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Best Game Ever 2 Contest Analysis Crew (Part Two)

ZFS | Posted 4/29/2009 9:41:12 PM | message detail | filter | #401
Lopen | Posted 4/29/2009 9:41:39 PM | message detail | filter | #402
Most "Best GCN Games" lists have Wind Waker ahead of SSBM. Here are some that I've seen, though I'm not going to tell the website.

Some of your lists have Metroid Prime ahead of SSBM. You know, the game that just got curbstomped by Kingdom Hearts.

Null and void, next.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/29/2009 10:38:04 PM | message detail | filter | #403
Lopen you are my hero.

WarThaNemesis2 | Posted 4/29/2009 10:39:26 PM | message detail | filter | #404
Lopen you are my hero.
hey look i'm war and i'm stupid - WVI
nintendogirl1 | Posted 4/29/2009 10:43:05 PM | message detail | filter | #405
Lopen you are my hero.
Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/29/2009 11:17:33 PM | message detail | filter | #406
Ngamer's Rebellious Writeup

Oh man, what an entertaining match that was! I mean, just check out the final graph:

Just flat out insane trends, especially from Halo which pulled the closest thing I've ever seen to a perfect horizontal "S curve"- look at it go absolutely dead to rights in Europe before exploding once the American teenagers started hitting the polls. I mean obviously we've seen this kind of thing before from Halo/MC, but this time it was especially powerful thanks to Diablo being the complete polar opposite. Jeez DII, from dominating the next closest competitor by over 6% overnight to finishing dead last in a couple updates during the day! Too bad that the loser in all this excitement had to be the one entrant that was consistently impressive throughout the entire day... check out that straight as an arrow trend for KotOR. Now there's a fanbase you could set your watch to! Too bad that, like Donkey Kong (and unlike Frog and Sub-Zero) before him it just didn't QUITE have what it took to pull off the hilarious upset. And of course the most stunning result has to be GTA3. How in the world do you manage to flop this badly in a poll with no Nintendo, and no Square, and where you're the only Playstation option? The craziest part is that the game did terribly the first couple hours (as expected), but then did very well in Europe and actually held up quite decently during the day, yet somehow got SFFed entirely to death within the fanbase that's supposed to be its #1 lifeline, the American teens. I mean true, last night I predicted Halo would hurt GTA's casual/frat boy appeal, but even I didn't think it would break its legs off like THAT.

(Also, props to this poll for being one of the more popular ones so far this season despite the major 'no Squintendo' disadvantage. And the added disadvantage of none of these games actually being strong... but shh about that, don't ruin the mood!)

Okay, that post-match breakdown took way too long, but that's fine because the upcoming match writeup is going to be super short! Wind Waker's in kind of a weird position between MM underperforming and LA looking like a beast, but between the two I'd wager it's more of an MM. Plus the results from Prime and StarCraft the last few days don't exactly speak favorably of its '04 run... Now, if voters are actually going to be turning anti-Nintendo in this last quarter of the bracket as everyone seems to be shouting about, you'd have to imagine that Melee and Brawl would be the prime targets for the backlash. BUT, I don't exactly buy that idea for one, and for two there's really no way to anti-vote Nintendo in this poll anyways, so SSB's sure to still look like a monster.

The only real point of interest to me in this one is Disgaea. Clearly this game has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, and clearly this is the perfect setup for the game (only non-Nintendo choice, only PS2 option, and FE sure to be SFF-slammed below it), and you'd have to imagine the fans love the game itself more than Laharl, right? Yet despite Laharl pulling down a consistent 17% in his last two R1s it looks like most people are only taking Disgaea for 10% or so. I've got to think the game can look a little bit more respectable.

And... that's about all I have to say! Numbers =

Super Smash Bros. Melee - 47.49%
Zelda: Wind Waker - 27.75%
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - 13.25%
Fire Emblem - 11.52%

Go Melee! ...sort of!

