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Best Game Ever 2 Contest Analysis Crew (Part Two)

ZFS | Posted 4/26/2009 12:41:52 AM | message detail | filter | #301
Not much worse than Half-Life, honestly, and there's no reason for HL to have suffered here.

red sox 777 | Posted 4/26/2009 12:43:25 AM | message detail | filter | #302
It got a similar percentage to what Half-Life is getting here, while being SFF'd (or LFF'd at any rate) by Mario Kart 64.
Link he come to town to win the Gamefaqs Contests.
Master Moltar | Posted 4/26/2009 12:20:51 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #303
Final Fantasy VIII.....43.91% 52918
SoulCalibur...............15.4% 18562
Starcraft..................27.89% 33616
Xenogears.................12.8% 15423
TOTAL VOTES...................120519

Matches Completely Correct - 10
Matches Partially Correct - 9
Matches Completely Wrong - 0

What Happened - FF8/Starcraft turns out to be a drag, as Starcraft shows that it's nowhere near FF8 in strength.

Why it Happened - No one was expected Starcraft to be as strong as it was in 2004, but many expected it to have enough strength to challenge FF8. Turns out FF8 isn't that hated after-all. Starcraft has probably fallen all the way to midcarder, while FF8 looks to be a Top 15 or 20 game (yeah, we've had a lot of those the past few days).

What Will Happen - Depending on how static Starcraft's percentage is, FF8 looks like it can get to Round 3.

Crew Prediction Challenge - 3 members get points, HM, Leon, and the Guest.

Tran - 12
HM - 12
Guest - 11
Moltar - 9
Ed - 8
Lopen - 8
Leon - 8

Crew Accuracy Challenge - HM gets a point for Starcraft, TRT gets a point for FF8, Leon gets a point for Soul Calibur, and Tran gets a point for Xenogears

Moltar - 19
HM - 17
Tran - 15
Lopen - 10
Leon - 10
Guest (Luster, Zylo (3), HaRR, Kleenex, Soul, TRT) - 8
Ed - 7
Moltar Status: ahh, there you are
Match 20 - Bracket: OoT > HL - Vote: OoT (56/76)
LeonhartFour | Posted 4/26/2009 2:18:59 PM | message detail | filter | #304
There's only so weak you should be willing to put Half-Life. OoT is getting almost the same % FF7 did against tougher competition. That just says Advantage OoT to me.

I said in my write-up that OoT could do as well as FFVII here, and I wouldn't be surprised nor would I begin to favor OoT > FFVII.
Master Moltar | Posted 4/26/2009 8:53:55 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #305
Division 6: Round 1 - Match 21 – Final Fantasy X vs. Metal Gear Solid 2 vs. Silent Hill 2 vs. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Moltar’s Analysis

2004 Results: Won in Round 1 against Shenmue
Won in Round 2 against Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Lost in Round 3 against Super Smash Bros. Melee

Tidus almost beat the entire Nintendo cast (in Melee)!

2004 Results: Lost in Round 1 against Super Smash Bros. Melee

All about naked cartwheels and needing scissors and incest

Silent Hill 2
2004 Results: N/A


2004 Results: N/A


*We now interrupt this regularly scheduled analysis with something that should have been posted…yesterday.*

Previously, the Captain of Squad 7, Cloud Strife, was informed of the encounters between Mario, Link, and the other Captains. They had been sent out because of a tip that the Land of Nintendo was planning an attack on the Land of Cuadrado. Now, Link has arrived in Midgar.

A world united,
Becomes divided,
War starts without fail
Now witness the tale

5: One-Shot

*At the Midgar Docks*

Zidane: So, you arrived after all. Bad move, fools.

Goron: Yo who’s dis piece of ****?

Zelda: That’s Zidane Tribal, Captain of Squad 9 in the 13 Midgar Soldier Squads.

Zidane: That’s right, and I’m going to defeat you before you take one more step on our soil. ‘Torture, Kyu!’

*Zidane’s sword releases a shockwave that brings the Zelda crew to their knees*

Link: Lon Lon…Transform! *Link transforms into Goron Link and charges towards Zidane with ease*

Zidane: Wow, you must be strong to still be able to move. However, can you handle this. ‘Overlimit! Ultimo Fantasía, Kyu!’ *Zidane’s sword vanishes and appears as armor on his body*

*Zidane and Link then charge at each other, and Link’s sword slices through Zidane, downing him in one blow*

Zidane: Im…possible. He’s so…strong.

Link: I will not let anyone threaten my crew and get away with it. Now come on guys, let’s go to Centro Midgar. *Crew starts to leave*

Goron: *Passes by Zidane* Damn son, you suck.

*Hidden to the others, a black mage disappears from the scene.*

*Back at Midgar Tower*

Cloud: Yes…yes I understand. Thanks Lieutenant Vivi.

Tidus: Let me guess, Captain Tribal lost.

Cloud: Yes, Link is quite upset and is coming here.

Tidus: So first we get a message saying that Captain Ramza Beoluve and the Tactics Squad fell to the Hidden Mushroom Village, and now we’re hearing that the Captain of Squad 9 got beat by Link. This makes us look pretty bad.

Squall: Don’t forget that Mario and his squad, along with Link and his crew, are coming here. What are we going to do now? We can’t just let people from the land of Nintendo beat our men and do nothing about it.

