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Spring 2006 Contest Analysis Crew - Part 2

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Master Moltar | Posted 7/21/2006 8:24:47 PM | message detail | #251
Mushroom Division: Round 2 - Match 21 – (1)Super Mario Bros. vs. (5)WarCraft

Moltar’s Analysis

Super Mario Bros.
Round 1 – 92.21% vs. Madden NFL (7.79%)

Super Mario Bros. absolutely destroys Madden. Over 90% and everything.

Round 1 – 50.44% vs. Grand Theft Auto (49.56%)

In a close match, WarCraft barely edges into Round 2, with a little help from a certain forum.

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this. Super Mario Bros. vs. Warcraft in Round 2. Could have sworn GTA was going to have the fortune of facing Mario Bros. in Round 2. Oh well, we are getting the same result anyway. Anyway, time for a dramatic re-creation of Round 1 events.

Mario Bros.: lol crush madden

John Madden: BOOM!

*GTA/Warcraft poll goes up* DUEL!

GTA: Alright, *****, I’m going to whoop some ass now. I activate “Quick Start”, giving me the early lead in the match.

GTA fans: See, GTA is going to win easily. Stupid Warcraft fans. lol thinking that rallying would work

WarCraft: Not so fast, GTA! I summon a Hunter and attack to take the lead. I also lay one card face down.

*Chaos ensues at Board 8*

GTA: I’m coming back, you all can count on me! I attack with Tommy Vercetti’s Hawaiian shirt!

WarCraft: I counter that with the “Overseas Asian Vote”!

*WarCraft builds lead little by little, WarCraft supporters begin to act like jerks*

GTA: No! I’m still in this!

WarCraft: Nuh-uh, because now I active my spell card, “For the Horde!” It brings me an extra 5,000 rally votes.

*WarCraft continues to pull ahead, match called over by many*

WarCraft: And to finish, I’ll active my trap card, “Great Blue!” adding on 10,000 rally votes.

GTA: Damn you!!!

*GTA is sent to the Shadow Realm while WarCraft moves on two Round 2.*

Summary: I feel that on GameFAQs alone, GTA is the stronger game, but because of the successful rallying from the WoW forums (which many thought wouldn’t happen), WarCraft managed to win. I will, however, say that I did underestimate WarCraft’s initial strength. Anyway, let’s see how Round 2 goes!

*Showdown! Super Mario Bros. vs. WarCraft*

WarCraft: Ok people, rally me to victory!

Rallyers: **** that noise. *votes Mario, WarCraft is horribly crushed*

Summary: Rallying won’t work against freakin’ Mario.

Moltar’s Bracket Says: Super Mario Bros. will win.

Moltar’s Prediction is: SMB: 71% - WarCraft: 29%

Ulti’s Analysis

I doubt that the winner of this match is in any real question. All that matters here is whether or not WoW will rally again, which will affect Warcraft's percentage in the match.

Then again, this isn't being held on a Tuesday like Warcraft's last match. There's also the fact that most of the people in the WoW topics responded to "Vote Warcraft over Mario!" with things along the lines of "It's freaking MARIO!!".

I'd give WoW-- er, Warcraft an honest chance at breaking 40% if this were on a Tuesday. But it's not, plus Warcraft faithfuls know that Warcraft is a blip on the radar compared to the influence of the Mario series.

On a side note, congrats to Warcraft for beating GTA in the first place. 6 million people didn't exactly show up to vote, but that match was over for GTA the second Warcraft proved that the match would be close. Too many votes for Warcraft to draw from to actually lose.

I'm half-hoping Warcraft pulls a miracle just to see the chaos, but I know better.

Prediction: Mario with 63.25%
Master Moltar | Posted 7/21/2006 8:26:07 PM | message detail | #252
Soul’s Analysis

SMB defeated Madden with 92.21%
Warcraft defeated GTA with 50.44%

Two great first round matches, for entirely different reasons here. Will that make it an interesting round 2 match? Highly unlikely, but then again... Warcraft did beat GTA.

Let's start with the king. Mario began this contest by absolutely murdering John Madden. Oh, how much I wish that was true. Anyways, Madden NFL got its ass whooped in what was the biggest blowout of the entire contest. Looks like Madden is despised on this site. That, or Mario is going to destroy everyone in this contest and their mothers! I wish that was true as well.

Warcraft's match was amazing not because of a blowout, but because it was an unexpected win! Well, it was for most of us anyways. I called this match right, but then chickened out with a week left. But enough about that.

Warcraft defeated GTA with a little help from the WoWers and TTF (The Tuesday Factor, yo), but it won't be so lucky against Mario. First off, the servers will not be down when this match takes place, so WoWers won't be bunched in one place. Therefore, rallying will be a lot harder and a lot less successful this time around. Secondly, Mario is no GTA. We know the strength of Mario, while everyone was taking guesses for GTA off of top tens and the top 100 games contest. What we do know about Mario is that it is far and away the third most popular series on this site. So, if you are not named Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda, you will not defeat Super Mario Bros.

Warcraft is going to lose, but it could put up some interesting numbers here. It all depends on the strength of the rallying last round. If there wasn't much rallying, then Warcraft will perform better then usual. If Warcraft's strength came solely from rallying, then it will look like complete garbage. I'm going to play it safe.

My Prediction: Super Mario Bros. wins with 72.45% of the vote.

Yoblazer’s Analysis

First off, let me start by saying that parts of me are still soar following the GTA/Warcraft match. Man, we laughed at you Warcraft supporters so much, and look what happened. I found it funny how many people casually let the result slide, as if it weren't a shock or something. It was a shock, and most of the board got owned. We suck!

That said, if all that rallying could barely get Warcraft past Grand Theft Auto, it's going to be in for a world of hurt against the most famous video game series of all time. I fully expect this match to not only stamp Mario's series as #3 throughout GameFAQs, but to also show everyone that the discrepancy between the Big Three and the next strongest series is absolutely gigantic. Does everyone remember that one topic on a Starcraft board in which somebody spammed for Kerrigan votes, and half the replies were hilariously in support of Vincent? I expect to see the same thing here. You know why? Because this is Mario, and this is how Mario rolls.

Super Mario Bros.
+ Several games from which to draw popularity
+ Most of those games are pretty damn strong in their own right
+ Most recognized series in gaming history
- Nothing

+ Blizzard rallying. It worked.
- It's not going to matter here

My prediction: Super Mario Bros. defeat Warcraft (79-21)
Master Moltar | Posted 7/21/2006 8:26:41 PM | message detail | #253
Leon’s Analysis

First of all, hats off to all the Warcraft supporters out there. I was way off about GTA/Warcraft, so kudos for the victory. With that out of the way, I’ll say that this match is difficult to predict in terms of percentages. The winner is beyond obvious (even the users at the World of Warcraft forums and CJayC have admitted that), but exactly how badly will Super Mario Brothers beat it?

