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Character Battle VI Contest Analysis Crew - Part 2

th3l3fty | Posted 9/28/2007 6:42:41 PM | message detail | #251
Shouldn't everyone get 0 points for not having Pikachu in first?
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YoAriel33 | Posted 9/28/2007 6:45:59 PM | message detail | #252
Only people who don't have the character moving on at all get 0 points. Even those with swapped orders will get positive points, but the order takes precedence over percentage accuracy.
yoblazer33: NO LIMITZ
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th3l3fty | Posted 9/28/2007 6:47:17 PM | message detail | #253
Ah, makes sense.
Knight of the Cross of Sir Chris' Court
I have a third degree burn in flame-o-nomics. -Sir Chris
Master Moltar | Posted 9/28/2007 9:41:11 PM | message detail | #254
Division 7: Round 1 - Match 27 – Nightmare vs. Rayman vs. Solid Snake vs. Vyse

Moltar’s Analysis

Game/Series Known From: Soul Calibur

After years of nomming him, he finally gets in!

Game/Series Known From: Rayman

Ahh Rayman. Now this was one platformer that I dug.

Game/Series Known From: Metal Gear Solid
Seed in 2002: 2
Seed in 2003: 1
Seed in 2004: 2
Seed in 2005: 1
Seed in 2006: 1
Lost in 2002 to Crono in the Elite 8
Lost in 2003 to Mega Man in the Elite 8
Lost in 2004 to Mega Man in the Elite 8
Lost in 2005 to Mario in the Final 4
Lost in 2006 to Samus in the Finals

Snake’s here and he means business.

Game/Series Known From: Skies of Arcadia
Seed in 2003: 11
Seed in 2004: 8
Seed in 2005: 6
Lost in 2003 to Donkey Kong in Round 1
Lost in 2004 to Cloud in Round 2
Lost in 2005 to Tifa in Round 1

Vyse is back, break out the streamers!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Noble Nine character in action. This time around, it’s Snake, and you better believe he’s dominating this group.

The battle for second is once again fierce. Nightmare, Rayman and Vyse are all gunning for it, but which one moves on? Well, I’m going to eliminate Rayman first. Never seen any sign of GameFAQs caring for him, and I can’t see him getting much love in this match.

So between Nightmare and Vyse, both have good chances of moving on. Vyse has experience, even though it isn’t good experience. His poor performances gave us a term that we loved to use, VFL, or Vyse Fodder Line. Not to get much into it, but basically, if a character is stronger than Vyse in the stats (20% on 2003 Link), then they get the label “low midcarder”. Fall below it, you’re fodder. Where does Nightmare fall? I believe he’s going to be above that line. He’s seen as the face of Soul Calibur, and it’s a pretty well-liked series on GameFAQs.

Yep, I’m not going to take the easy way out and say I picked Nightmare because he’s one of my favorites. I’m going to say he’s plain stronger than Vyse. Sure, this format is different than one on one, and Vyse does have a dedicated following, but Nightmare is a popular character from a stronger series. He does stand the chance of being hurt by Snake if the Series Contest is a sign, but I still think he’ll be able to get through.

Moltar’s Bracket Says: Snake > Nightmare > Vyse > Rayman

Moltar’s Prediction is: Snake: 54% - Nightmare: 20% - Vyse: 16% - Rayman: 10%

Ultimaterializer’s Analysis

Unless Nightmare ends up being 100% garbage, Snake > Nightmare > Vyse > Rayman is one of the easiest calls in the first round. Snake should be well ahead of everyone else, with the other three being very far behind but far apart from one another to render the match boring as all hell.

The only question here is whether Vyse can steal second place away from Nightmare, but I don't think he will. I think Nightmare is stronger than Ivy, who would likely kill Vyse heads-up. Barring weird SFF, Nightmare has this.

Ulti's Prediction:

Snake [65.00%]
Nightmare [21.00%]
Vyse [10.00%]
Rayman [4.00%]

Heroic Mario’s Analysis

Solid Snake – 54%
Nightmare – 19%
Vyse – 16%
Rayman – 11%

Pretty boring match we’ve got here, I think. After MGS’s impressive first round, Snake is primed to dominate this pretty easy. Considering that he’s by far the strongest the series has to offer, he should have a shot at exceeding the percentage I gave him. Even if he’s come down to earth after last year, the format should help him get where he needs to be. It wouldn’t be too surprising if he were to outdo Sephiroth’s percentage by a bit.
Master Moltar | Posted 9/28/2007 9:41:42 PM | message detail | #255
Second place is up for grabs here, but I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those close-but-not-so-close matches. I went back and forth on this one for a while when I was making my bracket, and ended up choosing Vyse, but Nightmare just seems like the safer pick on this one. Fighting game characters have been doing great so far and Nightmare by all means should keep that up. He’s got the hardcore fighting fans and casuals alike.

Vyse shouldn’t be too far off, though. Under these circumstances, I might normally side with the cult RPG character simply because they’re bound to have a group that’s unwavering in their support, but I think the fighting game fans might just be up there. He isn’t going to get killed, but I have hard time seeing him beating Nightmare, regardless of Snake’s presence here. I’m not one to buy into Snake “stealing” Nightmare’s “badass” vote.

Oh, and, uh, Rayman kinda sits back in list. Man, this division is ass.

Bracket: Solid Snake > Vyse

Yoblazer’s Analysis

Finally. After four weeks of making us wait, the defending Male Bracket Champion is about to take center stage. Solid Snake had an absolutely astounding 2006, elevating himself from the one Noble 9er in most danger of dropping the ball to the exclusive club's sixth strongest member. This year, gaming's premier badass looks to build on that momentum all the way into the Final 4. In his path stand... three chumps. Prepare for one of the first round's most dominating performances!

I fully expect Snake to grab over 50% of the votes cast, which mean his three opponents will be on crumb collecting duty. Those opponents are Soul Calibur's Nightmare, Rayman, and Vyse from Skies of Arcadia. We can eliminate one of these pitiful souls immediately - Rayman. Not only does he have no fanbase, but he's also French. Yeah, see you never, frog eater.

The big story surrounding this match, other than the sheer pwnsauce of Snake running circles around these clowns, is the battle for second between Nightmare and Vyse. It was, actually, one of the first round's more debated choices. The vast majority is backing Nightmare, while I'm being all rebellious and taking Vyse. Let me explain why I think this upset pick was a good one to take.

