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Best Game Ever 2 Contest Analysis Crew

LeonhartFour | Posted 4/11/2009 7:54:12 PM | message detail | filter | #301
1 guy takes Tecmo, trying WAY too much to be edgey

Aw yeah
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/11/2009 7:54:18 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #302
Division 2: Round 1 - Match 6 – SimCity vs. Super Mario Bros. 3 vs. Tecmo Super Bowl vs. Secret of Monkey Island

Moltar’s Analysis

2004 Results: N/A

Fodder #1

2004 Results: Won in Round 1 against Metal Gear
Won in Round 2 against Metroid
Won in Round 3 against Final Fantasy
Won in Round 4 against The Legend of Zelda
Lost in Round 5 against Chrono Trigger

One of the strongest games on the site.

2004 Results: N/A

Fodder #2

Monkey Island
2004 Results: N/A

Fodder #3

Thank you generational divide/poor bracket-making!

SMB3 obviously gets first in what should be the biggest blow-out of the contest. Who cares what takes second. I went with Monkey Island. I mean Guybrush keeps getting into contests so at least I know one of these games has a cult following that will vote for it.

Moltar’s Bracket Says: SMB3 > Monkey Island

Moltar’s Prediction is: SMB3: 74% - Monkey Island: 10% - SimCity: 9% - Tecmo: 7%

Heroic Mario’s Analysis

This is probably the worst match in the entire contest -- you have one strong game and three complete duds. There's nothing interesting about this one (no, stats topic, no one cares about Civilization vs. SimCity!) at all. Not even how high SMB3 goes, because we just saw SMB1 put up 70%.

Yeah, second should be close, but who cares? We're talking about a fight for 10%, with a bunch of uberfodder that shouldn't have made it into the contest. SimCity is probably the safest choice, for being so "well-known" (theme of the contest, apparently), but Monkey Island is probably the only game here with anything resembling a fanbase, even if it's a super small one.

I originally had Tecmo Bowl, but after Punch-Out loss to DK, I can't have much faith in a much less popular, less played game doing any better. Sure, Monkey Island's probably the least played game here, but it should still muster up enough of the Guybrush support to manage to stay out of last. Then again, I have no idea how to predict old games, so who knows.

Three paragraphs on this match what is wrong with me

Super Mario Bros. 3 -- 74%
Secret of Monkey Island -- 10%
SimCity -- 9%
Tecmo Super Bowl -- 7%

Bracket: Mario 3 > Monkey Island
Favorites: who cares about these games

Lopen’s Analysis

Super Mario Brothers 3 rakes. WHAT A BEAST, they will say. Knowing this when I made the bracket, and not only after seeing SMB/Tetris/LoZ destroy their packs, I decided that “yes, the 7% Madden NFL got against Super Mario Brothers in the series contest would be enough of a baseline to threaten for the win here”

And that's what I went with. Tecmo Super Bowl should be a bit stronger than Madden NFL, sportin the “classix” vote as opposed to the “I hate EA and Tinactin” vote. After all, who could forget the almighty QB Eagles? Or the interception happy Minnesota Vikings? His power is unmatched even today in football. The game has a cult following, and perhaps a small Football vote backbone, which should be enough to be in contention for this match.
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/11/2009 7:54:47 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #303
Sim City I believe is the favorite here from consensus, but I have 0 faith in it. Who votes for Sim City over friggin SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 3. Huge assist trophy boosts not withstanding, I don't think Sim City has anything but a mild apathy vote in its favor. I'd have it winning here over either of the other two games without SMB3, but I just can't see it getting any votes here. If anyone's favorite game ever is Sim City, I'd eat my hat (not that I own a hat, but I'd buy one for this occasion). I mean, it's not a bad game... I kind of have an urge to play it now, thinking about it. But that's only because I haven't played it in 15 years.

Monkey Island... well, think Guybrush. Yeah, that same jackass who plagues every character battle with his 10-15% against even the weakest entrants. I hadn't really thought about this game as an upset pick... but now looking at it again, it's got a real chance here. If I'm putting the 7% baseline of Madden NFL in contention, why not a 10% baseline of Guybrush? Well, I'll stick with my bracket here, just because, but this should be a hot match.

Lopen's prediction:
Super Mario Brothers 3 – 74.32%
Tecmo Super Bowl – 10.27%
Super Monkey Island – 9.95%
Sim City – 5.56%

Transience’s Analysis

I am boycotting this match.

In 2002, we had gems like Max Payne vs. Dirk the Daring, and Kyo vs. Abe. These are kind of excusable, though, because we never had proper nominations and had no idea what was actually popular besides the obvious stuff. In 2004, we had Vyse vs. Laharl -- one of these guys actually had to win a contest match in the battle of who could care less. 2006 brought us the female bracket and such gems as Joanna Dark vs. Cortana or Ada Wong vs. Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. 2007 brought us a wolf, a 20 year old niche boxer and a Mii. I recall arguments like "boxing SFF" and "who the hell knows the name Amaterasu" and "Dante SFFs Amaterasu because they're both Capcom".

Oh, how I miss those days. Because I'm about to watch a match between a niche football game from 20 years ago, a uber-cult game whose main character got septupled by Bowser, and a game that most people know from playing it in the library.

Seriously. This is the worst match of all time. And there have been about 400.

