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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #101
Southwest Division: Round 1 - Match 47 – (7) Skies of Arcadia vs. (10) Baldur’s Gate II

Moltar’s Analysis

Skies of Arcadia
something with Vyse

Baldur’s Gate II
something......just something


Two weak games once again going at it. One’s a JRPG that has had some contest experience. SoA got tripled by WW, but it’s mostly known for creating the Vyse Fodder Line, or VFL.

Baldur’s Gate II is ‘who knows who cares’ on GameFAQs. From the one poll we’ve seen it in 10 years ago (that means it’s useless), it doesn’t look to be strong at all. Give me the proven weak game over the unknown weak game here. This isn’t a Deus Ex or Morrowind or Dead Rising, it’s something much weaker.

Still, I can’t count out Baldur’s Gate because SoA is a weak game getting less and less relevant by the day. It’ll probably end up like one of those many 52/48-53/47 matches between two weak games we’ve been having this contest.

Moltar’s Bracket: SoA > Baldur’s Gate II

Moltar’s Prediction: Skies of Arcadia - 53%

Lopen’s Analysis




It worked for Persona 3. Clearly the reason it didn't work for TWEWY is because Dead Rising isn't a PC game, and TWEWY is a handheld. In all seriousness, though, I have Baldur's Gate II in my bracket, but I don't see it winning anymore. Mostly because I looked into some polls and gosh Baldur's Gate is weak. Vyse looks like a friggin legend compared to that.

Lopen's prediction:
Skies of Arcadia with 57.09%

Transience’s Analysis

This match pisses me off. Skies of Arcadia is probably not that strong. Vyse has fallen off a cliff in recent years and the game seems less relevant every year. On the other hand, Baldur's Gate 2 is a very well-liked game that sold a lot, but it's a PC-only WRPG that came out before the big WRPG boom. BG2's biggest argument going for it is Morrowind, a 2002 PC game that managed to topple Warcraft 3. On the other hand, Morrowind had an xbox port and WC3 was also a PC game so it might have just been weak. Also, BG2 is a Bioware game and they haven't had as much success as the Bethesda ones.

I'll back the safe pick here, Skies of Arcadia. Its best argument is Tales of Symphonia: a Gamecube RPG with characters that are weak and get weaker every year, but still a strong enough to game to beat RE5 and hang with other big titles like Oblivion. Skies won't be at that level but I trust ConsoleFAQs here.

transience's prediction: Skies of Arcadia with 54.44%

Leon’s Analysis

I really have no idea what to say about this one. The last time we saw Skies of Arcadia in a Games Contest, it was getting tripled by Wind Waker, and it’s probably gotten weaker since then. The Legends GameCube port probably has helped maintain its strength a bit better than most Dreamcast titles, but still, this thing’s going to be weak. I’m stunned it was put in a position to win anything.

But the confusing game to me is Baldur’s Gate II. Thanks to this game being released back in 2000, we really have no relevant poll data on it. And I personally know nothing about this game. I’ve barely heard this game spoken about anywhere, although it’s apparently a pretty important game and was big in its day! It’s also a DnD style RPG, which doesn’t seem like it’d be too popular here, but again, totally guessing here. Not like it has to be super strong to beat Skies of Arcadia anyway. But when in doubt, fanboy it up!

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: Sometimes when I play Skies of Arcadia, I quote the things the characters say before their moves along with them. Especially Pirate’s Wrath. Behold…

Leonhart’s Vote: Skies of Arcadia.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Skies of Arcadia with 50.90%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #102
Kleenex’s Analysis

This match is way harder than it should be. Before the contest I think most people probably sided with Skies of Arcadia here - it was proven (using the term extremely lightly), and Baldur's Gate was an LOL PC GAME and WRPG. Then WRPGs and LOL PC GAMEs started to do kind of well and here we are. Make no mistake, Skies of Arcadia is scraping the bottom of the barrel these days. It was already weak 6 years ago, and its only declined since then. Problem is that I don't really know where to place Baldur's gate - no one does. I keep flipping back and forth on this. I have Skies of Arcadia in my bracket, but I get kind of an uneasy feeling about this match. I think I'm going to go ahead and try another flip-flop and see how it works out.