Personally, I'm still a bit confused with regards to Nightmare's perceived popularity. I don't think being a main character in Soul Calibur is enough. I don't think being a character in any fighting game after the genre's golden era is enough. Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat. Then the fighting genre died, and the new characters will never achieve the popularity their early 1990's brothers shared. This includes Soul Calibur, Tekken, Virtua fighter, and the rest. Jin Kazama or Ryu? Nightmare or Sub-Zero? Please, it's no contest.

However, Nightmare has a secret weapon, and that weapon is his instant appeal to voters. He's supposed to have a badass look that will instantly draw voters to his little clicky circle. His name is supposed to draw votes. It all sounds rather cool, but is it true? I wouldn't write it off as silly, heck no, but in a match against Solid Snake (let me reiterate: gaming's premier badass), it might not help the character in question as much. Also, check his picture, yo. He doesn't look cool at all, and I've heard he looks unrecognizable. Will his name be enough? I have my doubts, especially with Snake slurping votes like Fatman.

Nightmare's main competitor, Vyse, is nothing special, but he's not terribly weak. He has a fanbase, and judging by the pictures, he comes into this match looking more appealing than the Soul Calibur star. I think that'll be just enough to squeeze by, but I could be completely wrong. Let's, uh, hope I'm not.

Solid Snake - 56%
Vyse - 18%
Nightmare - 17%
Rayman - 9%
Master Moltar | Posted 9/28/2007 9:42:14 PM | message detail | #256
Lopen’s Analysis

Hmm so we've got an easy match here, or at least I think so. I guess there are reasons for debate but I'm not buying into them. I'm curious to see how well Snake holds up considering all of the MGS characters have done so well up to this point.

So the opponents for Snake... first Rayman... I don't know how that thing got in here. Screw it. I will ignore it for the rest of the write-up.

Vyse I might take a little more seriously. He was the once prestigious owner of the fodder line, after all! And he's got the uh... devoted fanbase backing him, as small as it may be!

But Nightmare I think has the best potential here. To put things in perspective Ivy outdid Vyse against Tifa. Nightmare's definitely stronger than Ivy. Now you might think Vyse had reason to do crappier than expected against Tifa, or he might hold up better... but I don't think so. Not enough to be a threat.

Lopen's Prediction:
Solid Snake - 51.01%
Nightmare - 23.34%
Vyse - 17.35%
Other thing - 8.30%

Karma Hunter’s Analysis

The moment we've (read: me) all been waiting for...


Considered by many to be the fan-favorite of Soul Calibur. I'm not completely sold, but if he can match Ivy's position or surpass it he should have a good shot at taking second in this match.


A niche 3D platformer character... uh oh. Rayman's games have been received well and he's even got a spot on the Wii, but - well, Ratchet has all that and more going for him and we've seen what he is. Rayman will... be weak.


Slayer of Sephiroth.

He who transcends the barriers between companies.

The star of the 2006 contest.

The man who makes the impossible possible.

Solid Snake is BACK, fresh off his 2006 run of a lifetime, and ready to prove himself once again in the most unpredictable bracket yet. Snake stands in a position unfamiliar to him - one that he hasn't enjoyed since 2002, actually - he's favored to make the finals. And it's hard to argue against it! Snake is the most seasoned character here in this format, having used it and his hardcore fanbase to upset Sephiroth in the Battle Royale. And seeing how everything else MGS has performed, and with more exposure and hype for MGS4 and SSBB (seriously, did you *see* Snake's update!?), Snake is looking to turn heads again this season. Though considering his predictable path, he couldn't do much less than pose a threat to Cloud or Link if he wanted to do that...


The Unimpressive, indeed. Vyse has the dubious distinction of being the most disappointing character this board has ever hyped to me (and I don't disappoint easily). Once considered a great fodder line, his killing at the hands of Tifa has left his status a little up in the air. Will his supposedly hardcore fanbase be enough to overcome his aging and perhaps indirect weakness compared to Nightmare? There's a good chance he goes through... but seriously people, I'm not picking Vyse., uh, yeah, Snake wins. THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR YOU HEATHENS, but I guess we have to analyze second as well. Bah... who would vote these three chumps over Snake? I almost want to go with Vyse thinking of that, but I feel Nightmare is the best choice here - he's untested, and may be a relative flop (he could easily lose to Ivy, for instance), but he's a much more 'casual' character than Vyse is, and those have performed rather well this contest. Although... will that hold up in the face of the casual champion, Snake? Um... well, we can only hope!

Karma Hunter's Krazy Prediction: Solid Snake with 65%, Nightmare with 15%, Vyse with 11%, Rayman with 9%

Master Moltar | Posted 9/28/2007 9:42:47 PM | message detail | #257
Upset Probability: 50%

I really fear Vyse here, mostly because Soul Calibur has proven to be an overrated 'force' before, and its characters don't seem to be nearly as visible as the game (Ivy is an exception - she's EVERYWHERE, for obvious reasons). And after seeing what has happened in this format... I can't count out Rayman completely, especially considering how weak his competition could be. Though I really should...

Transience’s Analysis

Vyse/Nightmare was debated a good amount pre-contest. Snake was going to get a huge chunk of votes and Vyse's fanbase is more dedicated than Nightmare's, so people thought he'd take second here. plus, people have been on the "Nightmare will definitely bomb" train for a while now.

since then? I've become very confident in Nightmare. obvious favourites are not getting huge percentages like we expected. cult RPG characters are doing worse than expected in a lot of cases. Vyse also seems like he's becoming less relevant by the day. I'm not even sure he'd beat Laharl in a rematch.. maybe I'm just not feeling him because I've never played his game, never see his game mentioned and got snubbed in 2k6? I don't know, but I don't have a lot of hope for him. plus, fighting game characters have been impressing left and right in this format and while Nightmare isn't nearly as iconic as the Ryus and Scorpions of the world, he should do just fine.

dunno what to think or say about Rayman -- he should bomb, but who knows?

Tifa quadded Vyse
Nightmare should get more v. Snake
Karma Hunter cheers

transience's prediction: Snake with 55.65%, Nightmare with 21.56%, Vyse with 14.32%, Rayman with 8.47%

Crew Consensus: Snake > Nightmare is what we say.
Master Moltar | Posted 9/28/2007 9:43:37 PM | message detail | #258
And no Guest write-up again, so anyone who hasn't done a last-minute one gogogo
Moltar Status: The Analysis Crew...believe
DK/Kratos/Marth/Prince- Bracket: Kratos > DK - Vote: DK (83/100)
Lady Ashe | Posted 9/28/2007 9:45:14 PM | message detail | #259
uh oh ulti
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Lady Ashe | Posted 9/28/2007 9:45:46 PM | message detail | #260
oh hey kh did it too
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trannyscience | Posted 9/28/2007 9:46:05 PM | message detail | #261
argh ulti curse

just when i was near the leaderboard
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DpObliVion | Posted 9/28/2007 10:17:43 PM | message detail | #262
DpOblivion's Unofficial Quick Analysis:

Wow, everyone is putting Snake at over 50%, not just here but what I've seen in Oracle. I don't think I'm underestimating Snake, but are his opponents that bad?