Cloud: I know…send Squad 12 to try and stop Link. Send Squads 1 and 4 to stop Mario when he arrives.

Squall and Tidus: Right. *They leave*

Vincent: Captain, you look worried.

Tifa: Is there something wrong, Cloud?

Cloud: Whoever gave us that bad tip knew things were going to end up like this, with the countries fighting. I wonder…are we just being manipulated? For the sake of the world, I hope not.

~*To Be Continued*~

Easy match here. FFX is the strongest game here, and MGS2 is the next strongest game. TES and Silent Hill fight it out in a ‘who cares’ battle for third. Only things to note here is how much FFX and MGS2 can get, as well as the margin between the two. FF has been impressing so far, and X needs to show why many consider it the second strongest (as well as a strong candidate to make the finals).
Master Moltar | Posted 4/26/2009 8:54:12 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #306
Moltar’s Bracket Says: FFX > MGS2

Moltar’s Prediction is: FFX: 47% - MGS2: 33% - TES III: 11% - Silent Hill 2: 9%

Heroic Mario’s Analysis

Final Fantasy is on a roll lately -- FFVII rocks MK64/SF64, FFVIII dominates StarCraft, FFIX cruises past Half-Life -- and now it's what is likely the second strongest game in the series' turn. I don't think there's much debate as to how this one is going to go; instead, this is all about how big of a win FFX can get.

MGS2 is likely the weakest Metal Gear game in the contest, but at the same time, it's probably stronger than it was back in 2k4, where it managed to get something like 43% on Melee. I'm not sure what it comes out to be from my percentages, but I think FFX will pull down something close to what Melee did. Given the Metal Gear boost, and it being five years later, that'll be enough to ease any doubts that this game isn't as strong as we're thinking.

But, hey, I'll take a bigger blowout than that!

Final Fantasy X -- 46%
Metal Gear Solid 2 -- 33%
Silent Hill 2 -- 13%
Morrowind -- 8%

Bracket: Final Fantasy X > Metal Gear Solid 2
Favorites: Final Fantasy X > Metal Gear Solid 2

Lopen’s Analysis

Okay... I... I think I can analyze once more after that traumatic experience. I won't entirely count Starcraft out... remember momentum! Seeing TWO Final Fantasy games and a Zelda game in the poll with Starcraft will fuel all the momentum bringers next round... it is FFAQs and ZeldaFAQs that feed them... and if it gets the DOUBLE KILL against two FF games... who could say what that does for its momentum !! Well, onto this match... did the bracket really need TWO of those scroll games when awesome series like DMC couldn't even get one? I'll never understand.

Yeah, well, I think this'll be a unanimous match, and with good reasons probably. Final Fantasy X tore up that game of the century poll (I think it's being a bit overhyped because of that, though, but this match will help answer that) and Final Fantasy has just been on a tear in general. Though MGS did pretty well for itself, too. It'll be interesting to see how well MGS2 does here to gauge FFX and maybe even MGS2's upset chances next round with Kingdom Hearts presumably in the fray. I think it'll look good here.

And the other two games are weak fodder. The end.

Lopen's Prediction:
Final Fantasy X – 43.10%
Metal Gear Solid 2 – 39.61%
The Wall Scrolls – 10.02%
Silent Hill 2 – 7.27%

Transience’s Analysis

Another day, another Final Fantasy game. Fortunately, Square's dominance is coming to an end and we can get on to Other Games.

This match is probably the worst of the contest. SH2 and Morrowind are going to be weak, MGS2 should do alright and FFX should be in great shape to dominate after the last two days. It's going to be tough to draw too many conclusions here. We might as well just skip this day. The only thing to keep our eyes on is how close MGS2 is to FFX, and even then it's tough to tell if one is impressing or if one's bombing.


transience's prediction:

Final Fantasy X - 49%
Metal Gear Solid 2 - 33%
Silent Hill 2 - 8%
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - 10%

Leon’s Analysis

Final Fantasy X: The best game ever is ready to rock! This game has seemingly only gotten better with age. Nearly a quarter of the vote in that Game of the Century poll is nothing to sneeze at, even if it is the only Square option. It’s still facing a bunch of popular GOTY winners, so to have nearly one-fourth of those voters say FFX is the best out of seven is impressive. I don’t think it’ll have too much trouble taking first place here. MGS2 is its only competition, and while the series has gone up in strength since the last time we saw it, I don’t think it’ll be enough here.
Master Moltar | Posted 4/26/2009 8:55:06 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #307
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: This game is a lock to advance to the second round, and I’m hesitant to say that it’s a lock for second place because of all the wackiness we’ve seen so far, but it seems to be nearly a lock. It could surprise me, but I don’t see it happening. I just couldn’t see it doing as well as Final Fantasy X did in that Game of the Century poll.

Silent Hill 2: I suppose Silent Hill 2 is in a battle for third place here. I think both it and Morrowind are going to be fighting for a small percentage of the pie because FFX and MGS2 are just that much more popular than these two. Silent Hill fans seem to be pretty fanatical, too, after seeing what Pyramid Head has done, and the series didn’t do too badly in the Series Contest, so I think it’ll take third place here.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: I don’t know much about the Elder Scrolls series, but from what I do know, it’s not the kind of game that GameFAQs likes. The series got doubled by Street Fighter, something that’s looking worse and worse by the day, it seems. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it got third because I really have no idea what to expect from it or Silent Hill 2, but I’m pegging Morrowind to get last place here.