If I had the ability to not pick one of these games out of protest, I would. I would gladly drop two points to make a stand against any contest match that features Simcity, Monkey Island and Tecmo Bowl. If there was ever an argument against sorting the bracket by generations, this is it. SBAllen, I hold you personally responsible for this. You did this to torture us. I am onto you. Board 8 will not forget this. Let it be known that there is a great evil in this land, and he goes by the name of Allen.

transience's prediction:

Mario 3: 107.13%
Generic Football Game That Would Lose to Madden: -5.52%
Game Kids Played in a Library to Simulate Natural Disasters: 1.56%
Obscure Game 14 People Have Played: -3.17%

Leon’s Analysis

SimCity: Man, this is one of those four-packs no one wants to predict for second place because it’s basically predicting who sucks the least. SimCity doesn’t have much poll data around here, but it’s never been very impressive. I don’t think it’s a type of game that a lot of people would consider a favorite. Of course, it’s not like it’s going to need a large percentage to advance. Seriously, what do you say about this one?

Super Mario Bros. 3: If Mario 3 doesn’t get the blowout of the contest, I’ll be pretty surprised. This is the Link/Agent J/Bidoof/Edgeworth of the Games Contest right here, and I think it could conceivably hit around 70%, too. There’s really not much else to say about this one. Mario 3 won’t even be challenged until it gets out of this division, so what’s there to discuss?
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/11/2009 7:55:21 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #304
Tecmo Super Bowl: This is completely a biased pick and not based on logic whatsoever, but I’m taking Tecmo Super Bowl for second place here. The ONLY poll data we have on this game is the NES Virtual Console poll, where it got a whopping 4.48% of the vote. Plus, we know that sports aren’t very popular here on GameFAQs, so that’s another strike against it. Again, it’s the simple fact that it will only need a small percentage to advance that works in its favor.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Normally, I’d point you to Guybrush Threepwood’s contest history, say this game has no shot, and forget about it, but…10-15% might be good enough to get second place, and the Secret of Monkey Island can manage that. I’m not betting on it, but hey, at least it’s got a shot.

Leonhart’s Vote: It’s Warren Moon to Haywood Jeffries for the touchdown! Tecmo Super Bowl!

Leonhart’s Prediction:

SimCity – 8.13%
Super Mario Bros. 3 – 74.17%
Tecmo Super Bowl – 11.12%
The Secret of Monkey Island – 6.58%

Ed Bellis’s Analysis

One clear winer and three total jobbers. gee where have i seen this setup before

SimCity. The original “Sims spinoff” (lol HM), SimCity appeared in virtually every platform known to man and even had BOWSER AS A NATURAL DISASTER.. The game’s a classic, but do people care about it?

Super Mario Bros. 3. The winner of 2004’s 8-bit bracket, SMB3 lost to Chrono Trigger in the final four. The fabled clash with its 16-bit descendant will have to wait, however… first things first is the dispatching of awful, awful fodder.

Tecmo Super Bowl. Boxing might not be too popular on GF, but what about football?!? Tecmo Super Bowl is an 8-bit classic that… no one probably cares about. Why in the hell I took it to place here, I’ll never know.

The Secret of Monkey Island. A LucasArts point and click adventure game, Monkey Island definitely has a fan following, if main character Guybrush’s constant (and I mean constant!) appearances in character battles is any indication. It might get third!

What a disaster of a poll this is going to be. If SMB3 doesn’t break 70 percent on these chumps, it’s a huge loss to all mankind. This will be the first – though surely not the last! – time I bet against my bracket, as I’ll be taking SimCity for second and, after seeing Punch-Out barely scrape by, bump Tecmo Super Bowl to a last-place position. Hey, it could be worse – I could have Oregon Trail to the Elite Eight!



Prediction: ONE TOOT ON THIS WHISTLE something something QB EAGLES
SimCity with 12.77%
Super Mario Bros. 3 with 71.05%
Tecmo Super Bowl with 7.09%
The Secret of Monkey Island with 9.09%

Guest’s Analysis - HaRRich

We can only know two things coming into this match for sure: SMB3 will embarrass every game here, and whatever gets second place here will be embarrassed again next round. It will be a great day for blow-outs and a bad day for getting people interested in a close match. We're dealing with a game that 94% of the site has played (many of which legitimately love it) and three games from that general era that have largely been left behind since then...yes, perhaps there have been sequels to SimCity, perhaps Guybrush hasn't learned when to take a hint from the Character Battles, but ultimately they're irrelevant to GameFAQs in today's world. This will frankly be ugly.

Talking about ugly, let's get the ugliest beating out of the way first: Secret of Monkey Island. I shouldn't have to point to anything other than Guybrush's past performances...
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/11/2009 7:55:41 PM | message detail | filter | #305
aw yeah tranny

Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/11/2009 7:55:47 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #306
...Ryo Hazuki delivered a 2.5'ling (figure it out) in Guybrush's debut in 2002...
...Bowser has easily been Guybrush's toughest opponent, winning five-to-one in 2004...
...Duke/Gordon (who probably LFF'd) and pre-SSBB Ike each nearly tripled Guybrush in 2007...
...and Isaac 60-40'd Guybrush despite Lucario last year... if he consistently gets beaten terribly bad by multiple weak characters over the years, there's a good chance SoMI will do terribly bad too. If you thought Bowser delivered a beating, wait until SMB3 comes into play. I understand games =/= characters, but Guybrush has been one of the least impressive characters in GameFAQs history and he's the lead character for the Monkey Island series. For these reasons, I'm calling for SoMI to be fourth place.