Both series showed themselves to be monumental vote drawers, so we could potentially see the final tally for this match somewhere in the 130,000 range. I wouldn’t call it all that likely, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Just when we thought what the Legend of Zelda did to Civilization would be hard to top, Super Mario Brothers not only outdoes it, but shatters the records it had set just eight days before. Zelda breaks 100,000 votes? No problem! Try 108,000! Zelda wins by nearly 90,000? Hah! Try winning by nearly 100,000! Those records should at least stand until the end of this particular contest because none of the Big Three will have something they can beat up that badly.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Warcraft overcame an early deficit against Grand Theft Auto and held on for victory in an all-day slugfest that didn’t go without its fair share of controversy. Thirteen vote stuffers were found, and despite what we were expecting, twelve of them were cheating for Grand Theft Auto, but CJayC made a topic about it saying that it only amounted to 600 votes, so it would not have made the difference between victory and defeat even if they had been counted. Everything seemed to be in Warcraft’s favor that day. The match fell on a Tuesday, meaning that the World of Warcraft servers were down, so rallying on the forums was bound to be more meaningful than any other day. There was even a “Blue” post (the equivalent of a CJayC post on GameFAQs), meaning that the users there were even more likely to view the rallying thread. Warcraft’s attempts appeared to have paid off, as the match ranked as the fourth highest of all-time.

The main thing that determines just how high Super Mario Brothers goes is, oddly enough, Grand Theft Auto. Many people on the boards had high aspirations for GTA before the contest began, thinking it had the potential to be the strongest series behind the Big Three. That obviously turned out not to be the case, but is Warcraft just that strong or did Grand Theft Auto tank? Despite losing, it ended up as the fourth most impressive loser in contest history in terms of individual votes. Odds are that it would have been victorious without rallying, as it only ended up losing by 1116 votes. I figured I’d be able to make a solid guestimation after Final Fantasy/Diablo, but after that utter destruction, I really didn’t know what to do with it. I have no doubt that Warcraft is ahead of Diablo, but by how much? I’m undecided but I’ll give Warcraft some credit and say it doesn’t get completely destroyed like Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda have been doing here.

Leonhart’s Prediction: Super Mario Brothers with 73.19%

HM’s Analysis

Super Mario Bros.

Previous Matches :

Super Mario Bros – 92.21% -- 108,723

Madden NFL – 7.79% -- 9,186


Previous Matches :

Grand Theft Auto – 49.56% -- 63,051

Warcraft – 50.44% -- 64,167

Wow. Both of these matches are ridiculously impressive, which is surprising given one of them is an expected blowout. This match is undoubtedly a no-brainer as to who will win – even CJayC gives Warcraft a snowball’s chance at winning – so it just depends on how big of a blowout Super Mario Bros. is capable of dishing out, which should be pretty high in percentage.
Master Moltar | Posted 7/21/2006 8:27:12 PM | message detail | #254
Last round, Super Mario Bros. completely thrashed Madden NFL. It was pretty much to be expected that it would have the blowout of the round, but the real impressive part of the match is the insane vote totals and absolutely monstrous individual vote gain for SMB. The Legend of Zelda set the individual vote record just a few matches ago by barely getting over 100,000 votes, then SMB comes along and smashes that by getting 108,000 votes. That is completely unprecedented and probably will not be surpassed for a long, long time, if ever. That is truly a sign of strength when you can put up those kinds of numbers by yourself. Warcraft stands basically no chance against something that can do that.

In the other match, Warcraft managed to survive Grand Theft Auto and actually pull a win, much to the surprise of the entire Crew. But what was most interesting, and extremely humorous, was the fact that GTA was caught vote stuffing. It was not Warcraft like many had suspected. CJayC made a topic and noted that there were about 13 different people vote stuffing and 12 of those were doing it in favor of Grand Theft Auto. Hilarious stuff. Those 12 people ended up with a total of 600 votes in favor of GTA, which was still nowhere near enough to take the lead away from Warcraft. A rather impressive performance and this could have been a real bracket buster if Warcraft was anywhere else.

Super Mario Bros. is the clear and present winner of this match, and it will not even be close. Super Mario Bros. is undoubtedly the third strongest series on this site, and it may not be too far behind LoZ and FF. This is just another rather boring match for SMB to stroll through before it meets up with its first real challenge against Final Fantasy in the Final Four. Warcraft can rally and try to cheat all it likes; in this match it is just completely outclassed. Even rallying might work against it just because of how universal Mario is. What might be most enjoyable about this match is the fact that we get to see a Blizzard smashed quickly – nothing is more irritating than Blizzard fanboys. The difference in strength between another Blizzard entry and a real powerhouse will be present here. Mario is going to be smashing Orcs like they were Koopa Troopas without shells!!

Aitch Emm’s Bracket : Super Mario Bros.

Aitch Emm’s Prediction : Super Mario Bros. – 74% ; Warcraft – 26%

Aitch Emm’s Vote : Super Mario Bros.

Mnm’s Analysis

Battle Music: Bowser Boss Music (SM64)

I really don't have much to say about this match. It basically will come down to how much rallying Warcraft can get, and whether or not it will even hold up against a series as legendary as Super Mario Bros. I think it will be somewhere in the middle. I really think that Super Mario Bros. is in a class by itself and is easily much closer to LoZ and FF than it is to the rest of the pack. So even if Warcraft is legit and GTA is as strong as I thought it was, SMB would still win pretty handily. But if what I think is true about the gap between the big 3 and the rest of the pack, these x-stats are going to look HORRIBLE. Anyways, Warcraft will have done a good job if it passes 30%. But with the way FF murdered Diablo, I'm wary of how Warcraft will stand up to Mario.

Bracket: Super Mario Bros.

Vote: Super Mario Bros.