Leonhart’s Vote: Final Fantasy X, best game ever!

Leonhart’s Prediction:

Final Fantasy X – 44.44%
Metal Gear Solid 2 – 35.11%
Silent Hill 2 – 12.99%
Morrowind – 7.46%

Ed Bellis’s Analysis

This match sucks. The placings (at least the ones that matter) are all but guaranteed, something we haven’t seen since FF1/SMW. Final Fantasy X, barring some sort of strange, unprecedented site shift, gets first here; Metal Gear Solid 2 takes second.. The other two games… who cares, really. How you guys can string three paragraphs out of these matches mystifies me. >_>

nobody expects fanfiction

“Auron,” Tidus said, “do you think love can blossom, even on the battlefield?”

“I’m far too stoic to think such things,” Auron said. “Although back in my day, I busted out the hot dickings like nobody’s business. So I guess that’s a ‘yes’ from me.”

“Kevin Nash, do you think love can blossom, even on the battlefield?”

“Well,” Kevin Nash said. Then he tore his quad.

Prediction: what
Final Fantasy X with 50%
Metal Gear Solid 2 with 35%
Silent Hill 2 with 9%
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with 6%

Guest’s Analysis - Chaotic Mind

Alright, my first guest write-up for the Crew! Too bad it's for a boring match, but oh well i'll take what i can get. So we have

Final Fantasy X - 2001 Game of the Year winner. 2007 Game of the Century winner. By far the highest ownership/playrate on GameFAQs' My Games section i've seen so far, with nearly 4000 (Final Fantasy VII has only ~2800). Yeah, this game obviously takes first place despite being an overrated piece of garbage (lol opinions).
Master Moltar | Posted 4/26/2009 8:55:33 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #308
Metal Gear Solid 2 - The second, and IMO best, entry in the Metal Gear series (MGS is augh, but i'm definitely in the minority with that one). Though i've yet to finish MGS3 and have never touched 4, so who knows. Anyway, Metal Gear is one of the biggest franchises here, though MGS2 is supposedly not as loved as the rest of the series because you play mostly as Raiden instead of Snake. Despite that, it'll cruise to an easy 2nd place finish, because the next two games are going to look like fodder against the first two powerhouses.

Silent Hill 2 - The supposed best entry in the Silent Hill survival/horror series. I've never played any of 'em, but if the movie's any indication this series should be far better than Resident Evil in terms of quality horror. Unfortunately, it's far worse than RE in terms of popularity, and RE isn't even that popular outside of RE4. SH2 gets killed here i expect.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - A western RPG for the Xbox and PC. Normally i'd take a PC game to finish dead last here, at least 3% behind even SH2. Being on the Xbox as well should help it somewhat, but it really wasn't very popular even in its heyday. I'll still take it for last, though fairly close to SH2.

Final Fantasy X - 50.00%
Metal Gear Solid 2 - 32.00%
Silent Hill 2 - 9.50%
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - 8.50%

Bracket: FFX>MGS2
Vote: Metal Gear Solid 2

Crew Consensus: FFX > MGS2 yawn
transience | Posted 4/26/2009 9:00:53 PM | message detail | filter | #309
wow, we really mailed it in here!
Ed Bellis | Posted 4/26/2009 9:01:24 PM | message detail | filter | #310
speak for yourself my eloquent writeup took me all day
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ZFS | Posted 4/26/2009 9:07:04 PM | message detail | filter | #311
Fortunately, Square's dominance is coming to an end and we can get on to Other Games.

unfortunate more like

transience | Posted 4/26/2009 9:08:42 PM | message detail | filter | #312
final fantasy vs. three Specks of Dust more at 12
KleenexTissue50 | Posted 4/26/2009 9:09:28 PM | message detail | filter | #313
Speck of Dust for CB8
In-de-structable. Nothing's gonna stop me now.
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/26/2009 9:11:05 PM | message detail | filter | #314
If I was any of you, I would've taken MGS2>FFX.

The 1% chance of that happening is more likely than me predicting the closest % in this sea of High-40/Mid-30/Single Digit/Double Digit predictions.

Lopen | Posted 4/26/2009 10:21:48 PM | message detail | filter | #315
Ed Bellis's write-up is awesome. Kevin Nash needs to appear in more write-ups.
No problem!
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Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/26/2009 10:22:27 PM | message detail | filter | #316
By far the highest ownership/playrate on GameFAQs' My Games section i've seen so far, with nearly 4000 (Final Fantasy VII has only ~2800).

My Games Rankings
1 GTA4 6763
2 SSB Brawl 6336
3 MGS4 4848
4 Pokemon D/P 4423
5 CoD4 4326
6 Halo 3 3850
7 Assassin's Creed 3834
8 Zelda: TP 3303
9 Mario Kart 64 3081
10 FFX 2804
11 Oblivion 2696

These were collected three months ago so they're a little out of date, but yeah I'd say most of those other games should still be ahead of FFX.

Also notice that a TES game is one of the most-owned on the site- one of the reason I think the Crew is underestimating the series here...