Kleenex's Prediction: Baldur's Gate with 50.43%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Well... it was worth it! At least Crisis Core held FF12 down hard enough that Portal looks like a lock, which in the end is what really matters in my bracket!

So today we have niche JRPG vs niche WRPG. This might be an actual contest on any other site, but this is JRPGFAQs unfortunately! Also for so many people Skies of Arcadia is like a pet game to them, it's got some fond memories and stuff. Dunno, never played it, doesn't interest me.

So even though Skies is in command of this match, the twist is it's not strong at all. Back in prehistoric days it got tripled by Wind Waker (in the days when Wind Waker was still way more hated). So no matter how impressive Skies looks here it's going to get dominated in round 2!

AKJ says Skies of Arcadia with 55.55%

Guest’s Analysis - Albion Hero

Well, this has become one of the more hotly contested matches recently. More and more matches show that picking with the jrpg is the right way to go in fodder matches, but then right before I was writing this, TWEWY flopped and got me thinking Baldur's Gate II might win this again. In the end, I'll just go with my gut, which is Baldur's Gate II.

Skies of Arcadia was in the original Game Contest here, where it didn't completely stink up the joint... it got like 25% on Wind Waker. But as time as gone on, Vyse and Skies of Arcadia in general looks to be weaker and weaker, and these days, it might be the single weakest JRPG in the entire contest. The most recent poll we've seen Vyse involved in was a vote in poll, where he struggled to Edge out Jack Frost, a character from the Shin Megami Tensei series. Thats about all that needs to be said about its fall in popularity, I think.

Now we have the complete unknown; Baldur's Gate II. Its strength could be anywhere. It could be one of the biggest fodder in the entire contest, or it could be close to the fodder line. If I had to guess which extreme I would put it at, I would say its closer to the fodder line. Bioware is getting more respect and fans on this site every day, and back in the day, Baldur's Gate II was one of those games you just couldn't complete without FAQs, so I would have to imagine that many long time Gamefaq users are Baldur's Gates fans. Also having Deus Ex do better than expected beating Rock Band 2, Dragon Age mauling F-Zero GX, KOTOR getting nearly 60% on DMC, Morrowind beating Warcraft 3, Fallout 3 completely obliterating Infamous... its tough for me to bet against Baldur's Gate II here when every other WRPG so far has looked good.

Albion Hero says Baldur's Gate II with 51.29%

Crew Consensus: Kleenex and the Guest are calling the upset, majority is going with Skies of Arcadia.
The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #103
Oh god I'm grouped with Albion.

Moltar is it too late to bail out and change my pick.
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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #104
nope you made your bed now sleep in it
Moltar Status: Bracket: FF12 (38/45)
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
Ngamer64message detail | filter | #105
Skies of Arcadia vs Baldur's Gate II

What a weird weird setup we have here. Normally in cases where we have virtually no data but can safely assume both entrants are terrible fodder I say "pick one in your bracket and cross your fingers, but be smart and bank that Battle choice!" Yet in this case I've always felt oddly confident in Arcadia, so much so that I've had it picked it in my Battle for weeks now and have never wavered.

25% on Wind Waker isn't exactly something to rave about, and I agree that the game has taken a huge tumble since the glory days of the Vyse Fodder Line, but we known this thing at least had a semi-respectable fanbase on this site at SOME point. The counter argument is that wRPGs have been on the rise in recent years, and I agree- but the emphasis here is on recent. BG2 is way too old to be getting any of that Western love, and with Persona and ToS and other jRPGs being able to get the job done against terrible competition, I've got faith that SoA can do the same.

Look for a very low scoring, almost entirely trendless poll that's not an easy win but where the victor is nevertheless never really in question.

Skies of Arcadia with 54.17%

--- | |
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The Mana Swordmessage detail | filter | #106
Yeesh, Baldur's Gate is miserable.