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
Lopen | Posted 4/29/2009 11:36:15 PM | message detail | filter | #407

Dammit. We lost. At least three people called me their hero though. Lopen 3 rest of crew 0.
Basically better than the two points at this point!
No problem! This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
Master Moltar | Posted 4/30/2009 2:05:05 AM | message detail | filter | #408
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
transience | Posted 4/30/2009 2:09:05 AM | message detail | filter | #409
dammit HM is pulling away from me
Lopen | Posted 4/30/2009 2:09:36 AM | message detail | filter | #410
Gimme my point Moltar damn you

I need it for today's match to be "free"..!
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/30/2009 5:21:28 AM | message detail | filter | #411
Some Disgaea underestimation here!

LeonhartFour | Posted 4/30/2009 6:48:29 AM | message detail | filter | #412
ZFS | Posted 4/30/2009 7:22:29 AM | message detail | filter | #413
Guess I should have expected Fire Emblem to hurt because of all the Nintendo in the poll. Kinda surprised that Disgaea is doing as well as it is.

(lol zelda)

LeonhartFour | Posted 4/30/2009 7:27:14 AM | message detail | filter | #414
Fire Emblem and Disgaea are both holding up better than I expected, almost entirely at TWW's expense.

LOL Zelda indeed
Master Moltar | Posted 4/30/2009 8:34:43 AM | message detail | delete | filter | #415
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.....................27.43% 32473
Grand Theft Auto III..................................22.11% 26175
Halo: Combat Evolved..............................25.82% 30573
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic......24.65% 29184
TOTAL VOTES...................................................118405

Matches Completely Correct - 12
Matches Partially Correct - 11
Matches Completely Wrong - 0

What Happened - woah close match. Every game ends up in the 20% range, with D2 and Halo taking the top spots. D2 had first the entire match, but it took the ASV for Halo to beat KotOR.

Why it Happened - Buncha weak games if KotOR can do this well here. Halo/KotOR split was also pretty harsh. GTA3 ends up looking bad (making Prime look even worse augh).

What Will Happen - Without KotOR, does Halo have a free pass in R2?

Crew Prediction Challenge - Guest gets a point.

Tran - 14
HM - 14
Guest - 14
Moltar - 11
Ed - 10
Leon - 10
Lopen - 10

Crew Accuracy Challenge - HM gets the point for Halo, Moltar gets the point for D2, Leon gets the point for GTA3, and HM gets the point for KotOR.

Moltar - 24
HM - 22
Tran - 16
Leon - 12
Lopen - 10
Guest (Luster, Zylo (3), HaRR, Kleenex, Soul, TRT, KP, Chaotic) - 10
Ed - 10
Moltar Status: ahh, there you are
Match 24 - Bracket: SSBM > WW - Vote: SSBM (65/92)
Applekidjosh | Posted 4/30/2009 8:42:56 AM | message detail | filter | #416
now that's an upset special lopen!

I seem to have prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, and now I have a bit of a mess on my hands
The Mana Sword | Posted 4/30/2009 8:45:38 AM | message detail | filter | #417
I'd be upset too if I made predictions like that.
--- work!
BDawg | Posted 4/30/2009 9:52:24 AM | message detail | filter | #418
I guess Pokemon R/B/Y's super high percentage was a fluke with all that Nintendo in there. No wait I mean Pokemon>Smash Bros. CONFIRMED. Disgaea actually capitalized on the splits although it just shows how low the bar is when 16% is good. People are hating on Wind Waker pretty bad but who knows, this might actually be enough to advance past the two from the fourpack of mediocrity.
Should I start running now?
LeonhartFour | Posted 4/30/2009 11:54:38 AM | message detail | filter | #419
Yeah, I think some of these recent matches have kinda watered down R/B/Y's performance a bit, but it's still impressive.
Master Moltar | Posted 4/30/2009 9:15:23 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #420
Division 7: Round 1 - Match 25 – God of War vs. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas vs. Tales of Symphonia vs. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Moltar’s Analysis

God of War
2004 Results: N/A

Not Gears of War

2004 Results: N/A

Another GTA in a debated match…

2004 Results: N/A

Inferior beings!

2004 Results: N/A

Morrowind did fine, will Oblivion deliver?

Wow, this is tough. You could make an argument for all four games here. Well, first let’s look at some past stats for these competitors.

I said, first let’s look at some past stats for these competitors!