Prediction: Super Mario Bros. with 76.5%
Master Moltar | Posted 7/21/2006 8:27:44 PM | message detail | #255
HaRRich’s Analysis

Predicted winner: Super Mario Bros.
Earlier this contest:
---SMB - 92.21% on Madden NFL
---Warcraft - 50.44% on Grand Theft Auto
Top 100 List comparison:
---SMB3 - #5, SM64 - #13, SMB - #22, SMW - #23, SMW2:YI - #82
---WoW - #39, Warcraft 3 - #60
Best Game Ever x-stat comparison:
---SMB3 - 39.9% (8 Division champion), SMW - 34.24%, SM64 - 21.93% (SFF'd by LoZ:OoT, has since had SM64DS released)
---Warcraft - N/A (no rep)

I'll keep this one fairly short. Warcarft may have upset GTA, but -- despite what I said in my GTA/WC analysis -- it's not winning against SMB. Without rallying, GTA should have beat it soundly...but instead, on the best day for rallying possible for Warcraft, it barely beats GTA. Had it won convincingly, sure, I'd be more cautious about this match...but SMB could beat GTA with 55+%, and GTA would probably beat Warcraft if it wasn't held on a Tuesday, even with rallying. SMB/WC will be on a Saturday (which, for what it's worth, probably helped Starcraft against LoZ:WW.....), and I think even the rallied voters will be more likely to vote for SMB than they were for GTA, so the rallied effect for Warcraft should be smaller.

For kicks though, if there are a lot of rallied votes for this match as well, this has potential for an even higher vote-total than GTA/WC.

Super Mario Bros. wins with 60.12%

Lopen’s Analysis

Hey Warcraft. You happy to be here? Well I'm happy you're here, that's for sure. Too bad you're going down right now in a SFF match. "Hark, a fool!", you say? "Super Mario Brothers/Warcraft Same Fanbase Factor, preposterous", you say? Well, I say Super Mario Brothers SFFs all series! Yes, Timmy… all series! How many people haven't played any games in the Super Mario Brothers series, eh? I think they did a poll on GameFAQs and "I've never played a Mario game" got -2%. Yeah, negative percent. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but I'm seriously only off by a few % at most.

This is why X-Stats are gonna be so worthless for this thing, I'm not joking when I say I think that this is gonna be a "SFF match". Look at what Final Fantasy did to Diablo and tell me I'm not right! Why aren't all matches blowouts then? Well, if both series are about as popular as one another, or if one series isn't an absolute beast, I don't think it's going to happen as much. However, with the big three especially… Zelda, Super Mario, and Final Fantasy, I have this feeling we're going to be seeing much bigger wins than expected. (And Sonic! DMC isn't that weak, fools!) Oh, and… blah blah recent series flopping blah blah age blah blah more releases blah blah classic blah.

No one really expects Warcraft to win, anyway, I'm just trying to explain my absurdly high prediction, here. Fear The Nostalgia Factor!

Final Fantasy is so screwed.

Lopen's Prediction: Super Mario Brothers with 80.15%

Comments: Super Mario Bros. wins! I swear!
HaRRicH | Posted 7/21/2006 8:29:07 PM | message detail | #256
I like Ulti's the best -- great positioning.
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Janus5000 | Posted 7/21/2006 8:31:04 PM | message detail | #257
Lopen needs to realize that shooting high does not always imply a headshot.
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YoAriel33 | Posted 7/21/2006 8:32:18 PM | message detail | #258
Dammit, Lopen!
Watch and you'll see... someday I'll be...
part of your WOOOOOOOOORLD!!!
Master Moltar | Posted 7/21/2006 8:33:28 PM | message detail | #259
It's Lopen, people! Lopen will always be Lopen.
Moltar Status: Disappointed, I lost my perfect bracket.
Castlevania vs. Kingdom Hearts - Bracket: KH - Vote: KH (20/22)
XxSoulxX | Posted 7/21/2006 8:33:49 PM | message detail | #260
--- -
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LeonhartForever | Posted 7/21/2006 10:44:24 PM | message detail | #261
SC2K6 Nominations: Squall, Roxas, Serge, Seifer, Laguna, The Prince of Persia, Nightmare, Sub-Zero, Captain Falcon, Raiden
YoAriel33 | Posted 7/21/2006 11:05:53 PM | message detail | #262
God I hate you, Lopen.
Watch and you'll see... someday I'll be...
part of your WOOOOOOOOORLD!!!
HaRRicH | Posted 7/21/2006 11:08:20 PM | message detail | #263
Oh man, I am WWAAYY off-base for this match, heh.

At least I love the picture, I suppose.....
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KamikazePotato | Posted 7/21/2006 11:08:39 PM | message detail | #264
Go Lopen!

Angsty_Lou: Everything has a sexual connotation if you just look long and hard enough.
SquallidSnake | Posted 7/21/2006 11:08:56 PM | message detail | #265
Lopen has been extremely hit-or-miss lately.
Some stories can't be told by words. Some legends are meant to die.
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MnMZero | Posted 7/22/2006 12:28:21 AM | message detail | #266
Meh, I'll never get a point...
*Is therealmnm*
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UltimaterializerX | Posted 7/22/2006 2:21:56 AM | message detail | #267
From HaRRicH Posted 7/21/2006 9:29:07 PM #256
I like Ulti's the best -- great positioning.


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SquallidSnake | Posted 7/22/2006 2:23:33 AM | message detail | #268
Yeah, he's in a great position to be off by 20%!

And I can make fun because I'm only off by 10%!
Some stories can't be told by words. Some legends are meant to die.
Knowing your enemy is the quickest path to victory.
Jarvis_Clarinet | Posted 7/22/2006 2:49:03 AM | message detail | #269
My sig for the remainder of the contest is hereby dedicated to this year's contest analysis crew. I just hope no one takes it the wrong way. Keep up the great work, you guys!
HaRRicH: I like Ulti's the best -- great positioning.
Leon: Yeah, he's in a great position to be off by 20%! (Dedicated to the 2006 Contest Analysis Crew)
HaRRicH | Posted 7/22/2006 9:53:51 AM | message detail | #270
Heh, it's all good. I maintain he did have great positioning though...just really wrong. Like me.
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Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 2:53:50 PM | message detail | #271
Castlevania..........48.67% 62435
Kingdom Hearts..51.33% 65851
TOTAL VOTES................128286

29.9 of the brackets predicted this match correctly.

Well, Castlevania started strong, but the day vote killed it. KH wins the match. Look at those totals too, 2nd most of the Contest! Looks like sometimes the new school can win out against the old school. It might just be an exception to the rule though. Also, look at the brackets. Looks like alot of people had Halo winning this four-pack.

Today, SMB continues its path of dominance by beating WC with ease.