I am embarassed.
This is the kind of shit that allowed the Bhopal incident to happen. 5,000 dead Indians. Want that on your damn conscience, Square apologists?
VaultBoyAlbionmessage detail | filter | #107
Thats what you get for siding with me!
DpObliVionmessage detail | filter | #108
Haha Baldur's Gate, why were people concerned about this match....

Booyah, Grandma. Booyah. {XI} dood
Lopenmessage detail | filter | #109
looks like a bullseye, baby
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
The Real Truthmessage detail | filter | #110
Oh man I forgot all about my writeup. I'll get that in soon.
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transiencemessage detail | filter | #111

Look for a very low scoring, almost entirely trendless poll that's not an easy win but where the victor is nevertheless never really in question.

Lopenmessage detail | filter | #112
Hey SoA stop dropping
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #113
55.87? I like this please stay right there

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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #114
Portal 71.47% 26690
Gears of War 2 28.53% 10652

Final Fantasy XII 55.65% 27715
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 44.35% 22089

Crew Predictions - 39/46

What Happened: Portal crushes Gears 2, and CC does well against FF12

Why it Happened: So...yeah GameFAQs REALLY didn't care for Gears 2. Either that or Portal is a beast. As for Crisis Core, it being liked among the fanbase kept it close to FF12.

What will Happen: Portal looking like the big favorite going into R2

Crew Prediction Challenge - And then there were two...

Moltar - 40
Tran - 40
AKJ - 39
Kleenex - 39
Lopen - 37
Leon - 37
Guest - 36

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Ultima gets the point for Portal and Moltar gets the point for FF12.

Guest - 8 (GfK: 1, BT: 1, CM: 2, Kotetsu: 1, dragon: 1, NGamer: 1, Ultima: 1)
AKJ - 7.5
Kleenex - 7
Moltar - 6.5
Tran - 6
Lopen - 5
Leon - 4
Moltar Status: Bracket: SoA (39/46)
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #115
oh god


this hurts

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The Real Truthmessage detail | filter | #116
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The Real Truthmessage detail | filter | #117
Kind of sucks that I'll be at work when this match starts.
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | #118
Mass Effect vs Plants vs Zombies

I've got a healthy amount of respect for the Mass Effect brand name ever since seeing Shepard go from 42% on Magus to 39% on Pikachu. (In fact I'm supporting ME2 for GotY!) Even though ME1 had its problems, I think the second game won over enough people that they'll be throwing their support behind this entry against nearly anything. But I'm taking a glance through the Oracle here and wow, lots of people picking it to shoot for 80% in this one. For reals, player?

Even with all that respect I just mentioned, my response is still: Resident Evil 4 this is not! ME's a non-Nintendo new IP that was limited to a single console- in this day and age I'm not sure anything could go 80%+ under those circumstances, especially not against a game with a playrate as high as Plants vs Zombies. It's one of the 10 weakest games in the bracket, sure, but at least PvZ is recent/cheap/fun/widely available, and we DID just see it hang in there with MK Wii and beat out JGR in that play-in. Honestly I think it's being a touch bit underrated.

So, give me Mass Effect for the tripling, but anything much past that would be really impressive IMO.

Mass Effect with 75.66%

--- | |
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transiencemessage detail | filter | #119
I haven't seen a match start so high and fall so hard since Frog/Riku. sheesh.
The Real Truthmessage detail | filter | #120
Mass Effect will probably only be decent, but seriously. Who's voting for Plants vs. Zombies here?
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DpObliVionmessage detail | filter | #121
I still don't even know what Plants vs. Zombies is.

Booyah, Grandma. Booyah. {XI} dood
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #122
holy crap Skies what happened

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TheKoolAidShotomessage detail | filter | #123
Once ME2 comes out on PS3 this January, Shepard will be unstoppable! And then there's ME3, which is bound to be released on both 360/PS3 along with the PC version.
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nintendogirl1 (Moderator)message detail | filter | #124
From: DpObliVion | #121
I still don't even know what Plants vs. Zombies is.