Assisstant: Moltar, none of the games left were in the 2004 contest…because they were released after it!

Moltar: No stats?!?!

Now what am I supposed to do? Well, San Andreas should be the strongest game here. Yes, a four-pack where the GTA actually looks to be the strongest. That’s how you know a group is weak. GTA3 didn’t turn any heads, and Vice City did okay, but SA should be the strongest GTA game on the site. Not only did it have the best sales by a good amount, but most fans of the series point to this one as their favorite.

ToS has a shot at second, but…it’s ToS. It does stand out here…but it’s ToS. Tales isn’t really known as series to step up. Granted it should do alright here, and depending on how weak GoW and Oblivion end up being, it may see the light of Round 2.

God of War…I have it in my bracket, but I just don’t know. Kratos has looked good in 1v1 matches, but he hasn’t impressed in four-ways. Even worse, the GoW series has never looked to be all that strong. It’s kind of like Dante/DMC and Ryu/NG (or for non-action series, Samus/Metroid ;_;). The main characters of the series has strength, most likely because of their cool design, but the games themselves aren’t that strong. Maybe it can prove us wrong here though.

So after Morrowind’s performance, I like Oblivion to take second here. 17% with FFX and MGS2 in the poll is impressive to me, and Oblivion should only be stronger than that.

Moltar’s Bracket Says: GTA:SA > God of War

Moltar’s Prediction is: GTA:SA: 32% - Oblivion: 27% - God of War: 22% - ToS: 19%

Heroic Mario’s Analysis


We've been going through a bad stretch of games lately, and today's is probably on par with the Diablo match in terms of 'who cares.' But, hey, the last two matches in this division get us back to the good stuff, so we just have to suffer through for a while!

I'm not expecting anything eventful with this group. San Andreas shouldn't have any problem taking a win, or in the worst case scenario a close second. It's the most popular Grand Theft Auto game and we saw Vice City beat Metroid Prime earlier -- it's not going to be completely weak here.

The fight for second is a little more interesting, but after seeing Morrowind impress in its match, it's hard to see anything but it coming in second. The only chance of it not happening is if God of War goes against every poll its been in and manages to have some real strength. I'm not banking on it despite it being my favorite game in this match. If it does manage to be on par with Kratos, though, watch out.

As far as Tales goes, it's the only Nintendo-centric option in the poll, meaning it has a nice standout factor going for it. I don't think it's going to have a shot at advancing, but it might be able to steal third. At the least, it'll manage a respectable fourth.

San Andreas -- 31%
Oblivion -- 27%
God of War -- 22%
Tales of Symphonia -- 20%

Bracket: San Andreas > Oblivion
Favorites: God of War > Tales of Symphonia
Master Moltar | Posted 4/30/2009 9:15:41 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #421
Lopen’s Analysis

Remember what I've been saying about GTA? GTA3: San Andreas will be the strongest offering of the series, and it should easily get first here. Despite what GTA3 did, GTA: Vice City looked pretty good and these three games are not even close to Halo/D2/KotoR strengthwise.

As for second place... the consensus seems to be God of War. I can't disagree, I've got it in my bracket too. I don't think this is a match that isn't at all worthy of debate, though. God of War has never looked good in polls other than Kratos... and God of War might have its casual support nuked by GTA... and Kratos definitely strikes me as a character like Dante that is probably stronger than his games.

On the other hand, Tales of Symphonia actually did look pretty good when the game was in polls. It beat Paper Mario and while Metroid Prime 2 beat it, it wasn't by that much. It'll have that fanatical cult RPG backing, and the sore thumb factor of being the only Nintendo rep here. Oblivion... well, it's not fodder, and it might not need to be too far from it to beat God of War based on what we've seen from the game in polls, and you know... ToS is ToS. On the other hand, Morrowind didn't too terribly, but 16% isn't that great either.

Eh, let's do this! I'm taking Tales of Symphonia (oh yeah it won't burn me AGAIN) here more out of skepticism of the other two games than me thinking it will be terribly strong. Raw bias at work here, along with the idea that no one in the crew is going to go with it. Not confident in this one at all-- I think any of the games could take it. Let's go Symphonia do something marginally impressive for once in your life!