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
transience | Posted 4/26/2009 10:32:41 PM | message detail | filter | #317
Kart 64's that high? how random.
Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/26/2009 10:39:11 PM | message detail | filter | #318
It's not THAT random... SMK is also owned by only a tiny bit less than Super Metroid; if you worked out the percentages it matched their final % on each other almost perfectly. SMK and MK64 and just beasts, that's all!

The Guru ROCKS, son!
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transience | Posted 4/26/2009 10:40:34 PM | message detail | filter | #319
that doesn't surprise me.. beating out OOT does.
transience | Posted 4/26/2009 10:43:01 PM | message detail | filter | #320
Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/26/2009 10:45:31 PM | message detail | filter | #321
Well, dang, not sure what I meant that to be instead... I'll look into it, but first this Crew writeup!

The Guru ROCKS, son!
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Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/26/2009 11:03:33 PM | message detail | filter | #322
Ngamer's Rebellious Writeup

Ack, darn you HL! Making me look like a fool over here. The sad thing is that my writeup last night wasn't just me grasping at straws in the hopes of one-upping the rest of the Crew; I honestly expected the Valve fanbase to be more static and with HL being in a perfect position where it didn't need a very high percent, I was sure it would be quite close with FF9 in the end. Looking at it now though... actually this poll is massively popular, looking like it's going to end at around 134k which smashes the old record for the season. And HL1 did pretty well for itself when you take that into consideration- it's going to end with 20k votes, which is only a little down from the 22k Gordon pulled in that Samus/Vincent/Ganon match I was pointing back to. Ah well; on the plus side today's result makes me glad for two reasons: because I have Ocarina > FF7, and because I have FF12 > HL2 in a few days here!

Regarding this upcoming battle, I think the Crew has gotten way too spoiled these days. FFX vs MGS2 is exactly the kind of match you'd normally expect from the second round of a traditional 1v1 bracket, yet all I hear is shouts of "boooooring" just because we know how the top two are going to place? Even if that's the case (which I'll agree it is), this should still serve as a pretty good indicator of the legit strength of both games, considering the other two options shouldn't hurt one more than another.

But yeah, 48 hours ago we'd seen FF6 underperform by something like 4%, FF7 go under expectations by 2 (and fail to double MK64 in the process), and FFT flat out bomb in what was supposed to be a competitive match, and I was just about to stick a fork in the FF series for '09. But these FF8 and FF9 showings have been way way better than I was thinking (so good in fact that they might nearly cancel each other out next round!), and so I don't see any way that X doesn't show us more of the same tonight. Normally I'd try to make a case for MGS2- I think it's stronger than 3 and the MGS series is better-suited to 4ways than FF, but the trouble is that the other two games are going to offer so little competition that a good 75% of the vote is going to be up for grabs between the two of them, turning this into more of a 1v1 that X will surely win handily.

As for Morrowind, I think TES is kind of like Kart in that the whole series doesn't get a ton of love or respect but it does have two pretty strong individual games that stand to do better for themselves, and that should be enough to get it past SH. Which would give us something like:

Final Fantasy X - 40.16%
Metal Gear Solid 2 - 32.85%
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - 13.96%
Silent Hill 2 - 13.03%

I... like it!

The Guru ROCKS, son!
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MetricTrout | Posted 4/26/2009 11:06:09 PM | message detail | filter | #323
that kart number ain't right -

Maybe it was supposed to be Mario Kart Wii, not 64?
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Lopen | Posted 4/27/2009 12:04:01 AM | message detail | filter | #324
Disappointing show from MGS2
No problem!
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Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/27/2009 12:47:42 AM | message detail | filter | #325
Holy smokes, over 60% directly on MGS2 already? And with what ought to be extremely favorable Asian and Europe votes still to come? Am I ever glad I slotted this game into the Finals!

Getting back to my earlier list- yikes, I messed up quite a few entries! Had some data pulling from bad locations all over the place, should have noticed that earlier. Anyways I've pulled in all the latest data and so here's your FIXED and UPDATED rankings!

My Games Most Owned - The 2000 Club
1 GTA4 8465
2 SSB Brawl 7898
3 Pokemon D/P 5966
4 MGS4 5947
5 CoD4 5481
6 Halo 3 5347
7 Fallout 3 5168
8 Zelda: TP 4524
9 FFX 3966
10 Fable 2 3670
11 Oblivion 3533
12 GH3 3369
13 Resident Evil 4 3336
14 FF7 3120
15 Soul Calibur 4 3039
16 Mario Galaxy 3000
17 Kingdom Hearts 2 2930
18 Assassin's Creed 2919
19 Mass Effect 2888
20 SSB Melee 2858
21 Kingdom Hearts 2692
22 GTA: SA 2643
23 Zelda: Wind Waker 2573
24 Bioshock 2524
25 Pokemon R/B/Y 2446
26 Gears of War 2411
27 Wii Sports 2326
28 FF8 2313
29 Persona 3 2272
30 Gears of War 2 2252
31 Crisis Core 2186
32 FF9 2179
33 Ocarina of Time 2066
34 Chrono Trigger 2021

The Guru ROCKS, son!
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ZFS | Posted 4/27/2009 12:49:46 AM | message detail | filter | #326
31 Crisis Core 2186
33 Ocarina of Time 2066

great success

Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/27/2009 1:05:48 AM | message detail | filter | #327
Yeah, people seem to really hate adding My Games from the PSX/N64 era and back, for some reason. Final Fantasy can kind of get around that because people must gather all their FFs together and add them as a group or something.