The competition most people are watching is SimCity/Tecmo, and my money's on SimCity. Let's establish a few things first:

--> Sports games in general are not appreciated here.

--> Nintendo fans are no exception; Wii Sports Resort barely beat Wii Music and took fifth.

--> The biggest football series here has constantly failed.

--> Tecmo's not proven to be any better than the rest of the genre or sport.

Looking over all those polls and assuming SMB3 will absorb lots of Tecmo's support from people who played the NES, Tecmo will hurt; it's not going to have many/any fans from people who weren't from that era, SMB3 is THE game of its era, and we saw what SMB did to Madden. In a way, I want to take SoMI > Tecmo for all of this, but I'm not giving it the benefit of the doubt since we've seen Guybrush so many times.

I don't have much reason to think SimCity > Tecmo or SoMI, mind you, other than they have simply shown that much less potential than SimCity. SimCity's series probably sold the most of the three and I figure more people have played it too, but...I mean, it's going to be miserable to watch as well. If I had seen more polls about it, I may have felt differently about its chances. As is though, I'm giving it a break. SimCity probably advances due to the Sim-name.

In short: this is a match where the #5-game on GameFAQs gets to annihilate three games that would not have made it into the contest if it wasn't for both the four-way format and the division of eras (how are they allowed to have a golden chance to advance when Xenogears will be forced into last place later this round?). Look for SimCity to steal enough scraps to take second place and take last place in Round Two with style.

SMB3 - 79.12%
SimCity - 8.66%
Tecmo - 6.34%
SoMI - 5.88%

Crew Consensus: For such a silly match, there sure are a variety of outcomes here. Moltar and HM have SMB3 > Monkey Island, Lopen and Leon have Tecmo Super Bowl in second, and the other 3 have SimCity in second!
ImplicitContent | Posted 4/11/2009 7:57:52 PM | message detail | filter | #307
lol tranny's write up is golden. lets go libraries!

all hail ec your lord and savior
Ed Bellis | Posted 4/11/2009 7:59:22 PM | message detail | filter | #308
Geez, I thought I was overshooting my percentage for SMB3!
ed status: Maybe the chef was Darkseid. You don't mess with Darkseid. -MoogleKupo141
LeonhartFour | Posted 4/11/2009 7:59:57 PM | message detail | filter | #309
*high fives Lopen*

A Leonhart/Lopen special! Success is guaranteed!

*high fives tranny for his brilliant write-up*
Dr_Football | Posted 4/11/2009 8:00:53 PM | message detail | filter | #310
Would Tecmo beat Madden in a 1 on 1 match?
The University of Oklahoma: We'll win one again eventually. Boomer Sooner!
LeonhartFour | Posted 4/11/2009 8:01:23 PM | message detail | filter | #311
Geez, I thought I was overshooting my percentage for SMB3!

Strangely enough, my original prediction was within like .15% of yours! And now if Mario 3 gets a tripling, I'm almost guaranteed the point for Mario 3, regardless of what happens to the rest!
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/11/2009 8:02:22 PM | message detail | filter | #312
KP Predix: Mario 3 to get 80%. I want to see it happen once in these things!

And I guess Monkey Island gets second.

KleenexTissue50 | Posted 4/11/2009 8:03:43 PM | message detail | filter | #313
If Mario 3 is over 75%, Monkey Island takes second. Under, and SimCity wins.

If Mario 3 gets 99%, Tecmo wins.

Or something.
I can feel it coming over me; I feel it all around me.
transience | Posted 4/11/2009 8:08:47 PM | message detail | filter | #314
107.13% you are all screwed
LeonhartFour | Posted 4/11/2009 8:11:28 PM | message detail | filter | #315
If tranny gets the point for any game except SimCity...

Well, technically, if Mario 3 were to get like 100%, tranny would get the point.

I'm for it.
ZFS | Posted 4/11/2009 8:56:45 PM | message detail | filter | #316
Tran wins this.

Worst match ever right here.

LinkLegend27 | Posted 4/11/2009 9:09:41 PM | message detail | filter | #317
I thought the Board 8 consensus was Sim City, and not many of the AC are taking it. Interesting
Fortes in Unitate.
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DpObliVion | Posted 4/11/2009 9:17:42 PM | message detail | filter | #318
So anyway, yesterday might have been the last of DpOblivion's Unofficial Quick Analyses. At least for this contest. Besides like the first day that the bracket became available to be filled out, the day before the contest started, and the first day or so of the contest, I've had absolutely no interest in this contest at all. Plus, I'm working 4-5 days a week where I usually get home around 9 pm. I'm just never gonna be in the mood to put any effort into an analysis, even a quick, unofficial one, or an Oracle pick. Maybe I'll take on some official guest write-ups, but for now, I'm just gonna take in this contest a bit more casually.

Last night didn't help things, either.


(I could probably at least give my prediction on the upcoming match, especially if it's debatable like tonight....SMB3 > SimCity, with a 100% Confidence Rating.)

Martin Brodeur: 556 career wins -- Patrick Roy: 551 career wins
Best Game Ever 2009 - See profile for printable brackets
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/11/2009 9:25:58 PM | message detail | filter | #319

In honor of one of the best analysis ever.

transience | Posted 4/11/2009 9:27:17 PM | message detail | filter | #320
well, we've always got N - if only he were quick!