Anyway, I got Nightmare taking 2nd. Vyse is a cult character and I don't take those, and Rayman is nothing. Nightmare is from a pretty popular series though, the Soul Calibur fighter should take it.

DpOblivion's bracket says: Solid Snake > Nightmare

DpOblivion's prediction is: Solid Snake > Nightmare

Confidence Rating: 100%

Solid Snake - 47%
Nightmare - 21%
Vyse - 19%
Rayman - 13%

Dp, you are one awesome, sexy bastard. I less than 3 you. -Shadow Ryoko
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DaruniaTheGoron | Posted 9/28/2007 10:47:38 PM | message detail | #263
If you don't count DP's analysis as Guest...

I think Snake will absolutely dominate, and that Vyse will squeeze a second place out of this. I don't buy SC having any strength and it seems to me Vyse would have more hardcore backing.

Snake - 60%
Vyse - 16%
Nightmare - 15%
Rayman - 9%
SC2k7: 53/76, tied for 1402nd
Today's Pick: Ness > Liquid Snake
YoAriel33 | Posted 9/28/2007 10:51:51 PM | message detail | #264
Hmm... who's the guest?
yoblazer33: NO LIMITZ
Watch and you'll see... someday I'll be... part of your world!
Master Moltar | Posted 9/28/2007 10:55:41 PM | message detail | #265
Well, I already counted Dp as last-minute Guest once, so...Darunia.
Moltar Status: The Analysis Crew...believe
Nightmare/Rayman/Snake/Vyse - Bracket: Snake > Nightmare - Vote: Nightmare (87/104)
Lugia2 | Posted 9/29/2007 5:53:51 AM | message detail | #266
Did you pick him because you thought Nightmare was going to win? :P

Nah, I'm kidding. Looks like the Snake > Nightmare pick worked out too.
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Master Moltar | Posted 9/29/2007 2:04:23 PM | message detail | #267
Donkey Kong.................27.66% 33266
Kratos..............................40.13% 48265
Marth................................20.65% 24832
Prince of All Cosmos....11.56% 13902
TOTAL VOTES............................120265

35.55% of the brackets predicted 1st correctly.
19.30% of the brackets predicted 2nd correctly.

35.41% of the brackets predicted 1st to come in 2nd.
56.95% of the brackets predicted 2nd to come in 1st.

Crew bracket: 85/104

A match goes...just as expected? What is this?! Yeah, nothing unexpected here. Kratos takes first easily, and DK takes second. Marth does decently as well.

Crew Prediction Challenge - Guest snags the point.

Yoblazer - 5
Guest (Turtle "2", Kleenex, Who Cares?, Sensi) - 5
Lopen - 4
Moltar - 3
Ulti - 2
Tran - 2
HM - 2
KH - 1

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Guest gets the point for Kratos, Ulti gets the point for DK, Yo and Ulti get the point for Marth, and HM and Moltar get the point for Prince.

HM - 19
Yoblazer - 18
Guest (Bokonon_Lives "2", Dp, Turtle "2", Ashe "2", Kleenex "3", Who Cares? "2", chocobo, Richard, Xcarvenger "2", Sensi) - 17
Moltar - 14
Lopen - 13
Ulti - 12
Tran - 11
KH - 7
Moltar Status: The Analysis Crew...believe
Nightmare/Rayman/Snake/Vyse - Bracket: Snake > Nightmare - Vote: Nightmare (87/104)
Master Moltar | Posted 9/29/2007 10:06:11 PM | message detail | #268
Division 7: Round 1 - Match 28 – Haseo vs. Riku vs. Roxas vs. Ryu Hayabusa

Moltar’s Analysis

Game/Series Known From: .hack\\G.U.

Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man….Haseo. Believe

Game/Series Known From: Kingdom Hearts
Seed in 2005: 4
Seed in 2006: 3
Lost in 2005 to Frog in Round 1
Lost in 2006 to Yoshi in Round 1


Game/Series Known From: Kingdom Hearts


Ryu H.
Game/Series Known From: Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive
Seed in 2004: 3
Seed in 2005: 6
Seed in 2006: 7
Lost in 2004 to Sora in Round 2
Lost in 2005 to Zero in Round 1
Lost in 2006 to Dante in Round 1

Ninja Gaiden…that game was kinda hard.

Division 7 is like the Division of weird fourpacks. Look at what we’ve had so far, and now this. Whoseo, who’s known more for his show that no one watched over his games that no one played. Two Kingdom Hearts characters from the same darn game, and Ryu H., who clashes badly with the rest of them.

Still, I wouldn’t throw out this match yet. One big question is where KH fans support goes in this match. I’m guessing a lot of it goes to Riku, and Roxas ends up looking not as strong because of it. However, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Roxas does better than expected. I mean, did you play through the awesome, action-packed, wide-open exploring part of KH2? You know, the one at the beginning of the game when you’re playing as this thrilling character with his lively and interesting friends doing fun, exciting jobs, beating up C-list Final Fantasy characters and eating sea-salt ice cream for a mind-blowing 3 HOURS! I can smell the Roxas love from here.

And then there is Ryu H. Who’s pretty much your standard midcarder. He should move on to Round 2 since Roxas is going to be too busy fighting off Riku, and then there’s Haseo…

How did Haseo get in anyway? I mean, he’s not even as popular as Kite (and if you know who that is, you either know your Contest history or are the biggest .hack fan ever). The only way he’ll cause worry is if somewhere out there, a large underground .hack cult with 100,000+ members is ready to vote for him the second the poll goes up.

Well, I’m done with this one. Riku and Ryu H. move on.

Moltar’s Bracket Says: Riku > Ryu H. > Roxas > Haseo

Moltar’s Prediction is: Riku: 37% - Ryu H.: 35% - Roxas: 23% - Haseo: 5%

Ultimaterializer’s Analysis

This is the second match in a row that seems pretty obvious. Riku > Ryu Hayabusa is a very consensus pick, because no one knows who in the hell Haseo is (he was the #1 "WHO IS ____?" when the bracket first came out), and Roxas shouldn't have the strength to both avoid SFF from Riku and finish ahead of Ryu H.