Few other things:

- pretty impressive showings from Oblivion and Persona... maybe they can hold up better than I was expecting (certainly seems they'll have a chance if Morrowind today is any indication)
- what a shame that we weren't able to work GH3 (or anything else GH/RB) into the bracket- that's a heck of a total (it's between all 4 systems)
- surprised KH2 beats out KH so easily... maybe that will be the rare case of a sequel outdoing the original?
- nice total from Bioshock. why exactly did we call Portal > BS such a no-brainer?

The Guru ROCKS, son!
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Master Moltar | Posted 4/27/2009 1:14:24 AM | message detail | delete | filter | #328
Chrono Cross............................................10.32% 13840
Final Fantasy IX.........................................21.33% 28606
Half-Life....................................................14.56% 19522
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time..........53.79% 72119

Matches Completely Correct - 11
Matches Partially Correct - 9
Matches Completely Wrong - 0

What Happened - OoT takes first with better-than-expected numbers. FF9 takes second over Half-Life, which really disappoints here.

Why it Happened - With FF (save Tactics) impressing all over, and PC games not looking hot, FF9 became the favorite to take second. Still, we didn't think that HL would do that bad here.

What Will Happen - FF8/SC/FF9/OoT - FF8/FF9 split, what does this mean for SC?

Crew Prediction Challenge - Everyone gets points ('cept Lopen).

Tran - 13
HM - 13
Guest - 12
Moltar - 10
Ed - 9
Leon - 9
Lopen - 8

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Moltar and KP get points for Oot, Moltar gets the point for FF9, Ed gets the point for HL, and HM gets the point for CC.

Moltar - 21
HM - 18
Tran - 15
Lopen - 10
Leon - 10
Guest (Luster, Zylo (3), HaRR, Kleenex, Soul, TRT, KP) - 9
Ed - 8
Moltar Status: ahh, there you are
Match 21 - Bracket: FFX > MGS2 - Vote: MGS2 (58/80)
Lopen | Posted 4/27/2009 1:28:31 AM | message detail | filter | #329
Crew Prediction Challenge - Everyone gets points ('cept Lopen).

Hey? Why not? Zamza was my official analyst I delegated you really ought to count his analysis...!
No problem!
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Zamza | Posted 4/27/2009 1:29:50 AM | message detail | filter | #330
What a flawed first impression to not do that by default.

"Master" Moltar indeed.
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Zamza | Posted 4/27/2009 1:34:05 AM | message detail | filter | #331
And in being so imperfect you've impaired my mastery of the English language. I won't forget this "Master" Moltar.
I'm the most important member of GAMEFAQs, and they didn't even reserve an account for me!?!?
Chaotic Mind | Posted 4/27/2009 4:17:47 AM | message detail | filter | #332
Hey Ngamer, you left a game off that My Games list.

FF12 4282.

I really wish i would've consulted My Games when i was making my bracket. HL2 is doomed. And God of War is doomed too by the look of it. And probably a lot of other picks i made. Ah well, at least it looks like i'll be getting Crew Accuracy points for MGS2 and perhaps SH2 with my first guest write-up ever... i think. What are the rules for the Accuracy challenge again?
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transience | Posted 4/27/2009 4:19:53 AM | message detail | filter | #333
GTA4 has already shown how fallible My Games is. it's about as accurate as sales numbers -- ie, not at all.
Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/27/2009 4:32:42 PM | message detail | filter | #334
Yeah, My Games is only a big deal if that many people own a game AND all of them love it. (Or almost all of them.) I'll take MGS4's 5.9k and every one of those adores it over GTA4's 8.4k and everyone was all "meh" after a month any day.

And accuracy points are based on who came closest to calling the percentage right for each game.

The Guru ROCKS, son!
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Master Moltar | Posted 4/27/2009 9:08:31 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #335
Division 6: Round 1 - Match 22 – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City vs. Kingdom Hearts vs. Metroid Prime vs. Paper Mario

Moltar’s Analysis

2004 Results: Won in Round 1 against Star Wars: KOTOR
Lost in Round 2 against Super Smash Bros. Melee

Let’s see that Hawaiian shirt save you now!

Kingdom Hearts
2004 Results: Won in Round 1 against Soul Calibur
Lost in Round 2 against Starcraft


Metroid Prime
2004 Results: Won in Round 1 against Half-Life
Lost in Round 2 against Zelda: Wind Waker

Is it really the strongest game in the Metroid series?

Paper Mario
2004 Results: N/A

2D Mario…yeah it works.

Woo let’s do some “now useless 2004 comparisons”. Hell, we have games in 3 out of 4 of the games that lost their Round 2 matches in the Division, might as well, right?

KH lost in Round 2 to Starcraft, and looking at its match with FF8, let’s just say with the way KH has increased on the site, KH would easily take that today. After that, Prime lost in a 55-45 affair to Wind Waker. The jury is still out on WW, but SSB:M won’t be kind to it. After that, Vice City lost to Melee in a fairly close match.

So 2004 puts all these games (and about 50 others damn you Div 128) on the same level. However, things have changed since then. GTA has gone down, and KH has gone up. Metroid has probably gone up a bit as well. These three games are the ones with the best chances of advancing. Sorry Paper Mario, but this is out of your league.