(how's that SF2 out of the division pick treatin' ya)
transience | Posted 4/11/2009 9:27:31 PM | message detail | filter | #321
haha, KP wins
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/11/2009 9:35:26 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #322
but seriously Moltar why not just add in NG's numbers to the lists, it's not like it takes that much longer and he's obviously a top tier analyzer here.

Well I only do the lists for guys actually on the crew. If I counted Ngamer you could make an argument for anyone who posts write-ups here. I just strictly want it to be a crew competition is all.

Of course Ngamer is free to post his write-ups here, and I wouldn't care if he or someone else kept tally of a crew list + Ngamer!
Moltar Status: let's go
Castlevania 3/Civ/SF2/Sonic 1 - Bracket: Sonic 1 > SF2 - Vote: Sonic 1 (10/16)
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/11/2009 9:42:16 PM | message detail | filter | #323
All the vote totals add up perfectly

The blue bars have exact proportions

This it what happens when you catch a pics topic guy when he's bored, has time to kill, and thinks something is funny

I blame you tranny

Ngamer64 | Posted 4/11/2009 10:56:34 PM | message detail | filter | #324
Too busy playing Rock Band to do my writeup right now. I'll come back and write it before looking at these results later on; for now here's my pick:

SimCity - 11%
Super Mario Bros. 3 - 74%
Tecmo Super Bowl - 7%
Secret of Monkey Island - 8%

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
transience | Posted 4/12/2009 12:25:53 AM | message detail | filter | #325
aw man, I probably win all sorts of points if I use my real prediction for this match. oh well, 107.13 is better anyway.
DpObliVion | Posted 4/12/2009 9:14:28 AM | message detail | filter | #326
WTF is SoMI doing....

Martin Brodeur: 557 career wins -- Patrick Roy: 551 career wins
Best Game Ever 2009 - See profile for printable brackets
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/12/2009 9:14:54 AM | message detail | filter | #327
Moltar and HM may just get full points for this match!

Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/12/2009 10:55:31 AM | message detail | delete | filter | #328
Castlevania III.................9.56% 10637
Civilization...................10.45% 11624
Sonic the Hedgehog.....44.41% 49383
Street Fighter II............35.58% 39565
TOTAL VOTES........................111209

Matches Completely Correct - 2
Matches Partially Correct - 3
Matches Completely Wrong - 0

What Happened - While the character Sonic may look bad in four-ways, the old game looks to be pretty decent. It has no problem beating out Street Fighter 2. Way behind, Civ actually beats Castlevania 3, which bombed hard.

Why it Happened - Looks like franchise/familiarity votes gave Sonic the victory. SF just couldn't stand up to the Sonic name. As for why Castlevania got one cares about any game other than SotN.

What Will Happen - Even though Sonic did well hear, next time in runs into Mario again.

Crew Prediction Challenge - Guest streak is broken! Moltar and Tran get points here.

Guest - 4
HM - 2
Moltar - 2
Tran - 2
Leon - 1
Lopen - 1
Ed - 1

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Tran gets the point for Sonic and Castlevania, Moltar gets the point for SF2, and HM gets the point for Civ

Guest (Luster, Zylo (3)) - 4
HM - 4
Tran - 3
Lopen - 3
Leon - 2
Ed - 2
Moltar - 2
Moltar Status: let's go
SimCity/SMB3/TSB/Monkey Island - Bracket: SMB3 > MI - Vote: SMB3 (14/20)
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/12/2009 10:57:38 AM | message detail | delete | filter | #329

From: KamikazePotato | #327
Moltar and HM may just get full points for this match!

I went with Monkey Island. I mean Guybrush keeps getting into contests so at least I know one of these games has a cult following that will vote for it.

I guess this cult following is called Europe!
Moltar Status: let's go
SimCity/SMB3/TSB/Monkey Island - Bracket: SMB3 > MI - Vote: SMB3 (14/20)
Ed Bellis | Posted 4/12/2009 10:58:21 AM | message detail | filter | #330
just you wait analysis crew

just you wait
ed status: if it isn't my old nemesis, a truck
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/12/2009 12:26:37 PM | message detail | filter | #331
Huh, the lowest Tecmo pick was the Guest's 6.34%? I thought there'd be at least one in the 5% range.

transience | Posted 4/12/2009 12:28:18 PM | message detail | filter | #332
mine was 6% but uhhhh see sig
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/12/2009 12:30:38 PM | message detail | filter | #333
Aw yeah

LeonhartFour | Posted 4/12/2009 1:46:47 PM | message detail | filter | #334
Man, only one match right so far! Go me!
LeonhartFour | Posted 4/12/2009 2:26:33 PM | message detail | filter | #335
Although looks like I'll get the point for Mario 3, at least! Good thing I upped my prediction!
-LusterSoldier- | Posted 4/12/2009 2:41:22 PM | message detail | filter | #336
Would Tecmo beat Madden in a 1 on 1 match?

A better 1v1 match would be the best game from the Madden series vs. Tecmo. I would take Madden to win this one.
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Big Bob | Posted 4/12/2009 6:22:26 PM | message detail | filter | #337
"best game from the Madden series"?