Demo: Have fun.
You're welcome!
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #125
Southwest Division: Round 1 - Match 48 – (2) Mass Effect vs. (15) Plants vs. Zombies

Moltar’s Analysis

Mass Effect
Great game right here

Plants vs Zombies’s like a match within a match

Easy stuff. Mass Effect has come a long way in the last year, as ME2 really helped out the series on GameFAQs. I think Shepard’s great performance in the last character contest hinted at that, and I’m expecting ME to look good in this contest.

PvZ did okay in that really weak vote-in poll, so Mass Effect should be good for the tripling here, and hopefully it can go even higher than that.

Moltar’s Bracket: Mass Effect > PvZ

Moltar’s Prediction: Mass Effect - 76%

Lopen’s Analysis

Blah blah blah blah DLC blah blah blah...

Well Plants vs Zombies looked alright in the vote-in I guess.

But it's Mass Effect. Sure it may have lost to Left4Dead but I still think the game has some strength. Did alright in GotYs and it's Mass Effect. Not that it really needs it or anything. Plants and Zombies are already fighting so Mass Effect can just be all like

And win this one. (When will he stop with the wrestling references?) (Probably never.)

Lopen's prediction:
Mass Effect with 70.20%

Transience’s Analysis

This year's biggest boost should belong to Mass Effect. The series has gotten pretty large thanks to ME2, possibly the 2010 GOTY. Mass Effect looked pretty bad last year but there are built-in excuses (having Fallout 3 in the same match) and new reasons for boosts. ME1 getting a 2 seed says it all really.

Plants vs. Zombies is a popular PopCap game that's very well-liked, but casual iphone-type games are not going to do well here. PVZ might have more success based on its title and picture than anything else. Mass Effect could really kill here.

transience's prediction: Mass Effect with 78.91%

Leon’s Analysis

Mass Effect is a game people are predicting as a bit of a sleeper pick (a 2 seed, a sleeper, who’d have thunk) in this division, but…I don’t really see it. People are expecting a retroactive boost based on Mass Effect 2’s big success, but I’m not really sure about that. I’m sure it’ll be stronger overall, but I’d struggle to pick ME2 over Portal or FFXII. I don’t think that game’s going to be as strong here as people think. No way I’m doing that with ME1. Anyway, regardless, ME1 still gets two easy wins before facing one of those two games. If it can impress me by blowing out bad fodder, I may reconsider.

Oh right, and Plants vs. Zombies is totally an awesome name for a game. That may be worth a few votes for it right there (including mine!).

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: Yes, I’m seriously voting for Plants vs. Zombies because of the ridiculous name.

Leonhart’s Vote: Plants vs. Zombies.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Mass Effect with 62.44%

Kleenex’s Analysis

Mass Effect is gonna rock this match. It may not have looked quite so hot last year, but I have a good feeling that Mass Effect is going to be noticably stronger this time around. Plants vs Zombie is...well, pretty weak. Like, probably bottom 5 games in the x-stats. What will be good to see is if Mass Effect has a shot at Portal. It's gonna need to look pretty beastly today in order to pull that off, though.

Kleenex's Prediction: Mass Effect with 75.68%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #126
Applekidjosh’s Analysis

Mass Effect. If recent ZFS hype is to be believed this game is good or something! But I learned long ago not to trust him, so...

I'VE GOT IT! Check this out Mass Effect loses to Left 4 Dead, so it's gotta be weak against zombie games! Plants vs Zombies is super effective! Plus, my Chinese professor spends all his time in his office playing PvZ so it's got that casual appeal.

meh, it's a shame downloadable games aren't taken seriously here. Actually Plants vs Zombies reminds me of how much I wanted Farmville to make it in here. Man I've digressed, the truth is this is a boring 2vs15 slaughter okay?!

AKJ says Mass Effect with 73.50%

Guest’s Analysis - Heroic Mario

So this match is practically throwaway. There's no real reason to put forth any sort of meaningful thought into the winner of this match or the percentages, because it won't tell us anything about anything. BUT, you don't sign-up for a GUEST position on the prestigious Analysis Crew for a couple of sentences and a bad joke. You gotta put some thought into these things even when there's no reason to -- or at least you do when it's one of your favorite games and you might not get a chance to sign-up for it later on when the matches matter!

