yeah I’m still salty over that deal with it).

Moltar’s Bracket: Paper Mario > Katamari Damacy

Moltar’s Prediction: Paper Mario - 67%

Lopen’s Analysis

Mario game vs LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA... you'd probably be pretty justified in picking the Mario game without a second thought. Now if I actually remembered how The King talked well enough I'd go into KoaC mode and rant about how Katamari is going to gain mass or something. Get that Janus5000 dude in here.

Seriously though uhhh no need to overthink this one. Katamari should look decent and I'm not really convinced Paper Mario is gonna be that strong, but it should be enough to roll over the Katamari.

Lopen's prediction:
Paper Mario with 63.77%

Transience’s Analysis

There was a time when Katamari Damacy was relevant. Unfortunately, that was about five years ago.

Paper Mario isn't the greatest game but it's a well-liked Mario RPG on a starved system. It might have come out too late in the system's life but it won't matter that much. It's up against Katamari Damacy. Katamari was fresh and exciting back in 2004 and 2005 but it doesn't have staying power at all: you can only roll crap up in a ball for so long before it's just old. RPGs don't have this problem. They stay in people's good thoughts forever.

transience's prediction: Paper Mario with 66.01%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #164
Leon’s Analysis

You know, I’m kinda surprised that there are so few Katamari polls. There hasn’t even been one in a GOTY poll. Although you don’t really need to see any polls to know that Katamari Damacy isn’t winning this one. The King of All Cosmos got tripled by Tidus in 2005 and the Prince of All Cosmos got tripled by Kratos in 2007. Plus, Paper Mario managed 38.5% on Metroid Prime in the last contest, and if you believe there was any LFF there, it could’ve possibly breached 40% there. That’s better than Katamari Damacy would manage on its best day. Not much more needs to be said about this one.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I actually liked Super Paper Mario. It was fun.

Leonhart’s Vote: Paper Mario.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Paper Mario with 65.17%

Kleenex’s Analysis


Kleenex's Prediction: Paper Mario with 58.10%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Can I get a round of "Goddamnit Mario"

So today we have Paper Mario going up against Katamari and I've never felt better about my Katamari pick. Only 6 Gurus took it? Interesting. Well there's very little to go on statwise, Paper Mario has been in one contest match where it got 4th place and Katamari has only been in a single "what's your favorite..." poll.

I always knew this division was going to be a disaster so why get cold feet now?

AKJ says Katamari Damacy > Paper Mario with 50.50%

Guest’s Analysis - Black Turtle

Paper Mario

Will this be the third Mario game to completely flop?

Katamari Damacy

I think Paper Mario is too big for this katamari to roll up


Despite the fact that Mario Sunshine and NSMB Wii bombed hard, this should be an easy one for Paper Mario. Katamari Damacy has never shown anything higher than upper-end fodder strength in these contests, while paper Mario has shown itself to be a steady midcarder. This should be a fairly straightforward matchup, probably ending around a doubling for Paper Mario.

BT's Prediction: Paper Mario with 68.35%
BT's Bracket: Paper Mario
BT's Vote: Paper Mario

Crew Consensus: This time Mario is going to win for real
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #165
eat it

shuffle fun shuffle shuffle fun shuffle fun fun shuffle fun shuffle just plane fun
NoDicePwnmessage detail | filter | #166
AKJ says Katamari Damacy > Paper Mario with 50.50%

Woah, now that came out of no where
Epona > Any Western Character
charmander6000message detail | filter | #167
I actually liked Super Paper Mario. It was fun.

Wait, we weren't suppose to like it?
BOP Results:
GotD Bracket: 41/48 Today's Matches: MGS3 & NSMBW
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #168
Albion have you not been following me this whole contest

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ZFSmessage detail | filter | #169
AKJ coinflips these matches and chooses the winner based on that


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Lopenmessage detail | filter | #170
Your urge to show your guts came half a day too late methinks.

No problem!
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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #171

From: Lopen | #170
Your urge to show your guts came half a day too late methinks.


still shocked at this. I don't know if it's a regional thing but I've NEVER seen anybody play, talk about, or follow Marvel vs Capcom around here

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Ngamer64message detail | filter | #172
Paper Mario vs Katamari Damacy

Cool timing for this match. Sunshine disappointed a bit, New SMB is wrapping up one of the biggest R1 flops in Contest history... is this an anti-Mario trend that we're going to seeing more of as the bracket rolls along, or is it just a matter of those two games not matching the voter's definition of what a "Game of the Decade" should look like? Personally I'm siding with the latter; Galaxy did just fine for itself a couple weeks back, and I also don't think that all newer Nintendo/Wii games are doomed, considering how well TP and Brawl looked in their initial outings.