This isn't Zelda or FF or Metal Gear Solid or something; the best Madden game is just the latest one.
Just say the word and it's bear time!
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/12/2009 8:23:21 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #338
Division 2: Round 1 - Match 7 – Battletoads vs. Final Fantasy vs. Prince of Persia vs. Super Mario World

Moltar’s Analysis

2004 Results: N/A

The game that haunts Gamestop employees to this day.

Final Fantasy
2004 Results: Won in Round 1 against Pitfall
Won in Round 2 against Contra
Lost in Round 3 against Super Mario Bros. 3

Before pretty boys with swords ruled the jRPG world

Prince of Persia
2004 Results: N/A

Not quite the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Super Mario World
2004 Results: Won in Round 1 against The Simpsons
Won in Round 2 against Sonic 2
Lost in Round 3 against Chrono Trigger

aww yeah donut plains

*We now interrupt this regularly scheduled analysis with something a little more…crazy.*

In the world of gaming, the various lands have lived in peace for years. However, on this day, that peace ceased…

A world united,
Soon divided,
Who will prevail,
Now witness the tale

1: Invasion

*We open to find Mario, Luigi and Peach running through a forest.*

Mario: We need to hurry, Yoshi sent that distress signal a while ago.

Peach: What could have happened? The Hidden Mushroom Village has been peaceful for years now.

*The three characters arrive in a clearing and see Yoshi on the ground, bloodied and bruised*

Luigi: Mamma Mia! He’s hurt!

Mario: Everyone, keep your guard up. We may be dealing with a new enemy.

*Peach goes over to Yoshi and starts to heal his wounds*

Peach: Yoshi, what happened here?

Yoshi: Yo…shi (I…was ambushed)

Peach: Ambushed? By whom?

???: Hahahaha!

Mario: Who was that? Show yourself!

*Just then, three figures come out of the forest and appear in front of the Mario characters.*

Peach: You three?!

Luigi: It couldn’t be!

Fighter: That’s right, it was us! Squad 1 of the 13 Midgar Soldier Squads. I am the captain of Squad 1, Fighter!

Thief: I am the Lieutenant of Squad 1, Thief!

Mario: Why? Why did you invade our village and attack our comrade? I thought all of the lands were at peace with each other? Why has Midgar sent you to attack us?

Fighter: We don’t need to answer to you! *draws out sword and charges*

Mario and Luigi: *hand-sign* Fireball!

*Mario attacks with a red fireball, and Luigi attacks with a green fireball. Fighter counters by slashing them with his sword.*

Fighter: Now, ‘Grow, Ichi’! *His sword then extends towards Mario and Luigi.*

Peach: *hand-sign* Parasol Protect! *She summons a giant parasol in front of Mario and Luigi, which blocks the sword*

Luigi: Now, Mario!

Mario: Right! *several hand-signs* Gaming Art - Final Smash! Fire Finale! *Mario unleashes a wave of fire at the Final Fantasy duo, catching them off guard.

Fighter: Thief, we’re retreating! Don’t worry though, we’ll be back later.

Thief: Right! *brings hands together* All that exists in the universe! The wind blows into the horizon. The animals of earth and sky, dragon of the east and lion of the west. Pounce! Magic Attack 54: Glare!

*A bright white light flashes, and the Final Fantasy duo disappears before Mario’s attack hits them*

Peach: What was all that about?

Mario: I don’t know, but I think the time of peace among the lands has now…ended.

~*To Be Continued*~

So here’s the first truly obvious result of the Contest. Battletoads and PoP aren’t touching a Mario and Final Fantasy game. Even if Battletoads does get rallied, it won’t be enough. It’s also clear to me which game is stronger between SMW and FF1.

Moltar’s Bracket Says: SMW > FF1

Moltar’s Prediction is: SMW: 43% - FF1: 34% - Battletoads: 14% - Prince of Persia: 9%
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/12/2009 8:23:45 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #339
Heroic Mario’s Analysis

Today might be my favorite match of the contest so far, if only because there's a game here I finally like enough to follow. We're gettin' there.

There shouldn't be much excitement with this match, though. As great as it would be to see FF1 pull off an upset here and take SMW, I don't think that's gonna happen in 2009. If there was another Nintendo game here, I'd probably bite on it, but unhindered you have to give it to Mario World just for being the more played game. But FF1 isn't going to get killed -- it should have no problem keeping it within 10%.

I have a feeling some people on the Crew are gonna go high with Mario World, maybe even 50%+, because of the recent Mario domination, but that shouldn't be the case here. FF1 is going to get tons of franchise votes, more than enough to avoid getting killed, and given how big a role franchise votes have played so far, that's good news for Final Fantasy. I don't think these two were too far off if you go by SMB3/FF and CT/SMW either. C'mon Final Fantasy !

Oh, and as far as Battletoads goes, I'm not expecting much. Yeah, it had that one poll where it got rallied to a win over FF, but that's not going to matter. The rallying, if anyone even bothers seriously who cares about Battletoads, might bring everything's percentage down, but it won't get close to advancing. An easy win over Prince of Persia, though? Guaranteed.

once upon a time in the land of melmond, the splendor of vegetation decayed. it was prophecized that 4 stunning light warriors would come and save the day. what what what. arriving in corneria in the midst all the deliria, 4 mother****ers emerged to teach a valued lesson; bet you'll count your blessings at the beating that's about to occur...