The only chance for an upset here is Roxas SFFing Riku enough to finish ahead of Ryu, but that's about as likely as Tingle SFFing Luigi a few days back. And pardon my bias; I think Roxas is lamesauce.

Ulti's Prediction:

Riku [33.00%]
Ryu Hayabusa [28.00%]
Roxas [25.00%]
Haseo [14.00%]

Heroic Mario’s Analysis

Riku – 34%
Ryu Hayabusa – 33%
Roxas – 26%
Haseo – 7%

Ah, this match bothers me. There is no telling who is going to end up advancing out of this one. The odds are in favor of Riku > Hayabusa, but for whatever reason, despite there being another Kingdom Hearts character here, I’m resistant to count out Roxas. Sure, we haven’t seen anything from him before, but I wouldn’t doubt that he’s not too far away from Riku normally. Crazy? Maybe. This guy has got some serious fans, though.
Master Moltar | Posted 9/29/2007 10:06:39 PM | message detail | #269
Hayabusa does have some things going for him here. Most notably, Riku should be hurt quite a bit by Roxas’ presence. Under normal circumstances, I would take Riku to destroy Hayabusa, but the whole SFF -- or LFF, whatever you want to call it -- should end up making this much closer than it should be. Hayabusa also has the fact that every other Microsoft character has performed extremely well in this format. Considering that the bulk of his support is from the Xbox fanbase, that should spell good things for him.

Still, even with all that said, I can’t quite see Riku losing here. Roxas stealing support from Riku isn’t necessarily a guarantee. I’m expecting Roxas to be the strongest KH character outside of Sora and Riku, so he should definitely have enough support to stand make a potential match of this. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if something unexpected happened like Riku and Roxas moving on. Unlikely as it may be, KH characters aren’t something to underestimate -- they’re getting significantly stronger with each release.

oh and what the damn hell is a haseo

Bracket: Riku > Hayabusa
Vote: Riku

Lopen’s Analysis

Hase... hasewhat? That guy is 1337 h4x0r!?


Alright, onto the match. So basically what this match boils down to is Ryu Hayabusa against Riku with Roxas restraining Riku and letting Hayabusa get free hits in. Man, what's up with these Ryus and their dishonorable tactics in this contest? Well at least this Ryu is only going 2v1 instead of 3v1. And you know, he's a Ninja. Sure, he's more the flip out and kill things type of ninja, but you know what ninjas are doing when they aren't flipping out and killing things? They're throwing egg whites in the faces of their enemies to blind them. Probably poisoned egg whites, at that. Eat egg white, Riku.

So the question is: Will it be enough? I'm banking on yes. Riku doesn't destroy Ryu Hayabusa 1v1 anyway, and I don't think Roxas is a total joke to be ignored by Riku. Yeah, of course Riku dominates him, but I definitely expect him to take away more than say... Vaan did, for instance. Roxas is likable at least, and you do control him for a few hours at the beginning of KH2 for what it's worth, even if that is a slower part of the game. I'd also like to say Ninja Gaiden Sigma helps Ryu a little... but... haw haw PS3.

Not to mention X-BOX FEAR. Maybe this format favors Ryu Hayabusa a bit? Certainly possible, that. (or NINJAFEAR, but that's implied, always. Ninja are an ever present threat, as we all know.)

Lopen's prediction:
Ryu Hayabusa - 38.55%
Riku - 37.05%
Roxas - 16.50%
1337 h4x0r - 7.90%

Karma Hunter’s Analysis


oh dear

oh dear

There are very few instances in a bracket where I have NEVER heard of a character.

oh dear


The fan favorite of the Kingdom Hearts games, Riku hopes to follow in the same footsteps of Kratos in finally winning a match this year. His competition is a bit stiffer though, thanks in large part to...


...yeah. You wanna talk about a RANGE, you go see Roxas. At worst? He's uber-fodder, will do little but make Riku look better and totally representative of his blank personality and small playability. At best? Uhhh can you say SORA PROXY

Ryu Hayabusa

The coolest ninja in all of gaming returns, and though he's been on a bit of a losing streak the lower midcarder has a good shot to upend the much stronger Riku here. Because Ninja Gaiden: Sigma ain't gonna help that much... :(
Master Moltar | Posted 9/29/2007 10:07:17 PM | message detail | #270
I have Riku here. I'm, uh... not quite sure why. Roxas will function as a decent drain here, and looking at that picture I can't help but think the Sora-proxy idea isn't a bad one. Yeah... I'm taking Hayabusa. Riku's strong, but in this format... well, we've seen this happen before.

Karma Hunter's Vote: Riku... argh am I jinxing myself again?!
Karma Hunter's Krazy Prediction: Ryu Hayabusa with 34%, Riku with 30%, Roxas with 25%, Haseo with 11%

hey it's sora
no i'm roxas
hey it's sora
no i'm roxas
let's all get some sea-salt ice cream

Upset Probability: 50%

Aside from Riku just powering his way through because he's just THAT STRONG, there's also the 'problem' of Roxas... and we saw Mario/Shadow happen once. Riku should diminish him here, but Roxas is a true wildcard in every sense of the word. Everyone who's played KH2 knows him...

Transience’s Analysis


this is the one match that I feel completely awful about. having never played KH2, I didn't know that Roxas was a damn Sora clone. go me! I've always gotten the impression that the KH fanbase goes Axel > Roxas, but I think looking like Sora would hurt Riku more than Axel would. I dunno.

Riku is a clear step and a half up from Ryu. KH1 Sora beat Hayabusa 62/38 back in '04. I think Riku after KH2 is stronger x-stat-wise than KH1 Sora, too. (though to be fair, he got 'Arabusa' in that match with Sora.) Riku got 45% on Yoshi while Hayabusa got 35% on Dante, and Yoshi/Dante was 50/50. Riku is clearly stronger -- the question is, how much does Roxas leech? I think quite a bit. I'll stick with my bracket, but I feel like Ryu Hayabusa should be the favourite here.

Riku and Roxas
can Ryu take advantage?

transience's prediction: Riku with 36.65%, Ryu Hayabusa with 35.89%, Roxas with 20.77%, Haseo with 6.69%

Guest’s Analysis - satai_delenn

Well, here goes nothing—my first ever guest analysis! So let's see who we've got here. Contest veterans Ryu Hayabusa and Riku are back for more action, with Riku's buddy Roxas joining us for the first time along with this Raseo dude. Wait, what, the fourth character's name doesn't start with R? Blasphemy! Fine, fine. Haseo.