Mass Effect is coming into this contest without any real expectations, I don't think. I've heard few, if any, people talking about its potential to make it to the division finals. Everyone is and was concerned with FFXII / Portal -- and rightfully so, to some extent, given that they would be the favorites to make it there -- and didn't pay much attention to the fact that ME1 managed to outdo all of them by nominations to get the 2 seed. Sure, seeds don't always matter in terms of strength, but it says something given how ME1 performed last contest. I have a hard time believing the game was nominated en masse only to struggle to exceed its popularity the last time around. I think it lost to Halo 3 and Left 4 Dead? I don't know off the top of my head, but it wasn't pretty; in fact, looking back on it, it's kind of shameful on GameFAQs' part, but what ev!

2010 is a different time, there's been some change since then and I think it applies to ME1 in a way people won't believe until they see it. Mass Effect, as a series, has grown immensely since ME2 released in January. The number of people who know about it, the games, as a series, is up there with some of the best this gen; the people who like the series are far more numerous now, too. You can say this isn't Mass Effect 2, but I don't think you can separate them that easily. This is a series that's very connected, probably more than any other series in this contest. You can play ME2 without ME1, but it almost punishes you for doing it.

If you played ME2 first, you almost assuredly went back to check out ME1, there's just no way that the popularity growth of the series, thanks to ME2, doesn't apply to the original. You'll be hard pressed to find many people who don't care for the first but love the second. Sure, they exist, they're out there, but they aren't common. You're more likely to run into people who think ME1 is better than ME2 -- but even then, they love them both.

So what does all this matter for Plants vs. Zombies? Hard to say! I think the expected range for ME should be around 70 - 75%, somewhere around there. If this is in the low-60s, Mass Effect has no real shot at round 3; if it's closing in on 80%, like I think it will, we might have something, that would be good enough to make me think Portal isn't a given. Then again, this is Plants vs. Zombies. All that matters here is putting up a good percentage, whatever that is. Something about 70%.

here's my contribution to the CREW this year let the road to excellence begin

Mass Effect -- 80%
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #127
Crew Consensus: Mass Effect with a massive win
Moltar Status: Bracket: SoA (39/46)
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
transiencemessage detail | filter | #128
mass effect sux
The Real Truthmessage detail | filter | #129
Man, Mass Effect is terrible.
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DpObliVionmessage detail | filter | #130
PvZ with the joke votes

Booyah, Grandma. Booyah. {XI} dood
AppIekidjoshmessage detail | filter | #131
Lopen's on fire

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Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #132
West Division: Round 1 - Match 49 – (1) Metal Gear Solid 3 vs. (16) TimeSplitters 2

Moltar’s Analysis

MGS division is bound to be a great division

TimeSplitters 2
Amazing game

So painful to watch one good strong game demolish another good game, but it will be done here. MGS3 nearly matched RE4 in strength last contest, so it won’t have any trouble here.

TS2 had its time in the sun back in 2002, but today? It’s getting crushed.

Moltar’s Bracket: MGS3 > TimeSplitters 2

Moltar’s Prediction: MGS3 - 78%

Lopen’s Analysis

Well I'm kinda short on time at the moment, and well, I don't even care enough to look at the bracket to recall what fodder game MGS3 is facing. I mean, I literally just did the oracle for it and I've already forgotten it.

So if I can't remember you even then, well you must be total garbage. … contest strengthwise, that is. I apologize if I insulted anyone's favorite game here. Unless it's a Banjo Kazooie game, in which case I'll just mock you some more for having bad taste.

Lopen's prediction:
MGS3 with 80.61%

Transience’s Analysis

MGS time! Timesplitters is weak. It's apparently not completely awful, but compared to MGS3? Yeah.

nothing else to say here

transience's prediction: Metal Gear Solid 3 with 79.89%

Leon’s Analysis

Man, the vote-ins didn’t really create any interesting matches this time like they did in the last contest (although there were a lot of overseeded characters in the last contest, so that probably contributed to it a bit, as well as the limited scope of this contest). Virtually none of them were put in a position to win, and that includes TimeSplitters 2 here. There isn’t much to say about this one. I think TimeSplitters can do decently well for itself here and not get totally killed, but this one won’t be close. I’m not sure what MGS3 really needs to shoot for to look like a favorite over MGS4 either. Too early to stay, probably.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: To this day, I still have no idea how to get the Alligator Cap in MGS3.