The order the games advance here is tough though. Overall, KH has the best chance of advancing to me, followed by MP (even with Paper Mario here. I don’t think it hurts MP much, if at all), and coming in last (ignoring PM) is Vice City. KH has looked stronger and stronger on GameFAQs year after year. I like it’s chances to take first here the most but…

I’m going to be selfish and immature and unprofessional and stick with my bracket and favorite GO PRIME!

Moltar’s Bracket Says: MP > KH

Moltar’s Prediction is: Metroid Prime: 33% - KH: 32% - Vice City: 22% - Paper Mario: 13%

Lopen’s Analysis

This is the first match in the bracket where I could see any combination of the four entrants advancing (well maybe Metroid Prime/Paper Mario would be a stretch).

Vice City shouldn't be underestimated, here. Yes, GTA chokes in every contest situation. People claim “oh people point to the GotY polls every time!” Well, here's the difference-- this isn't taking the games and mapping it onto the series or taking the games and mapping it to a character. This is taking the GAMES performances, and saying the GAMES will do well. There are no logical leaps whatsoever.

All that being said... I'm betting on Kingdom Hearts and Metroid Prime. Final Fantasy (should extend to KH) and Nintendo have been dominating, and I see no reason to bet against them against what should probably be the weakest GTA (cept maybe 4) game. I'm just sayin don't count GTA out in the future!

Lopen's prediction:
Kingdom Hearts – 30.00%
Metroid Prime – 26.67%
GTA: Vice City – 23.33%
Paper Mario – 20.00%

Transience’s Analysis

This match is weird and unpredictable, from top to bottom. I guess I should talk about each game:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: VC outperformed MGS2 in 2004, putting up a really nice percentage on SSBM. Time has not been kind of GTA though: Vercetti dropping off a cliff, GTA losing to Warcraft in 2006, GTA4 getting trashed by Fallout 3 in the GOTY poll. But will any of these actually affect Vice City?
Master Moltar | Posted 4/27/2009 9:08:56 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #336
Kingdom Hearts: Kingdom Hearts was one of the most overrated games in 2004's contest: people expected big things, but it needed a day vote to defeat Soul Calibur and never really challenged Starcraft. Both of these games got absolutely rocked by FF8 the other day.

But here's the thing - since 2004, KH has gone from being overrated to being about where it belongs. Sora has gone from getting doubled by Aeris to beating her easily. Halo had a better performance on Starcraft than KH did, yet KH beat Castlevania in the Series Contest while Halo bombed. KH also put up a pretty respectable number on the Metal Gear series. I don't think I'd put it in the FF8/FF10 class, but it's probably right there with FF9 - a decent mid-tier game that won't flop and has the full support of the Square fanbase in this fourpack, not to mention the "kiddie" vote.

Metroid Prime: This is a tough one to judge. On the one hand, Super Metroid needed all it could give to beat Super Mario Kart and Half-Life, Metroid Prime's one victory, flopped against FF9 a couple days ago. On the other hand, Prime is a game that has aged well and has a lot of loyal fans. I would say that Prime's fanbase likes it more than KH's does. There's just one problem:

Paper Mario: Oh no, it's another Mario title to ruin Metroid. But I don't think this one has much bite to it at all - released at the end of the n64's lifetime, Paper Mario is even more of an overthought than Majora's Mask was, and we saw how that did. We also haven't seen much in terms of Nintendo overlap, and these two games are about as separated as you can get: RPG vs. platformer, different consoles. There's also a poll showing Metroid Prime 2 doubling Paper Mario 2 for Gamecube GOTY. It's tough to expect much out of Paper Mario.

As for the match, there's two games that you'd expect to not do well: Vice City and Paper Mario. Vice City is past its prime and Paper Mario never really had a prime.

The real prime here is Metroid Prime, and you'd expect it to do pretty well.. but I don't think it can stand up to KH. This is one that's tough to really rationalize or talk about, but I just feel like KH is stronger and better known than Metroid is on this website. Prime should do well, but KH takes first.

Paper Mario
not gonna touch Metroid Prime
GTA still bombs

transience's prediction:

Kingdom Hearts - 36%
Metroid Prime - 31%
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 21%
Paper Mario - 12%

Leon’s Analysis

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Has any series fallen off the map quite like Grand Theft Auto? Hold this match back in 2004, and Vice City probably wins easily. After all, it got 46.5% on SSBM back then, noticeably better than MGS2. Since the Nintendo site shift, we’ve seen Liquid quadruple Tenpenny, CJ lose to Ness, Vercetti nearly lose to Kefka, GTA lose to Warcraft, Vercetti get destroyed in 2007, and Niko barely beat Kefka in 2008. That’s hardly encouraging. I’m not going to discount Vice City completely, but I’d be surprised if it advanced at this point.

Kingdom Hearts: On the opposite end of the spectrum, this is a game that’s gained a lot of ground since 2004, where it barely beat Soul Calibur and was probably StarCraft’s only completely legitimate win. It seems the Nintendo site shift helped out Kingdom Hearts, too, because Sora and Kingdom Hearts have become day vote beasts. Back in 2004, I doubt Kingdom Hearts even advances, but now, I think it’ll win this poll outright.
Master Moltar | Posted 4/27/2009 9:09:43 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #337
Metroid Prime: After seeing Super Metroid look less than stellar, it’s Metroid Prime’s turn to prove it’s the strongest in the series. Prime impressed me back in 2004 by not completely folding to Wind Waker, unlike the other two Metroid games in the contest. Sure, you could blame that on WW’s inability to SFF rather than Prime’s strength, but that was impressive to me. With the fact that LFF hasn’t really shown itself to be prominent here, don’t expect Paper Mario to hold it back here. Prime’s got a great shot at first place, though I think it’ll come up short in the end.