Who is this Haseo fellow, anyway? .hack is a series that doesn't seem to get much attention, and despite this guy's fairly badass looking artwork, he's up against two other PS2 RPG characters from a series that's so much more popular it's kind of obscene. Haseo is the fodder of this match, hardcore.

Riku, one of the most liked characters from an extremely popular series, always seems to get the shaft in these contests, with first round opponents such as Frog and Yoshi impeding his progress (goddammit, those two are always the bane of my existence…!). Even so, he still managed to do some serious damage to these two well-seasoned opponents, being beaten by Frog by a mere 2% and breaking 40% on a well-liked Mario series character. With KH2 still fresh in people's minds and mounting hype over the upcoming Kingdom Hearts projects, and Axel nearly beating Frog this year, I don't imagine Riku's strength will be waning—this is the year he not only gets to progress to round 2, but gets to do so easily and with style.
Master Moltar | Posted 9/29/2007 10:08:04 PM | message detail | #271
And then there's Roxas. Roxas strikes me as being kind of wild-cardy here. On the one hand, he's a Kingdom Hearts character, and a fairly popular one at that, being not only the main character of the first two hours of KH2 (including one of the coolest boss fights in the game), but also having the distinction of generating lots of excitement due to his double-Keyblade-wielding badassery in the secret video leading into KH2. Sure, he disappears from the radar for most of the rest of the game, but KH fans are obsessive and he doesn't get forgotten. On the other hand, he ended up with a seriously debilitating first-round placement, going up against Riku of all people. This is like…Raiden vs. Snake or something. (Okay, not quite. But still!) So unfortunately, I don't think we're going to get a very good look at what Roxas might be able to do here; Riku will SFF him into oblivion. (Har har, no pun intended. >_>)

Lastly, the ninja. Ryu Hayabusa has done fairly well in the past, putting up 34% against Dante and 37% against Zero. Ninja Gaiden is a fairly popular series around here, and the ninja is taking his place in this match as the Xbox representative and the only non-RPG character. I expect him to take home a significant portion of the vote, coming in at a halfway-decently-close second to Riku. Is there an upset chance here? Maybe; Roxas will be eating a few of Riku's votes. But looking at last year, Dante and Yoshi were just about equivalent and Ryu did 10% worse on Dante than Riku did on Yoshi. Add onto this that KH doesn't seem to be giving up its rampant popularity anytime soon, and I really don't see a ninja victory happening here.

Satai's vote: Riku
Satai's prediction:
Haseo – 9.35%
Riku – 39.02%
Roxas – 17.87%
Ryu Hayabusa – 33.76%

Crew Consensus: Riku > Ryu is the favorite, but don't count out the possibility of Ryu > Riku.
hochiminh155 | Posted 9/29/2007 10:12:49 PM | message detail | #272
Riku > Ryu is the crew's pick today? Looks like the crew is as dumb as ever
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KleenexTissue50 | Posted 9/29/2007 10:13:49 PM | message detail | #273
The high predictions for Roxas baffle me, to he honest.
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Lopen | Posted 9/29/2007 10:33:05 PM | message detail | #274
Yeah, these high picks for Roxas don't really make sense to me, especially in the cases of those that are picking Riku to win regardless. I just can't see Riku managing 35% if Roxas gets something like 25%. Satai's and tranny's %s are the only ones that make sense in support of a Riku victory, to me.

Ironically I had Roxas low and have Hayabusa winning anyway. Ha.
DaruniaTheGoron | Posted 9/29/2007 10:35:02 PM | message detail | #275
Well, at least I get a consistency point for Snake and tie for Rayman.
SC2k7: 53/76, tied for 1402nd
Today's Pick: Ness > Liquid Snake
YoAriel33 | Posted 9/29/2007 10:40:07 PM | message detail | #276
Yoblazer's Analysis

Round 1: Division 7
Haseo vs. Riku vs. Roxas vs. Ryu Hayabusa

Ah, yet another match with a fair bit to think about. It starts in exactly 30 minutes, so the write-up will be briefly (sorry). Our competitors today are Riku and Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts series, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, and a piece of fodder named Haseo from .hack.

Haseo is complete trash; he should unquestionably end up as one of the weakest characters in the draw. Obviously, he's a non-factor today. All the intrigue of this match is generated by the three R-dudes: Riku, Roxas, and Ryu. Indirectly, it's safe to assume that Riku is the strongest one. Also, seeing as how he has a more prominent role in the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole, it's also pretty safe to say that he might SFF his compatriot Roxas a bit.

The biggest question of the day is whether or not Ryu Hayabusa, one of gaming's most famous ninjas, can use this to his advantage. Will he get by Roxas? Will Roxas surprise us with his strength and fanbase and shut Ryu down completely? Can Roxas split enough votes with Riku to allow Hayabusa the all-out win? Personally, I feel any of these scenarios are possible, but I'm going with the second one, which I feel is the most safe.

Sora kicked the crap out of Ryu three long years ago, so I have no doubt that either Ryu or Roxas would beat him easily 1v1. The man basically tied Jill Valentine; that can't be indicative of much strength. However, the fact of the matter is that Riku and Roxas will be splitting votes, and I think Riku will take enough of them to give Hayabusa the second place finish. Of course, with my bracket already resembling a minefield after the first round, I'd love to throw the points away and watch my two Kingdom Hearts boys march triumphantly in the next round, but I doubt the chances of that are very good. One can hope, right?

Riku - 38%
Ryu Hayabusa - 28%
Roxas - 26%
Haseo - 8%
yoblazer33: NO LIMITZ
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DaruniaTheGoron | Posted 9/29/2007 10:42:10 PM | message detail | #277
Oh wait, yo gets the Snake point. Whoops. Unless Snake gains .13% magically.
SC2k7: 53/76, tied for 1402nd
Today's Pick: Ness > Liquid Snake
transience | Posted 9/29/2007 10:42:27 PM | message detail | #278
you were sayin'? :)

think you mean Riku and Roxas, though
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DpObliVion | Posted 9/29/2007 10:58:00 PM | message detail | #279
DpOblivion's Unofficial Quick Analysis:

Hooray, another risky pick!

Okay, so Kingdom Hearts is obviously pretty powerful here, and in a one-on-one, Riku or Roxas probably beat Ryu Hayabusa easily. But we've seen some crazy things with SFF. The question here is whether the SFF will be enough to erase what should be a good-sized advantage for Riku.