Leonhart’s Vote: Metal Gear Solid 3.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Metal Gear Solid 3 with 77.20%

Kleenex’s Analysis

MGS3 wins. Easy. I don't know if it can pull off a big blowout like the other 1 seeds have been able to, but it should look reasonably good, I think. Actually, Timesplitters 2 probably sucks big time. Maybe it will be a big blowout. Big-ish.

Kleenex's Prediction: Metal Gear Solid 3 with 78.12%

Guest’s Analysis - The Real Truth

Hey I'm back.

Well I guess this is kind of a cool game. I mean, here are two games that are both really fun to play, even if the more enjoyable one is going to lose. I wonder what Goldeneye would get here. Maybe 35-38%? I'm actually curious to see now. I mention Goldeneye, because if you're a fan of that game and you haven't played TS2 or TS3 yet, you really need to check those games out, since they play almost exactly the same, and have a lot of added humor. TS3 is one of my personal favorites, actually.

All we really need to find out how badly TS2 loses here, is to look at the match RE4 had with JGR. 82.15%? I seriously doubt TS2 is as weak as that game. It's definitely more popular, though probably not by a huge margin. Vote totals should be roughly the same as it's a night match.

Alright let's go with

Snake > Cortez with 76.42%

I'm sure everyone will make assumptions from this match too, even though we have no read at all on the TS series.

Crew Consensus: MGS3 got this
NoDicePwnmessage detail | filter | #133

Maybe I'm overestimating TS2 here, but if MGS3 gets high 70s here, I'm making it the favorite over MGS4
Ika Musume > Any Western Character
Master Moltar (tc)message detail | delete | filter | #134
AKJ's Analysis

Alright, finally time for the craziest division. I can't wait to see what happens in all these Metal Gear matches. Today, though, there's not much room for questioning. Timesplitters fans really love the game. All 56 of them.

There's probably a really good "Time Paradox" joke to be made about this match, hopefully another crew member backs me up here.

AKJ says Snaaaaaaaake Eatah > Timesplitters with 78.00%
Moltar Status: Bracket: SoA (39/46)
Contest Analysis Crew Archives:
th3l3ftymessage detail | filter | #135
c'mon massive blowout
thelefty for analysis crew 2008 imo -tranny
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | #136
Metal Gear Solid 3 vs TimeSplitters 2

Hey look it's TimeSplitters 2, one of my favorite games in the bracket! And it's a good thing too, because I think my bias is going to save me a few points in the Oracle. Everyone appears to be shooting up toward the 80s for this pick, and I'm thinking that's a mistake for two reasons. Reason #1 is that TS2 isn't going to be the complete pushover that most are assuming. It was released for the PS2, GC, and Xbox all on the same day, and despite not becoming the "Next Halo" on any of them, it did well enough to build a decent base of support that I don't think will abandon it in this match. TS2 was an especially big deal on the GameCube because it was made by much of the original Rare team that was responsible for Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, so for a number of us it was the first "next-gen" FPS we felt strongly about.

Reason #2 is that I've always said the MGS franchise is not built for blowouts, and that's a stance I'm staying firm on. Yes I realize that Snake himself is capable of Tannering a wide variety of opponents, but the actual games don't have his character design advantage to help them out. MGS titles are extremely difficult to get under 50% and they're of course wonderful in 4ways, but I couldn't see them pulling a Melee/Brawl/RE4ish showing on anyone, especially not a somewhat respectable entry like TS2!