Paper Mario: After Super Mario RPG performed well yet again, surely Paper Mario is strong enough to advance, right? Theoretically, if Mario RPG’s strength is propelled by franchise voting, that would be correct. I think this will be a great test of franchise voting here. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door got owned by Metroid Prime 2 on a GOTY poll several years back, so Paper Mario shouldn’t stand much of a chance against Metroid Prime here. I don’t think it’ll advance, but don’t be surprised if it’s giving Vice City a run for its money for third place! And if Paper Mario bombs, can all the people who called Mario RPG franchise-powered recant on that statement?!

Leonhart’s Vote: I love me some Paper Mario, so it gets my vote here.

Leonhart’s Prediction:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 19.45%
Kingdom Hearts – 33.11%
Metroid Prime – 32.99%
Paper Mario – 14.45%

Guest’s Analysis - BlAcK TuRtLe

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Wow, hard to believe how long it's been since this game came out.

Kingdom Hearts


Metroid Prime

Great game, the second time around

Paper Mario

Probably the weakest Mario in the bracket


This is a very interesting match. There could reasonably be any combination of Metroid, Kingdom Hearts or GTA advancing here. This is made even more interesting by the fact that they were all very close in the 2004 x-stats (although those are questionable for obvious reasons), so this match will come down to who has changed the most in the last 5 years.

Personally, I think we can write Grand Theft Auto off right away. Tommy Vercetti almost lost to PaRappa the Rappa in 2007 and it's clear that his game hasn't aged well.

Of the remaining 2, both have reasons to be stronger. Metroid Prime was behind Wind Waker in 2004, which likely hurt it's stat value. There's also the matter of the 2005 Nintendo boost. On the flipside, Super Metroid and Metroid weren't very impressive this year.

Kingdom Hearts was likely inflated due to Starcraft's run in 2004, but it also had a very well recieved sequel in 2006 that turned Sora from the guy that got doubled by Aeris to the guy that almost beat Squall 3 times. Will the strength of KH2 retroactively apply itself to the original?

Personally, I think Metroid Prime wins in a 1v1 setting, though the presence of Paper Mario is definitely something to worry about. Then again, SFF hasn't been a real factor so far this year.

When I made my bracket, I took KH > Prime, but I've changed my mind with what we've seen so far this year.

TuRtLe's Prediction: Metroid Prime 35%, Kingdom Hearts 33%, GTA 20%, Paper Mario 12%
TuRtLe's Bracket: Kingdom Hearts > Metroid Prime
TuRtLe's Vote: Metroid Prime

Crew Consensus: With 2 write-ups missing, KH > Prime is the slight favorite over Prime > KH
KleenexTissue50 | Posted 4/27/2009 9:11:01 PM | message detail | filter | #338
Analazy Crew
In-de-structable. Nothing's gonna stop me now.
MinFarshaw | Posted 4/27/2009 9:16:04 PM | message detail | filter | #339
Paper Mario underraters going to get burned !
trannyscience | Posted 4/27/2009 9:17:24 PM | message detail | filter | #340
time to kick HM off the crew

and uhh Ed Bellis too
Karma Hunter | Posted 4/27/2009 9:35:33 PM | message detail | filter | #341
Kay Aitch's Fill-In Analysis

If Metroid Prime, greatest of all Metroid games, loses here to SC fodder and/or gets held back in any way by the game that ruined the legacy of SMRPG I will eliminate a Nintendo executive for every missed opportunity they have had to grow said series.

...there's another game in this match? uh

Metroid Prime 100%
Kingdom Hearts 10%
some driving game 0%
Paper-Thin-Gameplay Mario -10%
turnturnturn your brain in
Ed Bellis | Posted 4/27/2009 9:39:45 PM | message detail | filter | #342

Match 22

Three games that could very well move on. WHAT A TWIST~

So Vice City, Kingdom Hearts, and Metroid Prime were all in the 128 Division back in 2004. They all lost in Round Two, VC to Melee, KH to Starcraft and Prime to Wind Waker. Going off of 2004 stats, it seems likely that Kingdom Hearts is probably the strongest of the three… but since when has that been a reliable form of arguing? Hell, I’m not even sure if it was reliable back when the original contest started.

So let’s throw all that out the window and examine the site demographics. Kingdom Hearts is my pick for first place because this site loves its Square RPG-ish games, and the series as a whole was able to hang with the likes of Castlevania back in the series contest. Metroid Prime is my pick for second because both original and Super Metroid have really impressed thus far. I could easily see Prime taking first, though.

Vice City… dunno what to make of it. Sure, it beat Knights of the Old Republic, but who cares about Knights of the Old Republic? It’s probably one of the weaker GTA games by this point in time.