So if NSMB got killed for being "okay" and "good but not great" and "too casual-friendly", does that mean the Paper Mario games are going to be in trouble as well? I'm going with a big old naaaaaaaah. jRPGs have been solid all season, I haven't seen any sign of backlash against Nintendo's pre-Wii offerings, and we all know how respectable Mario RPG has always been in these completions. PM1 and 2 are surely couple rungs further down the Nintendo ladder than SMRPG, but they should still be fine in terms of crushing their R1 opponents and putting up good fights in R2 as well.

Give me something right around the double for this one. (Because honestly, when's the last time you heard someone talk about Katamari?)

Paper Mario - 66.27%

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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #173
even if it's just a couple minutes in, 76-23 against you in an upset you called doesn't feel great

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TheKoolAidShotomessage detail | filter | #174
First you get Smurf'd, then you go with...THAT upset.

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AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #175

my current plan is to get into last place before getting back into first. Just as keikaku.

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Not_Wylvanemessage detail | filter | #176
lol BT's going to win twice now.

Add Turtle to the Analysis Crew next year!
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transiencemessage detail | filter | #177

make your time, Warcraft, because Paper Mario's coming for you
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #178
Crew Predictions - 42/50

What Happened: 3 expected results followed by MvC2 pulling the upset over NSMB Wii

Why it Happened: GameFAQs loves it some RPGs, and a strong early vote kept SoA ahead of Baldur's Gate. Then, Mass Effect didn't crush PvZ as bad as most expected, so it looks like ME2 didn't bring the first game up too much. MGS3 did as expected against the weak TS2, and then MvC2 shows that it's definitely legit on GameFAQs and possibly one of the strongest fighting games on the site by beating NSMB Wii.

What will Happen: ME and MGS3 in Round 2

Crew Prediction Challenge - lol crew

Moltar - 43
Tran - 43
AKJ - 42
Kleenex - 41
Lopen - 40
Leon - 40
Guest - 38

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Moltar gets the point for SoA and Lopen gets the point for ME. The Real Truth gets the point for MGS3.

Guest - 9 (GfK: 1, BT: 1, CM: 2, Kotetsu: 1, dragon: 1, NGamer: 1, Ultima: 1, TRT: 1)
Moltar - 7.5
AKJ - 7.5
Kleenex - 7
Tran - 6
Lopen - 6
Leon - 4
Moltar Status: Bracket: SoA (39/46)
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
ssjRainamessage detail | filter | #179
Loved Katamari, but god those time limits really hurt. And I think this paper mario was the best... well the 1000 year door was awesome too, but the wii version was not as good as I had hoped. As cool as the paper dragon was, I kinda missed the turn based system :(
... and the 2D 3D thing was just terrible

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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #180
West Division: Round 1 - Match 52 – (4) World of Warcraft vs. (13) Animal Crossing

Moltar’s Analysis

World of Warcraft

Animal Crossing

If this contest has taught me anything, it’s that Nintendo isn’t getting a free pass to Round 2 against decent competition. If Mario games can’t do it, Animal Crossing can’t do it. GameFAQs does not care about the series at all, and from what we’ve seen in the past, it’s bound to be very weak.

It’s catching a break here though, because it’s up against a game that people are very split on. Most of GameFAQs doesn’t care for WoW at all, but there are still a good amount of fans on the site. WoW also performed decently in the 2009 contest.

I don’t think WoW is going to be as good as the 2009 contest suggested since, in my opinion, WoW is a game that would benefit in the four-way format thanks to less anti-votes. Still, what legitimate strength it has will be enough to win over a game that has no strength at all.

Moltar’s Bracket: WoW > AC

Moltar’s Prediction: World of Warcraft - 58%

Lopen’s Analysis

Now let me just get something straight here: I don't think WoW is gonna be nearly as strong as the 4 way GotD matches imply. Anti-votes will be out in full force now, and well, the main cause for concern about WoW's strength is the lack of playership on GameFAQs, which is going to matter a lot more in a 1v1 poll than a 4-way poll, considering it needs to break 50% instead of ~20-25% to win.

Now in spite of all that anti-hype, it's... it's Animal Crossing. Not very many people give a crap about Animal Crossing. (though according to the 2002 GotY more care about it than Sunshine apparently hah) Put any game that has any inkling of popularity here and I take it over WoW without a second thought. I just don't think Animal Crossing is big enough to pull it off.

