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Best Game Ever 2 Contest Analysis Crew (Part Five)

transience | Posted 6/9/2009 4:03:03 AM | message detail | filter | quote | #151
42/63 still isn't that good! it's only 2 out of 3 right!

god, people sucked this contest.

also keep this alive
OCARINA OF TIME I HATE YOU but Krakenprophet knows what's up
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 6/9/2009 5:15:30 PM | message detail | delete | filter | quote | #152
Since you all love my fanfiction so much, here is the true ending to the story for this contest!

Previously, Mario and Link reunited with their teammates outside the castle. After the captured Nintendo characters were set free, a meteor was seen heading towards the Tower. They quickly evacuated the area, and from inside the Tower, Cloud vowed to finish this once and for all.

A world united,
Becomes divided,
War starts without fail
Now witness the tale


*One Month Later at the Hidden Mushroom Village *

*Many of the buildings are being repaired, and Mario is taking a break from the work. Link then passes by.*

Mario: Hey Link.

Link: Hey. Just came by to see how the repairs were doing.

Mario: They’re going well. We should be fully up and running after another month.

Link: That’s good…Bowser sure did a number on this place.

Mario: Yeah, after we left Cuadrado, I came straight here. Most of the village had already evacuated thanks to the warning from Squad 7. I heard Tifa and her men tried to hold off Bowser, but he was still able to destroy many of our buildings. If I didn’t get here when I did to fight him off, the whole village and more would have been completely destroyed.

Link: Yeah, it was pretty much the same for me. Vincent and his men attempted to hold off Ganondorf from completely destroying Hyrule, but a lot of damage was still done. When I got back, I was able to fight him off, but Ganondorf escaped before I could finish him.

Mario: So in the end, both of them got away…darn it.

Link: It’s okay. We’ve fought them off before. If they want to come back, we’ll just send them running again.

Mario: Yeah, you’re right.

Link: *pause* I wonder how Cuadrado is doing. They also suffered a lot, with us taking out their soldiers.

Mario: I wonder too. Since that fierce battle, relations between the two countries haven’t been too well. Negotiations are supposed to begin after the repairs are done.

Link: Cloud…

*Meanwhile, at Centro Midgar*

Tifa: *giving orders* Alright, that’s good. Now go help out Lieutenant Valentine transport more supplies.

*Just then, Cloud walks onto the scene.*

Cloud: Tifa…

Tifa: Captain! What are you doing out here? You still haven’t fully recovered from your injures. You should be-

Cloud: I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Tell me, has there been any progress on his whereabouts?

Tifa: No…our men are still looking. But still, just because we couldn’t find anything after the tower was destroyed doesn’t mean that he escaped!

Cloud: …I see. Very well then, continue on with your business.

Tifa: Yes, Captain.

Cloud: *walks away* So even after all of that, you still got away. I wasn’t able to stop you…alone. *Cloud turns back and looks at his men working to rebuild the Tower* I thought I could finally stop evil all by myself, and I even risked the lives of my own men for that goal. But I now see that it’ll take more than one person to stop them. I’ll need the help of everyone. Vincent, Tifa, my Squad, and the other 12 Squads; even those in the other lands, including Nintendo. Evil has fled for now, but they will be back. When that day comes, I…no, we will work together to stop it once and for all.


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