Oh, and Paper Mario’s here too.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with 23.99%
Kingdom Hearts with 30.01%
Metroid Prime with 28.49%
Paper Mario with 17.51%

ed status: i'll lose to FASTFALCON on my own time
ZFS | Posted 4/27/2009 10:42:14 PM | message detail | filter | #343
Guess who was busy today whoops

Anyway, to make this quick: Kingdom Hearts has improved greatly since 2k4, with three more games released and one of them as recent as a few months ago. Sora went from being SFF'd badly by Aerith to being able to hang with Squall no problem. Most of that is Kingdom Hearts II, but I think the whole series has seen an increase since then -- it's become one of Square's big three in no time.

As for Metroid, GTA, and Paper Mario, I'm expecting them all to be pretty close. I'm not buying into 'Metroid is gonna come in last' stuff that's been creeping up lately. It should do well here, just not enough to take first place. As for Vice City, I doubt it can do anything significant since the whole series has been on a decline since 2k4. This is its first chance to surprise, though, so we'll see.

Kingdom Hearts -- 34%
Metroid Prime -- 26%
Vice City -- 21%
Paper Mario -- 19%

Bracket: Kingdom Hearts > Metroid Prime

Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/27/2009 11:10:14 PM | message detail | filter | #344
Ngamer's Rebellious Writeup

62.24% on MGS2 directly? Incredible! I'm sure people have been trying to spin this as "see, I knew MGS2 was the most hated of the series", but ehhh, I'm still of the opinion that MGS fans are super-dedicated and will support anything from the series, so 1/2/3/4 are probably all relatively close in strength. In which case... well, like I already said, "incredible!" Putting up 46% against legit competition like this makes me feel much much better about my bracket (which has FFX surviving and advancing all the way into the Final where it's such a popular FF choice that it helps seal 7's doom). And speaking of legit competition, let me just take a moment to congratulate Morrowind on a heck of a respectable showing here. Only allowing MGS2 61% directly, despite having to share the poll with another (dominant) RPG option? That's the kind of showing that ought to be making those of us with God of War and GTA:SA advancing in a few days here very nervous, IMO!

And now we come to one of the cooler setups of R1. During the bracketing phase everyone seemed to be saying how even though they'd take Prime over KH directly, the Square RPG was sure to slide though thanks to a Mario game being in the way to hold Metroid back a bit. I don't necessarily buy that though... for one thing the two games appeal to very different demographics and appeared on different consoles, for two things Nintendo has been gobbling up huge % all Contest long instead of falling into pits of LFF like we thought, and for three things there ARE two games here that share a console, and they're not the Nintendo choices! Sure Vice City and Kingdom Hearts are extremely different games that probably don't have as much overlap as you'd expect from two of the PS2's best-sellers, but what I haven't seen anyone mention is that there COULD be decent overlap between KH1 and PM1. Colorful "my first RPG"-type experiences filled with iconic characters in an attempt to bring in the younger players? I think there could be some truth to that idea, which is why I decided to take the risky Prime upset in my bracket.

As for VC, bah, it's hard to say. Sure it SEEMS as though GTA has fallen off the map, but Contests like this can result in some strange results, and I guess it wouldn't be impossible for GTA to have kind of a "Mario Kart effect" where even though the series is bad the games themselves can do decently. But with the way Nintendo has been slaughtering the past three weeks, and how PSX/PS2 Square RPGs have been killing in the last three days, I would still be pretty surprised if it were actually in the picture to advance out of this one. And with Paper Mario... that's another toughie. The Mario name has been doing wonders for every entrant, and after Mario RPG's great showing it's hard to imagine all of those fans would abandon the (kind of) next installment in the series. I mean I can't see it beating out VC, but it ought to at least hold up better than most are giving it credit for.

So in the end I'm going to go with Prime because 1. Paper Mario and GTA should both have respectable Day Votes/ASVs, limiting the damage it'll do to Metroid there 2. Samus looks AWESOME in that match pic and 3. my bracket told me so. Final decision:

Metroid Prime - 32.19%
Kingdom Hearts - 32.09%
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - 21.75%
Paper Mario - 13.97%

Let's go Prime!

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
transience | Posted 4/27/2009 11:24:16 PM | message detail | filter | #345
the HM/transience express choo choos on a little bit longer

come on Prime, don't suck
Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/27/2009 11:36:21 PM | message detail | filter | #346
These showings from FF8/FFX/KH1 have just been absurd. I'd never have imagined percentages like this were still possible post-site shift.

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
ZFS | Posted 4/27/2009 11:49:34 PM | message detail | filter | #347
SquareFAQs lives.

New Square was always going to be big. I think people just got the wrong idea because old school FF's either did what they were supposed to, or disappointed, so people extended that to the new games. The Nintendo domination in those old divisions probably didn't help that either.

red sox 777 | Posted 4/28/2009 12:16:15 AM | message detail | filter | #348
These showings from FF8/FFX/KH1 have just been absurd. I'd never have imagined percentages like this were still possible post-site shift.

You seem to be forgetting the site shift we got in 2008!
Link he come to town to win the Gamefaqs Contests.
Ngamer64 (tc) | Posted 4/28/2009 12:34:17 AM | message detail | filter | #349
Which site shift was that? The one that allowed Link and Snake to score 62% of the vote on Cloud and Crono?

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
red sox 777 | Posted 4/28/2009 12:35:22 AM | message detail | filter | #350
Yep, the shift that let Zack Fair come within 1200 votes of beating Mario!
Link he come to town to win the Gamefaqs Contests.