Soul - 4
HaRRich - 3
Moltar - 3
Lopen - 2
Ulti - 2
HM - 2
Yoblazer - 1
Leon - 1
Mnm - 0 point. You know, a bracket based on Crew picks would only have 19 points so far. Ouch, good thing I have my own!
Moltar Status: Disappointed, I lost my perfect bracket.
Super Mario Bros. vs. WarCraft - Bracket: SMB - Vote: SMB (22/24)
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 2:57:50 PM | message detail | #272
-1 Moltar
-1 Yo
-3 Mnm
-4 Leon
-5 Soul
-6 HM
-7 Ulti
-8 HaRRich
-9 Lopen

The Rankings (Through Castlevania/Kingdom Hearts)
1. Master Moltar (92)
2. XxSoulxX (76)
3. UltimaterializerX (75)
4. Leonhart (69)
5. yoblazer33 (67)
6. Lopen (62)
7. HaRRicH (56)
8. Heroic Mario (51)
9. therealmnm (49)
Moltar Status: Disappointed, I lost my perfect bracket.
Super Mario Bros. vs. WarCraft - Bracket: SMB - Vote: SMB (22/24)
THEJackSparrow | Posted 7/22/2006 5:45:58 PM | message detail | #273
Hmmm...Looks like I'll gain a little bit of ground on everybody ahead of me, though yo's going to pass me up, too.
"...And then they made me their chief." - Captain Jack Sparrow
LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 8:23:54 PM | message detail | #274
Man, it's almost here...
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HaRRicH | Posted 7/22/2006 8:50:52 PM | message detail | #275
Man, for winning MG/FE, I thought I was about to rise from the dead a lil'...but yesterday and today hurts, bad, and if SSB loses tomorrow I'm completely done for.
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LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 8:56:23 PM | message detail | #276
You'd figure for how many points Lopen has gotten in this round alone, he'd be close to the top. I guess that happens when the times he doesn't get one end up being the worst overall predictions.
SC2K6 Nominations: Squall, Roxas, Serge, Seifer, Laguna, The Prince of Persia, Nightmare, Sub-Zero, Captain Falcon, Raiden
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 8:56:46 PM | message detail | #277
Mushroom Division: Round 2 - Match 22 – (3)Sonic vs. (2)Super Smash Bros.

Moltar’s Analysis

Round 1 – 70.87% vs. Devil May Cry (29.13%)

Sonic easily takes care of DMC in Round 1.

Super Smash Bros.
Round 1 – 76.37% vs. Dragon Quest (23.63%)

SSB beats Dragon Quest by a bit more than most expected.

Ok, the match of Round 2 IMO. Now that CV/KH has taken place, that might not be so. But still, this is one match that was gotten tons of debates on both sides, so I’m going to try to keep it brief.

Both series easily dispatched of their opponents last round. It’s hard to call a favorite from their performances though. I would easily take DMC over DQ, but SSB did better on DQ than Sonic did on DMC, so that doesn’t help.

Anyway, advantages for Sonic. It’s an old-school series, and as we’ve seen with the Big Three, Castlevania and Mega Man, it helps. A single Castlevania or Mega Man game alone might not defeat Halo or Mario Kart, but as a series, they were able to. Sonic also has big old and new school fanbases. Some like the 2D, but had the 3D, and vice-versa.

As for Super Smash Bros., it’s the stronger overall game, and I’d take it over any Sonic game individually. As we saw with Castlevania/Kingdom Hearts, having two strong games and being backed by a huge company gave it the edge. It had something that Halo didn’t have in its match, the Square fanbase, and now SSB has (most of) the Nintendo fanbase behind it.

Either way, I see this match being close. I’m still giving SSB the edge though. It’s Sonic’s old-school fanbase against SSB’s new-school one. We could be seeing CV/Halo part 2 where the older, games on many platforms spreading out all over the years series wins, or CV/KH part 2, where the new, smaller series with stronger games individually wins. Hopefully we’re in for a good match either way.

Moltar’s Bracket Says: Super Smash Bros. will win.

Moltar’s Prediction is: Sonic: 48% - Super Smash Bros.: 52%

Mnm’s Analysis

Battle Music: Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure)

This match has certainly become more interesting than I thought it would be. The match of note that made it that was was how Mega Man handled Mario Kart. Mario Kart couldn't even make it close. Seeing how I definitely think Mario Kart is more popular than the likes of Super Mario RPG, I think Mega Man definitely proved its strength in that matchup. Could it have simply been SFF? Possibly. Mega Man is probably higher in the tier among fans of both as that match has shown. But I'm not taking anything away from Mega Man. The question is if Sonic can follow in Mega Man's footsteps. It has the more daunting task, as SSB is a different beast altogether than Mario Kart, but based on the gap in the Mega Man/Mario Kart matchup, Sonic has a lot of room to work with.

The thing that bothers me is if Sonic can actually take advantage of a Nintendo franchise. SC2k4's SMW/Sonic 2 matchup draws huge flags, as Sonic didn't even make it close, and they were both supposed to be among the most popular platformers of that era. Of course, Sonic will have a lot more going for it as a series, but I can't see it having the edge over SSB in intangibles. SSB is absolutely adored on this site. I don't think Sonic has done anything to establish itself as an absolute favorite in this match, which is what I think it would need to counter SSB. Sonic most likely will make the match close, and even has a chance to win, but in the end, I think SSB takes it. Kingdom Hearts has shown against Castlevania that even being a small series, if you have games that are bigger favorites and also more relevant today, you still can hold your own. In Halo's case, I think its strength was just overrated. That isn't the case with Smash Bros.

Bracket: SSB

Vote: Sonic

Prediction: SSB with 54%
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 8:57:30 PM | message detail | #278
Ulti’s Analysis

Before reading this, know that SSBM is my third favorite game of all time. SSB is also in my top ten. Got it? Good.

Virtually every small and/or current-gen series has bombed in this contest. Halo got owned. Diablo got owned. Grand Theft Auto got owned. Devil May Cry got owned. I wrote this before Kingdom Hearts' match with Castlevania, so I can't comment on whether or not KH bombed. 73% on a series as cult as Harvest Moon can't be a good sign, however.

It's also worth noting that most of the well-known "old school" series have done VERY well in this contest. Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy have set and shattered multiple records with their insane vote intake. One could also note the same of Street Fighter, Mega Man, Castlevania, and Sonic himself.

So why wouldn't Sonic impress? Why wouldn't Smash Brothers bomb? SSB is only two games, and unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, Halo and Kingdom Hearts haven't done much as two-game series (Chain of Memories never happened). If SSB wasn't Nintendo, this match would be far more debated than it currently is. The problem is that Board 8 has more pathetic, concentrated Nintendo fanboyism than anywhere else I've ever been on the internet. SSBM being the board's chosen son certainly helps with how overrated SSB's chances are in this match.

Oddly enough, SSB being Nintendo is exactly why SSB is the favorite in the match. There aren't really any stats to go on here, and the first person to bring up the Top 100 List gets kicked in the nuts. That said, Nintendo or not, voters may look at SSB and go "It's not a series". Circumstantial evidence of this being in the minds of voters has appeared in the contest already.