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - 76.39%

--- | |
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LeonhartFourmessage detail | filter | #137
Man, virtually everyone went 76-78% for MGS3 here.
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Eeeevil Overlordmessage detail | filter | #138
Wow, the Crew (right down to the guest and Ngamer) were all really close here, assuming it doesn't change dramatically from this point!
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Ngamer64message detail | filter | #139
Marvel vs Capcom 2 vs New Super Mario Bros

If you peeked into any of the 100 "what should I nominate?" topics a couple months back you no doubt saw me rallying for Majora's Mask and Perfect Dark (what's that you say, a 5 seed and 1 seed? BOOM), but the game I was even more interested in seeing in a 1v1 setting was New Mario. Talk about your ultimate wildcard! I mean the game sold 17 million, hit 10 mil faster than any other console exclusive game in history, was well-reviewed critically, 2D Mario platformers have a long history of success here on GameFAQs... but despite all the positives, New Mario's fate is going to be determined by how badly it's been scarred by the recent Wii backlash.

My bet is on that scar going pretty deep, which is why this game drawing such an boring path was one of my biggest disappointments when the bracket was first released. Could have caused some excellent SMS-style debate; instead we get an easy victory over MvC2 followed by a no-hoper versus MGS3, but ah well, at least there's a huge potential range for this R1 percentage. Because sure there's a large portion of the site dying to register their discontent with the last couple years of Wii ownership, but a fighting game not named "Smash" or "Street Fighter"? 2003 would have been a different story, but I'm afraid that's a recipe for disaster here in the year 2010! With the advantage of the Day Match I'm picturing Mario scoring a win in that high 50s range, but thanks to the wildcard factor I could be off by 10% in either direction and it honestly wouldn't surprise me!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 58.13%

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instead we get an easy victory over MvC2

Hmmmm, I think you may be surprised shortly...
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oh Moltar and I with identical percentages again huh...

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West Division: Round 1 - Match 50 – (8) Marvel vs. Capcom 2 vs. (9) New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Moltar’s Analysis

It will be taken for a ride here.


Interesting 8 vs. 9 match. MvC2 is well-liked and fairly popular both in and outside the fighting game community. NSMB Wii is an absolutely massive game that isn’t really hated, but also not that loved. Essentially it’s a match between a liked and semi-popular game vs. a semi-liked and popular game.

I think that favors NSMB Wii. Maybe I’m just seeing some weird parallels between SF2/SMRPG in this match as in this is like a weaker version of that match. If NSMB was hated liked Sunshine, then I would think MvC2 would have a great shot. However, since NSMB is liked by those who played it, I think it’ll win with ease.

Moltar’s Bracket: NSMB Wii > MvC2

Moltar’s Prediction: NSMB Wii - 57%

Lopen’s Analysis

You know, I have MvC2 in my bracket here. And well, I'd love to hype up a win, but NSMBWii isn't as weak as I thought it was. It somewhat narrowly lost to Dragon Age Origins in last year's GotY. Meanwhile, unless you take those old 2002 polls where Morrigan and Strider were kicking ass to mean something, you can't really expect Marvel vs Capcom 2 to amount to much of anything.

I still think NSMBWii will have an underwhelming performance, but unfortunately the winner will never be in doubt. Seems the type to be inflated by a GotY poll where it's the only option for Wii owners to pick, but yeah.

Imagine if I actually checked PotDs before filling out my bracket, huh?

Lopen's prediction:
NSBWii with 56.20%

Transience’s Analysis

This match scares me. A lot.

NSMB Wii was first shown to the public as a 'casual' game with dumbed-down co-op and never got over that stigma. It came after the Wii became a joke on this website. Despite standing out like a sore thumb, it got slammed in the GOTY polls by things like Dragon Age and would have lost to Batman and Assassin's Creed 2 if they made the final poll. NSMB Wii is probably the weakest Mario game - weaker than Sunshine - due to a complete lack of awareness. If Galaxy is weaksauce, NSMB Wii is practically fodder.

MVC2, on the other hand? It's more popular than you'd think. It's probably as popular as SF2 if not moreso. MVC3 has a lot of hype behind it and does well in anticipation polls here. If you put Galaxy 2 vs. MVC3 in an anticipation poll, MVC3 would win. NSMB is much weaker than Galaxy.