Lopen's Prediction:
GTA: San Andreas – 37.03%
Tales of Symphonia – 21.07%
God of War – 20.96%
Oblivion – 20.94%

Transience’s Analysis

Most of my crewmates are going to pick Oblivion for second place. They'll say GOW has a chance but that it's never done anything impressive in polls.

I'm gonna one-up them.

Let me preface this by saying that I think San Andreas is the strongest GTA game by a decent bit. I don't think they're *that* far apart, but SA is the game that has the highest ceiling - it's the one that gets talked about the most and has had one of the most impressive FAQ runs ever. It had easily the highest position on The List. GTA's fallen off the map some, but I think SA is a game that might buck that trend. It should have some decent strength.

But I don't think it can beat Oblivion.

GameFAQs has been an RPG site first and foremost for the entirety of its life. With Japanese RPGs going extinct, many people have turned to Western RPGs; Bethesda has become the new Square. Last week we saw Morrowind do pretty damn well against some vaunted competition - MGS2 and FFX. Sure, it didn't threaten for second place, but it wasn't even supposed to contend for third and it nearly doubled that. Two days ago, we saw KOTOR, another WRPG with a lot of similarities to Oblivion, do better than anybody could have reasonably expected. A few months ago, we saw Fallout 3, essentially a new IP to most GameFAQs members, stand tall against two giants on this site, Smash Bros. and Metal Gear Solid.

Oblivion's no Fallout 3, but it's not that far behind either.

It's got great reviews. Previous polls have been kind to it and Fallout 3's mega-popularity has done well for it. It's got one of the best My Games numbers around, impressive for a game that came out before SB introduced the feature. We've seen the site shift towards the 360 bigtime in recent years. But most importantly, there is a pretty big audience for WRPGs these days. I bet Oblivion could take FF12 just because that audience is bigger than the new Square audience these days. People love this stuff.
Master Moltar | Posted 4/30/2009 9:16:27 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #422
And it's gonna beat GTA convincingly.

transience's prediction:

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - 32%
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 28%
God of War - 23%
Tales of Symphonia - 17%

Leon’s Analysis

God of War: Action games just don’t seem to be that popular on GameFAQs. Kratos himself is strong, but his games don’t seem like they are. It seems to be the same way with Dante. He’s very popular, but the Devil May Cry series isn’t. It’s strange because you’d think that if the characters were popular, the games would be more popular just based on the nature of the games themselves. Anyway, God of War couldn’t even beat Mario Kart DS back in 2005 (Admittedly, this doesn’t look QUITE as bad anymore), and Resident Evil 4 owned it. I originally had this game in second place, but I just don’t think it’s got enough to do it.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: San Andreas may be the only Grand Theft Auto game to get past the first round (although GTA IV seems pretty safe at this point). If this contest were held five years ago, they’d all probably be in the second round at least. Times have changed. Despite how far the series has fallen, San Andreas really shouldn’t have that much trouble here. It’s facing a bunch of lower tier games. It’d be one of the biggest choke jobs in the contest if San Andreas failed to advance here, and it’d be a pretty disappointing performance if it didn’t win this match outright.

Tales of Symphonia: What is it about Tales of Symphonia getting put into positions where it teases you with the possibility of victory? I refused to let myself pick this game to advance because Kratos has burned me twice before. I honestly think this game CAN advance just due to the nature of its competition, and it should be stronger than any of the characters, but…I remain naturally skeptical until it gives me reason not to be. God of War and Oblivion aren’t staggering competition by any means, so I doubt Tales of Symphonia gets blown out here. It should do decently overall, but I’m NOT picking it to advance! No, sir!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: I’m reluctantly taking this game to finish second in this poll. Back in 2006, it did decently in the polls it appeared in. It came close to Kingdom Hearts II in the Game-of-the-Year-so-far poll in late May, and it didn’t finish too far behind FFXII and Gears of War of the GOTY final. I’m trying to compare performances between Oblivion and God of War from their GOTY polls, and I think Oblivion’s is slightly better. I honestly don’t feel good about any of these games’ chances of finishing second behind San Andreas. It’s up for grabs, in my opinion.