Oh yeah, and name one D128 series outside of Zelda and Final Fantasy that has performed well thusfar in this contest.

Prediction: Sonic with 55.55%; I've said from day one that Sonic is a real threat to shock people in this contest. Board 8 sucking Nintendo off at every turn is the only reason the match has been dismissed. Then again for all I know, Smash might blow Sonic out of the water and prove me wrong. Who knows.

Soul’s Analysis

Sonic defeated Devil May Cry with 70.87%
SSB defeated Dragon Quest with 76.37%

Another contest, another make-or-break match that involves none other then Sonic the Hedgehog!

Yes, this is my second time picking Sonic to defeat a "stronger" opponent in these contests. Why am I picking Sonic? For a few major reasons.

Ok, we all know that there is a new voting pool on GameFAQs. They prefer everything Nintendo to everything else. That is quite obvious by now. What is also obvious is that Mega Man is considered Nintendo on this site. If you disagree, then come up with a better excuse on why it always overperforms or underperforms against a Nintendo character! Hell, this contest shows two results that prove this already: MMX's horrible beating by LoZ, and MM defeating MK with the utmost of ease.

What you guys probably won't believe is that Sonic is also considered "Nintendo" here. Well, not really "Nintendo", but in that same group of characters. To avoid confusion, let's just say "Old-School".

Last Summer, which characters received boosts? Luigi, Kirby, Bowser, Mario, and just about every other Nintendo character. But, Mega Man, Knuckles and Sonic did as well! The new voters have most likely started playing games in the SNES/Genesis eras, that's why all these characters are a lot stronger then before. That's why, in my belief anyway, all these characters would SFF each other in different ways. Don't get me started on the potential Mario/Sonic match.
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 8:58:07 PM | message detail | #279
People here seem to think that Sonic's jump to 3D hasn't been the best. I can certainly see why people would think that, but it's not the majority's opinion. There was a chart that was posted on the board months ago, that showed the top grossing series in the world, and lo and behold, Sonic was right up there with the best of them. The fact of the matter is that Sonic, even though he's not as good as before, is still very popular right now. His 3D games continously bring in more and more fans. And considering that Sonic now doesn't have a true home, he can venture on just about every console and handheld known to man, and he has. Therefore, he has a huge fanbase. SSB, on the other hand, is stuck on the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. While both games did very well, the fact is that the vast majority on this site has a PS and/or PS2, where no SSB game is found. SSB's fans is limited to Nintendo, while Sonic has no limitations.

There are two series alongside Sonic that tells me that Sonic is going to win this match: Castlevania and Mega Man.

Castlevania faced off against Halo in the first round and defeated it with 55% of the vote. Let it be known that I'm writing this before the KH/CV match. Anyways, Castlevania and Sonic have a lot in common. Both are very old series with a lot of games under their belt. Both are featured on many different consoles and handhelds. Both have had mediocre showings in 3D. Both performed really well in the first round. Not only is Castlevania similar to Sonic, but Halo is similar to SSB as well. Both series only have two games. Both are exclusive to non-popular consoles (as opposed to Sony). Both were/are supposed to win their matches. I'm expecting a similar result here with Sonic on top.

Mega Man faced off against Mario Kart in the first round and defeated it with more then 58% of the vote. Arguably, there was SFF in this match so Mario Kart could even be stronger. Most people will say that Mario Kart is the second most popular Mario spinoff, right behind SSB. Mega Man and Sonic would be about equal, give or take a percentage or two. Basically, you have to ask yourself this: Is SSB 8% stronger then Mario Kart? I seriously don't think so.

Ok, the SSB series is pretty strong. After all, it did manage to only get 76% on Dragon Quest... Ok, that's not that bad. Pretty average really. But since we don't know the strength of DQ, we don't know how strong or weak it could potentially be. What we do know is that SSBM is the strongest SSB game, and it only got 50.2% against Starcraft. So far, every game that faced Starcraft (not including WW) has underperformed in this contest. Halo lost to Castlevania. Kingdom Hearts could only get 73% on pure fodder. So basically, what's to say that SSBM is a hell of a lot stronger then those guys? I mean, if we actually follow the Games contest, it's only a couple of thousand votes stronger then Halo! Actually, that was before Halo 2, so really SSBM would be even weaker then that.

So basically, Sonic is looking like it's going to win in my eyes. The only thing going for SSB is that it's Nintendo so it will get the Nintendo vote (which is BS since Sonic will get a lot of those votes as well) and that SSBM is so, so strong (which is BS as well). This contest is showing hint after hint after hint about this match, and I truly believe that Sonic will win.

My Prediction: Sonic wins with 52.50% of the vote.

Leon’s Analysis

Ahh, here it is, the match that I’ve been looking forward to more than any other. Complete validation or utter humiliation: Which will it be? We’re about to find out.
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 8:58:37 PM | message detail | #280
At the beginning, Super Smash Brothers was established as the heavy favorite to win this match. Let’s put this into perspective: Twenty people picked Sonic to beat Super Smash Brothers. Twenty people picked Super Smash Brothers to upset Super Mario Brothers. I think that speaks for itself.

Before the contest, there was a theory going around that a series would not be much (if any) stronger than its strongest game. I have no idea where this mentality came from, but it seemed to be popular among Super Smash Brothers proponents. After all, Sonic likely doesn’t have any ONE strong game. He probably has three or four decently popular games, but nothing that can match Super Smash Brothers Melee.

While this may be true, Super Smash Brothers doesn’t have to beat any one Sonic game. It has to beat EVERY Sonic game. As we can see from the way the contest has played out so far, that’s an entirely different challenge altogether. Both Halo games probably outclass any one Castlevania game (and, excepting Symphony of the Night, by a wide margin), but that didn’t give it the win. Grand Theft Auto has two runners-up and one winner of GameFAQs Game of the Year, but it was upset by Warcraft. Mega Man hasn’t had a game released in the Classic series in ten years while Mario Kart has been a big game on every Nintendo system since the SNES, but the Blue Bomber beat it handily.

So what’s the problem? In the cases of Halo and Grand Theft Auto, the problem might be the fact that they are recent series and haven’t really had an opportunity to diversify their fanbase. They are also two series that receive a good deal of anti-voting. However, I think a big problem is the fact that it’s very difficult to displace old favorites. Nostalgia is a hard thing to overcome, and Halo and GTA don’t have it. In Mario Kart’s case, it’s not quite as easy to explain. It has a lot of fans, but I suppose there aren’t a lot that would rank it as a “favorite” of theirs. It’s more casual fun, I guess. Yet I have to wonder if any one Mega Man game could stand up to Mario Kart 64 (I’d probably question it now, but before, I wouldn’t have), but the sheer magnitude of the Blue Bomber’s series (coupled with loads of nostalgia) probably helped it over the hump.