It'll try really hard though. In fact if a vote ceiling theory has any merit I could see WoW losing 60-40. I think its “ceiling” will be a bit higher than that, though.

Lopen's prediction:
World of Warcraft with 53.65%

Transience’s Analysis

There are two ways to look at this match.

1.) World of Warcraft has a miserable playrate -- 64% of the site said they'd never played it at all as recently as six months ago, and only 13% were currently playing it. That's an awful percentage for a game that needs to draw 50% of the vote. If any game benefits from the fourway format, it's the MMORPG.

2.) Animal Crossing sucks and probably has a similarly awful playrate. At least World of Warcraft can claim victory by saying it beat Halo 2. Animal Crossing could never do that.

I'll go with option 2. Maybe if this were 2006 and Nintendo still ruled the world here, but this is a seventh tier Nintendo series that just isn't noteworthy on this website. God knows I want to go with option 1, though -- World of Warcraft just sucks.

transience's prediction: World of Warcraft with 60.78%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #181
Leon’s Analysis

I’m getting flashbacks to that game contest on Board 8 back in 2003 where Animal Crossing was a 16 seed and upset Final Fantasy VII round 1 (because what doesn’t upset FFVII round 1 on Board 8 contests), and then it went all the way to the Final Four before losing to Mario 3. This feels like the same kind of match. People voting Animal Crossing because it would be funny if it beat World of Warcraft. Plus, the majority of the site doesn’t play the game. If any game was a 4-way wonder, it’s this game. It just feels like fate. It really does. This upset just seems DESTINED to happen.

But I can’t pull the trigger. For whatever the reason, I can’t do it. There are a lot of games I’d take here, but I just don’t think Animal Crossing is one of them, as much as my gut is screaming to take the upset. I really hope it wins because it’d be fantastic. At the very least, I hope it keeps it close.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I never paid off all my debt in Animal Crossing. The game just couldn’t keep me playing for that long.

Leonhart’s Vote: Animal Crossing.

Leonhart’s Prediction: World of Warcraft with 54.72%

Kleenex’s Analysis

Time for some WoW. It's not the most liked game on the site - indeed, it's rather despised among the "hardcore" gaming crowd. But that didn't stop the game from looking fairly impressive in last year's contest. Well, maybe impressive isn't the right word, but it certainly isn't what I'd classify as weak. Animal Crossing, on the other hand, probably is weak. Tom Nook has bombed in the handful of contest matches he's been in, and Animal Crossing itself has lo-oh hey it beat Mario Sunshine back in 2002. Well, no matter. City Folk lost to Wii Fit of all things in the Game of the Year poll it was in, and Wild World lost to Dawn of Sorrow. Granted, the original is probably stronger than both of those, but I don't imagine its by all that much.

But maybe WoW isn't going to do so well in a 1v1 environment. This is certainly a possibility, and I don't think this match is a gimmie my any stretch of the imagination (certainly not as much of a gimmie as MvC2 vs. NSMBWii "lol"). Day match might hurt WoW under normal circumstances, but it's a weekend, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. We're gonna go with Warcraft and stick with the bracket, but I'm not super-confident about it.

Kleenex's Prediction: World of Warcraft with 54.67%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

So I do have the Animal Crossing upset in my bracket but I'm not really feeling it anymore. Maybe it's just because it's such a Nintendo brand and I've been burned so hard in this contest by Nintendo...

It's impossible for WoW to blow anything out because of antivotes, but it should still be able to get the win here. I feel like I'd take both Halo 2 and Okami over Animal Crossing anyway.

AKJ says WoW > Animal Crossing with 54.00%

Crew Consensus: WoW sux but AX sux more
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #182
*AC sux more

also probably gonna oversleep the start of the next match so that's why they're up now
Moltar Status: Bracket: SoA (39/46)
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
__Smurf__message detail | filter | #183
Oh jeez, we got Smurf'd.

I'm sure you're all used to it. Especially Josh, Lopen and kleenex, don't you guys remember the prediction challenge we used to do? With Smurfings IN THE FACE being a daily occurrence. ^_~
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | #184
Guest clan letting us down for this match, eh? Ngamer to the rescue!

World of Warcraft vs Animal Crossing

OMGOMG, it's that R1 matchup I've been looking forward to for weeks! The most anti-voted entrant in GameFAQs history versus the likable underdog that pulled off one of the most memorable Cinderella runs ever way back in my 2003 Gamest Contest- what's not to love about that? Well one thing that's hard to love is how AC's presence on this site is a shadow of what it was 7 years ago- but heck, it's still Nintendo in a Day Match against the ideal opponent; time to pull the trigger on one of the most enjoyable Contest upsets ever!