(haiku owned)

Super Mario World -- 43%
Final Fantasy -- 35%
Battletoads -- 13%
Prince of Persia -- 9%

Bracket: Super Mario World > Final Fantasy
Favorites: Final Fantasy > Super Mario World

Lopen’s Analysis

I've never understood the Battletoads, with names like Rash, Zitz, and Pimple. Those are not cool names. Those are disgusting names. The Battletoads were always supposed to be some sort of hip thing, but I think names like those always turned me off of them a bit. They were kind of like The Ninja Turtles, but without class. The Ninja Turtles, taking the names of artists, were something you could show to your kid and say “hey I'm sprinkling a little culture in their life.” With the Battletoads, it was more “I should sprinkle a little baby powder in their life to get rid of these ailments my baby is infected.”

You know when my first paragraph consists of analyzing why the Battletoads didn't persevere as a long standing franchise it's a boring match. Only thing of interest here is how close FF gets to SMW. I think it'll look good here and murmurings of SMW > FF1 next round will start to begin. FF1's performance against SMB3 in the games contest way back then was no fluke or pure franchise votes-- FF1 should be respected, and today, it will make the first step towards earning that respect.

Lopen's prediction
Super Mario World – 41.04%
Final Fantasy – 36.75%
Prince of Persia – 12.09%

Transience’s Analysis

Now that the Worst Match of All Time is almost over, we can move on to our first legitimately interesting match. This eightpack coming up is going to determine a LOT of the top half of the bracket, so getting good reads on these games is going to be important.
Master Moltar (tc) | Posted 4/12/2009 8:24:34 PM | message detail | delete | filter | #340
On top of that, this is our first look at Final Fantasy. We've seen Zelda and Mario destroy old stuff and now it's FF's turn. FF has a Mario game in the way and it's undoubtedly more popular. Final Fantasy historically has a really crazy franchise vote, though: people vote for the Final Fantasy name as if they were destined to do so. The original FF got 40% on Mario 3 and is probably projected to get something like 46-47% on Mario World heads-up. That's just insane. There are not a lot of people who prefer the original FF to Mario World. Seeing how the two stack up against each other is gonna be fun and will give us insight into the expected Mario 3 / Mario World / FF4 matchup. I expect a big win for Mario World here, but FF may surprise just because of that franchise vote.

Apparently Battletoads is some kind of 4chan joke or something. I have no idea why this is funny - maybe because I was alive when Battletoads came out and had some fun getting the absolute snot kicked out of me by it. Battletoads actually beat FF1 in an old Virtual Console poll of no consequence, so I guess it's sorta kinda possible for it to impress here. Original Prince of Persia is also in this match but that game is completely unknown today. Let's just say it didn't age well for the current generation. Everyone in the crew will be going one way, though: Mario World and FF1.

four light warriors
plumber and dumb dinosaur
vote for the red mage

transience's prediction:

Super Mario World with 46%
Final Fantasy with 33%
Battletoads with 14%
Prince of Persia with 7%

Leon’s Analysis

Battletoads: I’m almost convinced that Bacon did this on purpose, putting Battletoads into the same fourpack with Final Fantasy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there was a “Which classic NES game would you most like to see on the Virtual Console?” poll not too long ago, and Battletoads fought with Final Fantasy all day long for first place and eventually won by a slim margin. Something tells me this one won’t be so close. For one thing, that poll is asking for something different than “Which of these games is your favorite?” It may be a subtle distinction, but the purpose of that poll was not to determine the favorite game, and this one is. Plus, I think having more options on the poll was to the advantage of Battletoads, and so it’ll suffer here. I’d love to see it give Final Fantasy a fight, but I don’t see it.

Final Fantasy: Ah, the one that started it all in GameFAQs’ favorite RPG series (No, Zelda is not an RPG!). In my opinion, this is a game that lives and dies by the Final Fantasy brand name, but that brand name is worth a lot. After all, it managed to get 40% on Mario 3 the first Games Contest. Do you honestly think 4 out of every 10 people who have played both games prefer Final Fantasy? I really doubt it. That’s just the power of the name brand, but I don’t think it’ll beat something with a big name. It is interesting that it’s up against Super Mario World, a game that would get around 40% on Mario 3 indirectly (based on its match with Chrono Trigger). It may manage to get close, but I think Mario World is too well liked to lose this one.

Prince of Persia: I really don’t know how well Prince of Persia will do here, but I expect it to do poorly. I’m kinda surprised that this is the only one from the series here. I don’t really know much about how popular this particular game is, but we’ve seen that the title character from the series is a low midcarder at best here. If it’s anything like the relationship between Dante and DMC, and between Kratos and GoW, this game’s in for a world of hurt. The action heroes seem to be much bigger than their games, for whatever the reason.
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Super Mario World: LUEshi vs. 4chan, who wants some? I just realized that as I was typing this analysis right now. That’s a dangerous combination. Well, Mario World should have this one in the bag, and I won’t be surprised if it wins handily. Yeah, Final Fantasy got 40% on Mario 3 in the first Games Contest, but honestly, I don’t think that means anything here. Why? Well, first of all, that was from five years ago, and the site’s demographics have changed quite a bit since then. Secondly, x-stats don’t work for perfect comparisons in characters, and I figure games are even less transitive. Thirdly, the format makes one-on-one stats practically useless anyway, even if we’d just had a Games Contest last year. I just think Mario World is too well-known and loved to lose simply to the brand name because the Mario name is strong in its own right. Maybe it’ll turn into another MGS/FFT, but I don’t see it happening.