Somebody phrased the idea very well: People actually ARE voting based on the series, not just their favorite game. They’re not weighing the games one at a time, but they are taking the entire series into consideration. They’ve already got a preconceived notion of what they like. It’s either “I love Sonic!” or “I love Super Smash Brothers!” and the “dead weight” that the former’s series carries probably doesn’t hurt it. Plus, I think Sonic has more diversity because the split between the 2-D fanbase and the 3-D fanbase is large enough to be worth mentioning. I would expect a high overlap between the fanbase of the original Super Smash Brothers and Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Another distinct advantage that Sonic has that Super Smash Brothers does not is the playing rate. Like Mario, nearly everybody has played at least one Sonic game in their life (the rate probably isn’t quite THAT high, but I’d expect well over 90% playability). In an ownership poll for Super Smash Brothers Melee, 20% said they had never played it before, and an additional 7% said that it just wasn’t their kind of game. Granted, this does not take into account how many played the original Super Smash Brothers, but I think this is an intangible for Sonic that COULD potentially make a difference in a close match. I’m not guaranteeing it by any means. I just think it’s worth considering.

One more thing to consider is the fact that people are voting for this as Series Contest. There are probably quite a few out there who believe that two games does not a series make. Heck, even the fans of the Halo boards were saying as much. Sonic’s got several intangibles in its corner, but Super Smash Brothers has the trump card because it’s not the one that has to do the catching up.
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 8:59:14 PM | message detail | #281
As the contest has progressed, the Sonic bandwagon has been gaining members. As the newer series started flopping left and right, more people began to see the light. When Sonic crushed Devil May Cry with over 70%, it grew even larger. Super Smash Brothers did just what it needed to do on Dragon Quest, so it obviously cannot be discounted by any means. Mega Man beating down Mario Kart without a challenge strengthened Sonic’s cause even more. When this match is over, just remember that I was on it from the very beginning! I won’t be jumping off even if it crashes! GO SONIC GO!

Leonhart’s Prediction: Sonic the Hedgehog with 52.46%

HM’s Analysis

Sonic the Hedgehog

Previous Matches :

Sonic the Hedgehog – 70.87% -- 81,627

Devil May Cry – 29.13% -- 33,550

Super Smash Bros.

Previous Matches :

Super Smash Bros – 76.37% -- 90,789

Dragon Quest – 23.63% -- 28,092

We finally get to perhaps the most hotly debated match of the entire contest; at least as far as the Stats topic is concerned. Ever since the bracket was released, both sides have been at each others throats trying to prove that the other was right. Interestingly, the major difference then between the two sides was how people though the voters would be voting. Those in favor of SSB were thinking that because SSBM clearly beats any Sonic game that it wouldn’t have too much trouble taking it on as a series because the “series” part would not play that big of a role. On the flip side, those in favor of Sonic completely backed the idea behind the “series” deal and how much of a role it would end up playing. After nearly finished with round 1, and having seen both series perform, it is extremely safe to say that the “series” part matters …

Last round, Sonic totally turned heads when the Blue Blur’s franchise went and got a fantastic 70%+ on Devil May Cry (Poor Lopen!). It was shocking to see a series that most felt would be decently strong to be turned into an extremely weak looking entry. The match, more than anything, helped to prove that Sonic wasn’t weak at all and that his series was here to compete. We have seen it time and time again, but Devil May Cry is just one more series with only a few games, came from this generation, and did not perform well as a result. SSB, who only has two games and works off of mainly one, was needed to have a great performance to match this considering how much weak Dragon Quest, would be than Devil May Cry.

SSB’s performance against Dragon Quest was not really all that impressive. It seemed to meet expectations more than anything else, I think. It was pretty good that it managed to hold on to the tripling, but it was hardly the shocker that Sonic’s performance put up the day before. SSB’s picture contained the entire cast of Nintendo characters against what looked like the Dragon Quest VIII cast fleeing from them. Perhaps the most important thing about that whole match is that we’ve gotten the massive SSB cast out of the way already, so Sonic does not have to worry about being overrun in the match picture. SSB’s match was nothing really notable either way; if not a little unimpressive given that it is up against a weak RPG series. The good thing for SSB in this match was that it drew in a lot total votes and individual votes.
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 8:59:44 PM | message detail | #282
Judging from what we have seen from this contest, Sonic is looking really good in this match. All of the series that have been long running, established franchises seem to be performing better than those who were only recently created and only have a few games to their name. To cite another match once again, Castlevania/Halo was almost a Sonic/SSB-lite. Castlevania (Sonic) has a ton of games spanning multiple consoles and generations whereas Halo (SSB) only has a couple of games that became really popular this generation. Even in the current match, Mega Man is absolutely taking down Mario Kart with absolute ease, despite Mario Kart games as single entities being arguably stronger than any single Mega Man game. The “series” part is really a big part of this contest.

On top of that, people really do undercut just how strong and how popular Sonic games really are. In the Games Contest, we got to see Sonic 2 go out to Super Mario World in a rather devastating fashion – it got absolutely killed. Due to this, Sonic 2 ended up being ranked alongside games like Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, and Skies of Arcadia, even though it would clearly beat those games. Adding to that, there is reason enough to suspect that Sonic 2 is not even Sonic’s most popular game. In an old favorite’s poll, Sonic 2 placed second to Sonic and Knuckles and was very close with Sonic Adventure 2 before its GCN release. There are really about two games that could end up being stronger than Sonic 2, which I suspect is already at about 28 – 30% on Final Fantasy VII. That essentially gives Sonic three strong games, not to mention all of the other games that contribute to the series over the years.

Another advantage for Sonic is the sheer diversity that he has going for him. Some may argue that diversity hurts, but that never made any sense. I cannot imagine someone really liking three or four Sonic games, but have mixed opinions about the rest voting for SSB due to the “misses.” When you think of a series you like, you generally think of the great games it has going in its favor. Anyway, you have a nice diversity among the fanbase as to which Sonic game is the best, which era of Sonic games are the best, and so on. You definitely have those who feel the Genesis games are the best while you have others who feel the Adventure games are the best, and even those who prefer Sonic Heroes and much more recent Sonic outings. Where you might have one person not voting for, say, Sonic 2, you would have these people voting for the Sonic series because they may dislike Sonic 2 and prefer the Adventure games. With SSB, you do not have this diversity. The series is back primarily by one game – SSBM. It is rare that you will find someone saying they love SSB and hate SSBM, even though one may prefer the other. There is almost no diverse fanbase brought into the picture and the strength of the series is being pushed by SSBM.