...nope, sorry gang, can't quite talk myself into it. And not because of World of Warcraft- trust me, no one has more faith in this game bombing 1v1 than myself, especially after seeing WC3 fall flat on its face just for being associated with it. No, the problem is the highly unexpected way people are voting this season, which is to say that voters are actually putting some thought into their choices! Here's the thought process that's going to doom AC tomorrow: "WoW? Ugh, WoW addicts are the worst, can't believe people are still paying $15 a month for that garbage. Guess I'll vote for- wait, Animal Crossing? How'd THAT make the bracket? For all it's problems, I've got to admit WoW's one of the most important games of the last 6-7 years. Hmmm..."

And that's the kind of hesitation that will result in a score of

World of Warcraft - 53.17%

--- | |
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LinkMarioSamusmessage detail | filter | #185
I thought WoW should not be anti-voted nearly as much as Halo/GTA/CoD. Also how the hell the Animal Crossing avoid the vote-ins?
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Kotetsu534message detail | filter | #186
I'm more impressed that the Katamari fans got it past the vote-ins. Some dedication there.

I predict and analyse the Game of the Decade contest here:
__Smurf__message detail | filter | #187
-> This is something that beat Okami, Halo and Tales of Symphonia in the last contest.
-> The "its prone to anti-votes in 2-way" argument in my opinion is negated by the trend of voters appreciating the significance of this contest and given the waves WoW has made in the decade it has to be considered to benefit from that.
-> We've seen a trend of traditional anti-vote magnets like Halo doing just fine in this contest.
-> We've seen a trend of a lack of series voters and people voting on the popularity of the actual game.
-> Animal Crossing is and always has been weaksauce.

Some people are getting swept up in wishful thinking and anti-bandwagoning for this one. I'd be surprised if WoW wasn't comfortably over 60%.
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transciencemessage detail | filter | #188
yeah, those are some pretty low picks.
add the c and back away
transciencemessage detail | filter | #189
though not for the reasons Smurf said, AC is just awful. this could be 70%.
add the c and back away
ZFSmessage detail | filter | #190
I never paid off all my debt in Animal Crossing. The game just couldn’t keep me playing for that long.

This is how all reasonable people respond when they start Animal Crossing. Game is anti-fun on a disc -- slave labor to a raccoon I don't think so.

save us world of warcraft

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special_saucemessage detail | filter | #191

In this match we have one of the most popular games ever, ever...ever against some labor-simulation game. I don't think that WoW is very much fun. I played the ten day trial and never got into it, but I'm still going to vote for it.
People quit Animal Crossing after a few weeks because it isn't worth their time to pay off all the debt. The game just doesn't have anything to offer after a certain point. Everyone that I know that has played this game would groan if it were taken out again now. They overplayed it, and got hella bored of fishing, pulling weeds, and running petty errands. Seriously is just mindless labor (sounds kinda like WoW nyahk nyahk nyahk). Though, at least in WoW there are weapons – we're talking BIG SWORDS here. You can't go wrong.
It seriously doesn't help that anyone who bought more than one Animal Crossing game, hoping to stop being bored with menial labor, found out that they wasted their money. Seriously, every game is exactly the same. Animal Crossing: City Folk was the second biggest waste of money I've ever bought. Sonic Unleashed is first, but that's beside the point.
My basic theory here is that people will anti-vote WoW, but people will anti-vote Animal Crossing too. And people will actually regular-vote for WoW.

World of Warcraft – 65.76%
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Korayashimessage detail | filter | #192
Guru God Dr. Football is Guru God...FOR NOW! Also see link below.
transciencemessage detail | filter | #193
Paper Mario looking good next round. that game would kill AC.
add the c and back away
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #194
so you're saing Animal Crossing > Katamari isn't a lock

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pjbasismessage detail | filter | #195
I don't see why people would put more thought into "Game of the Decade" anymore than "Best. Game. Ever."

I can see BGE sounding a bit more...dramatically fun, plus the word "best" lending itself to some subjectivity, but I'm putting this up there with "dat top option" for actual influence in the contest.
Lopenmessage detail | filter | #196
Well good thing Smurf doesn't know when to cash out. Our skepticism of WoW seems pretty well founded right now.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
ssjRainamessage detail | filter | #197
My basic theory here is that people will anti-vote WoW, but people will anti-vote Animal Crossing too

yeah exactly my thought too. I want to anti-vote them both. So... what? do I not vote for either, or vote for both? -_-;
I wonder if a 50/50 tie has ever happened before...
GTMmessage detail | filter | #198
Haven't been following this topic closely last 2 or 3 days but now I know why I lost my battle points!
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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #199
West Division: Round 1 - Match 53 – (3) Metal Gear Solid 4 vs. (14) Assassin’s Creed

Moltar’s Analysis

Metal Gear Solid 4
excellent game

Assassin’s Creed
Time to get some revenge for Altair > Liquid!