I'm fairly convinced it will be, despite it being against popular belief. Again, blind bias probably. But I think the split between Riku and Roxas will be even enough that it will keep Ryu ahead of them. If Riku had a blowout-type advantage over Roxas, I'd say he might be able to hold it. But I don't see it that way (then again, what the hell do I know, nothing).

Oh yeah, Haseo. Heh, he's nothing.

DpOblivion's bracket says: Ryu Hayabusa > Riku

DpOblivion's prediction is: Ryu Hayabusa > Riku

Confidence Rating: 60%

Ryu Hayabusa - 34.50%
Riku - 32.50%
Roxas - 22%
Haseo - 11%

Dp, you are one awesome, sexy bastard. I less than 3 you. -Shadow Ryoko
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Lopen | Posted 9/29/2007 11:45:36 PM | message detail | #280
Wow. Guess X-BOX FEAR really does help Ryu in this format as I had thought.

Well a lot more than I thought, actually. Jeez.
Lugia2 | Posted 9/30/2007 6:24:41 AM | message detail | #281
Hm, looks like another temporary comeback for Hoochie. Though, in retrospect, this looks like another Samus >Mario match-

*Looks at Ulti*

VIVA LA REVOLU-er, Wii!! Thank you Nintendo, thank you very much. Lugia2-1246-5250-1185
Master Moltar | Posted 9/30/2007 9:47:11 AM | message detail | #282
Nightmare...........22.47% 28609
Rayman.................9.15% 11649
Solid Snake........57.88% 73706
Vyse.....................10.51% 13380
TOTAL VOTES................127344

58.49% of the brackets predicted 1st correctly.
26.55% of the brackets predicted 2nd correctly.

37.11% of the brackets predicted 1st to come in 2nd.
25.44% of the brackets predicted 2nd to come in 1st.

Crew bracket: 89/108

Snake dominates this group. Nightmare also ends up looking pretty good, while Vyse bombs beyond most expectations.

Crew Prediction Challenge - Tran gets the point.

Yoblazer - 5
Guest (Turtle "2", Kleenex, Who Cares?, Sensi) - 5
Lopen - 4
Moltar - 3
Tran - 3
Ulti - 2
HM - 2
KH - 1

Crew Accuracy Challenge - Yo gets the point for Snake, KH gets the point for Vyse, Tran gets the point for Nightmare and Yo, KH and Guest all get points for Rayman.

Yoblazer - 20
HM - 19
Guest (Bokonon_Lives "2", Dp, Turtle "2", Ashe "2", Kleenex "3", Who Cares? "2", chocobo, Richard, Xcarvenger "2", Sensi, Darunia) - 18
Moltar - 14
Lopen - 13
Ulti - 12
Tran - 12
KH - 9
Moltar Status: The Analysis Crew...believe
Haseo/Riku/Roxas/Ryu H. - Bracket: Riku > Ryu H. - Vote: Riku (91/108)
transience | Posted 9/30/2007 4:26:03 PM | message detail | #283
I need to start doing even percentages so I get lots of tied points!
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Lopen | Posted 9/30/2007 4:32:25 PM | message detail | #284
Yeah, seriously man. This format is hatin on us who keep it real with actual attempted bullseyes. The points should be split into fractions for the ties!
GrapefruitKing | Posted 9/30/2007 5:25:32 PM | message detail | #285
I had the Sora/Lara/Daxter/Wesker write-up to do, but I'll give it to anyone who's interested of doing it. I definitely won't have time to write that until the match comes...
Oracle Challenge - Today's prediction:~ Riku 36.03% - Ninja 35.21% - Roxex 20.76% - Hase-who? 8.00% ~ Status: Bad
Biolizard28 | Posted 9/30/2007 5:45:28 PM | message detail | #286
I've finished my analysis. How do I get it to you?
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PortugalTheMann | Posted 9/30/2007 5:46:22 PM | message detail | #287
Explicit Content.
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Biolizard28 | Posted 9/30/2007 5:51:21 PM | message detail | #288
This is probably a VERY stupid question... is "/balls" really included? >__________>
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ZFS | Posted 9/30/2007 5:52:00 PM | message detail | #289


let's mosey
KleenexTissue50 | Posted 9/30/2007 5:52:05 PM | message detail | #290
Try it and find out.
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PortugalTheMann | Posted 9/30/2007 5:52:14 PM | message detail | #291
resident evil gaiden
Explicit Content.
I wish Lei Fang were my mom. I'd like drug her and feel her up and stuff. - Ken
Lugia2 | Posted 9/30/2007 9:25:59 PM | message detail | #292
This is probably a VERY stupid question... is "/balls" really included? >__________>

Try with and without. Guess which one goes- *Smacked by Moltar*

Yeah, this is going to be a new fad, isn't it? Though I wonder if such /'s are could be very funny...
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Master Moltar | Posted 9/30/2007 10:08:40 PM | message detail | #293
Division 8: Round 1 - Match 29 – Aeris Gainsborough vs. Akuma vs. Geno vs. Squall Leonhart

Moltar’s Analysis

Game/Series Known From: Final Fantasy VII
Seed in 2002: 11
Seed in 2003: 11
Seed in 2006: 2
Lost in 2002 to Solid Snake in Round 3
Lost in 2003 to Sonic in Round 3
Lost in 2006 to Zelda in Round 3

Our favorite spoiler is back for another Contest.

Game/Series Known From: Street Fighter

Another Street Fighter gets his chance to shine.

Game/Series Known From: Super Mario RPG
Seed in 2005: 7
Lost in 2005 to Squall in Round 1

Nintendo…Square…he doesn’t know what he is!

Game/Series Known From: Final Fantasy VIII
Seed in 2002: 15
Seed in 2003: 6
Seed in 2004: 4
Seed in 2005: 2
Seed in 2006: 4
Lost in 2002 to Sonic in Round 1
Lost in 2003 to Samus in the Round 3
Lost in 2004 to Cloud in the Round 3
Lost in 2005 to Vincent in Round 3
Lost in 2006 to Solid Snake in Round 2

The prettiest FF lead pretty boy rounds out the pack.

The final Division. Speaking of Final, got a lot of Final Fantasy here. They aren’t scrubs either. Squall and Aeris could pretty much be considered near-elites.

Then there’s Geno, who lost pretty handily to Squall back in 2005. He does have a small fanbase behind him, but it’ll probably only be enough to keep him around 10%.