What you basically have in this match is the entirety of the Sonic series against SSBM. I wouldn’t imagine anyone arguing that SSB is going to be tipping any scales or helping out the SSB equation in any notable fashion. After having seen every long running, established series do some damage on top of SSB lacking games makes me feel like Sonic will be taking this one. As more matches occur, the more confident I become in this choice, too. You need more than one really strong game in order to perform well in a series contest; this match should prove that more than any other.

Aitch Emm’s Bracket : Sonic the Hedgehog

Aitch Emm’s Prediction : Sonic the Hedgehog – 53% ; Super Smash Bros. – 47%

Aitch Emm’s Vote : Sonic the Hedgehog
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 9:00:33 PM | message detail | #283
Yoblazer’s Analysis

Here we have our second of two highly debated matches for this round. In my opinion, this one is tougher to judge than Castlevania/Kingdom Hearts because the evidence isn't really pointing toward one side or the other. For all intents and purposes, we have a stalemate going in. Let's examine both contestants, starting with Sonic.

Sonic's series was one of the starts of Round 1, overcoming everyone's expectations and beating Devil May Cry with nearly 71%. After that performance, eyebrows were raised and expectations were shifted - Sonic suddenly became a contender in Round 2. But just how impressive was that performance? I know that "thinking" can get pretty taboo during contest season, but the more I think about it, the less amazing it seems. Like Halo, Kingdom Hearts, and SSB, Devil May Cry is a very new series with very few games. Unlike those others, it has zero popular games. The second game stunk and the third sold poorly. That's easy pickings for something as well-known and established as Sonic. However, it's now up against a whole 'nother animal, so it better get ready.

Super Smash Bros. did a fine job in taking all the escalating "new series + few games = instant lose" talk and breaking it over its knee. Talk all the crap you want about Dragon Quest, but the bottom line is this: other than the Big Three and Resident Evil (which was up against THE fodder of the tournament), SSB has been the only series to earn a tripling in the contest. Mega Man X couldn't do it against Suikoden, and Kingdom Hearts (which just beat Castlevania, casting another stone to that argument in the process) couldn't do it against Harvest Moon, but SSB did it against Dragon Quest. Not bad for a series with only two games. Hopefully, that performance made people realize that Super Smash Bros. is simply different from Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Grand Theft Auto, and Devil May Cry - it's stronger. This is a series that is home to Nintendo's most popular game since the holy grail of all fanboyism, Ocarina of Time. This is a series that has the FULL backing of GameFAQs' Nintendo fanbase, as it has shown time and time again.

As a final point, I do believe that much of Sonic's more recent fanbase is comprised of Nintendo fans who have come to know him through the Gamecube. Needless to say, I doubt these new fans will be siding with the Blue Blur in this one.

Sonic the Hedgehog
+ Impressive first round performance
+ Many games on different consoles
+ As a series, is very well known and respected
+ Branched out to more fans over the years
- Most of those new fans won't stick with the series in this one
- Questions abound if any of Sonic's individual games are that strong

Super Smash Bros.
+ Impressive first round performance
+ A beast of a title in SSBM
+ SSB, while somewhat forgotten, also has a large fanbase and fantastic sales
+ Will have the full backing of the Nintendo faithful (or so I hope, lol)
- The only TRUE two-game series in the contest (even Halo has a PC version and a map pack expansion)

My prediction: Super Smash Bros. def. Sonic the Hedgehog (54-46)

Lopen’s Analysis

This should be Devil May Cry, here! Alright, man, you wanna know why Devil May Cry lost? Because people are weighting age, and just raw number of releases heavier into the equation than I'd thought! Haven't I said this before in a write up this round? Man, if only I knew this stuff before the contest started, eh? Stupid well of knowledge, it won't let me drink until it's too late!
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 9:01:14 PM | message detail | #284
Super Smash Brothers is too small a series. Yeah, it beat that Dragon Warrior ripoff they call Dragon Quest, but who cares? Sonic's been around for years, and although he doesn't have any "big gun" that I thought he'd need, apparently, he doesn't need it. Raw numbers and nostalgia propel Sonic into an easy win here. Oh, you want stats? How about this… you think SSB beats DMC by more than ~71%? Because I surely don't. The series are similar… both new… both small amount of games. The way I see it, SSB is like DMC on SSJ3 oh my gawd powerup for seven episodes! (Find which other write up I used this in for a prize!)

Thing is, it should've powered up for at least fifteen episodes. It won't be enough. Hey, comparisons are fun. Another good comparison here? Mega Man/Mario Kart! Yeah. Really popular Nintendo side-series with big time launch title and fairly small number of releases fails to meet the standard set by old school noble nine character's flagship series! I think I'll go with that one!

Lopen's Prediction: Mega Ma… er… Sonic with 58.12% (I'd have gone higher, but I'm a sucker for unoriginal %ages!)

HaRRich’s Analysis

Predicted winner: Super Smash Bros.
Earlier this contest:
---Sonic - 70.87% on Devil May Cry
---SSB - 76.37% on Dragon Quest
Top 100 List comparison:
---Sonic 2 - #38
---SSBM - #6
Best Game Ever x-stat comparison:
---Sonic 2 - 20.15% (may have been Something Fishy Factor'd by SMW)
---SSBM - 37.57% (128 Division champion)

Like MG/FE, I'm going to repost-then-edit something I said before for this analysis:

"People keep relating Sonic/SSB as another battle of new-school VS old-school (which it is) since CV/Halo and are thinking SSB's automatically on-par with Halo and Sonic's automatically on-par with CV -- yeah, I said it, that's not guaranteed. However, there are some key differences here that people are forgetting or disagreeing with that I want to point out.