Leonhart’s Vote: Super Mario World, one of my faves.

Leonhart’s Prediction:

Battletoads – 22.22%
Final Fantasy – 29.10%
Prince of Persia – 13.78%
Super Mario World – 34.90%

Ed Bellis’s Analysis

This might be one of the easiest matches to call in Round One, at least in terms of deciding which two advance.

Battletoads. The game of infamous difficulty somehow manages a spot in the contest, apparently because it’s a 4chan meme? Whatever. Long as I don’t have to brave the TURBO TUNNEL, I’m fine with it.

Final Fantasy. Much like the original Metroid, the original Final Fantasy gets in based almost solely on franchise nomming (and jokesters like tranny but really now). FF1 beat Contra and uhhh Pitfall before bowing out to SMB3… and it’s in a pack with Super Mario World, which is probably slightly less strong. good job bacon (then again I would have said the same thing about Ocelot/Jill 2, and look how that turned out!)

Prince of Persia. …the original. Okay seriously, what the crap is this doing here? I’ve only ever seen this game mentioned on IGN’s critics’ choice list for video games and wasn’t aware anyone even played it or considered it remotely relevant. Then again, this division has proven that I know piss little about games anyway!

Super Mario World. The first SNES game and – in many gamers’ opinions – perfection of the 2d platformula (ho ho!). Mario World lost to Chrono Trigger in 2004, though in the fabled matchup against Mario 3, how will it fare? First things first is the dispatching of these fools.

Yesterday’s match was at least slightly ambiguous when it came to the order. This one, I can’t see how it won’t be anything other than SMW > FF1 > Toads > PoP. Toads I’m only placing as high as I am because of LOL 4CHAN (I still want to know what that meme is!). Here’s hoping I actually call one correctly this time.

Prediction: I, TURBO TUNNEL, will beat the everloving bejeezus out of you.

Battletoads with 16.24%
Final Fantasy with 25.00%
Prince of Persia with 8.49%
Super Mario World with 50.27%
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Guest’s Analysis - Big Bob

Oh crap, I signed up to do an analysis didn't I? Well, no better way of gaining e-cred before I win this contest than analyzing an easy match. Someone has to do the boring matches, right?

So let's see: SMW > FF. The reason Final Fantasy is strong is not because of the original game, it's for IV, VI, VII, and X. Those games are the games that made Final Fantasy what it is today. The only one who cares about the original is tranny, and he's old. Super Mario World is still fondly remembered, and Mario remains one of the most accessible series in gaming, so Mario World easily takes first, and Final Fantasy gets second because of name recognition.

Which sucks, because the true fight in this match is between Battletoads and Prince of Persia. Neither game will advance, but I can imagine them duking it out quite heavily. Battletoads has 4chan backing it all the way, but I'm sure the Sands of Time trilogy will get its fare share of supporters, even if it's the wrong game in the match. I can imagine the fight between a hard-as-hell game and a more influential game, but ultimately none of it matters because neither is advancing. So just for the hell of it I'll go with Battletoads.

Super Mario World - 45%
Final Fantasy - 35%
Battletoads - 11%
Prince of Persia - 9%

Crew Consensus: SMW > FF1 is unanimous!
Ngamer64 | Posted 4/12/2009 9:39:45 PM | message detail | filter | #343
Whew, that was a really fun session of Rock Band, and then I spent all of today doing Easter-type stuff, so I still haven't looked at the result of this current poll. So, here's my full writeup just as I'd been intending to post it last night.

Ngamer's Rebellious Writeup

I'm still having a tough time wrapping my mind around that result yesterday. Going purely by percentage, SFII had a very respectable day, and in a direct comparison to Castlevania I'd have said it did exceptionally well. But not only did it not win the day outright, it lost in a worse than Ulti blowout! How could Sonic post a performance like that after looking like junk the past two seasons? The most reasonable explanation would seem to be that because no one actually cares about these old games (except maybe Mario 1/3/Zelda/Tetris), anything with strong name/series recognition is going to rock faces. (In that case though, what the heck happened to MM2?) If that's correct, then SFII and its more "hardcore" (maybe?) fanbase should still be fine, since Mario is going to be arriving to suck up all of that apathy vote next round. But if on the other hand this is a case of people actually really loving 2D Sonic and only anti-voting the character because his last generation of games has been so poor, then... well, let's just say it's going to be a long season for people like yo and myself, who made a point of betting against Sonic wherever possible in our brackets.

Turning our attention to this Mario 3 "battle", I just have to say one thing. As much as I've pushed for a return to 1v1s and bad mouthed SB for withholding them from us, matches like this sure do keep the first two rounds interesting. I mean sure, the fact that either SimCity, Monkey Island, or Tecmo Bowl has to "win" a match is a total joke, but it should still be fun to watch these three featherweights smack each other with pillows for 24 hours while Mario 3 goes on what I would almost guarantee will be a record-setting tear. As to which of these hilarious weaklings has the upper hand, well, that's where things get a little tricky.
Ngamer64 | Posted 4/12/2009 9:40:03 PM | message detail | filter | #344
Let's start by eliminating Tecmo Bowl. PC games in general and older PCs games in particular are so vastly underplayed/underappreciated at this site that I would actually take Tecmo over either of these guys without thinking twice if this were a straight up 1v1. But it's not, and to make matters worse TB has drawn the worst possible opponent- I can't imagine there is any game from the NES/SNES era who would lay a worse beatdown on a old casual Nintendo favorite (not even LttP!). That's why I think the favorite going into this one has to be SimCity. Yes it's old and a PC game, but it's also universally played and well known the world over as the game that launched millions of millions of sales for the whole line of Sim___/The Sims/etc games. Plus it has the added advantage of being released on the SNES where I think it did decently.