Leonhart’s Vote: Tales of Symphonia! Games with Presea > Games without Presea!

Leonhart’s Prediction:

God of War – 22.01%
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 34.75%
Tales of Symphonia – 20.13%
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – 23.11%

Ed Bellis’s Analysis

Hastily written analysis ahoy! Any of these games could theoretically move on. Except Symphonia. >_>

In my original bracket I had God of War over San Andreas, and I’ll be sticking with that… except reversed. GTA’s been impressing all contest, and it stands to reason that San Andreas would be the strongest in the series. Oblivion could upset here if God of War tanks, which… isn’t outside the realm of possibility. And nobody cares about ToS outside of Board 8.

I expect this to be another Halo/Diablo II/GTA3/KOTOR match, with no game having a clear advantage over the others.

Prediction: driving sim ahoy
God of War with 25.66%
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with 30.01%
Tales of Symphonia with 19.52%
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with 24.81%
Master Moltar | Posted 4/30/2009 9:16:41 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #423
Guest’s Analysis - KamikazePotato

God of War has no shot here. I’ve been saying this from the first day, and I’m still surprised at how many people picked it in first. Every single action game, be it Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, or God of War has always stunk up every PotD or GotY poll they’ve been in. Why people expect God of War to automatically have strength based on Kratos is beyond me. We’ve seen so many examples of games=/=characters, the most relevant one for this match being Dante, who is leagues above his games. And now it’s stuck with two other casual games that sold more than it? Yeah, God of War takes a comfortable fourth place for this match.

I think San Andreas is safe for first place. It’s going to be stronger than Vice City, if not by much, and Vice City did just beat Metroid Prime. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oblivion impressed enough to upset it, but I doubt it happens.

Oblivion is pretty much a lock for at least second place. It’s already had strong PotD and GotY showings, and Morrowind just impressed. Morrowind. How many people on GameFAQs have even played Morrowind? Oblivion was just given a very good floor to work with, and it’s going to capitalize on it nicely. And that should be that…



Tales of Symphonia stands out like nuts here. It’s got by far the most dedicated fans (how else would we get someone like Zelos Wilder in, seriously), and by far the most unique fans. Cult Nintendo RPG vs. Casual, Casual, and Casual? It’s going to benefit quite a bit from that.

We’ve already seen precedents for Tales of Symphonia impressing. KOTOR just went toe-to-toe with a game it had absolutely no business being close to, 5 years after it got its face kicked in by Vice City, beating GTAIII in the process. Disgaea was given some Sore Thumb Factor to work with, and probably ends up above 15% by the end of the match.

You’re telling me Disgaea can nab 15% against three games much tougher than the three here, and Tales of Symphonia isn’t going to shoot for the moon? Sorry, but I’m siding with The Game That Was Popular On Board 8 For 2 Months.

San Andreas: 28%
Tales of Symphonia: 25.6%
Oblivion: 25.4%
God of War: 22%

Crew Consensus: So we have SA > Oblivion, SA > ToS, SA > GoW and Oblivion > SA, geez
KleenexTissue50 | Posted 4/30/2009 9:17:24 PM | message detail | filter | #424
I like the way transience thinks.
In-de-structable. Nothing's gonna stop me now.
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/30/2009 9:21:06 PM | message detail | filter | #425
I honestly think tranny's outcome is the most plausible outcome here.

Ed Bellis | Posted 4/30/2009 9:32:15 PM | message detail | filter | #426
the hell is this
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transients | Posted 4/30/2009 9:55:43 PM | message detail | filter | #427
wait did two people pick TOS
red sox 777 | Posted 4/30/2009 9:57:32 PM | message detail | filter | #428
Lopen evidently didn't realize KP was doing the guest analysis today.
Link he come to town to win the Gamefaqs Contests.
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/30/2009 10:00:27 PM | message detail | filter | #429
Lopen Upset Special = DENIED

Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/30/2009 10:18:46 PM | message detail | filter | #430
Leaving for Wolverine pretty soon here, so had no choice but to get this written up early (?!) tonight. Shocking, I know!