And yet I feel bad going with MVC2 - it's Mario and all that crap. I'll support Mario here but man, I'm scared of it. Hopefully this will be Mario RPG vs. SF2 all over again.

transience's prediction: New Super Mario Bros. Wii with 54.10%

Leon’s Analysis

Let’s go ahead and say this: NSMBWii isn’t going to be that strong. It got rocked in the GOTY polls by Uncharted 2, Dragon Age, and MW2 (and two out of three of those games have been viewed as being disappointments so far in this contest). Didn’t even come close to winning, which is a pretty big shock for the biggest Nintendo game of 2009 (which says a lot about the 2009 Nintendo and gaming in general had). I mean, there was nothing holding NSMBWii back because the DS winner that year was KH 358/2 Days, which isn’t going to LFF it much. The NSMB games have been massive successes overall, but this site just doesn’t seem to care about them. The fact that NSMB DS didn’t even make the contest at all (Heck, it didn’t even make the vote-ins) speaks volumes about that. NSMBWii was a better received game due to its multiplayer, but it’s still not going to be that strong.
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Now the impending release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has gotten some people excited about a potential upset here. Despite all I just said about NSMBWii, I don’t see MvC2 having much of a shot. I feel like this series’ time has come and gone. MvC3 feels like a “too little, too late” thing to me. This would’ve mattered more if it weren’t ten years after the fact. It should probably do respectably, but I don’t really feel good about any upset chances here.

Leonhart’s Embarrassing Confession of the Match: I haven’t actually beaten either NSMB game yet.

Leonhart’s Vote: Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Leonhart’s Prediction: New Super Mario Bros. Wii with 59.11%

Kleenex’s Analysis


Kleenex's Prediction: New Super Mario Bros. Wii with 62.14%

Applekidjosh’s Analysis

This is an interesting 8v9 match that I never gave a second thought to when making my bracket. I'm seeing more and more people hyping Marvel vs Capcom, but I have to wonder if they're just itching for an upset. NSBMWii was the talk of the internet last Christmastime, and I've been playing it ever since. Does MvC appeal to anybody outside of the hardcore fighting game crowd? Cause... they're not very substantial on here.

Well I'm going to go ahead and stick with my gut here. I don't think this'll be close.

AKJ says NSMBWii > MvC2 with 61.00%

Guest’s Analysis - PaulG235

This is a match that, at the time, I should've thought about much more, especially if I went with SA2 and Mario Sunshine. I picked MvC2 just on MvC3 hype. But in a way, with SF4's win and SMS's R1 exit, it makes me feel that there is a reasonable chance that MvC2 could win here.

I honestly think DAT TOP OPTION factor is among the stupidest theories in a contest match. but hey, if there's ever a chance that the theory could be proven, maybe this match... >_>

On a serious note, While NSMBWii's strength is rather unknown, I feel that it's actually solid enough to take out the likes of MvC2. It's not like it's as hated as Sunshine is, and is pretty well-liked across the border. Even with MvC3 coming out soon, it probably won't have much of a boost on MvC2. It also helps that this is a Day match which Capcom is usually at its worst and the game has a much better match pic than MvC2.

I am hoping for a MvC2 win (and it has my support), NSMBWii is the favourite going in and will likely win. That said, I don't think it'll do nearly as well as some people think it will.

Prediction: New Super Mario Bros Wii - 51.99%

Crew Consensus: IT’S MARIO BAYBEE
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damn you kleenex

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Pretty poor crew when most peoples logic seems to be "It's Mario", wheres the background research because the signs of MvC2 winning this are there and pretty strong.

Of course I may be horribly wrong in an hour but we'll see. >_>
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crew curse'd
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From: __Smurf__ | #145
Pretty poor crew when most peoples logic seems to be "It's Mario", wheres the background research because the signs of MvC2 winning this are there and pretty strong.

Of course I may be horribly wrong in an hour but we'll see. >_>

I even made a mention of your logic (though I didn't say you by name)

just not gonna be enough next to It's Freakin' Mario

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I was worried a lot about this match but didn't have the guts to pick MVC2 in my battle bracket. Looks like I should have been more worried after all!

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you guys went high! Mariofear still prevalent despite Sunshine
add the c and back away
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Nobody chose the other game and it seems no matter what Paul will get the point.Nice.
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