Then there’s Akuma. We’ve seen Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, M. Bison, and just about every other Street Thug in these Contests. Well, this one’s different. It’s AKUMA! He ain’t no Ryu or Ken…so he doesn’t have much of a chance to move on to Round 2. Sure, there’s the slight possibility that Squall or Aeris could SFF stomp the other hard enough for Akuma to squeak by, but I highly doubt it.

So who takes #1? Well, FF7 > FF8, but Squall > Aeris. It’ll be interesting to see how SFF plays a role in this match in between the two, and could definitely give us some insight on how things will play out next round.

Moltar’s Bracket Says: Squall > Aeris > Akuma > Geno

Moltar’s Prediction is: Squall: 37% - Aeris.: 30% - Akuma: 23% - Geno: 10%

Ultimaterializer’s Analysis

We've seen a lot of cubie-rematches in this bracket. Frog vs Samus, Crono vs Simon Belmont, Squall vs Geno.... and none of them make any sense.

Anyway, barring some wicked SFF between Squall and Aeris that allows Akuma to advance (which I highly doubt happens; we've already seen Squall v Vincent and the minimal SFF effect there), Squall and Aeris should take the top two spots, with Akuma finishing a respectable third and Geno coming in an undeserved last place. That guy needs to get into Brawl almost as much as Sonic does =/

As for who takes first place between Aeris and Squall, I think Squall should pull it off. Aeris isn't as strong as Vincent, and you don't need fancy stat to figure out where to go from there.

Ulti's Prediction:

Squall [31.00%]
Aeris [30.00%]
Akuma [22.00%]
Geno [17.00%]

Heroic Mario’s Analysis

Squall – 35%
Aeris – 32%
Akuma – 20%
Geno – 13%

Aeris close to Squall? Akuma closer to Geno than Aeris? No match changing SFF? aww yeah

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this match for a good while now. The Akuma hype train seems to be picking up steam after seeing some of the other fighting game characters perform. But forget that crap -- Akuma’s not doing anything but except placing at a distant third!
Master Moltar | Posted 9/30/2007 10:09:23 PM | message detail | #294
You can cite Square SFF potentially causing problems, but I’m not buying into that, not when it’s Final Fantasy 7 we’re dealing with. The general rule is simple: FF7 does not get SFFed unless it’s doing it to itself. You’ll never find me downplaying what Vincent has done in this contest, but when you get right down to it, an optional character in FF7 beat the main character of FF8 and one of the bigger FF stars of KH. There was no SFF at play there -- it ain’t ever happenin’, folks.

Square fans know what’s up, and they’re not abandoning FF7 for another (inferior) Square product! Now, sure, Squall would still beat Aeris one-on-one just by virtue of being the stronger character normally, but no way do I see any sort of Squall/Tidus redux, or even remotely close. Aeris may have had a rather poor performance last year, but the female bracket as a whole was just so wonky that I don’t put much stock into, regardless of how they performed.

Another thing going into Aeris’ favor here is the fact that FF7 has been doing an impressive job this contest. Sephiroth is the only one that didn’t impress. Aeris may not be up there with Cloud, Sephiroth, Vincent and Tifa at this point, but she’s not too far off either. She’s still got plenty of fans who like, and the competition here isn’t good enough for her to lose those fans, especially with a hardcore bunch like FF7 fans. Hype up the fighting game fanbase all you like, but there’s a certain percentage -- and much larger than the fighting base -- that will vote for everything FF7 here. I expect to see that happen again. Rightfully so, too!

That said, I don’t think Akuma is going to do that poorly here. 20% in a poll with Squall and Aeris isn’t anything to scoff at. I’m not quite buying the hype of him being particularly strong, though. I’d put him around the area of Chun-Li, Bison, Ken, etc. He’s nowhere near Ryu, or even people like Sub-Zero for that matter. He’s going to hanging with the Street Fighter crew, I think.

So yeah, Squall wins here, Aeris exceeds most of the expectations for her (get that SFF outta here!!), Akuma brings up a solid third and Geno just sorta hangs out back there around 10%.

(p.s. -- SUCK IT AKUMA)

Bracket: Squall > Aeris

Vote: Aeris

Yoblazer’s Analysis

My goodness, what a day it has been. Not only has Ryu Hayabusa destroyed the favorite coming in, Riku, but he's standing toe-to-toe with Riku and Roxas's combined percentages. It really is astounding, and a testament to fanbase overlap and just how crazy and unique this entire format is. While others will inevitably try to use these results in order to predict traditional 1v1 matches in the future, I will do no such thing. There have been too many insane results. Too many wild surprises. Too many things that don't coincide with anything from the past five years. Nope, folks, I'm just going to enjoy this roller coaster, and when the next single entrant Character Battle rears its head, I'm just going to pretend this contest never existed.

And now, let's smoothly segue into today's match. Like yesterday's, this foursome features characters from a split fanbase and a weaker guy who'll be looking to take advantage. I'm talkin' about Squall Leonhart, Aeris Gainsborogughgough, Geno, and Akuma. Now, I'm usually the cordial, polite guy around these parts, but if anyone dares tell me that Akuma has zero chance after what we've seen today, I will track you, find you, and use my 300 pound bench press to throw you out of any contest discussions from this point henceforth.
Master Moltar | Posted 9/30/2007 10:10:02 PM | message detail | #295
Yes, Akuma does have a chance. Squall is the favorite for first and Aeris is the favorite for second, but the Street Fighter badass should not be written off. His two main competitors are both in Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, so there should be a fairly strong overlap there. In fact, all three of his opponents are Square, and Akuma has practically nothing to do with any of them. It's a tough draw, but very few of us gave him a chance coming in, so it's either do what's expected and lose or win and prove that he didn't deserve to be snubbed all these years. Seriously, if this guy is within two or three leagues of Ryu, then watch out. Of course, he could end up significantly weaker than Bison and bomb hard, but that's the nature of the unknown beast. He could blast Aeris in the face or lose to her handily, and I wouldn't bat an eyelash.

Will I take the rest? Not quite; I'm too big a wuss, plus, I it's always a bit harder when you want to pick against your bracket, but no one should be surprised if Akuma pulls a mini-Hayabusa and beats Aeris. Ah, what the hell. I'll take the risk. Things certainly can't look any worse!