---> Yes, like Halo, SSB is a two-game pony. However, SSBM is bigger here than either Halo game, and at least both of its games aren't confined to the same system, so that should bring less of an overlap than Halo did.
---> Also like Halo, SSB is one of the newer series in the contest. However, SSB still has two years on Halo as far as its series' ages go.
---> Some people would like to mention hype for Halo 3 helping it out, and so I would like to remind everybody who says such that SSBB will be featuring Solid Snake, so promptly shut the **** up if you think Halo 3 hype is bigger here than SSBB hype.
---> SSB is from Nintendo, likely the most loved company on this site. Halo is from Microsoft, likely the second-most hated company on this site (only behind EA).
---> Yes, Sonic is a vast series. However, Castlevania is as well, and its biggest game is bigger than Sonic's biggest game (an unproven fact).
---> Also like Castlevania, Sonic is one of the older series in the contest. However, Castlevania is older than the Sonic series by four years. CV also has games on eleven major systems, whereas Sonic has had games on eight major systems...
Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 9:02:04 PM | message detail | #285
---> ...Castlevania's most popular games seem to be spread out amongst the systems, too. C:SotN is for the PS, Super Castlevania 4 is for the SNES, C: Circle of the Moon is for GBA, the original debuted on the NES, C: Dawn of Sorrow is for the Castlevania's spread all over. Sonic, meanwhile, arguably has its three biggest games on the Genesis and are connectable (which is the only reason why I think S&K got as popular as it did, so you could play Sonic 2/3 with Knuckles) there's a big overlap there. SA2B -- likely the best showing from Sonic since he went 3D -- lost to Time Splitters 2 and Eternal Darkness in the Gamecube 2002-GotY poll, so there's not much room to work with if that poll is a sign of anything. Even on the Dreamcast, SA2 (not Battle, for what it's worth) failed to beat Phantasy Star Online or Shenmue 2...on Sega's own system with much weaker competition than the Gamecube's poll. That leads me to this...
---> ...Castlevania in general seems to have more of a following with its newer games than Sonic does with its newer games. A decent following on the handhelds that shouldn't be ignored are beating Sonic's handhelds pretty bad, and its console releases this generation can't hurt, either, as I understand they have their fans too. Sonic, though SA and SA2B helps some, should NOT be blown out of proportion -- they've not been great help.

Due to Sonic having several well-remembered titles that would almost-surely outdo Castlevania's other titles not named C:SotN, I'd still take Sonic > CV in a close one...but I also still maintain CV would never be given enough credit against Sonic until the match actually happened. Add to it that anybody who would take Halo > SSB is crazy now, especially since it's all but official that Starcraft over-rated its opponents, and Sonic pulling it off is a toughy. It's definitely not impossible, but it's hardly in its favor."

Then, just to compare SSB and Sonic (since I hear they're having a match against each other), SSBM would beat any Sonic game, and I would almost bet that no Sonic game could crack 40% on it. I would take SSB over most Sonic games too, if not all of them...but that one's a bit tougher to decide. SSB's most definitely running away with the favor if you were to just go by Sonic's 3D-incarnations, and SSB's got the strength to go up against the Genesis games as well. Throw 2D and 3D Sonic together, and it could be interesting, but I'm staying with SSB. Thinkin' DMC wouldn't decisively beat DQ helps the cause as well (if Sonic = SSB, DQ gets 40.56% on DMC).....

Super Smash Bros. wins with 53.12%

Comments: The Crew favors Sonic in another 5-4 split. Let's see how this plays out...
LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 9:10:42 PM | message detail | #286
Needless to say, I doubt these new fans will be siding with the Blue Blur in this one.

I don't know why everyone assumes that the Nintendo fanbase will automatically side with SSB here. I can see a reasoning behind it, but I don't think you should take it as a given.


But now Sonic has to keep it close in victory for me to get a point. Oh well, at least if he loses, I lose the least points for it.
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LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 9:11:29 PM | message detail | #287
And with Lopen's extreme hit-or-miss trend in the second round, I'm not entirely sure I want him on my side...
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Lopen | Posted 7/22/2006 9:22:16 PM | message detail | #288
It's true, Leonhart. You're so not getting the point in this one. Either Sonic's gonna do what I say, or SSBM is going to win this one. Heh heh..

It's interesting, most of us brought up Mega Man/Mario Kart... but does anyone think that as a series Mario Kart might actually be more popular than SSBM? I think it's a real possibility, now. The MK games of the SSBM generations were pretty popular, and it has pretty popular SNES game to back it up too. I wouldn't think MK wins by much at all if it did, but I wouldn't count it out there.

Hmmm... maybe I should've asked this question in the stats topic instead.
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XxSoulxX | Posted 7/22/2006 9:53:27 PM | message detail | #289


Jeez, not even an insane upset pick can keep you away.
--- -
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DaruniaTheGoron | Posted 7/22/2006 9:54:00 PM | message detail | #290
I think the hype for SSBB will propel it to a small 51-49 victory. Yes, Sonic is popular, and the newer games are doing less than expected, but Halo is nowhere close to SSB's popularity on this site. Infact, Halo 2 may have lost some of the Halo fans because the fanbase is so split on which game is better. That's why some people on the Halo 2 board were saying Halo shouldn't be in this contest.
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LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 9:54:38 PM | message detail | #291
Sonic was MY insane upset pick from the beginning. If anything, YOU followed ME.
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LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 9:55:06 PM | message detail | #292
I think the hype for SSBB

And that's where you get off track.
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XxSoulxX | Posted 7/22/2006 9:57:14 PM | message detail | #293
I think the hype for SSBB

--- -
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Lugia2 | Posted 7/22/2006 10:03:21 PM | message detail | #294
Interesting that a few of these analyses (how do you do plural?) were written before the CV/KH bout. I personally think that match kind of threw a wrench into the "Old>New" theory.

Also:Last time you guys went 5-4, the 4 won.

Oh, and there was SFF.

And I'm betting it's going to happen again. Go SSB!
Thank you Nintendo, thank you very much.
LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 10:04:52 PM | message detail | #295
Oh, and there was SFF.

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HaRRicH | Posted 7/22/2006 10:12:22 PM | message detail | #296
Now that CV/KH has gone down, I'll say one other thing:

Thanks to Starcraft over-rating KH, Halo, and SC as well as willingly taking DQ over HM if such a match ever occured, not to mention CV being as expansive as it is and having a stronger top-game than any Sonic game...I think that SSB being stronger than KH is both more likely and will be more obvious than Sonic to CV. KH beating CV by 51+% makes me feel better about this.

I do want to say that it's anybody's game though, and I think Leonhart deserves some big props if he is right on this.
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Master Moltar | Posted 7/22/2006 10:14:15 PM | message detail | #297
Yeah, I just wrote mine today. If CV had won, I'd probably would have predicted Sonic, but yesterday gave me a little bit of faith in SSB.
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LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 10:14:17 PM | message detail | #298
willingly taking DQ over HM if such a match ever occured

I dunno if it'd be that easy of a victory, really...
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LeonhartForever | Posted 7/22/2006 10:14:36 PM | message detail | #299
But then again, I'd have no problem taking DMC over Harvest Moon.
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Draco1214 | Posted 7/22/2006 10:15:04 PM | message detail | #300
The difference between KH and SSB is that KH had a new release 4 months ago that helped put it over the top. SSB hasn't had any new releases in years.
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