Ngamer's Rebellious Writeup

Well, what can you say about this result? Strong showing from Melee, including a fantastic ASV that pushed it up to over 65% directly on Wind Waker, but... I don't think anyone was all THAT surprised to see it happen. FE had trouble as expected, and so pretty much the only thing to note is that I was correct in suspecting a STF-boosted good showing from Disgaea. (As usual though I wish I'd had more confidence in my hunch and boosted its number in my Oracle.) Anyways, a final score like this might mean good things for next round: Melee will clearly be the runaway winner, but with Halo and Diablo apparently being as weak as KotOR, it seems very possible that a weakened Wind Waker will be right in the mix with them for 2nd place. Could be the best fatal threeway of the round!

Now then, tonight is one of those rare matches that makes me appreciate how enjoyable R1 4way matches can be. Okay sure, none of these games are all that strong, but if the end result is a cluster of a foursome as wild as the one we saw two days ago, I can't say I mind! My fellow Crewmates have done a fine job of pointing out the pros and cons for all four games, but since this is the first time all season where I've honestly felt (pre-battle) that EVERY game has a good chance of advancing, I'm excited enough to add some bullet points of my own.

* I've always been firm in my SA > VC > 3 > 4 belief, and I still stand by that. however we've already seen that when it came to the casual voters Halo was GTA's perfect poison, and I think there's a good chance GoW does something similar. so I'd be VERY surprised if GTA ran away with this one, and could easily see it falling to second

* DMC not managing to get a single game into the bracket (come on, even MEGA MAN got three!) really shook my faith in action titles on this site, and has been pointed out it would just make sense for Kratos to be >> GoW in the same way that Dante >> DMC. I did still end up taking God of War in my bracket, but that was only out of a total lack of respect for TES. but now...

* you've got to be more than a little scared of Oblivion after seeing that Morrowind showing, don't you? okay so it was only 17%, but that nearly doubled Silent Hill (which shouldn't be pathetically weak in this format) and that was just a crazy-powerful 4 pack all around, PLUS it was having to contend with the most dominant RPG of the past 11 years. when you consider that Oblivion beats Morrowind in pretty much every area and that TES once again gets the advantage of being the only Xbox or PC option, you've got to love its chances to place (or very possibly win outright). sorry, bracket!

* as much as I despise everything Tales Of not even I can count this game out entirely. Lloyd and ToS in general seem to be able to put up 20%ish pretty consistently, and with no one here being a powerhouse and the Nintendo/non-American sore thumb advantage, it certainly has some things working in its favor. but, we ALWAYS say this about ToS, and it ALWAYS finds a way to come up just short. I've been stung by that dumb game too many times to let it happen again- kill it, kill it!

BOLD prediction: expect another super cool start near the 25/25/25/25 mark for this one, thanks to ToS's strong B8 support and GTA being so weak in the first couple hours. But when the dust settles, here are the percentages you're going to see:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 30.50%
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - 27.47%
God of War - 22.42%
Tales of Symphonia - 19.61%

You can bet on it! (just... don't ask me for a repayment afterwards)

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
Lopen | Posted 4/30/2009 10:28:23 PM | message detail | filter | #431
What in the goddamn

KP never ceases to amaze. SA > ToS outnumbers SA > GoW ^5 KP. Though tranny's outcome totally blindsided me. How many times has he actually called for a straight out upset I mean really.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
The Real Truth | Posted 4/30/2009 10:36:10 PM | message detail | filter | #432
I don't even like GoW, but how people can think it will do so badly blows my mind. GoW will take second guys.
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KamikazePotato | Posted 4/30/2009 10:38:12 PM | message detail | filter | #433
Lopen | Posted 4/30/2009 10:39:44 PM | message detail | filter | #434
5 mice one for each Oblivion picker m i rite.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
transients | Posted 4/30/2009 10:40:19 PM | message detail | filter | #435
you think I just follow the crowd? ha!
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/30/2009 10:41:27 PM | message detail | filter | #436
No, tranny.