Squall Leonhart - 35%
Akuma - 27%
Aeris Gainsborough - 26%
Geno - 12%

Lopen’s Analysis

For the story of this match, look at that pic. First of all: No, I'm talking about that one trick pony Geno. To go off on a small tangent... I've always wondered, man, what if Geno gets to round 2? What are they gonna do, turn him upside down? Invert his colors, maybe? Alright, back on topic... I'm also not talking about that stupid ass Aeris FFVII character art that I loathe, or even the studly Squall picture. Nono... I'm talkin about Akuma. Look at that guy... you know what that kanji means on the back of his shirt? It means "I'm gonna beat the **** out of Aeris," that's what it means. Oh sure, he's looking at Geno... but that's probably because he's going to turn his dense wooden body into a Genoken to throw at her.

Okay, seriously now. I picked Akuma to upset here... and it's not just because he's disgruntled and kicks things in the face.

And hey, you know, I think the SF2 fanbase knows Akuma pretty well. The "had to be from the original games" factor is overrated. Did you see the RE vs SF match pic in the series contest? Here it be:

Yeahh buddy, that's Akuma getting ready to kick the crap out of that.. uh.. greyish block thing. What is that? Point is, people dug Akuma kickin the crap out of that greyish block thing, I'm sure of it! Akuma is the ideal choice of the Casual SF player, and has potential to be the second strongest character from the series. I'm not sure of that... losing on those first few SF games is pretty , but I definitely think he'll be at least about Bison/Ken's level.

... which should be enough to beat Aeris here. You say WHAAAATTTT!? Yeah, you heard me. First of all, I think fighting game characters do better in this format... just because. I've had this idea from the beginning and it seems to be working with Scorpion, Ryu, and Nightmare. But.. mostly... this may be an odd thing to gamble on, FF7 goin down to FF8, but I'm thinking Squall will SFF the one gil flowers right outta Aeris's possession. And by one gil flowers I mean... one vote... people. Yeah. Squall can dish out some MEAN SFF, and do I think Aeris will hold as well as Vincent did against him? Absolutely not. Aeris just doesn't scream to me "favored by the SFF." You can bring up 2003 Sora. You can bring up 2006 Yuna. The former was probably just weaker then, and the latter doesn't seem strong on the SFF tides either... and may have rSFFed Aeris anyway. We can't really say for sure with that wack female bracket.
Master Moltar | Posted 9/30/2007 10:10:46 PM | message detail | #296
The point is, the less screaming I hear from Aeris, the better.

Lopen's Prediction:
Squall - 36.11%
Akuma - 26.55%
Aeris - 23.44%
Firewood - 13.90%

Transience’s Analysis

hey, this looks familiar -- three characters from the same company and a SF2 character!

this match has all kinds of parallels to the Ryu/Bowser match -- a match where Ryu made Bowser look *bad*. with Mewtwo and Toad sucking his votes away, Bowser couldn't even manage 30%. now, Squall is almost definitely stronger than Bowser, and Aeris is probably about equal with Bowser. if one of these guys SFFs the other and Geno leeches some votes, can Akuma sneak in and take second?

this match is all about Akuma. how strong is he? is he above the Chun Lis and Bisons of the world? if so, he's got a decent chance.. if not, he probably comes up short. the only chance of him doing that is if Aeris get SFFed to death, and given that she's FF7, I wouldn't count on it. when has FF7 *ever* been SFFed? I can't think of a single occasion. hell, you can make the argument Vincent "rSFFed" Squall, though that's without any backing whatsoever. the point here is that 25% of the site claims FF7 is their favourite game and I don't think they'll abandon Aeris for too much. Aeris should be fine, even though her last contest was less than stellar. Akuma's a cute upset pick, but way too risky for my blood.

plus he's got that back to the picture thing i mean what the crap who does he think he is ooh akuma you're so cool

can Squall crush Aeris?
Akuma might get second
but it's not likely

transience's prediction: Squall with 35.89%, Aeris with 28.89%, Akuma with 24.44%, Geno with 10.78%

Crew Consensus: Squall > Aeris is heavily favored, but Akuma lurks in the back of our minds.
Lady Ashe | Posted 9/30/2007 10:11:21 PM | message detail | #297
good old kh/guest. always so reliable.
Ashe. The Cream of Final Fantasy Fanboyism.
Master Moltar | Posted 9/30/2007 10:27:45 PM | message detail | #298
You know what, starting from now, if no Guest write-up is sent in for a match, the first person to write a guest write-up is the official guest for the match, no matter who. I guess it rewards those who are the first ones to read the analyses.
Moltar Status: The Analysis Crew...believe
Haseo/Riku/Roxas/Ryu H. - Bracket: Riku > Ryu H. - Vote: Riku (91/108)
Lady Ashe | Posted 9/30/2007 10:28:47 PM | message detail | #299
Yes! Motivation to start writing them regularly.

Not that I'll be doing this one. Go ahead, Dp.
Ashe. The Cream of Final Fantasy Fanboyism.
Master Moltar | Posted 9/30/2007 10:31:17 PM | message detail | #300
Karma Hunter's Analysis

Aeris Gainsborough

The flower girl who laid one of the bigger eggs we saw in 2k6 is back, in one of the more debatable eight-packs of this contest. Reach the third round or lose to Akuma? Time will tell...


The SMRPG fan-favorite returns for a rematch with Squall. A *near* lock to come in last here, but you never know...


How strong are post SFII (original!) characters? Akuma is the best gauge of that, as he is perhaps THE fan-favorite of SF. And finally he's here in a rather bad draw, but hoping to make the second round...

Squall Leonhart

A credit to FF8, a near-elite that nearly toppled the near-elite to rule them all, Vincent. Squall is looking to brush off what remaining anti-votes he has and dominate to the end, but will Aeris hold him down as much as he hurts her?

This is a tricky one. The SFF hits hard in this format, and Squall SFFing Aeris would mean that any character of notable strength (potentially Akuma) could slip through. Can FF8 SFF FF7, though? Hard to say - can ANYTHING SFF FFVII? Aeris isn't that high on the totem pole, but she's a strong character nonetheless... and I'm gonna stick with her, warts and all. I doubt Akuma too much, Geno should be a non-factor, and Aeris has her contingent of fans. Y'know, along with the people that vote FF7 over anything.

Tough one, though Aeris should be the favorite. It's a good eightpack.

Karma Hunter's Vote: Squall Leonhart. Still ain't bein' talked 'bout in the past tense!!!
Karma Hunter's Krazy Prediction: Squall Leonhart with 37%, Aeris Gainsborough with 26%, Akuma with 24%, Geno with 13%
Moltar Status: The Analysis Crew...believe
Aeris/Akuma/Geno/Squall - Bracket: Squall > Aeris - Vote: Riku (93/112)