Well this is easy. AC may be one of the strongest vote-in games we’re going to see. Unfortunately for it, it’s up against a powerhouse in MGS4. The game looked great in the 2009 contest, and I’m hoping it will go far here.

It’s probably not going to kill AC, as the game should have some legit strength. Still, MGS4 won’t have any trouble here. Hoping for a doubling, but anything higher would be even better.

Moltar’s Bracket: MGS4 > AC

Moltar’s Prediction: MGS4 - 66%

Lopen’s Analysis

Think this match exposes MGS4 as a bit overrated. Metal Gear or not, PS3 acceptance going up or not, I still can't accept a PS3 exclusive being all that strong. It's a night match which favors MGS4, but I'm calling for an underwhelming performance in spite of that.

Then we can start that Diablo II > MGS4 hype train who's with me.

Lopen's prediction:
MGS4 with 59.61%

Transience’s Analysis

AC got a really bad matchup as a 14 seed. if this were something like KOTOR, maybe there could be something, but MGS4? whoops. AC is one of our strongest series that started this gen -- maybe *the* strongest, actually, now that I think about it.

the point is that MGS4 won't be able to approach MGS3's percentage, but it doesn't have to. if it can put up 70% it'll be in good shape -- if it gets 75, that's even better. this being a night match helps MGS4 out a lot. not much else to say here.

transience's predix -- Metal Gear Solid 4 with 70.57%

Leon’s Analysis

You know, it’d be really awesome if we could get a picture of Old Snake wearing the Altair alternate outfit vs. Altair in the match pic. It’s a shame that Assassin’s Creed is getting fed to the lions (or snakes, I guess) so soon because it could do pretty well here. It seems like the most popular action game series (or at least up there), not that it necessarily means very much. It probably had the most impressive vote-in performance, again, not that it means very much.

It’ll be interesting to see how high MGS4 can go here. It’s got a good opponent right out of the gate, and if it does well, it can establish itself as a favorite over MGS3 right away. There’s a lot of rumbling (and I’m one of the rumblers) that MGS4 won’t be as strong this time around because, as time goes by, people are starting to recognize its flaws, and it’s starting to lose some favor with the fans. The PS3 has come along a little bit in the meantime, which could cancel that out or even make the game stronger. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I almost always get one of the worst rankings at the end of an MGS playthrough. I’m really bad at these games.

Leonhart’s Vote: Metal Gear Solid 4.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Metal Gear Solid 4 with 62.64%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #200
Kleenex’s Analysis


Oh. Well, regardless, it's probably true. We already know that MGS4 is likely one of the strongest games in the bracket, and we know that Assassin's Creed - while not bad - isn't really near that level. Easy win for Metal Gear, but at least we can play the comparison game between it and MGS3.

Kleenex's Prediction: Metal Gear Solid 4 with 65.23%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

MGS4 in a walk, Assassin's Creed has shown us just how quickly a game can lose favor and MGS4 is legit despite its PS3 exclusivity.

AKJ says MGS4 with 70.00%

Guest’s Analysis - Luster Soldier

This match will serve as a good measuring point as to where MGS4 stands at compared to MGS3. MGS3 had a disappointing performance of ~77% against TimeSplitters 2. Both TimeSplitters 2 and Assassin's Creed shared this vote-in poll:

Assassin's Creed almost tripled it there, so if MGS4 gets above 70% in this match, it is in good shape to defeat MGS3. Some people think MGS4 could disappoint here because it's a PS3 exclusive game. PS3 exclusives have been bombing so far this contest, but if any PS3 exclusive will be the exception to this trend, it will be MGS4. At least MGS4 has the backing of a strong franchise name behind it.

MGS4 also looked very good last contest against FFX by getting almost 48% against FFX. There's just no way for a game that looks like a near-elite to drop so much in 1 1/2 years to be anywhere in danger of losing to Assassin's Creed.

Luster Soldier's Bracket: Metal Gear Solid 4

Luster Soldier's Prediction: Metal Gear Solid 4 - 68.85%

Crew Consensus: MGS4 with an easy win tonight.