We think you RUN after the crowd. Desperately seeking other's peoples opinions. Going the way of the cookie cutter.

can we please start this match already I'm starting to post dumb things out of sleep deprivation

MetricTrout | Posted 4/30/2009 10:50:20 PM | message detail | filter | #437
Why does everyone have Tales of Symphonia so high? It looks like random RPG fodder to me.
I, like clockwork, have been humiliated by hochiminh
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Lopen | Posted 4/30/2009 10:54:32 PM | message detail | filter | #438

Hail the almighty. If it can get 25% against Metroid Prime, Paper Mario, and the Gamecube job squad, it can manage 22% here easy!
No problem!
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MetricTrout | Posted 4/30/2009 10:56:38 PM | message detail | filter | #439
... Mario Power Tennis should have won that poll.
I, like clockwork, have been humiliated by hochiminh
Hochiminh is better than me. I was a numbskull for thinking I could defy Him.
Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/30/2009 11:10:24 PM | message detail | filter | #440
Tales of Symphonia in FIRST? The strongest GTA game of them all in last... by 6 1/2 percent?

What, did someone decide to just devote the entire remainder of the season to kicking Metroid Prime in the testicles?

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
MetricTrout | Posted 4/30/2009 11:12:19 PM | message detail | filter | #441
I, like clockwork, have been humiliated by hochiminh
Hochiminh is better than me. I was a numbskull for thinking I could defy Him.
Lopen | Posted 4/30/2009 11:14:03 PM | message detail | filter | #442
I friggin love this poll

Don't die, Lloyd
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/30/2009 11:15:33 PM | message detail | filter | #443
I'm going to get the accuracy point for ToS



Lopen | Posted 4/30/2009 11:17:32 PM | message detail | filter | #444
Hail to the prophet KP

Dammit if only I'd one upped your madness I would look like a prophet right now
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!
paulg235 | Posted 4/30/2009 11:19:46 PM | message detail | filter | #445
Just checking for confirmation: I'm doing the guest analysis for the GOW/KH2/RE4/SoC match, right?
The Gamer In Me
transience | Posted 4/30/2009 11:39:17 PM | message detail | filter | #446
wow, I went the lowest on TOS? I thought I was giving it healthy respect here. huh.

lol gta
The Real Truth | Posted 4/30/2009 11:41:47 PM | message detail | filter | #447
Really weird match here. I don't expect it to stay but this is funny.
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Master Moltar | Posted 5/1/2009 2:02:00 AM | message detail | delete | filter | #448
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness....................15.13% 17802
Fire Emblem........................................10.87% 12788
Super Smash Bros. Melee.....................48.58% 57151
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker....25.42% 29912
TOTAL VOTES.................................................117653

Matches Completely Correct - 13
Matches Partially Correct - 11
Matches Completely Wrong - 0

What Happened - The expected happened. SSBM dominated WW. SSBM looked great at first, but the night vote really brought it down. It did recover nicely with the ASV.

Why it Happened - Disgaea looks good here because of the Nintendo love-fest. WW looks bad because of the Melee love-fest.

What Will Happen - D2/Halo/Melee/WW - After today WW only looks worse to advance.

Crew Prediction Challenge - hey lopen how'd fire emblem work out

Tran - 15
HM - 15
Guest - 15
Moltar - 12
Ed - 11
Leon - 11
Lopen - 10

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Moltar and Tran get points for Melee, Tran gets the point for WW, Lopen gets the point for Disgaea, and Moltar gets the point for FE

Moltar - 26
HM - 22
Tran - 18
Leon - 12
Lopen - 11
Guest (Luster, Zylo (3), HaRR, Kleenex, Soul, TRT, KP, Chaotic) - 10
Ed - 10
Moltar Status: ahh, there you are
Match 25 - Bracket: GTA:SA > GoW - Vote: ToS (69/96)
Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 5/1/2009 2:29:07 AM | message detail | filter | #449
Gracious sakes, 3.5 hours in and all four games could still finish in literally any order. (Yes, I'm not even counting out GTA entirely- its gotten through its worst two hours and there isn't going to be a Halo around this time to completely nullify its ASV.)

I've never seen anything like this!

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
Lopen | Posted 5/1/2009 2:33:32 AM | message detail | filter | #450
Yeah I think SA's upset potential is being overlooked here too.

As for me, give me God of War > Symphonia as the probable result right now.
No problem!
This is a cute and pop genocide of love!