The last contender is Monkey Island, which I automatically dismissed when filling out my initial bracket and am now regretting. I assumed that, like the Tales Of... series, Monkey Island/Guybrush was one of those things with an incredibly dedicated fanbase that was always going to get it into brackets but would never amount to anything when the actual polls arrived. Looking back at it now though, Guybrush seems like a lock to put up 9-13% of the vote regardless of competition, and considering how badly Mario is going to wreck this balance, that could very well be enough to advance. I think it should be pretty close between Monkey Island and SimCity in America, but now I wish I'd bothered to research how those two games sold outside of this continent, because whichever has the international edge is probably going to take this. Hmm... well too late now, so I'll just stick with my original idea that SimCity was big the world over and say:

Super Mario Bros. 3 - 74%
SimCity - 11%
Secret of Monkey Island - 8%
Tecmo Super Bowl - 7%

That looks like something I have 0 confidence in. Ahhhhhh!

And now to check the poll...

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
KamikazePotato | Posted 4/12/2009 9:46:02 PM | message detail | filter | #345
Poor, poor NGamer.

And Leon, you way overshot PoP. Sands of Time would do respectably, but the original PoP is damn near unplayable.

Ngamer64 | Posted 4/12/2009 10:01:25 PM | message detail | filter | #346
Oh man, appears that everything was going to plan until my prediction got Europe'd. Bah, wish I'd done the research beforehand; if I'd known how much Europe/Australia/whoever else loves the series I would have flip flopped, like my writeup indicated. Ah well, on to the next one.

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
Ngamer64 | Posted 4/12/2009 10:57:52 PM | message detail | filter | #347
Placeholder until I finish this writeup:

Super Mario World - 43.55%
Final Fantasy - 33.17%
Battletoads - 14.08%
Prince of Persia - 9.20%

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
Ngamer64 | Posted 4/12/2009 11:19:40 PM | message detail | filter | #348
Ngamer's Rebellious Writeup

Well like I said, it's a shame I wasn't aware that Monkey Island was liked in Europe, otherwise I would probably have called this match correctly. But, come on, we just witnessed a poll where something on the same level of strength as Guybrush Threepwood advanced into the next round- it's hard to beat yourself up too much over a result like that no matter how you called it. Positive notes: not only did Mario 3 smash the record for biggest win, it has also almost single handedly (considering the pathetic contributions of its opponents) outdrawn yesterday's Sonic/SFII match by about 6500 votes, and is only going to come about 1000 short of matching Zelda/Metroid as the most popular of the year so far. This game is a monster, and so to answer tranny's question: after a performance like this, yes, I'm still liking my picks of SFII to R4 and Mario 3 to R6. They call this man the King of SFF for a reason!

Speaking of popular matches, we're heading into what's sure to be the new #1 of '09 once it's all said and done. Hopefully soon we'll be reaching back into that 130k range where the last two character battle have been most comfortable! As for the positioning, SMW > FF1 > BT > PoP might as well be set in stone, for the reasons my fellow Crewmates have done a fine job of touching on: Mario put up 60 on FF five years back and World would probably do about the same today, BT shouldn't be worth anything yet it was rallied to 22% and a win over FF in that 4chan'd poll, and PoP's only hope of doing something notable would be if it finished last in the x-stats this season. Which it just might have a shot at, considering how it's sure to be way weaker than Sands of Time, which in turn is probably a decent bit weaker than the Prince himself, which is pretty sad considering how he's only barely worth seeing in character battles.

So since all the important topics have been covered, let's just take a look at this match pic. Oh good heavens, poor Prince! The text is too tiny to make out, plus the game's only chance was to trick people into thinking it was Sands of Time (like Ryu Hababusa pulled off a few days back), and that has 0% effective rate now that the characters look like lego men. As if that weren't bad enough, all three other games earned perfect pics for themselves! Yoshi appears in full on LUEshi/box art glory, Battletoads gets an image which probably plays into its internet meme perfectly (I say probably because I still have no idea what the meme actually is, although given the source I'm going to just assume that ignorance is bliss), and FF get to sport the full on 8-Bit Theater effect that served it so well against Mario 3. Given these looks I've got no choice but to lower Persia under 10 while giving BT enough benefit of the doubt for it to score something in the low teens. The toad's NES appeal probably does enough to lower Mario a little bit from the 60/40 it would lay on FF otherwise, and that leaves us with...

Super Mario World - 43.55%
Final Fantasy - 33.17%
Battletoads - 14.08%
Prince of Persia - 9.20%

Hmm. Feeling pretty good about that!

The Guru ROCKS, son!
( & aren't awful either)
Applekidjosh | Posted 4/12/2009 11:25:25 PM | message detail | filter | #349
you guys MAY have overshot on Prince of Persia

...a lot

Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within. Once you find your center you are sure to win!
Applekidjosh | Posted 4/12/2009 11:27:43 PM | message detail | filter | #350
I'm just baffled at it staying under 3%, jesus christ

Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within. Once you find your center you are sure to win!